Amber's Revenge, Part 1

(by anonymous7, 22 January 2001)

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   There goes that damn music again Amber thought as she opened her eyes.  It
must be 6:30 am already.  She hated being woken up by Beethoven or Schubert
or whatever the Asshole next to her had loaded into the CD player this time.
If you had to wake up to music, why couldn't it be some rock and roll to get
you kick-started in the morning.  It was just another of the growing list of
differences she had with The Asshole, as she was now calling him in her mind.
Their six-month relationship was not working out and they both were rapidly
coming to the same conclusion although neither had spoken openly about it

   "Time to get up Amber," Dave said as their faces came together on the

   "Ten more minutes please," Amber mumbled into his face. 

   "Your breath smells like an ashtray," he said.  "How much have you been
smoking lately?"  

   "Just a few a day," she lied.  Actually, a few packs a day would be
conservative.  Despite using as many nicotine patches as she could stick on
her back and chewing a whole box of nicotine gum a day, nothing could replace
the pleasures of smoking.   

   "No way I'm going to screw you with your breath smelling like that.
Just give me a quick blow job," he said as he grabbed her hair and pulled
her head down to his hard cock.  "I'm going to have a tough day and this
will help relieve a little tension." 

   He put both hands on the back of her head and created the stroking motion
he wanted.  As usual, he tasted like dried cum and pussy.  Amber knew it
wasn't her pussy juice.  He hadn't been in her pussy in several weeks.
Their relationship had become very one-sided with his morning blow job or an
ass reaming. She was there to please him and if she wanted any sexual
pleasures, she had to provide them herself.  He had been coming home late
every night for weeks, saying he was out with clients but Amber knew he was
with other women.  She didn't mind his absence though.  She was tired of him
and his controlling ways.

Amber choked and gagged every time his cock hit the back of her throat but he
didn't let up on the pressure he was applying to the back of her head.
Amber wanted something in her mouth but it certainly wasn't his cock.  She
decided she was going to have a cigarette as soon as this was over even
though she knew how he would react.  She felt him ripping the nicotine
patches off her back as he maneuvered her head with his other hand.  After a
few minutes he came in Amber's mouth.  "Don't get any of my cum on the
sheets" he warned.  Amber needed a cigarette now.  For the past six months,
she had confined her smoking to the patio area around the pool.  Recently,
however, Amber had gotten bolder about smoking in his house with all the
windows open.  Normally she would wait until she heard him walk out the door
in the morning before she would light up.  Not today.  Not anymore.  She
pulled open the night stand drawer and pulled out an ashtray and a half a
pack of Marlboro 100's.  She hung one in the corner of her mouth and flashed
her lighter.  She let the first puff drift from her parted lips then she
sucked as hard and as long as she could, inhaled and sucked the cigarette
again as hard as the first time.   

   "What the hell are you doing," The Asshole screamed as he slapped her
hard across the face.  Amber's cigarette flew from her lips sending sparks
all over her pillow.  Quickly, The Asshole picked up the cigarette and
brushed the sparks off before they could do any damage other than a few black
streaks on the pillow case.  

   "You better not have burned any holes in these silk sheets.  Do you know
how much they cost?"

   "I'm sure you'll tell me." Amber replied, with smoke still gushing out
of her mouth and nose as she spoke.

"You will wash these sheets today," he ordered.

   The Asshole got out of bed and walked around to Amber's ashtray. As he
stubbed out the cigarette, he counted a dozen other cigarette butts in the
small ashtray.  "I told you no smoking in the house.  After the dinner party
tonight, we are going to have a serious talk about your smoking."

   "You're hardly ever around and I get bored since you don't let me hang
out with my old friends anymore."  

   "Your friends are a bunch of sluts."

   That was partially true she thought.  All her friends were topless dancers
at the local strip club.  Many of them moonlighted with after-hours sex for
money.  Mostly with guys they picked up at the club that night.  In fact,
that was how Amber first met Dave.  He came in with some important clients
one night and spent several thousand expense-account dollars in table dances
from Amber and two other girls.  After the club closed, they all went back to
Dave's house for some after-hours entertainment.  Dave singled out Amber
because she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.  Her long auburn
hair framed a face where each feature was perfect.  The big blue eyes, a
slightly turned up nose, full, pouting lips and perfect teeth.  Her skin was
flawless but it had a strange orange color to it.  Her skin color matched her
hair and Dave assumed it was just makeup or a tan.  She was mature well
beyond her 22 years.  She had a great sense of humor could carry on a
conversation easily.  Her body was built for sex.  Her tits were naturally
full, Dave guessed them to be about 38 D with almost imperceptible scars
below her nipples where she had them doctored.  There wasn't an ounce of fat
on her waist, ass or thighs.  There was only one problem.  She smoked
heavily.  Dave figured he could cure her smoking with some nicotine gum,
patches or with hypnosis.  Dave knew he could turn her into the girl he was
looking for, even if she did need that one correction.

   After dating for a month, he invited Amber to move into his house on the
condition that she quit smoking.   Dave had told her that he would buy her
all the nicotine gum she needed to help her quit.  Non-smokers never realize
how tough it is to quit, especially if a smoker likes to smoke.  Amber
didn't just like smoking.  She loved everything about it.  Amber loved the
feel of a cigarette hanging from the corner of her mouth, the feel of warm
smoke drifting up the side of her face, the way she looked with her cigarette
dangling loosely from her lips, the way her cigarette bounced up and down
when she talked, and especially the sexy way it made her feel.  She could
actually turn herself on thinking how hot and nasty she looked with her
cigarette hanging from the corner of her mouth.  She could never get enough
smoke into her system.  She smoked five packs a day before she met Dave and
she knew that if the days were longer, she would smoke even more.

   When she moved in with Dave, she tried to quit for him.  Dave paid for
hypnosis, counseling, and all the nicotine gum and patches she needed.  She
used a full box of patches and a box of high-strength gum a day.  Dave could
easily afford it.  Twenty years her senior, Dave was a successful advertising
executive.  He liked having a beautiful girl he could show off at business
functions.  Some of the other partners had their young trophy wives to
accompany them as well so Amber would fit in well at the dinners and parties.
Among the partners and wives, there was not a single smoker though.

Despite Dave's efforts to force her to quit, Amber would still smoke a
little during the day when Dave was at work.  She made sure she only smoked
outside and she would shower before he came home and cover her cigarette
breath with mouthwash.  Luckily, Dave had never been much of a kisser so it
was pretty easy to get away with smoking.  Her smoking increased from a few
cigarettes a day to its current three to four packs a day.  She wondered how
many packs a day her system would now need if she went off the gum and
patches.  She guessed it would be about seven or eight packs a day.  The
thought of smoking that much made her wet between her legs just thinking
about it.

The Asshole had gathered up his suit, shirt and tie and was heading out of
the bedroom when he stopped to bark out a few more orders for Amber.  "I'm
going to the gym.  I'll shower there and then head into work.  I left a list
of things for you to do to get the house ready for the party tonight."  The
four senior partners and their wives had been invited to a formal dinner
party that evening.   "I rented a limo to pick our guests up tonight.  We
will all be arriving at seven pm sharp so you have plenty of time to get the
house ready.  This is really important to me and my career and you better not
screw it up.  I want this house spotless and I don't want to find a single
cigarette butt in an ashtray when I get home.  They are all anti-smoking,
even more so than I am and you know how much I hate it.  Empty this ashtray
and pick up these damn patches off the floor."  Then he picked up her
cigarette pack, crumbled it completely and dropped it on the table.  "That
will take care of your smoking for today.  Now get your ass out of bed and
get busy.  You have a lot of work to do today."

As soon he left the bedroom, Amber got out of bed and walked across the room
to her dresser.  She opened the bottom drawer and peeled back a layer of
clothes to reveal three unopened cartons of Marlboro 100's which she had
purchased yesterday when she was doing the grocery shopping for the dinner
party.   She took one carton back to her nightstand she started to open it.
She sat on the bed and opened the first pack.  Amber fitted a cork-tipped
cigarette into the corner of her mouth.   While she waited for the sound of
the front door opening and closing she thought about their relationship.  She
wanted out.  It was over.  She couldn't take any more of this control freak
who was now running around with other women and hitting her.  She was going
to move out that day.  She began to formulate a plan in her head.  That plan
didn't just include packing up and leaving, however.

As soon as she heard the front door slam closed, she flicked her lighter and
held it to the end of her cigarette.  She smoked the first cigarette in 90
seconds, never once removing it from her mouth. Smoke was sucked into her
lungs non-stop and whatever smoke her lungs couldn't hold gushed out of her
nose.  As she lifted the glowing cigarette from her lips, two inches of hot
ash fell on the sheets.  Amber reached over to the ashtray with the still
glowing butt.  As she did, she remembered The Asshole's warning about
finding no cigarette butts in the ashtrays.  She turned back around and
stubbed out her cigarette in the middle of his pillow.  She immediately took
another cigarette from the pack, hung it from the other corner of her mouth
and lit it.  Turning back to the overflowing ashtray, she picked it, pulled
back the sheets and emptied it on his side of the bed.  She carefully wiped
the remaining ashes and burned-on tar from the ashtray using The Asshole's
precious silk sheets.

She propped her pillow against the headboard and leaned back to think about
her plan.  There was a lot of planning to do for the day's activities.  But
first she needed a little pleasure of her own.  Giving The Asshole a blow job
hadn't come close to satisfying her sexual needs.  Amber reached over to the
night stand drawer and removed her vibrator and butt plug.  This is the best
thing The Asshole ever bought me she thought.  He wanted her to get used to
having something in her ass so that when the time came for sex at night or in
the mornings before work, she could easily accept his cock in her back door.
He had instructed Amber to grease it up and work it in and out a few times a
day.  She found that she liked the feel of something in her ass so she
usually left it in all day.  It stimulated her when she walked around or sat
down.  It made it very easy for her to orgasm with just a little clitoral
stimulation.  She examined her constant companion.  It was about three inches
long and about an inch wide at the tip, tapering down to a half inch at the
base.  The whole plug was mounted to a flat two-inch disk of soft plastic
which had a loop of string attached to the bottom so the plug could easily be
pulled out.  Amber lifted her legs above her head and worked the plug into
her ass hole.  Once the head was inside the rest slid in easily.  When she
plopped her legs back down on the bed, an inch and a half of ash broke off
the cigarette in her mouth and fell on her right breast.  It gave her a
little sting but she left the long ash there.  She liked a little pain with
her sex.

By the time she had worked over her nipples, bringing them to their hard,
fully erect state, she was done with her cigarette.  She removed it from her
lips and wondered where this butt would go.  She looked around the bed and
saw the eight dead nicotine patches The Asshole had thrown on the white
carpet after he ripped them from her back.  She was going to get her revenge
for the slap across the face, his controlling nature and the months of
depriving her from smoking in the manner she had become accustomed to in the
ten years of her addiction.   She tossed the glowing butt onto the carpet
near the patches.

Today there would be no open windows or fans to vent her smoke like over the
past few months.  Today she was going to turn the house into a smoking den
like nothing The Asshole could have ever imagined.  The first two cigarettes
tasted great but she realized they had done little to satisfy her nicotine
need.  She reached for her Marlboros and pulled two out this time, one for
each corner of her mouth.  Once they were lit and crackling audibly, smoke
streaming from her nose and parted lips, she went to work between her legs
with both hands.  She came repeatedly over the next hour, pausing only long
enough to remove the soggy but red-hot cigarette butts from her mouth, flip
them around the room and light two more.  Normally she smoked her cigarettes
right down to the filter to get the extra high dose of nicotine near the end
but today she would leave about a half inch of tobacco so they would have
more time to smolder in their landing places.   

She had been watching the pile of ashes grow on her tits as she worked
herself over.  She looked forward to the warm sensation as newly formed ashes
broke off her dangling cigarettes in one to two-inch pieces and came to rest
on her chest.  She removed one soaking wet hand from her pussy and began to
rub the ashes into her tits.  The pussy juice combined with the pile of ashes
to make gray mud which covered her tits and her protruding nipples.  The
sight of the mess, the other hand working her clit, the warm smoke drifting
across her face and the thoughts of how sexy she knew she looked with two
cigarettes dangling from the corners of her mouth brought her to a final
orgasmic eruption.  Her juices flowed freely onto the sheets.  

Amber was well into her second pack by the time she got out of bed.  She
wondered if she would be able to smoke the entire carton by the time The
Asshole and his guests arrived.  She counted six cigarettes missing out of
her second pack so she had 26 already and it wasn't even 8 am.  She figured
she needed to average a pack an hour to finish the carton and still leave
time for her getaway.  At her average time of three minutes a cigarette she
could cut back to smoking one at a time and still stay on her pack-an-hour
pace.  If she started to fall behind she could always double up again.

She walked into the bathroom to shower off her self-made mud.  She turned on
the water and waited for it to warm up.  Amber stood in front of the mirror.
Lighting another cigarette, she looked her body over.  She was gorgeous.
Once she moved out, she knew she would have to go back to work.  No problem.
At least she could see her friends and meet some new guys.  From now on she
would choose guys who either smoked or were turned on by her hands-free
smoking style.  She was not going to try to change her ways for anyone again.

 When the water was warm, she removed the hot Marlboro from her lips and
looked around for a place to decorate with a nice burn mark.  She decided the
white Formica counter would look good with a three-inch black burn mark in
the middle of it.  She gave her cigarette a last hard hit and set it down on
the center of the counter.  She would try to make it a fast shower so she
could get back to her smoking.  She figured she could last a few minutes
until her next smoke.   To make up for lost time and the three minutes
without fresh nicotine, Amber lit two cigarettes and smoked them hard as she
dried off.  Walking back to the bedroom, she examined her handiwork from
earlier.  Eighteen black burns on the carpet where some of her cigarettes had
landed.  Four landed on the top of her dresser and left ugly burns.  She had
laid a few on the bedspread and stubbed out a few on the sheets.  She was
pleased with her work so far but she knew she would need help to finish
redecorating The Asshole's house.  She picked up the phone to call her old
roommate, Dawn.  They had worked together at the strip club.  Dawn could
almost match Amber cigarette for cigarette.  She knew it was early but this
was important.  

   "Hello," Dawn muttered.

   "Hi, Dawn.  It's me, Amber."  Amber heard Dawn's lighter clicking on
the other end of the line followed by a 30-second coughing fit.  "Sounds
like you haven't quit smoking." Amber's two cigarettes bounced in her own
lips as she talked.

   "Good to hear from you.  I thought you had given up on the old gang when
you moved into that ritzy house with Dave."  

   "It's over.  I'm going back to work and I need a place to stay for a
few days until I get settled in somewhere."  Amber said as she removed one
cigarette butt from her mouth and laid it on the table to burn in another
little message.  Talking with two cigarettes in her mouth was a little
difficult since the phone kept hitting the one in the right side of her

   "No problem," said Dawn.  "When are you coming over?"

   "Sometime this afternoon but I was wondering if you might want to round
up some of the girls from the club and come over today for a party."

   "It's too early to call most of them now but I'll start calling around
9.  Can we bring anything?"

   Amber thought for a second. "Dave is having a party tonight anyway so
there is plenty to eat and drink.  Ask each of the girls to bring at least
two full packs of cigarettes though.  I'll let you know why when you get

   "Girl, you know none of us ever go anywhere without a backup pack of
smokes," Dawn replied.

   "You know where the house is.  Come over any time but try to get here by
noon," Amber said.  

    "See you later.  I'm going back to sleep." Dawn said and then hung up
the phone.  Amber removed the cigarette from her lips after another long hit
and placed the glowing butt on The Asshole's dresser.  She put on a pair of
crotchless panties and nothing else.  She grabbed her cigarettes, lit one and
tucked the pack into her panties.  As she was about to leave she stepped on
one of the crusty carpet burns and realized she was going to need some shoes.
It could get pretty dangerous walking around the house today. 


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