Amy (2000)

(by anonymous, 30 November -0001)

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This is a true story, but I have changed the name of the girl to Amy.

Ever since I can remember, I have had a facination with smoking.  My parents 
both used to smoke, but they gave up when I was born.  I had always wanted 
to smoke, and had read loads of articles on the web about young girls 
starting.  But when I was twelve, I had my first cigarette.  My godmother 
smoked, and one day when she and her husband had come to dinner with my 
parents, I crept into the hallway, where her handbag was, and took a 
cigarette from it.  It was a Benson and Hedges King Size, which I knew was a 
bit too strong for a beginner, but beggars can't be chosers!  I ran up to my 
bedroom and hid it in my chest.  About two hours later, she went outside for 
a cigarette, and I was scared she would notice one had gone, but if she did, 
she didn't mention it.

My parents had been very anti since they gave up, and so I knew I would have 
to pick my time to smoke the cigarette carefully.  About two weeks later, my 
parents and older sister had all gone out, and siad they wouldn't be back 
for about 2 and a half hours.  This is it, I thought.  I ran upstairs and 
got the cigarette out.  I then went downstairs and got out a lighter that we 
used for candles.  The only other thing I took was a piece of white cotton, 
which the purpose of I will say later.

When I was outside, I went to the back of the shed and put the cigarette 
between my lips.   sucked on it, and if tatsted sweet.  Then I had to light 
it.  I had read many times how to do this on the web, and managed the second 
time.  I knew if I was going to inhale, then I would have to get used to the 
taste of the smoke in my mouth first.  So I dragged gently on the cigarette, 
and felt smoke coming into my mouth.  WOW!  It tatsed so smooth and sweet!   
One of the many articles had read on the web was this: if you exhale smoke 
through a piece of cotton you will be able to see it turn brown with the 
tar.  I did this without inhaling and was amazed at how brown it turned, and 
thought that if I was going to smoke, I could imagine this going into my 
lungs!  But it didn't bother me, afterall I had always wanted to smoke!  I 
did this a couple more times, and then I prepared to inhale.

I had read that you take a drag into your mouth and then swallow.  I took a 
medium sized drag and then swallowed.  I could feel the smoke going into hy 
lungs.  At first I felt fine, but then I tried to exhale and coughed.  About 
10 seconds later I began to feel a bit dizzy and waited about half a minute 
before trying again.  This time I didn't cough, btut still felt dizzy.  I 
inhaled about three more times, and then stubbed the cigarette out.  I then 
went indoors and brushed my teeth and chaged my shirt.  When my parents got 
home, I was worried they would smell the smoke on me, but luckily they 

I am now waiting for an opportunity to get hold of a second cigarette, and 
when it comes, I will write more and it will hopefully be put on here.

More will come.........................

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