Amy, Sweet Smoking Girl

(by Nikita, 30 August 2005)

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Amy, Sweet Smoking Girl

Kathryn excitedly rang up her best friend, Amy.

"Amy, can you come over tomorrow night?  My mum says it's ok.  They're
leaving me to watch the house whilst they go out for the evening.  I want to
give you an early birthday present."

Amy's birthday was the very next day.  She'd be 13.  She was already a very
pretty girl.  She was about 5 feet, 5 inches tall.  Her dark sandy-brown hair
was full bodied, coming to well below her shoulders.  She had a delightfully
oval face attended by eyes captivatingly deep green.  Her nose turned up just
a bit and her full lips always rated a compliment.

And oh!  Can you spend the night?"  Kathryn was excited.  She and Amy had
been talking about wanting to try smoking for a while now.  Kathryn's mum and
dad didn't smoke, but Kathryn, just a week shy of her 13 herself, had an
older sister, Isobel.  Isobel was 17 and quite a pretty girl.  She was about
5 feet, 8 inches tall and had soft, sandy colored hair that cascaded over her
shoulders.  Her eyes were sparkling blue.  More importantly to Kath, she

"Yeah, of course I can come!  Ummm - Should I bring extra things along?  You
know.  Are we going out?  Should I bring a dress and things?" Amy smiled.

"Yeah, yeah, bring - ummm - that black dress.  You know the one, right?  And
your heels?  The black ones, right?  Kathryn could hardly keep her secret.

"I don't suppose there's a chance that you'll tell me more, is there?" Amy

"Nope.  Just come ready for anything", Kathryn teased with a bit of a lilt in
her voice.

Kathryn was quite similar to Amy in many ways.  But her hair was blonde, the
same length as Amy's, and her eyes were a pretty blue.

Amy arrived round about 7 as planned.  She carried her overnight kit and had
her dress on a hanger over her shoulder.

"Come in, girl!" Kathryn welcomed her as she opened the door.  "Did you bring

"Yeah.  I think so", Amy replied.  "Sooooo, present?"  Both Amy and Kathryn

"Put your things up in my room first, Amy.  Then come back to the living
room, ok?"  Kathryn was smiling broadly.

Amy did as she was bid, quickly returning to the living room.  Kathryn
already had the ten-pack of Marlboro Lights on the table, a lighter next to
them as Amy entered the room.

"Surprise, Amy!  I got Isobel to get these for us!  I think it's time we
learned to smoke!"

Amy smiled widely, her heart rate picking up just a bit.  "Yeah, Kathryn.  I
think you're right", she said, a little trembling mixed with the excitement
in her voice.

She took a seat on the couch next to her friend, Kathryn, who proceeded to
open the pack.  She drew out one of the cigarettes, holding it just so
between her index and middle fingers as she flicked her lighter.  She smiled
at Amy as she brought her cigarette to her young lips and the lighter flame
to the tip.  She puffed cautiously and saw the tip of the flame drawn into
her cigarette until she tasted for the first time the smoky flavor in her
mouth.  Kathryn quickly removed the cigarette from her lips, blowing out a
little cloud of smoke.  She did her best to hide the "face" she felt like
making.  "I know the taste will be better when I get used to it," she thought
to herself.

"Your turn, Amy," Kathryn said as she handed the lighter to her, whilst
watching the smoke curl from her first cigarette.

Amy did a lovely imitation of Kathryn, bring her cigarette to her lips as she
worked the lighter, producing a flame.  Kathryn watched closely.  Amy touched
the flame of the lighter to her cigarette and watched as the tip glowed
orange and she tasted the smoke.  She held the smoke in her mouth while she
removed the cigarette, putting down the lighter.  She parted her lips and
blew, another little cloud emerging.  Amy turned to Kathryn with a smile.  "I
guess we're smoking, girlfriend!"

They both laughed a bit, taking the occasional puff, each girl providing a
cue for the other.  Kathryn spoke up first.  "Amy, I dare you to inhale!"

Amy grinned.  "Ok, Kathryn.  Watch me!"  She brought the cigarette to her
lips, sealing them around the filter, drew lightly, just a small puff.  She
opened her mouth as if to show Kathryn the ball of smoke there, then inhaled
it quickly.  "Wow!" Amy thought as the smoke hit her lungs, the nicotine
quickly getting into her system.  "This is great!"  She held it there
briefly, pursed her lips into a little "O" and exhaled.  At first there was
nothing, but finally a stream of smoke emerged in a nice little cone.
Kathryn was impressed.  Amy didn't cough.  She didn't even make a face!

"Your turn, Kathryn," Amy laughed, holding her cigarette between her
fingertips, next to her face.  She cocked her head to one side, smoke
swirling off of her cigarette around her face.  She grinned at Kathryn.
"Come on, Kathryn!  Straightaway now!"

Kathryn nervously brought her cigarette toward her lips.  She paused
moistening them with her tongue first, finally sealing them around her
cigarette and drew rather longer than Amy had done.  Opening her mouth, she
sharply inhaled, feeling a tickle in her throat as she did.  Then there was a
thump in her chest!  Nicotine coursed through her lungs in her as she began
her exhale, fighting the urge to cough.  "Damn!" she thought.  She lost
control and started to cough, smoke sputtering out both her mouth and nose.

Amy started to laugh.  Well, it was funny!  Kathryn made a face, then started
laughing herself.

Amy took another puff on her cigarette, careful to control the amount of
smoke.  She inhaled shallowly, held it for a few seconds and successfully
exhaled a denser cone.

"See?  It's not so difficult."  Amy smiled her devilish little smile,
challenging Kathryn again.

Kathryn, by now recovered, tried once again, but missed the little trick that
Amy was using, once again inhaling far too much smoke for her nearly virgin
lungs.  She once again began to cough and sputter smoke from every opening.

"Damn it to hell, Amy!  How come you can do it and I can't seem to get it

They both laughed finally.  "It'll come in time, Kath.  Don't you worry."
With that Amy took another, somewhat longer puff on her Marlboro Light,
drawing it down into her lungs.  She felt a bit of a tickle in her throat,
but managed to control it nicely.  She felt the rush of the greater amount of
nicotine, finally tipping her chin up to exhale a nice, dense cone.  "See,
Kath?  Just take a small puff first."  Amy held her cigarette next to her
face, wrist bent nicely as she noticed a little smoke as she exhaled once
more.  "Interesting," she thought to herself and smiled.

Kathryn finally got the courage to try again.  She puffed for the briefest of
time before withdrawing her cigarette, this time imitating Amy, holding it
close to her face as smoke curled off the tip.  She inhaled quickly.  To her
surprise, there wasn't even a tickle in her throat, though she still felt the
rush of the nicotine.  She smiled as she exhaled her first stream.  She'd
done it!

"Yeaaaaa, Kath!" Amy applauded.  "We're both smokers now, girl!"  Amy smiled
and hugged Kathryn, being careful with her cigarette.  She kissed Kathryn's
cheek.  Kathryn in turn kissed Amy's.  As they both settled back on the
couch, each girl raised her cigarette to now practiced lips, puffing a bit
deeper, inhaling a little longer, exhaling stylishly.  They occasionally
trimmed their cigarettes as they seen Isobel and others do, finally tamping
them out.

Now that Kathryn had mastered the basics, she was eager to try again.  "Let's
smoke another one, Amy!  Ok?"  She looked at Amy, hoping for her support.

"Sure.  Why not?" Amy replied, reaching for the cigarettes and lighter.  She
placed it between her lips, letting it dangle as she brought the lighter to
flame, touching it to the end of her cigarette.  She puffed the cigarette to
life, working it up and down as she did, finally grasping the cigarette
between her fingertips.  She inhaled a bit more deeply, handing the
cigarettes and lighter to Kathryn as she held the smoke inside her lungs,
finally tilting her chin up to exhale a lovely cone.  "I could get used to
this really easily, Kathryn," she said as she saw another secondary cone as
she exhaled again.  Her left arm crossed her chest to support her right elbow
as she held her cigarette high by her face.

Kathryn nodded, smiling as she lit up again, successfully inhaling just a bit
more smoke, holding it longer, getting her style down as she exhaled slowly.

Amy was experimenting with nose exhales as Kathryn watched fascinated.
Before she finished her cigarette she was already doing combination exhales
as she showed off to Kathryn.  "I think this is the best present anyone could
have gotten me, Kathryn.  Thank you, honey."

Kathryn smiled back.  "Your very welcome, Amy.  It is nice to smoke, isn't

Amy smiled, nodded, and as if to answer with actions, took another, yet
larger puff, inhaling more deeply than ever before as her breasts rose, eyes
closed in pleasure, finally doing a combination exhale.  "Yes, it is," Amy
fairly sighed.

They drank the sodas that Kathryn had gotten from the fridge earlier, talked
about boys, clothes, and who else they knew who might be smoking.  Suddenly
it dawned on Amy.  The clothes!  "Kathryn, are we going out?  You know.  The
clothes you asked me to bring over."

Kathryn grinned.  "No, Amy.  I thought we could dress up.  You know.  We
could dress up, do our makeup, and smoke!  What do you think?"

Amy considered for a bit.  She wasn't ready to go public with her smoking
quite yet.  "Yeah, Kath.  I think that's a great idea!  Let's do!"

With that they went into Kathryn's bedroom, laughing and teasing as they put
on their somewhat revealing black dresses.  Kathryn had hers out on the bed
already.  They helped each other with the makeup.  Foundation, rouge,
lipstick, eye shadow, mascara were carefully applied.  Each girl added a lip
liner and gloss.  Amy chose autumn tones, with a darker red lipstick, while
Kathryn chose more summery shades.  Pink adorned her lips.  They then added
earrings and bracelets for the full effect.  They slipped the 2 inch high
heels on.  Each had a black handbag.  Checking once again in the mirror, they
both agreed they looked quite lovely.

They went back to the living room.  Kathryn picked up the packet of Marlboro
Lights, first offering one to Amy.  Amy took the lighter from Kathryn as
Kathryn got a cigarette for herself.

"Let me light that for you, Kath," Amy asked as Kathryn raised her cigarette
to her lips.  Kathryn nodded.  Amy flicked the lighter raising it to near the
tip of Kathryn's cigarette as Kathryn leaned in to accept the light.  Her
free hand touched Amy's as she drew the flame to the tip puffing.  Kathryn
smiled as she took her cigarette from her lips, noticing her lipstick stain
on the filter.  She inhaled crossing her left arm across her chest to support
her right elbow.  Her breasts rose as she inhaled more deeply than before.
The nicotine rush was lovely to her as she sighed before tilting her chin up
and to the left to avoid exhaling right into Amy's face.

Amy quickly lit her own, becoming more accomplished with each cigarette.  She
drew deeply, the tip of her cigarette growing bright as she did.  The smoke
now tasted sweet in her mouth.  She withdrew her cigarette from her lips,
mirroring Kathryn's pose as she inhaled fully, completely, her breasts rising
as she did.  Holding the smoke in her lungs for a full five seconds, she
tilted her chin up and to her left, doing a nice combination exhale.  She
glanced at the filter tip of her Marlboro, smiled at her dark red lipstick
staining it, took another puff immediately, excited at the appearance, this
time exhaling entirely from her nose.

Kathryn and Amy posed for one another as the evening wore delightfully on.
Kathryn learned how to exhale through her nose, eventually mastering a
combination exhale by the 4th cigarette.

They each learned to trim their cigarettes from time to time, how to tap the
ash from the tip with their index fingers, how to flick the filter with their
thumb tips to accomplish the same thing.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable even for both of them, each agreeing that
smoking was the best!

They went through the next week not able to smoke as much.  They got a small
supply from Isobel, but only enough for 1 to 3 a day.

About a week later Amy and Kathryn were ready to show their friends they were
smokers.  They met up as usual, Amy and Kathryn surprising them as they each
got out cigarettes, lit them and smoked with some clear accomplishment.  They
got compliments on how well they smoked, how much older it made them look.
There were smiles and thank-yous as Kathryn and Amy demonstrated their by now
considerable skills.

Sarah and Vicki were fascinated.  Later as the group was splitting up, they
secretly enlisted Amy and Kathryn to teach them to smoke.  It was agreeable
to Amy and Kathryn, so they decided to meet the next day in the park.

Amy and Kathryn were already smoking when Sarah and Vicki arrived.  They'd
managed to secure a few extra cigarettes, so there were plenty to go around.
It was a beautiful sunny day with just a soft breeze to stir the leaves on
the trees around them.

"Hey, Amy, Kathryn," Sarah called out as they neared one another.

Amy and Kathryn welcomed them.  "Are you excited?" Amy asked the two 13 year

Sarah and Vicki both nodded.  "Yeah, we are.  Maybe a bit scared, too, but we
still want to try it."

Sarah had dark red hair.  It was very straight reaching almost all the way
down her back.  She was only about 5 feet 2 inches tall.  Her brown eyes were
soft and lovely.  She had a very straight nose and perhaps her lips were a
bit on the thin side.  Her build?  Well, she was much like Amy and Kathryn.

Vicki stood about the same height as Amy and Kathryn.  She had jet black,
shoulder length hair, haunting hazel eyes, a very straight nose, though her
lips, too, were a bit thin.  But her breasts were clearly advanced over most
girls her age.

Amy and Kathryn gave them some preliminary instruction, particularly not to
inhale right away.  Sarah loved it right away.  Vicki made a few faces but
was determined to smoke.  When it was time to inhale, Amy showed them how
much of a puff to take.  Once again, Sarah handled it well, exhaling a thin
stream and laughing as she did.  Vicki coughed violently, smoke spewing out
of her mouth and nose as the other girls laughed.

Vicki gave them a hurt look and they all apologised.  She recovered and tried
again, Amy urging her to take the very smallest puff she could.  She coughed
again, but not until very near to the end of her exhale.  "I think I'm
getting it," Vicki said smiling.

By the time she was smoking her second cigarette, Vicki did indeed "have it".
The girls all complimented her on her determination.

The girls met regularly, going down to the shops in town, smoking more and
more as time went by and the need to smoke grew.  Isobel, Kathryn's older
sister, worked at a local market and could get discounts on items they sold
there, including cigarettes.  The girls pooled their money whilst Isobel did
the actual purchasing.

Amy finally got the courage to buy a pack directly when she had turned 14.
The merchants don't pay much attention to the age laws in Cardiff apparently.

All the girls love to go to parties, often dressing up for the affairs.
There's a bit of drinking that goes on.  Well, perhaps a wee bit more than a
bit.  They all smoke a lot more then.  Drinking and smoking certainly seem to
go together.  Amy normally smokes about 1 packet of 20 a day, but at parties
it wasn't unusual for her to go through 30 at the party alone!

As each began to smoke more and more, they wanted to be able to smoke at
home.  It was "lip biting" time!  What will my folks say?  Will they demand
that I quit?  What if I get grounded?

Amy had no problem as it worked out.  Neither did Kath.  Though their parents
didn't smoke, they just accepted the fact that the girls were smokers.

Vicki's parents both smoke and they expected Vicki would sooner or later.
Vicki was home free.

Sarah had it the hardest.  Her mum and dad didn't smoke and were very opposed
to it.  They went nuts when Sarah told them, but eventually accepted their
daughter as a smoker.

All of the girls started on Marlboro Lights.  Sarah and Vicki still smoke
them.  Kath had tried Marlboro Menthols and finally got Amy to switch, too.

The only problem the girls have now is holding their smoking limits to an
amount each can afford.

Recently Amy went with her parents on hols to the States.  They rented a
cottage on one of the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  Nikita got permission
from her mom to holiday with them.  It was a long bus ride but she wanted to
meet Amy.  They'd been talking on the internet for some time.

Nikita finally arrived, a bit weary from the trip.  She was met by Amy, her
mum and dad.  The girls squealed, hugged and kissed right away.  Two weeks

Nikita dug her Virginia Slims Menthols out of her purse, offered one to Amy
who accepted it.  Amy complimented Nikita on the lighter she'd only heard
about in chat, a silver lighter with turquoise stones.  She first lit Amy's
for her, then holding her cigarette to her lips, lit her own.  Nikita took a
deep puff, inhaling fully.  Amy did the same.  They exhaled together

"It's so good to finally meet you in person, Amy."

Amy and Nikita hugged once again.  Amy took another puff on the VS Menthol.
"These are pretty good, Nikita.  You smoke these all the time, right?"

Nikita nodded.  "Yes, I've tried some others now and then, but VS Menthols
are my cigarette."  She took another puff as they headed for the car, Amy and
her dad helping with her things.

Amy told Nikita she'd already tried VS Menthols 120.  She liked the look of
the long cigarette dangling from her lips as she sunned herself on the beach.
Nikita told her she'd tried them but thought they looked a bit too long since
she's only 5 feet, 1 inch tall.  Nikita had shoulder length hair of chestnut
brown, eyes of deep hazel, a turned up nose, and full lips.  Her body type
was that of her mom, more than a bit busty.  Her waist was a narrow 22
inches, her hips about 33, matching her bust line.

After giving Nikita time to rest up from the trip, the girls put on their
bikinis, grabbed a couple of soft drinks, their beach bags and headed down to
the beach.  It was just out the front door.  Nikita wore her floppy white
beach hat, beach jacket and her shades of course.  Her white bikini matched
her outfit and contrasted nicely with her darker skin tone.  Amy's outfit was
red.  She looked stunning in her tiny bikini.

 The beach was fairly populated.  Both girls noticed the looks they got from
different boys as they headed for their spot.  They climbed into the beach
chairs, a large umbrella providing some shade.

Each girl immediately dug into their beach bags for their cigarettes.  Nikita
retrieved one, holding it to her lips as she lit it.  That was her style.
Amy dangled hers as she lit up.  The girls inhaled and exhaled in unison,
immediately attracting appreciative stares from some of the boys around them.

Nikita smiled to Amy as Amy lifted her shades and winked back.  "Well, we're
hot!  What can I say?" Amy laughed as she took another drag on her cigarette.
Nikita followed her lead.

"Amy, those are Newports!  Those are so strong!"

Amy nodded as she took another puff.  "Yeah, I think these are my brand now!
I had my mum purchase a carton at one of the shops in town.  I love the
taste.  You'll have to try one later, ok?"

"Well," Nikita hesitated.  "I've tried them before.  Oh, what the hell!  Why
not?  We're on hols!"

They both laughed as they put on a bit of a smoking show for those around
them.  Amy liked to exhale from her nose, doing frequent combination exhales.
Nikita normally did just mouth exhales, but since it was holidays, she
matched Amy a bit.

Nikita had warned Amy about the stricter smoking laws in most of the US, but
a little caution when they went to town seemed to be all that was required.
The police out on the islands were anxious to appear "tourist friendly", so
they weren't particularly aggressive about enforcing underage smoking laws.

Amy's mum picked her up a few cartons of Newports.  Nikita asked if she'd
purchase an extra carton of Virginia Slims Menthols for her.  She was careful
to have the money in hand as she asked, giving it to Amy's mum as she said
she'd be happy to.  Amy's parents even let the girls have a beer or two at
the cabin.  They were under strict orders not to take them down to the beach
lest an arrest spoil the holiday.

The girls stayed up late and slept until late in the morning most days, but
they were careful to take care of chores around the cabin, even pitching in
on the cooking.  After all, it would be fair to Amy's mum to be on holiday
and yet not really on holiday.

There was a teen dance club within walking distance of the cabin.  The deck
outside was nice most evenings, a bit warm perhaps, but the ocean breeze was
refreshing.  Smoking inside the club was monitored closely, but the deck was
a free zone.  Amy and Nikita drew their fair share of looks, dressed as they
were in very short shorts and halter-tops.  They always looked perfect in
their makeup.  Both danced well, even dancing with a few of the boys who
asked nicely.

They attracted even more attention with their smoking.  Nikita loved to pull
out one of her cigarettes, pretend to be fumbling in her purse for her
lighter, just to see how quickly some boy would offer her a light.  She
always accepted such attention with grace, touching the boy's hand with her
free one as she held her VS between her fingertips, bringing it to her lips
whilst looking straight into the boy's eyes.  She usually added a bit of
eyelash batting for effect.  She always remembered to say thank you after
she'd inhaled.  Then, she'd tilt her head up and to the right, exhaling
stylishly, observing the boy for obvious signs of interest.

Amy was different, usually preferring to light her own.  Only once in a while
did she accept a light from anyone but Nikita.  She wasn't unfriendly.  It
was just her style.  And she was as good at her style as Nikita was at her

They went to the club almost every night, straightaway meeting some girls
about their ages.  Some were experimenting with smoking for the summer.  Amy
and Nikita were most willing teachers.

The third night at the club they met Maryann and Bethany, stunning cute
identical twins.  They were a little shorter at 4 feet 11 inches than Nikita.
They had long wavy blonde hair that fell to below the waist.  Faces were
heart-shaped, lips full, looking like Cupid's bow.  Sparkling blue eyes and
little turned up noses completed the look.  The breasts were about B-cup,
waists astonishingly tiny, butts as cute as could be.  Each wore a red
halter-top, matching shorts and white sandals.  They wore rings on several
fingers, bracelets on both wrists and lovely earrings.  They had just turned

They asked if they might join Amy and Nikita at their table.  Naturally the
girls graciously said yes.  The twins were from Virginia.  Soon after they
seated themselves, Nikita and Amy felt the urge for a cigarette, each
offering the twins their packs.  The offers were refused as Bethany opened
her purse.  Maryann and Bethany each blushed as Bethany pulled out a pack of
Marlboro Lights explaining that they'd gotten one of the older girls they'd
met to buy them.  The pack was still unopened.  Bethany explained, "We've
never smoked before.  You obviously have."  It was said with admiration.
"Will you teach us?"

Nikita looked at Amy who simply smiled.  "Sure.  Why not?"

Bethany opened the pack, pulling the cellophane tab, carefully putting the
remains in the ashtray.  She tapped the box against her hand as Amy
instructed.  Several cigarettes moved out of the pack, making them easier to
retrieve.  Bethany smiled at her success.  "Here, Maryann.  First one is

Maryann pulled out the cigarette, grasping it between the tips of her thumb
and index finger to do so.  Bethany did the same.  Nikita showed them how to
hold their cigarettes, demonstrating with her own.  The girls were good
students, taking practice puffs on their unlit cigarettes.  Nikita showed
them how to purse their lips to exhale.  They practiced that as well.  There
was the inevitable nervous giggling between Maryann and Bethany.

Maryann explained, "We thought it would be a good idea to start smoking here
where no one really knows us."  She smiled and brought the cigarette to her
lips, practicing again.

Nikita picked up her lighter, which both twins had admired.  They had a blue
plastic one.  Nikita's was stunning.  "Are you ready?  Remember.  Just draw
on the cigarette like you would on a drinking straw.  Stop when you taste the
smoke and don't forget how I told you to hold them."  The girls nodded as
Nikita added, "Don't forget.  Just blow the smoke right back out.  Don't
inhale right away or you'll probably cough up a lung!"  They all laughed.

Nikita shielded her lighter from the freshening breeze.  Each twin brought
her cigarette to her lips.  Nikita's lighter produced a flame she brought
close first to the tip of Bethany's cigarette.  Nikita nodded and Bethany
drew a little.  "That's enough, Bethany.  Now, just blow it out."  Bethany
did as she was told.  "Now, Maryann, you do the same."  Maryann nodded and
leaned into Nikita's offered flame.  She drew gently as the flame bent toward
the tip of her Marlboro Light.  A look of surprise crossed her face as the
smoke reached her mouth.  She held it for a moment and blew it out.  Amy and
Nikita nodded approval.  "Very good, Bethany, Maryann.  Now just puff when
you want to."

Bethany studied her cigarette.  It didn't seem to taste at all like it
smelled.  She took another small puff, blowing it out immediately.  She
carefully positioned it next to her face, wrist bent just so, imitating
Nikita and Amy.

Maryann spoke up.  "It tasted sort of bitter, I think.  Is it always like

Amy answered her.  "No, not really.  It just takes a little getting used to.
Try it again."

Both girls did, soon puffing and exhaling diffuse clouds with no problems.

"When can we inhale?" asked Maryann, anxious to get to the next step.  Her
sister nodded as if to reinforce the question.

"Well, you could inhale right now," Nikita replied.  "But it might be a bit
harsh for you since you've smoked quite a bit of your cigarette.  Why don't
you wait until you light another?"

Maryann and Bethany nodded agreement, content for the moment to just puff.
The girls were already quite stylish. Sympathetic, accomplished teachers had
taught them well.

They soon took their last puffs on their first cigarettes, tamping them out
in the ash tray as they'd see Amy and Nikita do.  They'd learned how to tap
off the ash using their index fingers, keeping the cigarettes well trimmed.

They watched as Amy and Nikita smoked easily.  Both of the twins were quite
excited by the evening's events.  They turned to one another simultaneously,
breaking out in a laugh as they did.  Twins have this special communications
skill it seems.  Bethany took out another cigarette, passing the pack to
Maryann.  Bethany took the lead, picking up her blue lighter.  "I'll have to
learn to light my own sooner or later, right?" Bethany said.  The breeze had
stilled, making her efforts easier as she fumbled with the lighter, finally
producing a flame.  She brought her cigarette to her pouty lips, the flame to
the tip, drew softly and passed the lighter to Maryann as she blew out her
characteristic cloud.

Maryann succeeded as well first looking at Nikita and Amy, then at Bethany.
"Well, I'm game if you are, Bethany."

"Don't forget," Amy reminded.  "Little puffs at first, ok?"

The twins nodded bringing their cigarettes once more to their lips.  They
puffed ever so little, drawing the bit of smoke into their mouths.  Then they
inhaled quickly.  Both girls felt a little tickle in their throat, a bigger
effect in their chest but kept things under control as each made a little "O"
with her lips, exhaling a barely visible cone.  There was no coughing, no
gagging.  Amy and Nikita congratulated them both as Maryann and Bethany
laughed at nothing in particular.

"What do you think, Bethany?" asked Maryann.  "I know I like it."

Bethany smiled as she took a slightly longer puff, opened her mouth inhaling
slowly, a look of delight on her face.  "Um hmm, I like it too, sis."

The girls continued to smoke that night, thoroughly enjoying themselves.
They danced a bit, sometimes with a boy who was drawn to them, sometimes with
one another.  The girls swapped vacation addresses and agreed that Bethany
and Maryann would come to Amy's place the next afternoon.

Before they left they got one of the older girls to get another packet of
Marlboro Lights for the twins.  It was clear they were going to need them.

The twins showed up right on time, already in their beach outfits.  Amy
introduced them to her mum and dad.  Then they headed for the beach.  Extra
chairs were secured for Bethany and Maryann.  The twins proved to be able
students, their inhales deepening noticeably.  The girls got more looks, not
all of them approving.  They reveled in the approving looks, laughing off the
disapproving ones.

Later they went back to the cabin where they prepared snack, got cold drinks,
and went out to the screened porch to eat, talk and smoke.

Nikita turned to Bethany as Maryann and Amy chatted animatedly.  Amy had
already taught her how to do a nose exhale and she was now trying a
combination.  "You look really hot smoking, Bethany.  Maryann as well.  Do
you think you two will keep smoking when you leave?"

"Um hmm." said Bethany, taking another thoughtful puff on her cigarette.
"I'm sure we will.  My mom and dad both smoke.  They may fuss at us a little,
so we'll probably hide it for a while."  Bethany exhaled slowly, her eyes
closing as she did.  "I really love smoking," she thought dreamily to

Before the visit was over Bethany and Maryann tried one of Nikita's VS
Menthols.  They very much liked the menthol taste and agreed that their next
shared pack should be just that.  They even tried one of Amy's Newports.
Each managed to smoke hers, but it was too strong for them.  They retreated
to the Marlboro Lights, occasionally bumming a VS Menthol from Nikita.

Bethany and Maryann had to go home for the dinner meal, but they all agreed
to meet at the club later that night.  They spent the week that way, almost
always together.  There were teary good byes when Bethany and Maryann had to
leave for Virginia.  Nikita slipped an extra packet of her VS Menthols into
Bethany's purse as the girls hugged their good byes.  "A little present," she
whispered to Bethany as they hugged.  Bethany kissed Nikita's cheek.  Nikita
returned the kiss.  Earlier the girls had swapped addresses. IM names and
email addresses.

Nikita would have to leave soon as well.  Amy asked Nikita if it might be
possible for her to come to visit in Cardiff.  Her parents had already said
it was fine with them.  Nikita agreed to talk to her mother about such a
trip.  It would be expensive, but Nikita had built up a pretty good amount of
savings over her years of babysitting and odd summer jobs.

They rode to the bus station, tears in their eyes.  The visit had been such
fun, but it was coming to an end.  They lavished hugs and kisses on one
another, promising to keep in touch, until it was time for Nikita to board
the bus.  Amy waved once more as Nikita was boarding.  Nikita waved back,
then blew her a kiss as tears streamed down her cheeks.  Amy stood watching
as the bus turned the corner, disappearing from sight.  She sighed wondering
if she'd ever see her friend Nikita again.  Nikita sat silently thinking much
the same thoughts.  She sighed again as the bus picked up speed on the
interstate ramp.

Amy and her parents spent the next couple of day soaking up the North
Carolina sun.  Amy smoked a lot more as she sat in her beach chair, looking
at the one next to her, so recently occupied by Nikita.  She sighed, bringing
her Newport to her sweet lips, sealing them around the filter, drew deeply,
the full-flavored smoke filling her mouth.  She moved her cigarette to the
side of her face.  Inhaling deeply, her breast rose, eyes distantly focussed,
finally exhaling slowly, the smoke drifting on the soft ocean breezes.

She had a nice lunch with her mum and dad.  They'd grown fond of southern
fried chicken since arriving.  It's easily availability and cut down on
kitchen chores, a plus.  A side dish of southern style potato salad along
with dinner rolls completed the meal.  It was simple, yet tasty.

Amy walked to the porch, Newports and lighter in hand to smoke a most
satisfying after lunch cigarette.  She smiled as the Newport dangled from her
lips most provocatively, thinking of the comments of the moderator on a
message board to which she frequently posted, one dedicated to teen girl
smokers.  Flicking the lighter to life and shield it from the breeze, she lit
her Newport, drew deeply as her eyelids fluttered shut.  How she savored the
rich, minty taste.  She caught her cigarette between the "V" formed by her
middle and index fingers.  Letting her arm fall to her waist as she inhaled
fully, holding the smoke deep within her, finally exhaling languidly.  She
loved to smoke this unhurried way, casually, yet somehow quite sensual.

A smile crept across her face as she thought of Nikita who was so into
"elegant smoking".  "She'd probably watched too many old movies with her
mum," Amy chuckled under her breath..  But, Amy admitted to herself, somehow
she and Nikita complemented one another.  They had different styles but the
girls' personalities somehow formed a nice blend.  Amy sighed and took
another puff on her Newport, finally letting the smoke drift from her nose of
its own accord.  It had been a very nice holiday.

Amy thought to the trip ahead.  It was a long flight and no smoking was
allowed.  She'd gotten nicotine patches before the flight to the States.  It
made the trip bearable.  She had another for the trip home.  She and her mom
did a last shopping trip.  Amy bought little souvenir gifts for her
girlfriends, including T-shirts depicting ocean themes.  She got her mom to
pick up two more cartons of Newports.  They weren't available in the shops in

Nikita had also used "the patch" to survive the bus trip to and from North
Carolina.  The smoking laws were becoming more and more oppressive.  She was
happy to finally arrive home, escaping the bus, finally spotting her mom.
She quickly loaded her things into the back seat of the car, tearing off the
patch somewhere along the way.  Her mom handed her a VS Menthol she'd already
lit.  "Here, dear," she said as she hugged her daughter briefly and kissed
Nikita's cheek.  "You really look like you could use one."  She laughed
softly, sympathetically.

"Thanks, mom."  Nikita drew deeply on the VS Menthol, sighing as she did.
She inhaled the smoke deeply within her, finally exhaling slowly.  "God, I
needed this!"

Her mom nodded and lit her own.  "I know, dear.  I know.  They sure are
making it harder and harder on smokers."

Nikita nodded and took another long puff, cracked open her window, finally
exhaling toward it.

"I had a great time, mom.  Amy's even sweeter in person.  I just love her
accent.  And her parents are ok, too."

Nikita spilled out her tale of North Carolina adventure as her mother smiled
and nodded appreciatively.  She raised one eyebrow briefly as Nikita told her
about Maryann and Bethany.  Nikita pick up on the raised eyebrow immediately.

"Aw, c'mon, mom!  They already had a pack of cigarettes.  They were going to
smoke one way or another.  Amy and I just helped them do it right!"

Nikita couldn't miss the twinkle in her mother's eyes.  They both laughed.

"Are you sure you want to be a writer?  There's a bit of lawyer in you, you

Nikita chuckled and took another puff.  "I don't know, mom."  Her eyes
twinkled back.  "Maybe I'll do both."  The smoke exited both her mouth and
nose as she spoke.

Mother and daughter exchanged playful glances.  Her mother finally winked.
"You know, Nikita.  It wouldn't surprise me at all."

Nikita told her mom about the trip she and Amy had planned.  Christmas
wouldn't work what with family obligations.  Spring break was too short for a
trip like that.  And next summer seemed a lifetime away.


"Yes, dear?"

"Maybe this is a bit crazy.  Amy and I didn't even talk about it -"  Nikita's
voice trailed off as she spoke.  There was a bit of a pause as her mother
glanced her way.  "Mom, do you think I could maybe look into the student
exchange program?"

"I don't know, honey.  I suppose it can hurt to inquire.  And it'll be a bit
of a burden on Amy's folks.  But sure, we can look into it."

Nikita fairly burst into smiles.  "Mom, you're absolutely the greatest!"

Amy and her folks got home.  The trip was long and tiring.  The jetlag had
them all turned around again.  It was days before they felt quite right with
the clock.

Kathryn, though, had a "Welcome Home" party planned for the weekend.  It was
to be a sleepover.  Kathryn also invited Sara and Vicki.  The girls,
overnight bags in hand, arrived early afternoon.  Hugs and squeals rebounded
off the walls as Kathryn's mum and dad took refuge in the den.

Before long cigarettes came out of purses.  Sara noticed first.  "Amy, you
have Newports?!  I've heard of those.  Never seen them though.  They're
supposed to be ever so strong!"

Amy drew one out of her packet.  She grinned, "Strong, yes, but oh soooo
good!  Want one?"  She dangled one from her lips and quickly lit it, drawing
on it deeply.  The girls were impressed as she did her combination exhale
dreamily.  Amy smoked a 30 to 40 a day by this time, much more than the
others who typically smoked around 10 to 15 a day.

Kathryn smoked Marlboro Menthols.  "Sure, girl.  I'll give it a go."  Kathryn
took one, placed it between her lips, lit it straightaway.  She took her
customary puff and inhaled quickly.  Kathryn's eyes shot wide open.  "Oh my
god!  These are soooo strong!"  She managed to exhale without choking, but
she was careful to take lighter puffs for the rest of her cigarette.

Amy laughed and took another long puff.  "I guess they take some getting used
to, but I love them.  I got two more American cartons before I left the
States.  Each carton has 10 packets of 20 cigarettes each.  But at the rate
I'm going I'll have to find a place to order them from soon."

Sara and Vicki had just tamped out their Marlboro Lights, each exhaling
lovely cones as they did.  Sara looked at Vicki.  "Come on now.  I'll try one
if you will."  Vicki was agreeable.  The girls always smoked more when they
were around one another, especially in a party atmosphere.

Amy offered them the packet.  "You'd best take very small puffs.  Mind now,
they're quite strong."

Sara and Vicki lit their Newports, puffing very lightly.  As they inhaled
their eyes widened suddenly.  Each exhaled quickly.  "Oh my god!  Whew!" said
Sara, waving her hand before her face to clear the smoke.

Vicki made a face, staring at her Newport.  She looked at Amy.  "Girl, you
must have lungs of steel!"

Vicki and Sara managed to finish their cigarettes, taking a lot of time
between very small puffs.  They then retreated to the relative safety of
their own brand.

Amy told them all about her trip to the States, meeting Nikita, the planned
visit.  She told them about the twins, Maryann and Bethany.  The girls
allowed as to how it must have been great fun indeed.  They did each others'
hair, played with makeup, did a bit of dancing, gossiped quite a lot since
they had to catch Amy up on all the latest "dirt", and smoked incessantly.

Later in the week Amy and Nikita managed to catch up with one another in IM
Chat.  Nikita told Amy of her newest idea, the student exchange, each
agreeing to look into it.  They were both quite excited at the prospect.

Amy's mum and dad agreed to consider buying Newports over the internet.  Amy
lit her last Newport, savoring the rich mint taste as she drew the smoke deep
into her lungs.  As she exhaled slowly through her mouth and nose she said in
a barely audible whisper, "I'm going to miss you" as she looked at the now
empty Newport box. She took another puff and sighed.  "Damn these things are

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