Anastacia - the Autobiograhy

(by anonymous, 13 October 2005)

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Anastacia-the Autobiograhy

I started smoking when I was 13 years old. I got sick and tired of the 
double talk, people talking about how bad smoking was, but then sitting 
there enjoying it so much. If it was so enjoyable, then I wanted to do it 
too. I never once approached my mom about being interested in smoking at 
all, but for a while I would watch people smoke, wondering what was so 
enjoyable about it. I made myself a promise, I was going to start smoking.

One night after I came home from youth group, I saw that my mom had left a 
pack of her Newport 100's on the kitchen counter, but she was out back with 
my stepdad. I stared at the pack, and got the biggest rush when I took the 
pack, pulled out a cigarette, put the pack back, and ran upstairs. Once I 
got upstairs, I looked at the cigarette. It was long with an orange filter 
with a little green ring, I thought it was cool looking. Then I started 
putting it in my mouth and pretending like I was actually smoking it. I got 
the slightest mint taste out of it, but that was it. I figured, the only way 
to get the true taste was to actually smoke it. I came to the conclusion 
that I couldn't smoke it that night, so I put it away in one of my drawers, 
and then watched some TV and went to sleep.

7:00 came really soon as my alarm clock started buzzing, so I shut it off 
and got out of bed. I walked downstairs and into the living room, and then, 
I realised something. Nobody was home, and Mom had left a lighter on the 
counter. I looked outside to confirm that nobody was there, and then I 
grabbed the lighter and went upstairs to get my cigarette. I was so excited 
that I was going to be smoking for the first time. I opened up one of the 
windows to my room, and placed the long cigarette between my lips, then, I 
flicked the lighter and put the flame to the tip of my cigarette. The taste 
was indescribable as I sucked on the filter of that Newport 100. I felt 
smoke and a minty flavor going into my mouth, and it was like I wanted to 
cough, but I didn't want to, so of course, I didn't. I blew out the smoke 
and I thought, "Damn, smoking is pretty good". So, I kept on smoking, I 
didn't inhale on the first cigarette but I couldn't wait to start doing it. 
One cigarette, and I was already in love with smoking. I was really excited, 
because I was now a smoker, and carried myself with a new pride. I took a 
shower, got dressed and got on the school bus and went to school.

Well, I got home from school that day at about 4, and I saw my mom sitting 
down at the kitchen table smoking a Newport 100 and reading the newspaper. I 
sat down across from her, hoping to figure out how to inhale. She asked me 
what I did in school, and I gave her the typical "Oh, nothing" speech, in 
the meantime, trying to figure out how to inhale. It looked pretty simple, 
she took a puff on her cigarette, but instead of blowing the smoke, she took 
a deep breath and then blew it out. The smoke came out in a cool little jet, 
and I made a mental note to start smoking like that. We talked about 5 
minutes longer and she told me she had to  run to Medina to get a few 
groceries so i said ok. One thing I noticed is that when she left, she 
didn't take her cigarettes with her. As I saw her pull out of the driveway I 
felt like cheering because I'd have another chance to smoke.

I thought about hiding the cigarette up in my room, but I decided against it 
because I wanted to smoke right then. Medina was an 11 mile drive so I 
figured that I would have ample time to smoke before anyone even knew the 
difference. But this time, I wanted to watch myself smoke. So I went into 
the bathroom with a cigarette and a lighter and smoked right in front of the 
mirror. I placed the long cigarette between my lips and sucked as I applied 
the flame to it. It was so good to be smoking again. Then, I put my plan 
into action. I put the cigarette between my lips for another puff but this 
time I inhaled. I took a drag, breathed in and then blew out the smoke. 
Suddenly, I felt really light headed like I just got fucked up or something, 
conformation that I did it right. So I kept smoking that way for the whole 
cigarette and I felt really weird, but good afterwards. I then went back to 
the kitched, took out another cigarette, placed it in my pocket, and then 
put the lighter back on top of my Mom's cigarettes.

That night, my Mom and stepdad were out in the back yard, so I decided I 
would go upstairs to my bedroom for another cigarette. As I lit up, I 
thought I would have an orgasm because I was so excited about smoking, and 
it made me feel so bad. I inhaled every puff and it made me feel good, so i 
took longer and longer puffs. The tip glowed as bright as my Mom's did when 
she smoked and that made me excited too. One thing I didn't know though was 
that as I was standing up in my bedroom smoking, my Mom saw what I was doing 
from the backyard. She didn't say anything and didn't even let me know the 
she saw.

Later on, my Mom told me she rented some movies and she wanted me to watch 
them with her. So I did. I was sitting next to my mom on the couch and she 
lit up a Newport 100. She took a couple of puffs and unexpectedly, she put 
her arm around me and put the cigarette between my lips. I was even going to 
ask, I just took a long puff and she pulled out the cigarette, I then 
inhaled and blew out my smoke. She did that several more times throughout 
the night. After the movie was over, I kissed her and told her thank you for 
being so understanding. She said you're welcome and lit me a cigarette, she 
handed it to me and gave me an ashtray for my room. She told me good night, 
and I went upstairs, smoked my cigarette and went to bed.

Before I woke up the next morning, my Mom opened up a pack of cigarettes and 
put it on my nightstand with a lighter next to my ash tray. Then, when my 
alarm clock went off, my Mom lit a cigarette and put it between my lips. I 
was usually not a morning person, but the aroma of a cigarette made me into 
one quick. Me and my mom smoked together and then I got ready and went to 

It's now 5 years later and I am still smoking. I smoke about a pack a day of 
Newport 100's now, and still enjoy it a lot. My Mom used to wake me up a lot 
with a cigarette when I was growing up, but now that I live in a dorm at 
Ohio State Univ, she can't that often, but when she does come down, she 
always wakes me up like that and I still love it. Well, that's my smoking 
story I hope you enjoyed it.

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