Andrea and the Amateur Dramatic Society

(by suburbanlife16, 03 August 2003)

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Andrea and the Amateur Dramatic Society
by suburbanlife16

Andrea's parents were overjoyed when she decided to take up their suggestion
that she join the local amateur dramatic society.  She had become somewhat of
a loner, a recluse, venturing out of the house only to go school.  Because she
had no real friends, she took little pride in her appearance and had never
taken any interest in the clothes she wore, as other teenagers do.  Although
she had a nicely developed figure, she normally wore a pair of old jeans or a
lifeless dress which failed to show off any of her good features.  Her school
uniform was probably the most baggy and unflattering of all her clothes.

Andrea's parents did not consider it normal for a 16-year-old to have so few
friends or interests.  Andrea had certainly never had a regular boyfriend.  So
joining the dramatic society would be an opportunity for her to mix more with
people with similar interests and to give her the ability to express herself
through acting.

Her parents told her to put her heart and soul into the new venture - they
would certainly encourage her in whatever she had to do for the society.

Practices were scheduled for every Thursday night and Andrea's father took her
along the first time.  He enquired of the director whether someone could drop
her home afterwards and the director assured him, yes, someone in the cast
would be happy to deliver her safely home after the rehearsal.

On her first night, Andrea was shown some of the basics of acting and was
given a stage test to determine the type of roles she may be most suitable
for.  On stage they found that Andrea was more confident than they first
thought.  She displayed considerable empathy with the brief test roles to
which she was assigned, as well as having a loud, clear voice and a suitable
"presence" for an aspiring actor.

She was almost sorry to go home that evening, she was enjoying herself so much
in her new found pleasure.  However, eventually, Harry, one of the leading
actors offered her a lift home in his car.  She jumped in, still bubbling over
with the excitement of the night.
As they had set off home, Harry pulled out a cigarette, but, before lighting
it, asked if Andrea minded if he smoked - he had not had one all evening,
having been busy helping to select a play for the new season.  Andrea didn't
mind a bit - she rather liked the smell of tobacco and had tried smoking a few
times herself when one of her few friends was experimenting after school
earlier in the year.

After Harry had had a puff or two, Andrea asked him if she could have a quick
drag herself.  Harry was glad to oblige - he was your typical, outgoing actor,
ready to help out a friend in need.  Not that Andrea was really in need of a
cigarette - she just wanted to satisfy her curiosity about smoking again after
a few months' absence.

She merely had a couple of light drags of the cigarette, but Harry was
impressed and the sight of her smoking prompted him to remark that, if she was
able to smoke on stage, she might be just the person they were looking for to
fill the female lead in the dramatic society's next play.  Andrea pricked up
her ears at that suggestion.  She had hoped that she might get a bit part in
the forthcoming production, but the possibility of being offered the female
lead role almost blew her mind.

She told Harry that she was prepared to do almost anything to get a good part
in the play.  If that meant smoking on stage, then she was happy to do it.
Remembering what her parents had urged, she said she would give it a 110% of
her effort and enthusiasm.

Once back home, she told her parents how well the night had gone - she had met
some interesting people who were very friendly towards her and, what's more,
she may be offered a leading role in the next play the society was putting on.
Her mum and dad were very glad that she was at last fitting into a social
situation in which she felt a strong involvement.  They gave her every
encouragement and wished her good luck.

The following Thursday, when Andrea arrived at the rehearsal, the director and
leading actors had already decided that Andrea was indeed the most suitable
candidate for the role of leading lady in the next play.  She was to take the
part of the teenage prostitute in a play called "A dark night in Soho".
Andrea immediately took a copy of the manuscript and read it right through as
quickly as she could to get a feel for the character and how she would
interact with the other actors.

She saw that the stage instructions called for her to smoke several times
during the various scenes, while she was waiting in the "street" for her
clients.  For the first night, Harry lent her some cigarettes so she could
demonstrate her abilities to the director.
While she was waiting for her first entrance on stage, Andrea occupied her
time having some practice smokes.  While she had to date only been an amateur
smoker, she was now very keen to demonstrate a professional image in this and
every other aspect of her budding acting career.  She practised her inhales,
taking deeper and deeper drags, until she was close to perfect.  And she
experimented with different styles of exhaling.

Smoking several cigarettes in row while she was practicing was a rewarding
experience for her and, when Harry came along to see how she was going, he
complimented her on her smoking manner.  At the same time, he had a few tips
for her as to how to improve her "bad girl" image:  how to stand as if she
really were a prostitute on a street corner, how to hold the cigarette
provocatively and how to extinguish it in a nonchalant, "devil-may-care"
manner.  Not only did Harry have the necessary experience as an actor to give
her this advice, but of course he was also a dedicated smoker.  Andrea felt
that Harry was speaking to her as if he was a longtime friend, as well as her

She went home that night and told her parents that she had been selected as
one of the stars of the show, because she was willing to smoke on stage.  As
her parents did not smoke, they were at first a little concerned about her
smoking, but then they remembered that they had encouraged her to put her
heart and soul into the performance.  If this is what it took to get their
daughter out of her shell, then they were happy for her.

Andrea's father asked her what brand of cigarettes she wanted to smoke and he
promised to buy her a packet and a lighter on the way home the next day.  Her
mother found some ashtrays for Andrea to put out in her bedroom, the dining
room and the lounge, so that she would be able to smoke whenever she needed to
practice for the play.

For the first few days, Andrea just had one or two cigarettes after dinner
each evening, as she was still a little diffident about smoking in front of
her parents.  But when she saw that they did not mind - in fact, they were
encouraging her - she gradually increased the number of smokes per day.  Soon
she was having at least one before she went to school, then one or two when
she returned home again and a few after dinner.

Next Thursday, the wardrobe manager started talking to Andrea about what she
would be wearing on stage.  She would need a short, tight skirt, such as a
prostitute might wear, a low-slung top ("so you can display your nice boobs,
dearie"), some fishnet stockings and a pair of the highest heeled shoes she
could walk in.

Again Andrea went home, quite excited, and told her mother all the items of
clothing she would need.  They decided that she could wear her nice black
skirt that came just a bit above her knees, but that it needed to be a lot
shorter.  Her mother was happy to take the hem up so that she could look the

The next day, with the money her mother gave her, Andrea set off to buy the
other clothes she needed - another step in the quest to pull off her part
successfully.  Andrea brought them all home and tried on her complete outfit,
proudly showing it off to her parents.  While in her stage outfit, Andrea even
took the extra step of lighting a cigarette and strutted around the house,
smoking in her most "sluttish" manner.  Her parents were initially taken aback
at the dramatic change in Andrea's appearance and demeanour, but were glad she
was really throwing herself into the part.

Each night after rehearsal, Harry drove her home and each night Andrea
demonstrated to Harry how she was continually refining her smoking style, so
that she could play the part she had been given with maximum effect.  Harry
was very impressed with the way Andrea was performing, but in particular how
well she had taken to smoking.  He gave her every encouragement, several times
suggesting some small points to improve her style.  In his own mind, Harry was
partly encouraging Andrea for the sake of ensuring a good on-stage
performance, but he was also getting enormously turned on by the sight of the
innocent-teenager-turned-on-stage-prostitute smoking cigarettes so

Andrea began to fancy Harry as well, even though he was quite a few years
older.  After the first week or two, she took to inviting Harry in for a cup
of coffee when he drove her home after rehearsal.  Her parents were glad to
make the acquaintance of Andrea's co-star and thanked him for all he had done
to bring Andrea out of her shell and become a much more confident and outgoing
young lady.  They told him he was welcome to visit at any time.

They progressed from pecks on the cheek between one stage actor and another to
some very deep and meaningful kisses.  And Andrea soon learnt the meaning of a
smoky kiss.

As each week went by, Andrea was smoking more and more.  The first packet that
her father bought her lasted about a week, but the second one was gone in a
few days.  Next time, Andrea asked her father to buy her a whole carton to
ensure that she did not run out during a rehearsal.  What with practicing her
smoking before and after school, during the rehearsals and then having more
with Harry to get his comments on Thursday nights, Andrea was soon averaging
well over half a packet a day.

Within a week or two of starting to smoke regularly, Andrea was getting a real
taste for cigarettes.  They were becoming part of her real life as well as
part of her acting career.  Andrea was of course starting to appreciate
cigarettes for their own sake, not just because she was using them in her
stage role.  She knew she was starting to depend on her cigarettes, but, for
her own satisfaction and to keep faith with her parents, she could not risk
losing the part in the play just because of a small problem with tobacco

At the same time, her part in the play was developing extremely well.  The
director was very pleased with her progress.  Within a short time, she knew
the whole script by heart; she was able to completely transform herself into
the role she played while she was on the stage; and Harry, as the leading male
role, and she were becoming a great acting duo.

Almost every action she took on stage revealed how well she had assimilated
all that she had been taught in those few short months since she had first set
foot in the dramatic society's hall.  She had prepared herself as best as she
knew how and practiced hard - on stage she looked as though she was a
prostitute, she spoke as though she was one and she smoked as though she had
been smoking for years, just as a prostitute would.

Eventually the first performance date was approaching.  The night before the
opening night was the final dress rehearsal.  The director told Andrea that
her parents were welcome to attend this dress rehearsal, as they had been so
keen to see their daughter in her first performance on the stage.  Although
Andrea was nervous before the dress rehearsal started, once the curtain rose,
she adopted the persona of her part in every respect and forgot that the
audience was even there.

During the dress rehearsal Andrea's parents sat next to the director, who made
critical notes throughout the night.  At the conclusion, Andrea rushed off the
stage to get the assessment of both the director and her parents.

The director praised Andrea's performance, including her smoking, but wanted
to comment on just one aspect of her acting.  While she had not forgotten a
single line or missed a single cue, he was only concerned that the bedroom
scene was still rather wooden and not representative of real life.

"I don't know what we can do at this late stage - we all know that the show
opens tomorrow night", he said.  "So we have no more rehearsals."

They all looked at each other blankly for a few seconds.

But then Andrea's mother interjected, "Can I make a suggestion?  We've noticed
that Andrea's smoking got better the more she practised.  Do you think that,
if Andrea had some real-life practice at sex, it would improve her performance
in the bedroom scene?"

By this stage, Harry had also come down off the stage to get the director's
critical assessment of the dress rehearsal.  He wanted to know more about what
lay behind Andrea's mother's suggestion.

"What are you suggesting?" he asked with genuine curiosity.

"Well, Harry," explained Andrea's mother, "I've noticed that you and Andrea
have become close off-stage friends as well as on.  What I'm suggesting is
that you come home with us and sleep with Andrea tonight to give her more feel
for what goes on in a real live bedroom scenario!  I assume you're willing to
do that?"

And she added, with a sly smile, indicating that she had been observing more
of what had been going on than Andrea or Harry had realised, "I'm sure that
Andrea will put on her most seductive smoking performance for you by way of

"Mum, you're almost embarrassing me!" exclaimed Andrea, lighting up a
cigarette to help her wind down after the big performance.  Harry came very
close to blushing at the thought, as he too fired up a smoke, but did not
object in any way to the suggestion.

"It would certainly put the icing on the cake," agreed the director.  "I
always applaud my actors getting first-hand experience for their parts."

"Well, that's settled," announced Andrea's mother.  "Let's all head home so we
can put words into action and ensure that practice makes perfect."

With that final pronouncement, neither Andrea nor Harry needed to be asked
again and they headed home to Andrea's bed and a night of passion.  After
quickly bidding good night to her parents, the two actors adjourned to her
bedroom with cigarettes, lighters and condoms in their hands and very quickly
turned into real life lovers.

With the accompaniment of some very sensual smoking on Andrea's part, she soon
parted with her virginity, but at the same time was able to add some very
useful experiences of life to her rapidly expanding repertoire.  Not the least
of these experiences was her first post-coital smoke, which put the seal on
her desires both to smoke more and to have sex more.

Needless to say the first public performance the next night was a rip-roaring
success.  Everyone acclaimed Andrea's very polished performance and her
professionalism.  The question on everybody's lips was just how had she been
able to demonstrate so quickly the skills which had she been hiding until now?
The director congratulated both Andrea and Harry on putting the final touches
on their roles in their private rehearsal.  And Andrea's parents were so proud
that they bought tickets to every performance of the show.

By the last performance of that show, Andrea was a seasoned and addicted
smoker - and she was rapidly becoming equally addicted to sex.

Andrea went on to star in other productions of the amateur dramatic society
and became one of the society's greatest assets.  She was such an adaptable
actor, she could take on any role and make good of it.  But she never forgot
the night before the first performance.  Of course, she told the director that
she preferred roles where there was a combination of smoking and sex.  

The clothes which she had worn for her part as a prostitute in the play soon
became her standard form of attire.  She quickly adapted to wearing only short
skirts and revealing tops; she often put her fishnet stockings on and just
loved her growing collection of sexy, high-heeled shoes.

Just as in her role as the prostitute, where she made love to many men, so too
Andrea soon built up a long list of real boyfriends and lovers.  She shortened
her school uniform skirt almost as much as her tight black dress in the play
and left as many buttons on her blouse undone as she could get away with.  Her
clothes, coupled with her smoking capabilities - her deep inhales, her endless
exhales and her attractive manner of just holding a cigarette - could not fail
to attract the boys at school who had not previously given her a second

She dated a different boy each week, choosing those she went out with by how
much they admired her for her seductive smoking.  Because her parents had
initiated her into the world of sex and seduction, they could hardly refuse
her bringing home her newly acquired boyfriends to stay the night.

As her experience with men expanded, she outgrew the boys at school and
progressed to the men in the amateur dramatic society.  They too loved her for
her smoking charms, not to mention her figure.  They however had the added
advantage that they could better afford to keep her supplied with her
favourite brands of cigarettes.

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