Anette, Part 1

(by anonymous, 05 November 1999)

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   Please post this story anonymously.

I first met Anette two years ago. I was 19 and, aside from the odd fling at
school, had never seriously dated a girl for more than a few weeks. Everyone
has primeval drives, and I'd never been ashamed to admit that smoking was,
for me, a great turn on. However it wasn't until I met Anette that I
realised just how erotic and sensual and sexual a lady smoking could be.

I was at a private party organised by my university, and hanging out with a
couple of my male friends by virtue of the fact that we were all single.
We'd each downed several beers, and both my friends had already hit on girls
that evening, and their advances rejected. Naturally, they were now egging
me on to have a go. Being the eldest, I was not going to be forced into
anything, and I'd told them several times to get lost. It was then that I
saw her. Reaching for a cigarette from her Marlboro Reds pack, she caught my
eye. With her straight blond hair cascading around her tanned small
shoulders, she looked as alluring as the night. She wore a tight black dress
which enhanced her perfect clevage and black strapped high heels which
complimented her slender bronzed legs. The way she unashamedly dangled her
unlit cigarette between her lips aroused me beyond reason. I gazed as she
smiled and chatted to her friends, both male and female, as she searched for
her lighter. With perfect elegance, using an expensive engraved gold
lighter, she lit the cigarette, glanced away from the group, sucked and
inhaled deeply with the cigarette still between her lips, and then removed
it, before exhaling fine smoke from her mouth and nostrils. Astonishingly,
although all her friends seemed to be in pairs, she had no partner.
   The room was gradually filling up, the light dimming and the air getting
hotter. Five minutes after I first noticed her, the girl was onto her next
cigarette. My friends were still talking, but I wasn't listening. The girl
was still chatting to her group of friends, but no partner had returned. I
handed my beer to my bemused friend Rick, and walked away whilst he was
still in mid sentence. Subconsciously I recollect him joking "You've no
chance, no chance with her", but my mind was elsewhere. Though for my age I
guess I was reasonably inexperienced in chatting up girls, I was totally
confident, as if I already knew that there would be mutual attraction
between us.
As I approached this beautiful girl, all her friends seemed just to
   "Would you like to dance?" I asked, oblivious to the fact that there was,
as yet, no music. Miraculously, someone switched the PA on and the room was
filled with the opening bars of Etta James' "I'd rather go blind".
The beautiful girl looked up at me and smiled a lovely smile.
   "Sure I'd like to", she said softly, taking a deep drag and throwing her
cigarette on the ashtray. We linked hands as she exhaled from her lips, and
walked over to the small crowded dance floor. She danced close and
sensuously, she was the perfect partner. I put my arm round her slight
frame, and she put her head against my chest. Her breasts were so close to
me and I could feel her heart beating as we swayed together. Although I was
well aware that I was far from the best looking guy there, strangely I did
not think it odd that I was dancing with the most beautiful lady at the
   All too quickly the song was over, and since I had no intention of us
leaping around to the fast disco track that was played next, I offered to
buy her a drink.
   "If you promise to have another dance with me, I'll let you by me a
vodka", she teased. I smiled at her, she accompanied me to the bar and then
we sat in the corner of a booth.
   "Cigarette, cigarette, I'm gasping," she said to herself as she pulled
out another Marlboro. Quickly I picked up the heavy gold lighter that was in
the top of her small bag, flipped the top and lit her up.
   "What does the AC stand for?" I enquired regarding the engraving on her
lighter. Her cheeks hollowed as she drew deeply from the cigarette.
   "Anette," she laughed, "Anette Cawood". Wisps of smoke escaped from her
mouth and nose.
   "I'm Kieran" I replied. We talked about how we'd got invited to the
party, and joked that we'd both been to better ones. Anette told me that she
lived 200 miles away at her father's family estate, but that she was staying
with her sister who owned a flat in the city. I found it hard to believe
that she was just 18, she seemed to exude confidence and whilst she didn't
dominate me in any way, she was not over cautious in the way that some girls
are with guys they've just met. Anette chain smoked six cigarettes as we
talked; gradually we moved closer and somehow, as I became more aroused, I
knew that she was equally interested. We seemed to complement each other
perfectly. It emerged that our musical tastes were remarkably similar, I'd
never met anyone, let alone a girl, who shared my obscure interests, and
after another close dance I felt that I was virtually exploding inside for
   Luckily I have great stamina, because my place was a twenty minute walk
from the party. And we hadn't even left yet.
   "Lets go outside for some air", Anette enthused. I thought this mildly
ironic, considering the cigarette permanently clamped between her lips, but
of course I agreed it was an excellent idea. We sat on a wooden bench table
side by side. Anette shivered in the cold October air and I could see goose
bumps on her beautiful thin arms. I wrapped my jacket round her and lit her
dangling cigarette. She drew deeply and gave me a smoky kiss, a new
experience for me but one which I took in my stride. Anette giggled, mildly
drunk from the vodka, and moved to sit on my knee, straddling my rock hard
crotch. We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes more, I put my hand on her
chest and felt her ribcage expand and her breasts rise every time she
inhaled deeply into her lungs from one after another Marlboro.
   Finally we left, and we walked with my arm round Anette's slim waist,
back to my college flat. The walk seemed remarkably short and a lot less
boring than usual. I guessed it was the company. Although the rules on
guests in college rooms are quite severe, I was not questioned as to why
Anette was with me, and by the time we reached the flat my pulse was racing.
Once inside, Anette dimmed the lights and kicked off her shoes. Her toenails
were painted perfectly in black.
   "Now I can thank you for tonight", she grinned, removing first my Levi's,
then her dress. Desperate to come, I somehow managed to hold back until I
was fully inside her moist warmth. Our bodies ground and shuddered in
unison, each of us climaxing within milliseconds of each other. We breathed
heavily, Anette's smoked out lungs taking longer to recover than my own. I
kissed her all over, and she did me. We then sat up her on my knee, both
facing forward, so we could feel each others breathing. I put a cigarette to
her lips, and lit it. For a few seconds Anette closed her eyes, breathing in
directly from the cigarette, desperately replacing all the nicotine her body
craved. Then she must have sensed that I was about to speak.
   "Ssh!" she said, smiling, putting her finger to my lips. I could smell
the wonderful aroma of tobacco on her fingers. I complied, allowed her to
smoke another couple of cigarettes, and then let her fall asleep in my arms.
After 19 years of being, as I saw it, completely alone, all my dreams had
now come true.

Part Two to follow.

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