Cigarette Annie

(by anonymous, 06 January 1997)

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Here's a story that has a little bit of everything. Enjoy. It's
called, "Cigarette Annie."

Knowing that my innate shyness prevented our relationship from
growing, sweet Annie had invited me to her condo in order to
force the issue.  Arriving, I couldn't help but notice that she 
held a pack of Parliament 100s and lighter in one hand,  and an
unlit cigarette in the other. I knew that the very act of
watching her smoke would arouse me to no end. Again,  I fell
even deeper in love with her as I watched her light her long
white cigarette. What I didn't realize was that she was
carefully watching me. Shyly, I leaned over and lightly kissed
her cheek. 

"John, If you think I'm going to settle for a kiss on the cheek,
you're mistaken, " she said.  She had never talked to me like
that before!

She took a long pull on her cigarette, held in her smoke, and
grabbed  the back of my head.  Then, as she slowly pulled me
towards her lips, she gently blew her creamy smoke into my now
open, shocked mouth, giving me a long , smoky kiss. It ended
with her tongue licking and exploring my mouth!  In shock I
quickly realized that my penis was growing!  Embarrassed, I
started to move back. But instead of letting me get away,  she
put both her hands around me,  and  smiling, said, 

"Come to Momma!"  Then she pulled me towards her! 

"Mmmm...Tell the truth, John, isn't  this sooooo  much better,?"
she said, as she began to rub her body against mine. I was too
shocked to even move!

But before I could say or do anything, she took my hand and led
me into the condo. 

Once in the living room she placed her cigarettes and lighter on
a table next to the couch and put out her cigarette. She told me
to sit down on the couch next to them. Then, facing me,  she
swung her leg over mine and mounted me like I was a horse. 
Shocked, I looked  at her and all I could say was, "Annie, what
are you doing? What's going on ?" 

"Oh, I just don't want you to get away from me again, John," she
said with a smile and a wink.

Seeing she had my attention, she said, " I think it's time I
asked you a  few questions."  

"John,  I've noticed that every time I smoke you stare at me in
the oddest way.  Well, today I noticed you  got excited as soon
as I lit my cigarette. I'm not going to let you go until you
tell me exactly what I did to get you so hot."  

As she began to squeeze my legs harder  I knew that this would
be my only chance to tell her. 

"Well, every time I watched you smoke,  it kind of got me
aroused,"  I nervously said. She watched with fascination as she
saw my  shyness show in my face as it turned to a deep red. 

She smiled and said,  "I knew it !  And did I  "kind of"  get
you aroused today when I put my cigarette to my lips and smoked
it ?"

"Yes, Annie!" That was about all I could say. 

With a look of great tenderness she said, " John, tell me the
truth, are you in love with me?"  

I looked down and stammered, "Yes...very much so."  Finally,  I
had no more secrets.   

With a gentle smile, she said, "Get me my Parliaments and
lighter, will you, hon,?  they're on the table,"  I now couldn't

With an understanding look on her face, Annie said,  "What are
you  going to do when we're married,  and I ask you to get me
one of my cigarettes?"

Without waiting she leaned  over and grabbed her pack of
Parliament 100's and lighter on the table. She shook out a fresh
cigarette and placed it between her lips. Now, knowing exactly
how I felt about her smoking, she teased me by not lighting it! 
"John, I promised myself that if you ever got up your courage to
tell me how you really felt about me, I would give you a special
treat!" And thanks to me she knew exactly what she had to do in
order to seduce me!  While I stared at the unlit cigarette
hanging  between her lips, she pulled open my belt, unzipped my
fly and pulled out my penis. 

Looking at my swollen penis,  Annie said, " It's going to be
soooo easy seducing you ! "

Then she unzipped her jeans and undies and let them slide down
her legs until they gently rested on top of my crotch. She took
my penis and guided it into her wet, warm body!  Sitting on my
lap she rhythmically began to rock her body up and down,  I was
in heaven. When I was on the verge of exploding, when I thought
that it could not get any better; it did!  With the gentlest of
squeezes she stroked her lighter to life and moved its flame up
to the end of her cigarette, almost, but not quite touching it.
As she sucked gently,  the flame jumped onto the end of the
cigarette and it began to glow. It  glowed even  brighter as she
continued to draw the smoke deeply into her lungs. Next, she
gradually moved her mouth closer and closer to mine, all the
while slowly  blowing her smoke in my face until she opened my
mouth and planted a deep, smoky kiss on me while exhaling the
remainder of her smoke into my mouth and lungs.   She smiled as
she watched me and,  just as I was about to explode in her, she
got off me and said,  "I think we better take our clothes off, " 

I was shaking all over as she led me by the hand into her
bedroom.  She put  her cigarettes and lighter on the nightstand
and ordered me to get into her bed and lie on my back.  After
mounting me, she propped herself up on her knees and slid me
inside her warm, loving wetness.  She slowly  rocked up and
down, towards me and then away from me...again and again until,
finally, she took a long and sexy drag from her cigarette,
paused, and then exhaled the thick creamy smoke into my face. 
As I exploded in her, she showered me with her own  climax. 
Only then did she got off me. It was over and all of my dreams
had been answered. She had even talked about marriage ! I closed
my eyes. 

"John, ?" I heard her say. 

"Yes, Annie, " I answered. 

"I'm  not quite finished with you yet, !"  she said,  as she put
her hand around my penis. 

She gently began to rock it up and down and,  as she pumped it, 
her other hand brought her cigarette to her mouth where  she
gave it the deepest draw I ever saw. Without exhaling, she put
her mouth up to mine and,  while she kissed me,  she slowly
breathed out her smoke into my mouth.  Caught between the taste
of her smoky kiss and her hand still pumping my penis, I felt
the beginnings of an orgasm.  Watching me,  she sensed that I
needed  a little "help."  With an understanding smile she
quickly drew on her Parliament, opened my mouth and gave me a
smoky kiss as she continued to gently  rock my penis up and
down.  Within seconds I ejaculated again,  but she kept pumping 
me until I stopped shuddering.  I watched her as she got off me
and put out her cigarette in the glass ashtray that was next to
her cigarettes and lighter. For the second time I closed my
eyes. However, a now familiar  snapping sound made me open my
eyes again.  It was her lighter!  What was she doing, now ? 

Reaching  for her cigarettes and ashtray  Annie said, "John,  If
you think I'm finished with you,  you're mistaken, she said with
amusement. "I'm gonna get you hard again!"  She climbed on top
of me and placed the cold glass ashtray on my chest. Now she
smiled as she placed the fresh long white Parliament 100 between
her lips and lit it. As I smelled the fresh smoke from her
cigarette I felt her hand gently scratching the now sore head of
my  penis just as she thrust it deep inside her. She began to
rock up and down and I felt the familiar tightening as I
approached the onset of yet another climax. Her cigarette glowed
red as she took a long, sexy  draw on it. Once again she held
the smoke in her mouth and leaned over me. Once again she pushed
my mouth open with her tongue and, once again, she blew her
dreamy smoke into it. And just when I thought I had no more to
give, once again I exploded deep inside her. 

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