April, May, & June

(by suburbanlife16, 25 September 2002)

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by suburbanlife16

The three South sisters walked around the first corner after they had left
their school.  Once out of sight of school, they each pulled out their
cigarettes and lit one as hurriedly as they could.

"Oh, god, I've been looking forward to this ever since lunch time," said the
eldest, April, 16, double-pumping to gain maximum effect.

"I couldn't have gone any longer without one, myself," retorted the next in
age, May, 15, who couldn't yet double-pump, but still needed to take a big

"I think I'm becoming just as addicted as you two," chimed in June, the
youngest at just 14.  She hadn't been smoking as long as the other two, so she
took several smaller drags on her smoke, as she too had a craving to satisfy.

As you might have guessed, the three sisters were born 13 months apart in
successive years.  Because they were so close in age, they bonded well
together, doing the same things and enjoying the same pleasures and pastimes.
This applied no less to smoking.

Their mother, Cally, was a part-time teacher and had her own very firm views
on discipline and how to raise her daughters.  As each of the girls was about
to start high school - soon after they turned 12 - she let them start smoking,
knowing that, as normal high school students, they would have soon begun

Being the first to start, April was initially a bit reluctant to enter into
the joys of tobacco, but, with her mother's encouragement, she soon got used
to inhaling and was up to a pack a day within about six months.  A year later,
May was more eager, as she had the example of her older sister to follow and
knew by then how much April was enjoying her cigarettes.  She started smoking
on the day she entered high school and was getting through her pack a day
within three months.  Lastly, with the example of her two sisters to follow,
June was so anxious to start smoking that she had been sneaking cigarettes
from her sisters for some time before starting high school.  It took her only
about three weeks after she had her mother's official permission to smoke
openly before she had hit the pack-a-day consumption level already achieved by
her two sisters.

After April had taken three deep drags in an attempt to satisfy her two-hour
old nicotine craving, she announced to the other two, "Miss Harrington copped
me smoking just before school this morning.  And you know what the new school
rules say - for a first offence, your parent gets a visit from the teacher who
cops you."

April, being 16 and rather rebellious, had developed a rather a cheeky streak
and had been subject to quite a few bouts of punishment for various
misdemeanors over the last few months.  Her mother wondered whether it was her
hormones getting the better of her, or if it was the influence of Terry, her
new, steady boyfriend.  In fact this year she had had more punishments handed
out than the other two girls combined.  But this was the first one she had
received under the new school rules about smoking, which had been announced
only a few weeks before.

When they got home, the three girls greeted their mother and they and their
mother each lit up a fresh cigarette.  Cally asked them if they had had a good
day at school.  In the way of young girls, May and June abruptly revealed to
their mother that she would be getting a visit from Miss Harrington because
April had been caught out smoking on school grounds.

"Thanks very much," snarled April with extreme sarcasm.  "I was going to tell
Mum anyway," she continued, as the two younger girls scurried away to their
rooms to start their homework.

"So who is this Miss Harrington and when is she coming to visit?" asked Cally.

"She's our new English teacher - just out of teachers' college - and she'll be
coming tomorrow afternoon, after school."

During the following day April avoided all contact Miss Harrington, concerned
about what the new teacher, with an unknown reputation as to discipline, might
say when she visited her mother.  April hoped that her mother would defend her
ability to smoke away from school, but she did not know what Miss Harrington
and her mother would together concoct as a punishment for April being silly
enough to get caught smoking at school.

The next afternoon, Miss Harrington duly turned up to see Cally, who invited
her in cordially.  Cally offered Miss Harrington a cup of coffee, which she
accepted gladly, as she had come straight from a long afternoon's teaching.
Cally then called out for April to join them and offered April a cigarette.
April and her mother both lit up.

"Now, what was it you came about, Miss Harrington?"  Then, remembering her
manners, Cally added, "Oh, I'm sorry, I should have asked if you mind us
smoking?  And do you smoke?  Would you care to have one yourself?"

"Well, now you mention it, firstly, I personally don't mind you smoking at all
and, secondly, I will have one myself, thank you."  She took a cigarette from
her own purse, accepted the light that April offered her and took a deep drag
on her smoke, eventually exhaling with a sigh of relief.  "Ah, that's better,"
she confessed, "I haven't had one since lunchtime."

Seeing that all three people present were smoking, she quickly revised what
she had intended to say.  "The purpose of my visit, ? well, ? er, ? it's
mainly a social call.  Just to acquaint myself with my students better and get
to know their parents.  Oh, and April, next time you need a smoke before
school, don't do it in such an obvious spot.  I suggest you go behind the
maintenance shed ? the teachers never look there."

As the trio consumed their coffees and cigarettes, they chatted about much
more innocuous matters, such as their latest holidays and their favourite TV
shows.  When a convenient break occurred in the conversation, Miss Harrington
excused herself and said she was sure that April and her mother had a
multitude of things to do and she would get out of their hair.

April heaved a sigh of relied when Miss Harrington left, knowing that she
avoided any further repercussions from her smoking incident at school.  So she
lit it another cigarette and inhaled with pure enjoyment.  A weight had been
lifted from her mind.  She blew some pretty smoke rings and her mother
observed that April now seemed a lot happier. 

In the wake of Miss Harrington's departure, Cally's only other comment was,
"Now I know that you'll be smoking more before school, you'll need more
cigarettes.  I'll get you another pack each week which the three of you can

"Thanks, Mum.  I'd appreciate having some extra, as I've been smoking more
since I've been going out with Terry."

"I've noticed that he has been taking an interest in your smoking.  He seems
to get an erection every time you light up.  Even I can see it under his
jeans.  When are you two going to put yourselves out of your misery and go to
bed together?  You're well over 16 and it's time you lost your virginity.  Be
hospitable and ask him spend next weekend here at home with you."


Some time passed and the girls were again returning home from school, as usual
lighting up hungrily as soon as they knew they could not be seen from the
schoolyard.  This time it was May who had something to tell her two sisters.
"Today I got found out smoking in the toilet at lunch time.  And it wasn't
just one of the ordinary teachers, it was that bitch of a Maths mistress, Mrs
Spring.  She said she would personally come and visit Mum and talk to her
about the new smoking rules.  And I don't think she will be easily put off as
Miss Harrington was when she visited Mum."

On this occasion, Cally pondered why May had let herself be caught.  After
all, she had been smoking for well over two years now and was clever enough to
know when and where she could get away with it and when she could not.  She
recalled, however, that May was falling in love with the new boy she had been
dating for a few months now, and probably her judgment had been temporarily

Like April on the earlier occasion, May spent the next day in trepidation of
the outcome of Mrs Spring's home visit that afternoon.  Mrs Spring had a
well-earned reputation as a tough disciplinarian.  She was considerably older
and more experienced in dealing with young schoolgirls than Miss Harrington.

Again, Cally invited the teacher in and offered her coffee when she arrived
that afternoon.  Again, Cally instructed May to be present as the teacher said
what she had come to say.  This time, their mother remembered to be polite and
asked if Mrs Spring would excuse May and her for having a cigarette while Mrs
Spring talked.

Mrs Spring thought it somewhat pre-emptive for the girls' mother to take such
provocative action when she had come specifically to talk about the subject of
smoking by the schoolgirl at lunchtime.  However, the redoubtable Mrs Spring
ignored Cally's actions and forcefully launched into her monologue on the
strict rules about smoking on school grounds.  She said she was sure that May
knew full well what the consequences of her actions were, and that some
punishment was inevitable.

Mrs Spring was just about to embark on a further tirade about the punishment
suiting the crime, when April and Terry came into the room.  "Excuse us, Mum,
but we've just run out of a cigarettes.  Could you help us out until

"Sure," replied Cally obligingly, "help yourself.  Why don't you join us?  Of
course, you two know Mrs Spring, don't you?"

As April and Terry lit up the smokes which they had just bummed from her
mother, they thought to themselves that they would prefer not to know Mrs
Spring.  But, of course, they did not want to inflame the situation any more
than necessary and reluctantly said, "Yes, hello Mrs Spring."

"Well, getting back to what I was saying," Mrs Spring continued, trying to
resume where she had left off, "we should be talking about a suitable
punishment for serious offences against school rules . . . but,  . . . but I'm
starting to wonder now whether I'm hitting my head against a brick wall in
this household, seeing there are so many smokers in the room."

"Suit yourself, Mrs Spring," said Cally casually.  "I'm happy to listen, but
in my own house I'll take what action I consider is necessary.  And in most
cases, I let the children work matters out for themselves.  That way, we all
continue to get along with each other without too many disagreements."

"I can't blame you for that," said Mrs Spring, softening her tone a little.
"I can see that's exactly what you've done with your children and on the whole
you've managed very well."

"I believe I have, Mrs Spring.  Now, could I interest you in another cup of

"Yes, thanks."

When Cally returned with fresh coffee all round, Mrs Spring had almost
completely capitulated and was giving May some advice about where to smoke in
the school grounds without getting caught.  Just as Miss Harrington had told
April, Mrs Spring was pointing out that the teachers deliberately did not
check behind the maintenance shed either before school or at lunchtime.

"I have to admit that, when I see your family, I think back on my own youth.
I used to smoke too, but I quit when I thought I should set a good example to
my own children.  I can remember all the hassles of giving up.  Now I
sometimes wonder why I bothered, because I used to enjoy it so much.  As my
children are all grown up and have started smoking themselves, I don't have
anyone to set an example to.  And, let's face it, with all the restrictions on
teachers these days, a teacher can't influence her pupils in the same way a
parent can with her children."

Cally began to speculate on where this conversation was going, so she asked,
"Are you sure you wouldn't like to try a cigarette, just for old time's sake,
Mrs Spring?"

"Oh, why not?" relented Mrs Spring.  "One can't hurt, just sitting here with a
nice cup of coffee in a cozy, family atmosphere."  Taking the proffered
cigarette, she gingerly lit up and all the old feelings surged back into her
system.  After a first tentative puff, she then took quite a deep inhale and
relived her past - or was it now her future?

When she had finished her coffee and smoke, Mrs Spring thanked the girls'
mother for a pleasant afternoon tea and chat and took her leave.

Cally commented to her children, "I think that was a signal for you girls to
enjoy your smokes more at lunchtime.  Maybe you'll need some more now.  I'll
increase the number I buy and get you an extra couple of packs each week for
the three of you to share."

With all the excitement over, April and Terry happily went off with the new
packet of smokes which they had earlier come into the room for.  May was still
finishing off her cigarette and so her mother mentioned to her, "You seem to
be getting on well with Bob, your boyfriend.  Does he like you smoking?"

"Yes, Mum."  Now that Mrs Spring had gone, May was more relaxed and felt she
deserved another cigarette.  She lit it in her now leisurely but efficient
manner and drew on it with a sense of satisfaction.  Her exhale showed that
May's cigarettes gave her considerable enjoyment.  She went on to tell her
mother,  "Terry seems to be really turned on by my smoking.  I'm beginning to
wonder how long I can keep him out of my pants!"

"Well, I don't think you should have to keep a good boyfriend like him out for
too long, now that you're nearly 16.  Tell him your mother approves of him
enough to let him go to bed with you to celebrate your 16th birthday."


As the months slipped by, the girls were all staying out of trouble at school,
thanks to finding that the back of the maintenance shed was indeed a good
location for smoking before school and at lunchtime.  The three sisters were
able to take full advantage of this location now that their mother was giving
them extra packets of cigarettes each week to smoke.

Both May and June had now learned how to double-pump and all three of them
could inhale as deeply as each other.  The two younger ones could hold the
smoke in their lungs for almost the same length as April, even though she had
the greatest experience.  And they and their mother continued to share with
each other all the joys and pleasures that smoking can bring.

At 15, June was entering her own rebellious teenage period and started showing
off in front of her classmates.  She too had found a boyfriend, Mick, who
appreciated her smoking capabilities and she was anxious to impress him.  One
Friday her classmates dared her to light up a smoke in the classroom between
classes.  It was a dare she could not refuse, as it was an opportunity to show
off in front of Mick.

Unfortunately for June, the headmaster, Mr Smith, happened to be walking right
past the classroom just while she was letting out an enormous exhale in his
full view, with her cigarette at a jaunty angle for all to see.  He strode
into the classroom like a train and tore strips off June for such a clear
breach of school rules.  He told her that he would be personally visiting her
mother the following Monday.

Later, June revealed to her sisters what happened in the classroom as they
walked home that afternoon, all taking the first desperate inhales on their
cigarettes after finishing school.

"You went right over the top this time, June," said April, executing a nose

"I can't see how Mum will be able to defend you this time - not against the
headmaster," ventured May, as she French inhaled to satisfy her cravings.

They had got June so worried that she drew extra heavily on her smoke and let
out the biggest exhale of her smoking career.

As usual, the girls told their mother all when they arrived home.

June had the whole weekend to muse on just what her fate might be on Monday.
Cally told them she would try her best with the headmaster, but she could not
guarantee what the result would be, considering the matter had reached such a
high level of authority.

They probably all smoked a little more heavily than usual that weekend.  April
and May were trying to forget the family problems and get on with impressing
their respective boyfriends.  June was worried about what punishment she might
expect after Mr Smith had visited.  And even Cally, usually cool in the face
of a crisis, was concerned about how she would deal with the girls'

Monday morning dawned and, to the surprise of all, the doorbell rang right on
7.00am.  It was Mr Smith, the headmaster.  Nobody had expected him to arrive
at that hour of the morning - he had just said he would be there "on Monday".
At that hour none of the household had showered or dressed for the day.

Cally, in her nightgown, opened the door and, covering up a yawn, invited Mr
Smith in.  She had already lit her first cigarette of the morning, which was
dangling from her lips at a rather depressed angle.  She brought Mr Smith in
and offered him a cup of coffee which she had just brewed so that she could
wake the rest of the family.  Cally called for June, who was now feeling quite
nervous, and dressed only in her pyjamas.

But her attire was respectable compared with a motley group of four
bleary-eyed teenagers who had gathered at the door to the lounge room, curious
to see who had arrived at the house so early.

"You had better all come in," Cally told them.  "We don't have any secrets in
this family."

And so, in came firstly April and Terry, hand in hand.  April wore only a
short negligee, which was particularly sheer, leaving little to the
imagination of anyone looking at her.  Her boyfriend was covered merely in his
pyjama shorts, which he had obviously just put on.

Then came May and Bob, with their arms around each other.  May was clothed in
a skimpy nightdress, which had definitely not been slept in and only slipped
on when the doorbell rang.  Bob had no pyjamas with him, so he had to
hurriedly drape one of May's dressing-gowns around himself as best he could,
only barely hiding his vital parts.

When they were all together in the room, Cally told them, "You kids had all
better sit down, light up a smoke and have a coffee, while we brace ourselves
for what Mr Smith has to say."

The three girls and two boyfriends all took a cigarette and, despite the
presence of the headmaster, boldly lit them with considerable relief - it was
the first one of the morning, which they had come to realise is best one of
the day.

Mr Smith, in the meantime, was stunned at this scene of an extended family
parade.  He was trying to absorb a spectacle such as he had never witnessed in
his entire teaching career.  He was struggling to assimilate many things in
his mind all at once.

So it was only after a considerable period of silence that he finally spoke.

"Well, I never!  It's Cally Grant, from when we were at teachers' college
together 20 years ago.  I never found out your married name, so I had no idea
that you were the mother of April, May and June South.  I certainly never
expected to see you in these circumstances."

"Well, that makes two of us," replied an astonished Cally.  "If it's not
'Buster' Smith, who was the first one to tempt me with cigarettes while we
were in college!  You were in your final year, when I had only just started.
I always thought it was a shame we only went out on that one date.

"With such a common name as Smith, I didn't associate you with being the
girls' headmaster.  You've certainly come a long way since those days."

"Yes, after I left teachers' college, I became a workaholic teacher and
quickly qualified as a headmaster.  Now I have reached the top of the
professional ladder, I'm thinking I should take things a bit easier and
develop a more rewarding personal life."  He was starting to think that a
relationship with Cally, despite her three girls being his pupils at school,
might be just the sort of personal life he was looking for.
"That's a very good idea, Buster," said Cally enthusiastically, still nursing
some residual romantic feelings for the man who had introduced her to the
delights of smoking.

"Oh, and while I'm here," added Mr Smith, almost as an afterthought, "I should
tell you kids that, I've been thinking for a while whether or not to extend
the period between classes at school from three minutes to ten.  The teachers
have argued that they need more time to get from one class to another and do
their preparation.  And seeing what happens in this household has convinced me
that ten minutes will also give you students an extra opportunity to recover
from the stresses of one class before the next."  At that point he winked at
Cally, who was taking a long and satisfying drag on her cigarette.

Cally replied, coolly exhaling into the morning air, "Based on my own
experience, I think that's a very sensible approach to modern schooling,
Buster.  I thoroughly approve."

"It was an easy decision to make after watching you and your girls here this
morning.  I can only assume that your girls get their sophisticated smoking
techniques from you, Cally," said Mr Smith.

"As it was you that started me on the road to smoking in the first place, in a
way, they owe it to you, Buster."

"Well, Cally, I have to say that I'm in awe of the way your smoking charms
have developed since I last saw you.  And I wonder, if you're free next
Saturday, whether I could take you to dinner and observe those charms at
closer quarters."

"I'd love that," replied Cally, with an increasingly more relaxed smile.  "And
I in turn wonder whether those smoking charms might lead us to finish the date
which my mother rudely interrupted when I brought you home and tried to
smuggle you into my bedroom 20 years ago."

"I could be very easily persuaded in that direction," he said on leaving, but
not before promising to ring Cally later in the week.

When he had gone and the initial shock had worn off the five teenagers, Cally
told them, "It looks like you can officially smoke between classes, as well as
before school and at lunch time.  I'll clearly have to buy you an extra carton
of smokes each week, because, if I've calculated correctly, each of you will
need almost two packs a day from now on."

"Thanks, Mum," chorused the three girls in unison.

"And if things work out as I'm planning," mused Cally with rather an inner
glow, "there might be one extra for breakfast next Sunday morning!"

The two boys and their girlfriends then decided to race each other for the
shower, realising that time was running short if they were all to get to
school on time.  June hung back, knowing that they could not all get into the
shower together, and chose to have another smoke with her mother.  She had
developed a delightfully casual way of lighting her cigarettes, which hid the
depth of her inhales.  She exhaled so smoothly that her mother complimented
her on her style.

"And, June," Cally continued, "as you'll be 16 soon, I don't want you to be
the only one of the family not being kept warm in bed at night.  Perhaps you
could start bringing your new boyfriend home, so I can give him the nod of
approval.  I'm prepared to bet that, if Buster Smith thinks your smoking is
sophisticated, your Mick probably knows it is downright provocative.  I
wouldn't want to leave you two not getting your slice of the action over the

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