The Awakening

(by SMOKELOVER-ME, 01 June 2001)

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   Rachel was a good girl at age 14, as are her two friends, never drank, 
smoked, and never presented herself the opportunity to become sexually 
active. Lisa, on the other hand, was brought up in a poor to mid-class 
family that always seem to worry about money more than the well being 
of their daughter, so she began to experiment with teen angst at a 
younger phase than most. With her parents owning a small store in town she 
would have to work many evenings behind the counter. Kelli, being the 
center of attention for all the boys and our story on hand, was raised in 
a single parent home under her mother. They weren't a struggling family 
as her wealthy dad would always provide a gracious child support, but 
that is a different story all of it's own. Kelli was innocent in her 
nature but very curious as to what the world had to offer. She always 
enjoyed the company of her mother and adored her in every way, and also 
relished the the fact that she posessed the beauty and the charm that her 
mom bestowed.
   The girls met at the predestined location in the park, not wanting to 
be a second late. "Did you bring them, Lisa" remarked Rachel as she 
began to feel butterflies in her stomachh from what she was about to do. 
"Yeah!" she replied as she pulled out a pack of Marlboro Light's 100's 
and gave them to her, "And you wanted a gold pack of Virginia Slim's. 
Isn't that right, Kelli?" As Lisa pulled the pack out of her bag Kelli 
reached for them while stating that her mother, Virginia, had smoked Virginia
Slim's 120's and she felt that she should start off with a smaller pack. 
   With the girls all in posession of their packs they each ripped the 
cellophane off, tour back the insert, and extracted a cigarette. This was 
a completely new feeling for all except Lisa who had spent many 
afternoons in the store alone to smoke. "What you want to do is put it up to 
your mouth like this and suck on it a little when you try to light it," 
Lisa instructed them as she lit her cigarette with ease. Kelli brought 
the flame closer to the tip of her Virginia Slim and then watched as 
the end grew red. "Not what I expected," Kelli thought as she pulled 
another drag once again. "What do I have to do to inhale?" Rachel asked 
Lisa as her curiosiy grew even stronger. "Just take a litle bit of smoke 
into your mouth and then breathe in getting a little air also, hold it 
for a sec and then breathe out. Like this." Lisa took a deeper drag than 
she explained, but the smoke seemed to flow as if she was a pro. Rachel 
and Kelli gave this a shot. Kelli suddenly felt a dizziness that she 
thoroughly enjoyed, and to much surprise she didn't cough one bit. The 
same can't be said for Rachel who felt her lungs push up to her throat as 
she gagged and choked.
   A few nights later Kelli lay in bed thinking about how good it felt to
smoke.  Now having the pack with her she was free to smoke as she wished
considering she had the house to herself. This happened more than not due to
the small household she lived in. With this in mind she decided to have
another cigarette right there in her room. She got up and opened her bedroom
window, drew a cig out the pack and lit it. Kelli was now past the first
phase of smoking and now started to inhale every drag, feeling the sweet
taste enter her virgin lungs. Her body began to feel different when she
smoked alone. She felt as if touching herself was the only way to satisfy
this new feeling she was encountering. As she lay there drawing on the
cigarette and massaging her vagina she came to the realization that she was
now a true smoker.
   Sitting in the living room with her mother before school, Kelli thought of
reaching in her bag and pulling out a cigarette, but hesitated not knowing
how her mother would react. Several times she reached for the bag, but
hesitation."Come on honey we're going to be late," -a chance ruined Kelli
thought as she rushed out the door to go to school.
   After school, Virginia picked Kelli up to bring her home before returning 
to work. Traffic was moving at an alarmingly slow pace that day and the only thing on
Kelli's mind was smoking. "Where are my cigarettes, dear?" Virginia asked as
she kept her eye on the road. "They're right here, mom," Kelli replied,
"Would you like me to light you one?" The words just came out. "Kelli! Come
on quit joking," her mother said as she took a 120 from her pack and lit it
in the graceful way that she does. Kelli, a bit nervous from what she had
said, threw caution into the wind and decided to smoke a cigarette. She
hurriedly reached down into her bag, pulled out a Virginia Slim, brought it
to her mouth, and in one swift motion she lit it and exhaled out the window.
"Kelli!" her mom yelled, "put that cigarette out now, What's gotten into
you?" Kelli then threw the cigarette out the window and sat in siilence the
rest of the trip. When they arrived at the house Kelli ran to her room and
not another word was said.
   Kelli stayed in her room until her mother had returned home from work, not
even lighting up one cigarette. She listened to her mother fooling around in
the kitchen and then looked up to see that she had entered her room. Virginia
stood in the doorway holding an ashtray of hers but no cigarette. "I want you
to give me your pack of cigarettes and your lighter." Virginia instructed
Kelli. She handed the pack and the lighter over to her mom and braced herself
for the lacture that was coming.  "I understand your curiosity for smoking. I
was starting to smoke when I was your age also.  I wasn't quite as brave as
you to smoke in front of my mother, but it made me realize that you are not a
little girl anymore." Virginia took a cigarette out of the pack, "Nice
brand," she replied, "at least you know what to smoke." Virginia put the
cigarette to her mouth, turned to her daughter and asked, "Would you like to
have one with me?" Kelli accepted and extracted a Virginia Slim from the pack
that her mother was holding.  Virginia then lit Kelli's cigarette before
lighting her own and she expressed her concern.
   "I think it is alright with me if you make the decision to be a smoker,
and I feel that you don't have to hide it from me anymore." Virginia retorted
as she took another deep drag, "You can even keep this ashtray in here if you
would like."
   "So does this mean that I can smoke around you as I wish?" Kelli asked. 
   "As long as your father doesn't find out, you and your friends can smoke
in my house anytime you feel fit."

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