Smoking With Barbara, Part 1

(by John Storch , 22 July 1996)

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From Mon Jul 22 14:56:04 1996
From: John Storch 
Subject: Smoking With Barbara, Part 1


Part 1

My name is John.  For all of you ASFSers out there, I wrote "Eileen's Story"
and "Kathy's Story" which were posted a couple of months ago.  Feeling a bit
more brave, I have decided to post this story without asking for anonymity.
Please feel free to reply.

I was about 12 years old when I first realized that I paid a lot of
attention to attractive girls and women who smoked cigarettes.  Although my
mom was a non-smoker (my dad too), it seemed that most of my friends' moms
were smokers, and I really got off watching them light up and enjoy smoking.
It was also around this time that I experienced my first sexual sensations,
and not long after, when I saw one of the girls I had a crush on at school
smoking a cigarette, well the two things became kind of linked; I had the

My best friend at the time was Robbie Ervin.  We had grown up together in
the neighborhood and spent most of the time in the same classes in school,
playing little league and just hanging out.  Ours was a neighborhood that
had a lot of kids our age or thereabouts, so there were always lots of other
kids to spend time with.  For some reason, Robbie's house became the hangout
years before, probably because Robbie had everything.  He was an only child,
and his parents were really cool, spoiling him with every toy, piece of
sports equipment and gadget a kid could want. 

Robbie's mom was really nice.  As I was a little shy as a kid, Mrs. Ervin
was one of the only neighborhood moms I really got to know, I guess because
she was home all the time and was never one of those parents that a kid felt
uncomfortable around.  Although I never thought much about it back then
(though I know it now),  she was a little younger (early 30's) than most of
the moms and was very pretty.  I always thought that she looked a little
like Mary Tyler Moore, and since this was the early to mid 1970's, I guess
that she was pretty in-style for the times.

Mrs. Ervin, her first name was Barbara, come to think of it, probably was
the subject of my attention the first time I realized that I enjoyed
watching women smoke.  In all the years I knew Robbies, I had known his mom
was a smoker.  Anytime I was in their house there always was a long, white
pack of Kent 100's on the counter or table.  I usually didn't have to wait
too long, and I would try to position myself in a place where I could watch
Barbara smoke.  This went on for years, and more than once I got a little
nervous thinking that she knew I was watching her.  If she did, she didn't
seem to mind.  On numerous occasions, she would look at me as she reached
for her pack and lighter and ask "Do you mind if I smoke?"  Of course, I
would always politely answer, "No, I don't mind."  Robbie seemed to mind
however, and once or twice I asked him if he ever thought about trying a
cigarette.  Robbie told me that he didn't want to try it, and that his mom
had told him that if he ever really wanted to know what smoking was like to
just ask her and she would let him try it.  Hearing this got me very
excited.  This lady was cool, but wow!!  I knew by now ( I was 15) that I
was going to try smoking soon.  All I was waiting for was the opportunity.
Now I figured I'd wait for the right moment and somehow or another, I also
knew that Barbara would figure into it.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), my curiosity had other ideas.  It was only a
few days later when I actually got my chance.  It was early summer and my
next door neighbor Karen (she just graduated from high school) asked me to
help her move a piece of furniture in her house.  After helping her, she
offered me her thanks and a soda.  As we sat in the kitchen talking (about
her getting ready to go to college that fall), she reached into her pocket
book and pulled out a pack of Salem 100s.  I went through the roof when she
lit up that cigarette.  The long, white cigarette made Karen look so elegant
and sexy to me, and that watching her inhale and exhale the smoke with such
enjoyment made me lose it my shorts.  This would be my perfect opportunity
to try smoking.  I prodded Karen by saying "Oh Karen, I didn't know that you
smoked."  After she almost nonchalantly said "oh yea, do you?", I gathered
up my courage and said "no, not yet....I mean I really have wanted to try it
for a while but was afraid to because it's not good for you."  Karen said
"OK, I'll teach you how to smoke if you want to try it, but you have to
decide for yourself and if you decide yes, don't tell your folks that I
showed you how."  I though it over for a few seconds and decided that it was
time.  Karen showed me how to draw on the cigarette, and hold it, and
finally, how to inhale.  My first inhale was small, but I didn't cough, and
I lost it in my shorts again when I saw that first small stream of smoke
come out of my mouth.

Within a few weeks I was smoking a couple of cigarettes a day.  Karen was
usually around an she even gave a couple of packs of her Salem 100s so I had
my own stash, but I kept my smoking private and Karen was the only person
who knew.  I had gotten comfortable with smoking and really loved it.  When
I was home alone I would light up and sometimes watch myself in the mirror
and practice, quickly developing an experienced style of inhaling and
exhaling.  I really loved to smoke, but I found that smoking by myself
wasn't as exciting and enjoyable as smoking with Karen.  When I saw the
grown up women in the neighborhood smoke, I wanted nothing more than to
smoke with them.  I thought I was crazy, but I didn't care!

A few days later I made my usual walk over to Robbie's house in the summer
morning.  Barbara answered the door and told me that Robbie was not home and
that he had gone to spend the day at work with his dad.  She said she was on
the phone and asked me if I'd like to come in and have a soda, so I
accepted.  As we entered the kitchen, Barbara picked up the phone which was
lying on the counter and continued her conversation while motioning for me
to have a seat at the table.  She opened the frig and grabbed a can of soda
for me, walked back to the counter and retrieved her pack of Kent 100s,
lighter and ashtray, and sat down across from me.  While talking into the
phone, she shook loose a cigarette, place it between her lips, brought up
her lighter and lit up.  Not caring about it so much this time, I watched
her very closely as she smoked that cigarette, carefully checking out her
style of long drags, deep inhales and long, slow exhales.  And as I watched,
she watched me watch her.  My excitement was obvious and I knew that once
she hung up the phone we were going to (one way or another) have a little
talk about smoking.  Anticipating this, I rehearsed in my mind what was
about to happen.  One way or another, I was going to let this friendly,
beautiful woman know that I smoked and that I wanted to smoke right there in
her kitchen with her!

Minutes later, Barbara finished her call, got up from the table and hung up
the phone.  Returning to the table, she again told me that Robbie was going
to be gone all day and asked me how I was.  The conversation stayed this
course for a few minutes and Barbara reached soon again for her Kent 100s,
my eyes following the entire way.  Her moves and expressions were so
deliberate that I assumed that unless I was dreaming, she was actually
baiting me to ask her about or talk to her about smoking.  I obliged.  As
she pulled the cigarette away from her mouth and began an exhale, I said
"You really look like you love to smoke."  A huge smile appeared on her face
and she answered, "yes, I do, but why would you ever say a thing like that."
"Curiosity I guess," I replied.

"Curiosity about what, why I like to smoke?", she said.  "I guess, but just
curiosity in general," I answered.  Then she dove right into it.  "Have you
ever smoked a cigarette?", she asked.  "Yes," I answered.  "Really!!, at
your age!!  Why, your only 15!", she said.  "How old were you when you tried
smoking," I asked.  "Well to be honest, I was actually a little younger that
you," she answered, continuing with "Oh go on, I don't believe you when you
say that you smoke....".  

"Well let me show you," I said, noticing that she seemed to be enjoying this
as much, if not even more, than I was.  I expected what followed, but just
played along.  "Well I don't know, John.  Even though I love smoking, and I
enjoy smoking with other smokers, I don't really think I should encourage
you, do you understand?"  I answered "Yes, that's OK, I can wait until I get
home to have a cigarette."  She took the bait, saying "well...., if you
really want one, well OK, have one with me."

Barbara pulled a cigarette from her pack and lit up, passing the pack and
the lighter to me across the table.  I thought how great this was and that I
was glad that I had already learned how to smoke and was feeling the thrill
of exhibiting my skills in front of Barbara.  I pulled a Kent 100 from the
pack and put it between my lips.  I though about how it would taste, as the
only other cigarette I had smoked were menthol Salem 100s.  How bad could it
be, I figured.  I brought the lighter to life and carefully placed the end
of the Kent 100 into the flame, drawing slowing to bring about a smooth,
even light.  Drawing the smoke into my mouth, I noticed that it was not as
cool and a bit harsher that the Salems, and continued to take a full first
drag.  I removed the cigarette from my lips and, looking across the table at
Barbara, open my mouth slightly to inhale.  I held the smoke in my lungs for
about five seconds and then, very deliberately, blew the first thick stream
of smoke from the corner of my mouth.  Barbara's face lit up with
impression.  Noticing this, I cut off my exhale, turned my head slightly to
the side while taking a short breath, and let the remainder of the puff
escape from my nostrils in two long thin streams for a good six or seven

"You weren't lying, John, you really do know how to smoke," Barbara said.  I
just smiled, and took another drag, Barbara doing likewise.  "You know," she
continued, "I always thought you were very mature, more mature that any of
Robbie's other friends.  How long have you been smoking and how much do you
smoke each day,"  she asked.  "Only for about a month or so," I answered,
"but I had been wanting to try it for a really long time.  I know it's not
good for me, but now that I have started, I really like it and I want to
keep smoking.  I really like smoking with you, but I worry about what people
might think, especially my parents."

"Well, I think I can help you with that," Barbara said, adding, "let's use
Robbie as a test."


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