Be Prepared

(by, 23 January 2005)

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Be Prepared

I was sitting at home watching the TV, when the phone rang. It was my mum's
friend Denise. I said Mum wasn't home, she said that was OK; she wanted to
speak to me anyway.

Denise was the leader of our local scout troop. They were going on a camp on
the weekend and the other scout leader had come down with the flu. She knew I
used to be in the scouts before I gave it up, due to my increasing university
commitments. So she asked if I wanted to come along and help out on the camp.
I thought `I could do with a break' so I agreed.

So the weekend came, I packed all my clothes and stuff and Denise came and
picked me up. It was a normal scout camp. We got there, set up the tents and
a dinning area. Then it started pouring, and didn't stop pouring until we
just left. It was a fun weekend. We built a huge mudslide down the side of
this huge hill straight into the river. We also had a huge bonfire and
toasted marshmallows, deodorant cans and anything else that was flammable
(that's what scouts are like)

Denise and I got on fairly well. Considering she was 49 and I was 22 we had a
lot in common. We stayed up pretty late on the Saturday night, just talking
about life and relationships.

Sunday afternoon, we packed up the wet tents, the wet clothes and the wet
scouts and camp was over. I offered to help Denise go back to her house and
help hang up the tents so that they could dry.

We got back to her place and I offered to back the trailer in whilst she when
in and got changed. I had just backed the trailer in and hung up all the
tents when she came out. She asked if I wanted to get changed, I said "that
would be great", she said "how about you go for a shower and I'll put some
coffee on". "That sounds like a plan to me" I said. So I grabbed my towel and
jumped in the nice warm shower. After I got dressed and emerged from the
shower, Denise was just pouring the coffee. Denise then pulled out a pack of
cigarettes and began to light one. I was a little surprised by this, I didn't
think she smoked. Well I didn't recall her smoking on the camp. After she
light her cigarette she remarked to me "I needed that", I asked her why she
didn't smoke on the camp? "Oh" she replied. "I'm supposed to be a role model
- there are a lot of bad influences on the kids today, they don't need me to
be another one" - she smiled. She stared at me for a moment "is that for me?"
she asked. "Is what for you?" She looked down at my pants for a moment, and
then I saw it. I had a huge erection.

My face just went bright red `I'm sorry" was all that I could say, I couldn't
even look at her. "It's ok". She winked at me "I'm quite flattered"

I don't know what it is but I find women who smoke attractive. But this was
really the first time I sat next to a smoker whilst she smoked. Denise is
fairly attractive, she has blonde hair, and her breasts are just right.

I just sat their sipping coffee and getting red and more embarrassed.  And it
wasn't getting any smaller.

Finally after what seemed like eternity it finally went away. I offered to
take the dishes into the kitchen. She followed me in and she pulled out a
fresh cigarette. She flicked her lighter a few times but it didn't work. I
fished around in my pocket for the matches I had in their, from lighting the
campfire. "Would you like a light?", "Yes please" was her reply, so I put my
hand in my pocket and pulled out my pen torch, shinning it at her. She just
laughed and smiled at me. I was a little relieved by the change in the mood I
was still red from before. I put the torch away and pulled out the matches. I
lit one and brought it to her cigarette. As she took a breath and lit her
cigarette, I reaslised I had another erection, I was just about to sit down
as quick as I could, but she saw it.

"They sure are having a fire sale on those today". I couldn't say anything I
was just so embarrassed. "I have an idea" she said. "You have a seat and I'll
leave you alone for a minute whilst you try and get that to go down" and then
she left the room. I just sat down. I was just so annoyed at myself, and
embarrassed. After a minute or two, Denise came back in the room. She pulled
a chair out and sat down, and continued to smoke. I was wondering what she
was thinking and if she would say anything to my mum about me getting
erections over her friend. As she kept on smoking, I felt my penis start to
twitch "oh no", I thought, I started looking at the door, thinking I should
make a run for it. 

"I thought so" she said, I just kept looking at the floor. "You keep getting
those when I smoke". I didn't know what to say. "This we will have to fix"
she said as she got up from her chair and kneeled down in front of me, she
undid my zip, and my penis just burst out. She took a drag on her cigarette
and blew it onto my now huge penis. I was shocked. "So how long have you been
attracted to smokers?" she asked. "As far as I can remember" I said. She took
another deep inhale of her cigarette and then she inhaled my penis. "Oh wow"
were the only words I could manage. It was warm and moist and completely
amazing. She must have known I was about to cum as she asked "already?" 

"I think so" I blurted out. "Well" said Denise as she took another deep
inhale of her glowing cigarette. She rubbed my dick, blew smoke on it and put
it back in her mouth. "I'm about to go" I screamed. She grabbed it took a
deep inhale of her cigarette, opened her mouth and rubbed up and down my
penis. I blew and the cum went straight into her open mouth, with the
cigarette smoke still poring out.

"That was amazing" I said, she smile "Thanks", but your acting like that the
first blowjob you have ever had. "Well it is, actually I'm still a virgin" I
said sheepishly.

"Well I'll just have to fix that, if you fix something for me" she said with
a smile, "sure I said - anything", "Well" she grinned, "Would a kind
gentleman like yourself have some matches to light my cigarette". "I'm sure I
have some in my pocket" I smiled. "Well aren't you lucky I have this in my
pocket" she grinned as she pulled out a condom. "I grabbed it before when I
went away to let you dick go down, I wanted to make sure I was causing your
problem before I fixed it" she smiled.

She pulled my pants right off and we went to the bench as I pulled of her
pants. I went inside her warm pussy, and after a few minutes of the most
incredible afternoon ever, I went inside her pussy.

After all the huffing and puffing began to slow down, she turned around and
asked me for a light. Which I of course supplied

I still see Denise a lot. It's not my fault though, I'm just addicted- to
smoking blowjobs, and she is addicted to giving them.

But now I always carry around a lighter and some condoms, like the scout
motto- Be Prepared

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