Blackmailed to smoke

(by anonymous, 21 June 2000)

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Blackmailed to Smoke

I am the vice president of marketing of a worldwide manufacturer of consumer
products, a great job, great pay, and a team of 30 that creates marketing
programs for subsidiaries around the world. I am 38, single, and enjoy the
single life.

For about three months I was having an affair with one of the marketing
managers on my team, a hot looking 34-year-old brunette. Lori spends her
weekends training for triathlons, and her long, slender, athletic build is
striking, looks great in lingerie, and makes her a phenomenal fuck. Ever
since a business trip to New York last March we have been meeting regularly
for dinner, fine wine, and some wild sex.  The fact that I could lose my job
for screwing a direct report has never entered my thinking.

Well, several months ago this all changed several months ago. Michelle,
Lori's marketing assistant, came into my office, closed the door, and told
me she needed to speak to me. I had a feeling I knew what it was about.
Michelle had been a performance problem for some time, she was on a 90 day
plan to improve, and was on a path to be fired in three weeks. She and Lori
have never gotten along, Michelle has openly complained about Lori's
treatment of her. Michelle is also an incredibly hot looking young woman. She
is short, about 5'1", with a beautiful face, a slim body, and very large,
high set breasts that can stop traffic. She always dresses in a way that
shows off her figure, and is borderline appropriate for the office. I tried
not to stare at Michelle's breasts as she continued to speak. "I have
something you might want to see-" as she dropped a large envelope on my
desk. I opened the envelope, and pulled out a stack of 8x10 black and white
photos. I quickly shifted through the photos, and knew that I had a huge
problem. Photo after photo showed Lori and I in passionate embraces,
thankfully fully clothed, but very incriminating.  "What do you want-" I
asked Michelle as she stood in stony silence. She handed me an envelope and
walked out.

The envelope instructed me to go to a local motel. A room had been reserved
in my name. I was to pay for the room, take the key and wait in the room.
Well, the waiting was not an issue, I found Michelle already in the room
sitting comfortably, leisurely smoking a cigarette. To my shock I also found
Lori sitting nervously on the end of a bed. Lori and I had not talked since
my brief conversation with Michelle, but I quickly surmised that Lori had
seen the same photos that Michelle had shown me. If she hadn't seen the
incriminating photos, she would not be sitting in a roadside motel room.
Further, one source of constant tension between Lori and Michelle was her
smoking.  Lori detests smoking, refuses to be around anyone who smokes, and
would not allow Michelle to smoke in the outdoor smoking area during work
hours because she claimed the smell on her clothing make Lori ill. To see
Michelle openly smoking in front of Lori in this closed motel room told me
Lori was feeling that she was just as screwed as I knew I was. I went to sit,
but Michelle gestured for me to remain standing. Not knowing what to do, I
stood awkwardly in the middle of the room.

"Well, we all know why we are here, and since you both know what I have on
you, I will get right to what I want. My terms are simple, but I will tell
you up front what I will do if they are not met. If either of you does not do
exactly what I tell you, copies of these photos will be e-mailed to the
entire company from an anonymous server, and hard copies will go to human
resources. If either of you tries to leave the company the same thing will
happen. If one of your screws up, both of you go down. 

Here are my terms-.first of all you will stop all corrective actions against
me, promote me to senior marketing assistant, double my salary as part of the
promotion, and guarantee my maximum bonus payment." 

I knew this would be awkward, and also knew that a substandard marketing
assistant would be making about $110,000, but figured I could do all of that. 

"While I will continue to work for Lori, you can be sure that I will not be
doing a whole lot. Lori, you can start dreaming up a field assignment for me,
because I will be mostly working at home."

Michelle took a moment to place a fresh Marlboro Light between her full pouty
lips and light it, blowing a stream of smoke in my general direction.

"However, protecting my job is not what I want, it's just a perk. Both of
you will suffer for what you have put me through, and you will suffer in
different ways.  Lori, you first."

Michelle reached into her bag, and pulled out a box of nicotine patches, a
stop smoking aid. She tossed them to Lori. "See this box, open it." Not
knowing what else to do, Lori followed instructions. From my vantage point I
could see her expensive lace bra inside her silk blouse. The lace easily held
her smallish B cup breasts, nice breasts, but not in Michelle's league.
"These patches are an aid for people trying to break their nicotine
addiction," Michelle explained. "But they also can have the opposite effect
if used on a non-smoker. Now Lori, stand up, and take off your blouse." "I
will not!" Lori shot back. 

Michelle's reaction was swift. She grabbed her bag, and walked to the door.
Lori and I both looked panicked and raced to the door as well. We ended up in
a stand off at the door, finally Michelle broke the silence. "Take off the
damn blouse now!" Lori slowly started to unbutton each button, eventually
folding the expensive blouse on the bed. She sat back on the end of the bed,
her arms covering her small chest.  "Lori, could you please hand me my
cigarettes, I left them by the door, and bring those patches over here as
well." Lori did as she was told, now making no attempt to hide her lacy bra.
As Michelle took the nicotine patches from her she continued with
instructions.  "Now, turn around, back toward me." Lori turned, and her
sculpted butt, clad in a linen skirt, now faced Michelle. Michelle removed
one nicotine patch, and applied it to the small of Loris back. She then took
a pen, and made an X across the patch, onto Lori's skin on each side.
"Every day you and I will meet, and I will change this patch. This is the
smallest dose, but we will work our way up over the next six months to the
heaviest dose, the one they reserve for only the heaviest, life long
smokers." Lori's mouth hung open in horror, "But nicotine is addictive,
it's bad for you, I can't do that!" Michelle laughed. "Nicotine is
addictive, but it isn't any worse for you than caffeine. It's the smoke
that is bad for you. But don't worry, I have that covered too." With that,
Michelle pulled a carton of Marlboro Lights from her bag, and tossed them
toward Lori. "For the next six months, you will be a  pack per day smoker,
more if you like. For now I will allow you to smoke in private, but I will be
checking on you periodically to make sure you are smoking. At the end of six
months you are free to quit smoking, and we will stop using the patches.
However, I will warn you that nicotine is powerfully addictive, and you will
need to get it from somewhere." Michelle inhaled deeply from her cigarette.
"In six months I promise you will be addicted to nicotine, and will convince
yourself that you enjoy smoking. It is easier to rationalize smoking than the
hell that quitting involves." Lori stared daggers at Michelle as she
continued to hold the carton of cigarettes in her hand. 

At this point, Michelle turned her attention to me.  "You will be punished
in a whole different way, we will use what got you in trouble in the first
place.  Now, I want you to strip to your underwear." Not knowing quite what
to do, I stood in place doing nothing. Finally after a long silence, Lori
broke the tension. "You heard her-get going!" Startled by Lori's suddenly
taking Michelle's side, I started unbuttoning my shirt. For some reason, I
couldn't help thinking that if I undressed slowly someone might intercede,
but finally I was standing in front of the two women in my jockey's.
Michelle left me standing there for at least a full minute, enjoying my
humiliation. Finally, she took a long, dramatic drag on her cigarette,
sending a long, powerful stream of smoke toward me.  Gesturing to my
underwear, she simply pointed downward and said "Lower them to your knee's,
no further." I was horrified, but did as I was told. I sensed that any
attempt to cover myself would be futile, so I hooked my thumbs in the
waistband and pushed my shorts to my knees. I stood with my genitals exposed
before the two women. Michelle looked at my limp cock and snickered. "God
didn't do you any favors, did he-" I blushed deeply as Michelle continued
to smirk at my smallish cock. Michelle now turned her attention to Lori,
leaving me exposed in front of them. As she reached for her pack, she asked
Lori in a mocking tone, "Join me-?" Lori stared silently, hate in her
eyes, as Michelle held out her pack of Marlboro Lights. Finally Lori, knowing
she had no choice, took a cigarette. She strode purposely across the room and
grabbed Michelle's lighter. In a manner that looked practiced and almost
elegant, she lit her cigarette and inhaled. She sent a plume of smoke toward
the ceiling, and returned to the end of the bed with an ashtray. Seated, she
cocked her elbow, and held her cigarette in a style that showed she knew what
she was doing. Michelle, clearly impressed, couldn't help but comment.
"You've done this before-." Lori, still defiant, didn't deny the
obvious. "I smoked all through college." Michelle laughed. "So it won't
take you long to get back in the swing then-you will be hooked in two
weeks!" Lori seethed, but both women turned their attention back to me.

Unfortunately, the humiliation of my bare cock, and Michelle ridiculing my
size, had caused my cock to swell, I was now nearly fully erect and couldn't
do anything to stop my surging dick. Both women laughed loudly as soon as
they turned and noticed my hard on.  Michelle pointed with her cigarette
cradling right hand as she covered her mouth with her left hand.  Still, I
knew better than to try to cover myself.  Finally Michelle composed herself,
and instructed me to retrieve her bag from across the room. My hard on bobbed
as walked back and forth across the room, causing a new round of snickering.
Michelle took her bag and smiled as she said, "Thanks tiny." She reached
into her bag and retrieved a hard plastic cage, about 2" in diameter. Out of
the corner of my eye I could see Lori smiling, as she inhaled deeply on her
cigarette. She blew a cone of smoke toward the ceiling, and watched Michelle
with intense interest.  Michelle tossed the cage to me; I caught it and
examined it intensely attempting to determine its purpose. Michelle let look
and puzzle for a while, then finally spoke. "It's a chastity cage, it locks
onto your genitals and allows urination, but makes an erection impossible. It
also makes any kind of orgasm impossible." Michelle stared into my eyes.
"Any kind!" To my horror I now understood what Michelle meant. I knew that
not having sex would be difficult, but denied any form of masturbation or
sexual relief was impossible. I had not gone more than two days without
cumming since I first discovered how to pleasure myself. Michelle didn't let
me think about it too long. She sent me to the bureau, and had me retrieve
the ice bucket. The ice bucket was nearly full with an ice and water mixture.
Michelle gestured to a chair near her. "Put the bucket on the chair." I
complied.  "Now, straddle the chair, and lower your equipment into the ice
bucket." The idea of soaking my cock and balls in ice water was
uncomfortable, but I sensed I had no choice. As I straddled the chair I
glanced toward Lori. She took a long drag on her cigarette as she watched me
with amused interest. Her amusement with my humiliation seemed odd and very
irritating to me, but at the same time her sensual smoking style intensified
my arousal. I gasped loudly as my balls hit the ice water, and both women
immediately laughed.  "All the way in," Michelle barked, and I grimaced as
my hard penis fully submerged. "I had a feeling you would get a hardon, so I
had this hardon cure ready. I hope you enjoyed your dick being hard, you
aren't going to have an erection again for a long time." Lori continued to
enjoy the show as she crushed out her cigarette. She didn't hesitate as
Michelle immediately gestured to the pack on the table, even offering
Michelle a light as she enthusiastically lit another.

By now, my hardon had completely disappeared, shriveled to a stub. My balls
had disappeared completely, retreating up into my abdomen. At Michelle's
signal I withdrew from the ice bath, my shrunken dick a bright red from the
cold. I stood impassively, the humiliation haven broken me, as I was belted
and locked into my cage.

Six months later

Michelle's plan has worked better than she ever dreamed.

Michelle's promotion was announced right after our meeting, and she stops by
the office once every two weeks to pick up her paycheck and continue the
charade that she really does work. Lori has expertly covered for her, working
after hours to produce work that she credits Michelle for. Michelle makes the
charade a little more difficult with her constant suntan, and brand new BMW,
but that is our problem.

Lori meets Michelle each morning at her home, and has a new nicotine patch
applied to her back. Michelle's prediction was incredibly accurate. When she
made Lori go a week without the patches Lori's nicotine cravings became
overpowering. She spent a weekend nearly chain smoking, and now is out in the
open at work with her smoking. Even with the patches she now smokes more than
a pack a day.

My humiliation and punishment has been relentless.  Since being caged that
day in the motel I have only had three orgasms. Once a month we return to the
same motel, both women smoking casually, laughing and chatting. With smoking
as their bond, they have now become quite friendly. I strip naked, wearing
only my cage, and kneel on the floor. The two of them laugh as I beg to
masturbate through the cage, my semi-hard cock bulging out the sides of the
cage. Michelle insists on an array of degrading tasks, laughing and
videotaping as I force ice cubes into my ass. Half the time she ties my hands
and removes the cage, causing an instant hardon. I know that this is all I
will get, as she ices and cages me again after watching me plead and beg.
Months without any relief leaves me in a state of constant arousal. Any women
in a snug sweater can leave me helpless, staring at even the smallest
bustline as my cock painfully swells against its cage.  Lori long since
started dating someone else, her gorgeous body has slimmed even further as
the nicotine shapes and slims her. No time limit has been put on my
punishment; in fact Michelle came in to my office last week to point out that
I am the only one being punished. Lori now openly enjoys smoking. Michelle
smiled as she watched me stare helplessly at her enormous bustline; unable to
remember the last time I had sex with a woman.

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