Busted For Smoking, Part 2

(by flysmoker, 10 October 2011)

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Busted for smoking

Part two

Amanda and her younger sister Lucy, a keen swimmer, attended fitness classes
at lunchtime in the Physical Education Department. Both strong runners they
were immediate standouts in the new classes. At least the girls, though a
couple of years apart in age, had each other for company at first. It was
inevitable though that they would soon find new friends. Amanda saw Nicole
and Lisa again at the start of afternoon classes both again emitting the
strong smell of their lunchtime cigarettes. The boyfriends which accompanied
both girls and some of their friends shot admiring glances at Amanda and
seemed more than keen to welcome this attractive newcomer to their group.
Amanda too was quite impressed with some of the boys and Ryan in particular,
a close friend of Marcus, Nicole's boyfriend.

Amanda gradually settled into her new school over a number of weeks. She
continued to excel in athletics, winning a number of races. Her younger
sister was a successful member of the swimming team. Despite their differing
lifestyles, though, Amanda grew friendlier with Nicole, Lisa and their group.
She joined them at lunchtimes on occasions when she was not training. She was
quite appalled at the number of cigarettes smoked by the group though was not
at first tempted to join them. She did admire their style and did begin to
experiment with makeup and shortened the length of her skirts. At the start
of winter she was allowed to buy a pair of high heeled buckled boots. Her
change of image allowed her to blend in more with her new group of friends.
The boys paid her even more attention! The group would often come along and
watch Amanda run, and often win, her races. Amanda continued to fancy Ryan in
particular but she was aware that he really enjoyed watching and being around
the smoking girls in the crowd. He often smoked himself and really enjoyed
giving Lisa and Nicole smoky kisses when he could! This should have put
Amanda off but even though she was aware of the potential dangers, it did
not! Nicole and Lisa told her though that Ryan was unlikely to ask her out
unless she considered smoking. They did not overly encourage her, though,
since they knew much better that Amanda of the likely consequences on her
athletics if she began smoking. Their own heavy smoking, not to mention their
high heeled stilettos, prevented them from running very much and had resulted
in persistent coughs, especially in the morning. They usually brought `excuse
notes' to avoid games during physical education.

Amanda also noted over time that despite the health risks her friends often
seemed happy and relaxed, particularly after a bout of smoking. This was
particularly so whenever there were examinations looming! Amanda struggled
with these and would consider any way of reducing her stress levels before
these tests.

Things were to change for Amanda at a birthday party for one of her new group
of friends. Inevitably the teenage group `enjoyed' a few drinks before and
during the party. Amanda, not particularly used to alcohol, was soon very
relaxed and thoroughly enjoying the company of all the gang. Before long she
found herself alone in the garden with Ryan. He soon produced his cigarettes
and lit up. As often before, he offered Amanda a cigarette and expected her
usual refusal. Under the influence and keen to impress Ryan, Amanda made a
spur of the moment decision to try smoking the cigarette. She managed to get
it lit and slowly drew some of the smoke into her mouth. She quickly exhaled
and found the experience not unpleasant. Ryan was highly amused and happily
egged her on. He encouraged Amanda to draw a little of the smoke into her
lungs. Trying this she had to stifle an immediate cough. Before long she
wobbled in her new red stilettos as the head rush hit. Regaining her
composure she repeated the feat and began to feel a little dizzy. Ryan then
finished the ciggie before the pair rejoined the party.

Her friends were amazed to hear Ryan's account of what had just happened
outside. Nicole remarked; "I can't believe it, Amanda, you an athlete and
smoking. You could end up like the rest of us!" Amanda simply shrugged. She
knew that she had rather enjoyed the experience and loved the effect that her
smoking had had on Ryan. The lengthy kiss that she was later to enjoy was
proof enough of that.  She rewarded Ryan by smoking another cigarette later
and fully appreciated the similar effect which the nicotine had on her after
finishing her smoke.

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