Busted For Smoking, Part 3

(by flysmoker, 10 October 2011)

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Busted for smoking

Part three

Things were to change for Amanda soon after. She now began a relationship
with Ryan and he did all he could to encourage her newly adopted habit. At
first it was only the occasional cigarette to please Ryan but gradually
Amanda grew more and more to enjoy the new experience. She felt more relaxed
and felt more included in the group. She was quickly accepted as a smoker and
began to indulge more freely with Lisa and Nicole as well as Ryan. By early
summer Amanda was a half a pack a day smoker. She knew that she was now
becoming hooked and needed to smoke on a regular basis. She began to smoke
the odd cigarette in her own back garden.

Amanda sat on the step outside her back door smoking a cigarette. Thinking
she was alone she relaxed as the now familiar effect of the calming nicotine
worked its magic once more. She had now very much scaled down her athletic
activity as the effects of her smoking began to tell on her. No longer did
she have the speed to dominate her opponents. Her family were still unaware
of the direct cause of this but soon this was to change. Her younger sister
Lucy had come quietly into the house early after her own training had been
cancelled. She came through to the kitchen and spotted her sister in the
garden. Only on closer inspection did she see why Amanda was seated outside.
She watched her raise the cigarette to her lips and draw heavily. A stunned
Lucy confronted her sister. The younger girl stamped her black patent
ballerina on the step as she announced her presence to Amanda.

"What on earth are you doing?" 

There was little Amanda could say in response. Caught clearly smoking she
admitted the full extent of her new habit to her younger sibling. Lucy was
amazed by these revelations and initially very disappointed in Amanda. She
could see after some time, though, that her sister appeared to be happier,
especially with her new boyfriend. Lucy, approaching fourteen herself, had
begun to copy some of her sister's style in shortening her skirts and
applying more make-up. Before long she too became incredibly tempted to
smoke. Sitting by her sister in the garden one sunny afternoon after school
she raised the subject of smoking. Amanda sparked up her now familiar
cigarette and Lucy quizzed her again on the benefits of smoking. The now
clearly addicted Amanda could see where this was going. She cautioned Lucy
but could see that she was probably determined to try smoking for herself.
"Are you prepared to give up swimming and other sports if you get into this?"
she asked. Lucy dangled her ballerina on the step, thought for a while and
still thought that it might be fun to smoke along side her sister.

Giving up, Amanda passed the cigarette to Lucy with a few basic instructions
on the art of smoking. Without hesitation Lucy brought the cigarette to her
lips and inhaled deeply. She had unintentionally inhaled straight away and a
coughing fit quickly followed! Recovering fairly quickly she inhaled again
with more control and quickly experienced the vigorous headrush experienced
by all new smokers. Feeling also a bit queasy she returned the cigarette to
her sister and sat with her head between her knees for a while. Amanda
wondered if this tricky introduction might discourage Lucy but her quick
recovery proved otherwise. Before long she smoked another cigarette and
appeared to thoroughly enjoy her second smoke.

That was pretty much it for the second Wilson sister. Lucy increasingly
enjoyed spending time with Amanda and smoking regularly. When she could, she
also joined her sister's smoking friends and indulged in her new habit as
frequently as she could. Within a few short months young Lucy was also an
addicted smoker and could keep up easily with Amanda in smoking up to a pack
a day if she were able. She too was soon clattering around in high stiletto
heels, the briefest of short skirts and caked on make-up - a fully fledged
member of the gang! All too soon the girls' mother found out about her
daughter's habits and tried what she could to put a stop to things. It was
soon clear to her, though, that both Amanda and Lucy were hopelessly addicted
and hooked on their cigarettes. A previous smoker herself, she soon relapsed
and joined her daughters in the pleasures of smoking. With barriers and
boundaries removed both girls were two pack a day smokers within the year.
The house regularly welcomed the friends of both girls, who were all already
or becoming heavy smokers. This included the now heavily pregnant Nicole who
had been a bit careless on a night of passion with boyfriend Marcus. Despite
all the warnings Nicole still waddled around in her heels, dependent on her

The rained poured down behind the boiler house. Only the heavily addicted
smokers braved the elements to feed their addiction. Amanda crushed out her
cigarette under her high heeled boot. She then trudged off wearily behind her
friends en route to the head teacher's office. Not for the first time she had
been `busted for smoking'.

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