Vic & Kay - The Captive Voyeur

(by, 29 September 1995)

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From Fri Sep 29 09:14:17 1995
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 95 09:10:31 -700
Subject: STORY - Vic & Kay - The Captive Voyeur

Vic & Kay - The Captive Voyeur

Vic lay on his back in the double bed under a single sheet. An
electric alarm clock across the room gave off a green glow showing
11:34pm. If he hadn't been so tired Vic would have flicked on the TV
to catch Leno or Letterman. The only other light came from under the
ensuite bathroom door.  Kay was still "getting ready" for bed. It was
something Vic could never understand - how long can it take to wash
your face and brush your teeth? Vic felt his eyelids heavy and he
started to doze off when the ensuite door finally opened. He rolled
his head over to look.

Standing in the silhouette of the light from the door was Kay. She
starred into the mirror on the vanity just outside the door. She
seemed to be ignoring him. She had teased her curly auburn hair into a
big hair style. She was wearing a long white and red baseball shirt
with an open neck that just covered her bum and buttoned up the front,
red high heels, long red nails, and thick red lips.  And between those
lips was a long all-white cigarette. Kay didn't normally smoke -- a
couple of times a month because she knew what effect it had on Vic.
Kay just stood there giving Vic a profile that aroused his manhood.
Kay sensed his reaction to her pose and was pleased - he was sooo
easy! For the next few minutes she was going to pretend that she was
the only one in the room.

Kay slowly raised her hand to reveal a lighter. The air crackled as
the lighter came to life. The glow from the flame generated shadows
that gave more depth to Kay's face and made her lips pout.  She
brought the lighter up and the flame momentarily disappeared as Kay
drew on the cigarette.  The tip of the cigarette glowed. She put the
lighter on the vanity and took the cigarette between her fingers,
still standing in the silhouette of the ensuite light. Vic watched as
a lazy ball of smoke appeared in front of Kay's lips, disappeared in a
french inhale as Kay raised her head slightly, and was replaced by a
controlled steady stream of smoke as Kay exhaled towards the ceiling.
Kay heard her man groan at the sight of this profile and knew he was
hard. She reached over, still ignoring Vic,  and adjusted the light
dimmer for the bedroom to give a soft glow. It was time for the next

Kay walked purposefully past the foot of the bed and stood, legs
slightly spread, a few feet in front of the sliding mirror doors on
the closet. Kay had checked out the angles earlier in the day. From
this vantage point she could watch herself smoke - which she found
arousing - and Vic would be able to watch her every move from the bed.
Kay brought the cigarette to her lips. She spied Vic through the
mirror wiggling in the bed. This was driving him nuts! Kay took a drag
and french inhaled the smoke. It fluttered past her upper lip,
disappeared, and reappeared in a slow exhale into the mirror. Kay
rolled the cigarette ash into the ashtray on the highboy and then put
the cigarette back between her lips, this time in the corner of her
mouth. She slowly drew her finger down her cleavage to the neckline of
the baseball shirt as she and Vic watched the smoke curl from the end
of the cigarette.

Vic watched Kay unbutton the top button of the shirt. As if to signify
the end of this task the tip of the cigarette glowed momentarily and a
puff of smoke escaped from between her lips. She had experimented with
this part last week not wanting to choke or start coughing in the
middle. Vic moaned and Kay felt a sense of accomplishment. She then
proceeded to undo the other two buttons and released a puff of smoke
after each one. Vic watched as Kay took the cigarette between her
fingers and held it poised upwards. With the shirt now open, she
stroked her cleavage down to her bellybutton and drew her fingers over
her nipples. Next she took a deep drag and held it. Then she reached
to her crotch and rubbed her pubic hair. Vic saw her head tilt back as
she blew the smoke into the mirror. Kay was ready to stop pretending
she was alone. Vic's cock was always longer and thicker if she teased
him by smoking before sex.

She put the cigarette squarely between her lips as she continued to
face the mirror and slowly let the baseball shirt fall to the floor.
Still holding the cigarette in her lips she brought her hands up over
her ribcage and cupped her breasts. Then she turned to face Vic in the
bed, kicked off her heels, pulled the sheet off him, and straddled his
hips. Vic was watching the cigarette between her lips, mesmerized by
the contrast of the white tube against the pouting red lips. He could
feel Kay's hand gently rubbing the head of his penis against her wet
opening and then thrusting it deep inside her. The muscles in his legs
tighten. The cigarette, still between her lips, glowed red as Kay
inhaled. She held the smoke in her mouth and crushed the cigarette in
the ashtray on the bedside table. Kay leaned down and pushed Vic's
mouth open with her tongue and blew the smoke into his mouth. Vic
exploded inside her. Kay felt the hot wet splash and reacted with a
series of climaxes.

They lay quietly in each others' arms for a few minutes. Kay raised
her head and looked at her man "I hope you didn't think I was ignoring
you?" she asked playfully in a sultry voice. Vic replied "I think I
was caught up in your game - a bases loaded home run!

[Note- this story has been reformatted after receipt of email]

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