Change of Heart (1999)

(by anonymous4, 30 November -0001)

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This fictional account contains adult language and themes.  If such
language and themes offend you, please do not read farther.

Change of heart
   Kathy was excited this morning. She was to start her new job only a couple
of hours from now. She had been trying to get this job for some time
because the working conditions were much better and the pay for
considerable more than her old job.
   Because it was her first day, she dressed in one of her nicest dresses ...
even going as far as to put on her best underwear. She wanted to make a
good impression on her new bosses and the other people in the office,
especially on her first day.
   After telling John, her 25-year-old husband, good bye, she was off to her
first day of work at Chalmers and Company, an Internet provider.
   Her first day on the job was as exciting as she thought it would be. Her
desk was near a sunny window and she met several other women who worked
closely around her. One of them was Joan, a young woman of 23, the same age
of Kathy. Joan had been the one to show her around the office the first
morning and they struck up a friendship right off the bat.
   About 10 a.m., Joan came by Kathy's desk and said, "It's break time. Let's
get a cup of coffee and relax a few minutes. "Sure," said Kathy, "where do
we go?" Joan replied, "We have a break room. Come on."
   The two new friends walked to the break room and each got a cup of coffee
from the machine and sat down at one of the tables. Joan reached in her
purse and brought out a pack of Newports and lit up, much to Kathy's
amazement. Kathy didn't say anything at first, just sitting there as she
watched Joan inhale on the cigarette and pull the smoke into her lungs. A
moment later, she exhaled a long, thin stream of smoke into the air far
above Kathy's head.
   Kathy still didn't say anything. She took a big sip of coffee and thought,
"I have never tried smoking and I've never really liked anyone who did.
I've always been an anti-smoker and think it's a filthy habit.
   "But I like this girl, so I'm not going to say anything right away," Kathy
thought. "At least until we're better friends."
   Kathy came out of her thoughts when Joan asked her a question about where
John worked. "He works for AT&T," Kathy said. And almost in the same breath
said, "So, you're a smoker."
   Joan smiled and said, "Yes, I"ve been smoking for a couple of years now.
One of my old boyfriends smoked and I tried it one time and liked it. Now,
I'm not sure I ever want to quit. Do you smoke, Kathy?
   "No," said Kathy. "I've really never been interested in it. John and the
rest of my family doesn't smoke, so I've never tried it."
   Joan finished her cigarette, taking long, luxurious drags off of it, and
the two young women finished their coffee and went back to their desks.
   At lunch, Joan came by and the two new friends went out to lunch, where
Joan smoked four of the long white cigarettes, with Kathy watching her all
the time, a little bit fascinated because she'd never been that close to a
smoker before.
   Later on that first afternoon, Joan said, "break time," and the two went
to the break room. Several other young women came into the break room that
afternoon. Joan introduced Kathy to them and Kathy found out all of them
   This went on for several weeks. Kathy would join Joan and the other girls
in the office in the break room and at lunch. The other girls would smoke,
and Kathy would watch.
   Kathy didn't really understand why they smoked but she could see they were
enjoying it and they always seemed to be relaxed and upbeat while they were
doing it.
   Through those weeks Kathy and Joan became good friends, getting to know
each other better and better.
   One night, while John was out of town, the two girls decided to go out for
dinner and take in a show afterward. In the restaurant before dinner, Joan
lit up one of her Newports. After exhaling a large cloud of smoke, Kathy
asked her, "Why do you smoke, Joan?"
   Joan replied, "Well, it relaxes me for one thing. It's also a social able
thing . . . it breaks the ice many times when things are not going well in
a social situation. And, I just like it. I've been smoking enough now that
I'm addicted to them and it doesn't bother me."
   Kathy then said: "You know, I've never had a cigarette. I've always been a
nice, clean cut young girl who has never done anything not considered
‘right' or ‘good,' but after watching you for these past few weeks, I'm not
sure I haven't been missing something."
   "Do you want to try one?" said Joan. "No, I don't think so," said Kathy.
"But thanks anyway."
   The two friends continued on for another couple of weeks as they had been.
Then, John had to be out of town again on a two-week-long trip to the West
Coast. On the first night after John left, Kathy and Joan again went out to
   While sitting at the dinner table after eating, Kathy watched Joan light
up one of the Newports. Joan looked at her and said, "How about it, want to
try one?" Kathy thought for a minute and said, "I believe I will."
   "I want to see how it feels but I don't think I will become a smoker,"
Kathy said.
   Taking the long, thin, white tube from Joan sent a shutter through Kathy.
"I'm being a ‘bad' girl," she thought.
   As she offered Kathy a light, Joan said, "just sip on it a little bit and
see how the smoke tastes in your mouth. Don't inhale, it will make you
cough and you don't want that, especially since you're in public."
   Now, being in public bothered Kathy a little bit, but she didn't see
anyone she knew so decided to try it.
   "I don't want to inhale anyway," said Kathy. "I just want to try this one
time and see what it tastes like."
   Drawing on the cigarette brought a cool, minty taste to Kathy's mouth. The
small amount of smoke she drew into her month wasn't all that bad before
she exhaled it in a cloud of white smoke. She did it several times before
putting out the cigarette in the ashtray on their table.
   "So, what did you think?" asked Joan. "Oh, it was interesting and it
wasn't nearly as bad as I'd heard it was." They left it at that and went on
to a movie. After the movie, Joan offered Kathy another cigarette, but she
turned it down.
   The next day in the break room, Joan offered Kathy another smoke, but she
turned it down too. But on Wednesday, during the morning break, Kathy took
the offered cigarette when Joan asked, and smoked it the same way she did
in the restaurant. She did the same thing on every break they took the rest
of the week, but without inhaling a single time. By this time, she was
beginning to look forward to her two cigarettes a day. She was now one of
the girls and she liked it.
   With John still out of town, Kathy asked Joan to dinner on Saturday night.
The two women laughed and talked and had a wonderful time before and during
dinner. During dinner they had a bottle of wine, so they were very relaxed.
After dinner, they opened another bottle of wine and went into the den.
Joan reached for a cigarette and offered one to Kathy. She had never smoked
in the house before, but thought, what the heck, it won't hurt this one time.
   After Joan lit them up, she took a big drag, inhaled it, and exhaled a
long thin stream of smoke into the air.
   Kathy said, "How do you do that?" Joan replied, "You have to inhale to
exhale like that."
   Kathy thought for a minute and said, "teach me."
    "Are you sure," said Joan. "It's a big step to inhale. That could get you
   "Inhaling one time or even one cigarette isn't going to get me hooked.
Teach me. I can't even say that I've smoked if I haven't inhaled," said Kathy.
   "Well," said Joan. "I'm going to inhale some smoke into my lungs and then
blow it into your mouth. When I do, you breath in."
   "OK," said Kathy. "Do it."
   Joan then took a big drag off of her Newport and told Kathy to open her
mouth and Joan blew the smoke into Kathy's mouth. Kathy breathed in when
the smoke came into her mouth and it went down her throat and into her lungs.
   She thought, "that feels good. I like that," as she exhaled a small stream
of smoke. "Do it again," she said. Joan took a double pump on her Newport
this time, and leaned over close to Kathy and the two women actually
touched lips, almost like kissing, as Joan blew the smoke into Kathy's
lungs. "Oh," she moaned. "I like that." But she wasn't sure what she liked
best, the smoke or the smoky kiss.
   She and John had only been married a year and this was the first time he'd
been away from her more than a week, and she was horny. That smoky kiss
just made her more horny. Kathy didn't know it at the time, but Joan was
also horny. She and her boyfriend had broken up only the week before and
she was feeling the effects of no loving.
   This time when the two women put their lips together, both used their
tongue as their lips sealed together. While neither had ever had lesbian
contact before, they both knew this was something out of the ordinary.
   After several more smoky kisses, they began feeling each other's breasts
and other body parts. After dousing their cigarettes, the two young women
continued kissing and touching a few more minutes before clothes starting
coming off.
   The two kissed a few more moments until they managed to let each other go.
Then Joan surprised Kathy even more by slowly kissing down her body and
over her breasts suckling her tender nipples. It felt so good. Joan cupped
both of Kathy's breasts, and she whimpered in pure pleasure as Joan's lips
continued kissing down her body over her stomach and in her bellybutton. 
   Joan ventured lower, lower, "OH GOD" Kathy screamed . Joan flipped around
and pushed her cunt against Kathy's lips silencing her and giving her
something VERY nice to do. It was of course her first time ever performing
oral sex on a girl, but from how Joan was shaking
Kathy figured that she must be doing it right. Joan hot juices ran into
Kathy mouth as her tongue ran over her clit and over her cunt.
   She wished she would have been able to do more but with Joan's tongue
wildly dancing over her pussy Kathy could barely do more than come. Kathy
could tell Joan was enjoying her self, she had always told Kathy that she
loved sucking cock, but pussy! It shocked Kathy.
   Just as Kathy was able to start to concentrate on Joan and let her tongue
probe Joan's  womanhood Joan bit down on Kathy's clit hard. Kathy came on
the spot expelling her juices. After that Kathy could not stand it but
wanted to pleasure Joan like she pleasured her so she flipped her over and
sucked her ample breasts. As Kathy attempted to position myself higher her
knee pushed against Joan's cunt and Joan almost yelled. Kathy knew then
that she had discovered something, so she started pushing it harder and
harder against Joan's cunt, moving it in a circular
motion. Joan got wetter and hotter and, just as she came she screamed.
   After a few minutes rest, Joan started on Kathy. She was very good at
eating pussy... she thoroughly licked Kathy's pussy lips, gently sucking
the fleshy area right above the clit and then touching her clit with the
tip of her tongue so gently and yet so passionately, Kathy almost passed
out. Joan slid a long, slim finger up Kathy's cunt, and gently began to
fuck her with her finger. Kathy moved her hips in fucking motions and
finally, Joan engulfed all of Kathy's pussy with her warm, wet, eager
mouth... Kathy felt a burning hot sensation spreading through her body and
then it exploded. She saw stars! Her thighs tightened around Joan's head,
squeezing as tight
as she could, her cunt squeezing Joan's finger like it was John's cock.
..	In the aftermath of passion, Joan reached for her cigarettes, taking one
out and offering Kathy one. Taking it, the young novice smoker took her
first after sex cigarette and accepted the light from her lover. She
inhaled every drag, taking in more smoke each time.
   After smoking, the two women moved to the bedroom, where they went to
sleep embracing each other.
   Kathy awoke the next morning to gentle ministration between her legs. With
some gentle persuasion, the two women ended up in a 69 where they ate each
other to two climaxes each.
   Joan lit one of her Newports after they separated and fed Kathy smoky
kisses until they decided it was time for coffee. During coffee, Kathy lit
up her own Newport and enjoyed one of the great pleasures in life, a cup of
coffee and the day's first cigarette. "Oh, that's good," she said as the
inhaled a lung full of smoke.
   Joan, with plans for the day, left soon afterward, but she left Kathy an
extra pack of Newports in case she wanted to smoke. On her own, she smoked
only two more all day.
   On Monday, Kathy again enjoyed a cigarette with her coffee that morning.
Back at work, the two girls looked knowingly at each other but didn't speak
a word about their weekend, even to each other. If was if they were afraid
they liked what they did too much and didn't want a problem.
   On the first break Monday morning, Joan offered Kathy a cigarette. She
quickly took it and began inhaling as she did over the weekend. It felt
good to smoke again. She smoked two more cigarettes at lunch, inhaling as
she did earlier and then two at the afternoon break.
   While at home Monday night, she smoked three of the cigarettes Joan had
left her. All through the week she smoked about a half pack of cigarettes a
day, learning to like it more every time she lit up. On Tuesday, she was
running out of cigarettes and stopped at a convenience store coming home
from work and bough two packs of Newports, putting one in her purse and
leaving the other at home. By Wednesday, she was smoking a cigarette in her
car on the way to work and another while going home.
   On Thursday she began to think about what she would tell John, and decided
the best thing to do was just come out and tell him the truth, at least
about her smoking.
   After both she and John got home Friday night after work, Kathy told him
she had something to talk to him about.
   "Honey, while you were gone I took up a new habit," she said. "I hope you
won't be disappointed at me, but I was so lonesome and ran out of things to
do and Joan taught me to smoke.
   "I really like it and would like to continue to smoke some at work and at
home," she con-
   Now, Kathy wasn't aware that John had a secret fetish for women smokers.
He had harbored this fetish for many years and had secretly fantasized
about Kathy smoking since he had met her three years before in college. And
he was about to realize his fantasy.
   "Honey, it's OK," John said. "I don't mind if you smoke. I have tried it a
few times myself, but never really got started regularly.
   "Come on, let's eat dinner and talk some more afterward."
   After dinner, the couple went into the den where Kathy decided she would
smoke for the first time in front of John. Taking her pack of Newports from
her purse she lit up, inhaled deeply as she had been doing the last few
days, and exhaled a long stream of smoke. She didn't notice that the front
of John's pants began growing.
   She sat down close to him and after finishing her cigarette, they began to
snuggle and kiss. It wasn't long before the young couple headed off to the
bedroom for a welcome home party.
   As they got undressed, John quietly said, "Kathy, why don't you smoke for
me again." She looked at him questioningly, but lit one of her cigarettes,
and could slowly see him get hard as he watched her.
   "Hmm," she thought. "What is this."
   Kathy remained about five feet away, standing, smoking and playing gently
with her hair. She watched John closely until she knew he was hard again.
Then she moved closer. John's heart began to beat a little faster. Kathy
stepped up to the bed and kneeled on it. She began a puff as she moved on
her knees closer to him. John was sitting up with his back against the back
of the bed and his cock was rock hard. She exhaled her puff and asked him
in a soft voice, "are you ready?" 
   She knew the answer. This is when they made contact. Kathy inched closer
until her vagina was right at the tip of his cock. It brushed her and John
could tell that she was very moist. She began what would be a very long
puff as she slowly lowered herself onto him. As he slid inside, she used
her hands on either side of him to control the penetration rate. The long
Newport was between her lips and she was still sucking. Finally, after
about 8 seconds, John was inside her to the hilt and she stopped her puff.
She removed the cigarette with her left hand and inhaled deeply with an
audible whoosh. As she held the smoke inside her, she moaned in pleasure.
   John began a slow, rocking motion. Kathy began following him in rhythm.
She held her arms behind her head, her hands played with her hair as she
took long puffs, she moaned, she smoked some more. All the while John was
sitting back enjoying the fuck of his life. This
relatively slow pace soon gave way to some faster movement.
   Kathy went from the sitting up position to laying right on top of him. She
continued taking
long puffs on her Newport. Then, for the first time, she took a long puff ,
kissed him and fed him the smoke, which he gladly took. He could tell that
this exchanging of smoke really turned her
on. She continued to lay on top of him smoking as her own orgasm
approached. They were rocking rapidly now. Kathy was so wet he could
actually hear the friction.
   He asked where she had learned the smoky kisses and she told him Joan had
taught her, but didn't tell him about the aftermath of the smoky kisses.  
   Finally, she rolled off  John and began a last, long puff on her Newport.
He quickly
maneuvered to get back inside her with him on top. As he slid his cock back
deeply inside
her, she exhaled her last puff toward the ceiling. Again, she moaned a bit
louder then began a series of orgasms that lasted until he came inside her
a half minute or so later.
   Afterward, Kathy had a post-sex cigarette as they were talking. Kathy
said, "John, do you ever fantasize" "Yes," John replied, "All men fantasize."
   "Do you ever fantasize about having two women in bed with you," she said.
"Yes," he panted, as he began to get harder and wonder where this was all
   "I just wondered," she laughed, kissed him and went to sleep.
   By the end of the next week, Kathy, smoking unfettered at home and work,
was up to a pack of Newports a day and loving all of it. She was now buying
her cigarettes by the carton.
   Nothing else had been said about fantasizing. So John forgot all about the
conversation the couple had on the night of his homecoming.
   About a month later, on a Friday night, Kathy told John she had invited
Joan, her good friend from work, to dinner the next night. John said it was
fine, that he looked forward to meeting her.
   The two women had only one other sex session since their first time and
that was during the last week that John was away. And they were eager to
get together again.
   After dinner that night, Kathy and Joan lit their cigarettes and sat down,
one on each side of John. A minute later, Kathy gave John a smoky kiss. He
said, "Kathy, we shouldn't do this in front of our guest." At that time,
Joan reached over and gave him a smoky kiss, every bit as passionate as
Kathy's. He didn't know what to think.
   Then Kathy whispered to him, "Honey, we're going to make your fantasies
come true. Tonight, you get to have us both in the same bed." Both girls
then jumped up and ran into the bedroom, leaving John stumbling along behind.
   By the time John got to the bedroom, both girls had stripped nude and were
on the bed awaiting him.
   As he crawled into the bed between the two girls, he and Kathy embraced in
a wet kiss. Their tongues explored every crevasse of their oral cavities
while our hands explored everywhere. John felt like a blind man touching
for the first time. He explored her pussy with gentle strokes then traced
his fingers up to where they could both lick and taste her flavor. With a
giggle she fell back pulling John on top of her. As if it was destined to
happen his cock head landed at her entrance. Both of them sighed when he
pushed into her velvety tunnel. He teased by fucking her
with just the tip of his cock. He popped in and out several times. Her
depths beckoned unlike any he had ever encountered, but he remained in
control of the situation. Finally he pushed in a little deeper.
   "DO IT......FUCK ME!" Kathy folded her legs back.
   He leaned back and forced his knees under her thighs on either side of her
ass. The sight of his shaft sticking out of her opening was wanton to say
the least. Fighting the urge of just ramming himself in like they both wanted,
   Meanwhile, Joan had lit another Newport and was alternately feeding smoke
to John and Kathy. "OH GOD.....THAT'S NICE......THAT FEELS SO GOOD!"
Kathy's whole body thrashed. The pulsations were centered around John's
   True to her word he felt his wife's pussy come to life all around his
manhood. The muscles contracted and twitched wildly while wave after wave
of cream gushed out. He backed out until just his cock head was left
inside. Kathy bucked and gyrated for more cock while her orgasm peaked.
   Then she looked at me, "Fuck Joan," she moaned. "Show her how good it
feels to get it by a stud like you."
   Neither Joan or John needed the encouragement. They were both moving.
Kathy finished speaking, however the reminder that she was there and
watching made their pleasure that much better. Fucking another woman with
your wife watching for the first time is probably the most
exciting thing a guy can do. He fucked Joan long and slow. His cock took
full thrusts in and out of her tight, wet hole. When she came he took a few
minutes to eat her orgasm. After he licked her hole clean he plunged his
cock back into the hilt.
   Soon he was nearing his orgasm so he rolled onto his back. He pulled
Joan's snatch to his mouth while Kathy mounted him. He filled his wife's
pussy while he ate her best friend's pussy. He had the explosion of his
life. He didn't think he'd stop coming. Shot after shot of come pounded up
into her pussy. She rode his cock until it shrank into a fully satisfied
state, and he ate Joan's pussy until she came twice.
   Kathy and Joan whispered something and giggled. Then to John's utter
disbelief, Kathy laid back while Joan swung around to get into a sixty-nine
position. He held his breath knowing that a wild fantasy of watching two
women was about to come true. Suddenly Joan's face came up and he saw her
tongue dart out to lick his wife's drenched pussy. Kathy let out a soft
sigh of approval as her face came down to return the favor. He saw Kathy's
tongue slip into Joan's waiting snatch. Finally, he began to breathe again.
Both of them knew what they were doing. They had obviously done this
before, however, he was absolutely certain he was their first audience, but
probably not the last
   The three of them stayed in bed for almost an hour smoking, touching,
fondling, and talking, agreeing this happened only because Kathy learned
how to smoke.
   Kathy is now comfortable with her smoking and doesn't mind telling anyone
she is now a smoker. Although her parents and other relatives were
surprised, they also have accepted it.
   She and John are also comfortable in their new sexual lifestyle, inviting
Joan over quite often to join them for dinner and after dinner activities.
The couple recently started talking about the possibilities of a second man
joining the two of them in bed.
   But that's another story.

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