Change of Mind

(by anonymous11, 04 March 2002)

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Change of Mind

The only thing in the world Cassandra wanted was Jake. He was her one true
love, her high school sweetheart and now he was gone. She'd been dumped. Not
because she wasn't pretty enough, with blue eyes, big full lips and auburn
hair Cassandra was a knockout to say the least. It also wasn't because she
wasn't smart enough, she was the High School Validictorian and now she worked
from home as staff writer for a major magazine. No it wasn't for any "normal"
reason. It was because she didn't smoke.

Jake, it seems, has a fetish for women who smoke and poor Cassandra, fervent
anti smoker, definatly did not fit the part. When he told her she had agreed
to try A, that is ONE cigarette, which she spitted out and absolutley hated.
She could still remember Jake, dissapointingly looking down and shaking his

Cassandra's plan to win back Jake's affection was simple. Start smoking and
like it. Only problem was that she couldn't get over the fact that she truly
did hate it. So after some research, she decided to hypnotize herself into
liking it. People are hypnotized everyday to find it repulsive (in order to
help them quit), so why no the reverse?

She decided to get everything she needed to make it work. She went to the
story to buy some candles (to help with induction), a tape recorder (to
record the instructions to herself) and 2 cartons of Marlboro 100s (she
didn't think she would need that many cigs but just in case...)

Her first hypnotic suggestion was simple. "You enjoy the taste of a
cigarette, you enjoy the feeling of holding a cigarette. You love smoking,
you really really love it", there was a lot more to it than that but that's
the basic idea. She only wanted enough of a message to get her to started.

The hypnosis worked. Cassandra had successfully hypnotized herself every
night for 2 weeks, playing that same message over and over. The first cig she
tried was after the 2nd day of being hypnotized and it was just to see if the
hypnosis was working. She put the cigarette to her lips, lit it and...blech.
Stil horrible. She didn't inhale, just puff'd on it. He first instinct was to
put it out, but there was something about the feeling of it between her
fingers...well, she thought, may as well finish it. She did and still hated
it but not enough to stop trying. There was something about it...Over the
course of the next 2 weeks, while she was undergoing the hypnosis, she had
tried a cigarette a night with the same results. It was at the the end of the
second week that something happened. She was taking a drag of the cigarette
and inhaled. She didn't intend to do it but when she did a peculiar feeling
swept over her. Her lungs felt full of smoke, her body felt warm and tingly.
She blew out the smoke and knew she'd done something right. She took another
drag and did it again and again. "Wow", she thought, "this what smoking is. I
love this, I really really love it." She smoked 4 other cigarettes that
night, enjoying every one. "Now to move to phase 2", she thought.

Her new hypnotic suggestion was also simple and direct, "You love to smoke
and with every drag and every exhale and every cigarette you smoke you love
it more and more. You need to smoke all the time, you are so addicted that
you can't stop ever", there was more to it than that, her goal was just
enforce the addiction.

She decided to up the ante and hypnotize herself 3 times a day, instead of
once, for another 2 weeks. What she didn't know was that the tape recorder
she was using had become defective. It started playing the same side of the
tape over and over. She didn't know it but she was hearing the hypnotic
suggestion multiple times, for a few hours each time, 3 times a day. She knew
after the first time she was out for way too long but she'd figured that she
was just becoming more comfortable with being hypnotized and she was staying
asleep after each session. Over the course of that week she started smoking
more and more and the end of the first week, her carton was gone,
one more carton to go. By the 3rd day of the second week she didn't even
notice she was chain smoking. She was instinctively, without thinking about
it, pulling a new cigarette out of the pack just before finishing her last.
She'd take a last drag off the old one, stomp it out, put the new in her
mouth and go on smoking. The 2nd carton was long gone. She now had 4 new
cartons and she noticed a carton was disappearing every 2 days. "Well, not to
worry, yes I am smoking a lot but love to smoke and need to smoke all the
time, I can't stop". 

Friday was the last day of being hypnotized. She had bought 4 more cartons,
and found a website where she can buy more cheap. She ordered a case of 10
cartons and couldn't wait for them to arrive. She loved to smoke so much. 

On Monday she found out that Jake had moved to Ohio. "Oh well" she thought.
"I have my new love right here" she said to herself, smoke pouring from her
lips and nose as she spoke. She took a heavy drag off her cig and slowly
breathed it her nose. The only thing she wanted in the world now, was to
smoke and never ever stop. 

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