Charlie's Angels, Part 1

(by, 06 April 2000)

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Charlie's Angels
Part 1 of 2

Charlie couldn't believe it.  That dollar lottery ticket he bought was now
worth $40 million.  Charlie was an antisocial 23-year-old virgin one year
out of college.  He quit his computer programming job after winning the
lottery.  For the first couple weeks, the media was relentless in asking
him what he planned to do with his winnings.  He said he didn't know yet,
but in truth, he knew exactly what he was going to do.  And in another few
weeks, his lifelong fantasy would become a reality.

Three weeks later, Julie, Amy, and Lisa all sit on the patio of their
apartment, with cigarettes in hand, browsing the classifieds for a summer
job.  Having just graduated high school a week ago, the 18-year-old girls
were reluctant to get their first job, but knew that saving for college and
supporting their lifestyle after moving away from home would require them
to work.  The attractive girls collectively look through the ads, searching
for a job that's likely to permit frequent cigarette breaks for them.  The
girls each have long hair, curvy figures, and smoke Marlboro 100 Lights.
Julie has blonde hair and smokes about two packs a day. Lisa has dark brown
hair and also smokes two packs a day. Amy has light brown hair and smokes
nearly three packs a day.  The lifelong friends started smoking
collectively at the age of eleven, and have loved it ever since.  Amy and
Lisa were fairly promiscuous in high school, but still had a fairly decent
reputation.  Julie, however, was the good girl of the three.  She was not a
virgin, but abstained from some of the wilder activities her friends
engaged in.

Julie takes a final drag off of her Marlboro 100 Light and then squashes
the butt into an overflowing ashtray on the table in front of her.
Meanwhile, Amy notices a classified that interests her and reads it aloud.

"Look at this ad. 'Looking for 18-to-22-year-old females to do simple
housekeeping and cooking for $1000 a week plus bonus incentives.  No
experience needed.  Must be willing to wear bikinis and smoke cigars on the
job.  Five openings available.'  That's one you don't see every day," Amy
responds, exhaling streams of cigarette smoke out of her nose.  

"I say we look into this," Lisa answers.

"You can't be serious.  It's probably some sicko," retorts Julie.

"Maybe, but for that money, I say we call the number and find out.  If all
three of us go to the interview together, he won't try anything," says Lisa.

"I'm willing," answers Amy.

Julie shakes her head at the other girls' willingness.

"But you don't even smoke cigars," 

"For a grand a week, I'll smoke anything he wants me to," answers Amy.

Julie finally concedes.  "Well, I guess there's no harm in calling the

Amy smiles, then stands up and squashes her cigarette in the same overfull
ashtray, and both her and Julie reach into their packs and each light up
another Marlboro 100 Light.  Amy walks into the apartment and dials the
number in the ad.

"This is Charlie Morris. Can I help you?"

Amy answers, "Yes, I'm calling to respond to your openings for housekeepers."

"Yes," Charlie answers and then pauses in anxiety after finally getting the
first phone call from his ad.  "I'm open all day for interviews at my home.
 That's on 155 Newton Street.  You are at least eighteen years old, right?"

"Yes, there's three of us and we're all eighteen.  We'd all like to
interview, if that's okay."

"Sure, just bring your bikinis to change into for the interview."

"All right, we'll be there in an hour."  Amy hangs up and smiles at Lisa
and Julie. "Girls, I think we found our pot of gold." Lisa grins, but Julie
shows continued reluctance.

About an hour later, Lisa pulls up to the address Charlie gave them to find
a mansion with a large lawn that Charlie had just purchased.  The girls
walk into the house and soon find Charlie's office, where he sits behind a
desk. The girls' look at Charlie, not recognizing him as the recent lottery
winner, and thinking that he certainly looks like a dork with little or no
experience with girls, but that he was also kind of cute.  All three,
especially Julie were relieved to see how wimpy and non-threatening he looked.

"Hi, I'm Lisa.  These are my friends, Julie and Amy.  We're here for the

Charlie is noticeably uncomfortable as he begins to talk to the beautiful
"Well, as long as you're all over eighteen, I'm prepared to hire all three
of you.  Basically, the job will consist of cooking, laundry, cleaning,
lawn mowing, and general housework.  Nothing too heavy.  You'll have a lot
of down time where there won't be anything to do.  You'll work Monday
through Friday from 10 am to 6:30 pm, and I'll pay a base salary of a
thousand dollars a week."

The girls smile at the satisfactory job description.

Charlie continues, "As for the bonuses, they will come with your cigar
smoking. I will require you to smoke six Churchill cigars each day on your
shift.  Now, any cigar you smoke beyond that, I'll pay you twenty dollars
extra for each.  You can smoke as many cigars as you can handle while
you're here on the clock, and I'll let you take up to five home with you
every night. If you return the next morning with five cigar butts, I'll pay
you a hundred dollars for them.  On the weekends, I'll let you take up to
25 cigars home with you, worth up to five-hundred dollars on Monday morning."

The girls look at each other, not liking the unusual twist in the job

Julie breaks in, "What's with your weird cigar fetish?  We don't even smoke
cigars, so how are we supposed to smoke so many right away?"

"Don't worry," answers Charlie. "I'll break you in this week with only one
a day.  I'll expect you to increase your consumption, however, until you
eventually smoke at least the six per day that I will require by July 1st."

"That sounds fair," Amy says exuberantly, beating Julie to the negative
response she knew was coming.  "Do you want us to start tomorrow?"

"Definitely, but before you leave, could I get you to change into your
bikinis in that dressing room over there?"  Charlie points to the room.

Amy and Lisa instantly agree, but Julie is still lukewarm to this bizarre
job. Nonetheless, the girls pull Julie in the direction of the dressing room.

"Oh, Charlie, do you mind if we smoke in there?"  asks Lisa.

Charlie grins coyly, "Of course not."

Lisa realizes the obviousness of her remark as she reaches into her purse
to pull out her cigarettes, just as Julie and Amy do.

In a couple of minutes, the girls empty of the dressing rooms in skimpy
bikinis, with burning white cigarettes in their hands.  Charlie is
instantly aroused looking at these girls happily flaunt their amazing
bodies.  The dark brunette Lisa is wearing a hot pink bikini, the blonde
Julie is wearing a blue bikini, and the light brunette Amy is wearing a
bikini with the colors of the American flag. The girls giggle and smoke,
watching Charlie almost faint at the sight of them.  Amy can't resist
asking, "Will these do?"

Charlie is speechless, so he just nods yes.  By now, all three girls are
looking forward to starting this job.

"I could get used to this job uniform," Lisa says.

Julie finally breaks out of her shell and says to Charlie, "See you
tomorrow morning at 10:00 then."

Again, Charlie just nods.  As the girls leave with their clothes in a bag
and a thick trail of cigarette smoke behind them, Charlie watches them
closely.  As he observes how sexy they look smoking cigarettes in their
bikinis, he can't even imagine how sexy they will look with large, footlong
Churchill cigars between their sweet lips.  Tomorrow is gonna be the
beginning of the best chapter of my life, he thinks to himself. 

The next morning, the three girls arrive promptly at 10:00, wearing the
same bikinis they modeled the day before, with burning cigarettes between
their fingers.  Charlie greets them at the door, and quickly puts them to
work with all of the custodial duties around the mansion.  The girls
chain-smoke their Marlboro 100 Lights almost non-stop as they work, which
was almost too much for Charlie to stand.  After lunch, he gathers the
girls around the box of Churchill cigars he had purchased the day before.
He hands each of the girls one of the cigars.  They each sniff them and
enjoy the aroma, at least unlit.  Charlie hands them a guillotine to clip
the ends off.

"Just clip the tips off with this and don't inhale the smoke, at least not
right away."

The girls nod with nervous smiles on their faces as Charlie, nervously
shaking himself, approaches a lighter to Julie's cigar.  She holds the
large cigar in her mouth as Charlie sets the flame to the end of it.

"Just draw in repetitively for a few seconds."

Within a few seconds, Julie's cigar is lit and she begins to smoke it as
Charlie brings the lighter over to Amy and lights her cigar.  Within a
minute or two, all three of the girls have massive cigars burning between
their fingers and a cloud of thick, smelly smoke around them.  The girls
have uncertain looks on their faces as Charlie nervously observes.

"I don't know if I like this," Julie mutters.

Amy counters with, "I kind of like it.  It's rich and sweet tasting."  She
pauses and takes another puff. "I have a hard time thinking I can smoke six
a day, though."

The other girls nod in agreement.

Charlie replies, "Don't worry about that.  You'll have a month before you
have to smoke that many.  By then, I suspect you'll be used to them and
will enjoy them."

"Well, for the money you're paying us, I'm sure gonna try it," Lisa says,
words that are music to Charlie's ears.

The girls smoke their cigars for the next 45 minutes and definitely have
mixed opinions about them.  They're happy to be finished with them and
don't like the taste left in their mouths, but enjoyed the rich taste the
cigars provide.  They never inhaled, but thought that inhaling would
probably be satisfying when they got the nerve to try it.  Charlie watches
from his office discreetly as the girls smoke the cigars, and they can tell
he's watching.  The girls squash the cigars in the large ashtray on the
table in front of them and then go back to work.  In only a couple of
minutes, the girls go back to smoking their Marlboro 100 Lights, a taste
they decide they still liked better.

The girls continue to work for Charlie for the month of June and are joined
by the two other girls Charlie hired--a sexy redhead named Tiffany who
wears a neon yellow bikini to work, and another blond named Christy who
wears an orange bikini.  Tiffany and Christy are also two-pack-a-day
cigarette smokers who had virtually the same reaction to the cigars as
Julie, Amy, and Lisa did.  Yet all five girls had managed to increase their
cigar consumption throughout the month of June, got used to the taste and
even began to like them, especially after they started inhaling the smoke.
By July 1st, it was not much of a problem for the girls to smoke six cigars
in a workday.  Charlie's house was always filled with the cigar smell and
ashtrays all over his house were filled with the girls' cigar butts.

The girls found that their cravings for cigarettes were greatly reduced and
that they were now smoking less than a pack a day.  As they noticed they
were now preferring the fine cigars to cigarettes, they began to take
Charlie up on the offer of bringing cigars home with them.  The girls were
smoking cigars in public by mid-July and all noticed how most men and boys
seemed to be more impressed and attracted to them smoking cigars than
cigarettes.  At first, they worried that the stink would repel guys, but
the opposite proved to be true, for the most part.  The girls were soon
flaunting their cigar smoking, especially the free-spirited Amy and Lisa.
Amy loved to drive around the city smoking a cigar in her car.  She loved
to look in her rearview mirror to find men or boys approaching her from
behind with hopeful eyes as they saw her cracked window.  The looks on
their faces were priceless when they saw a massive cigar instead of a
cigarette.  Amy smoked as sexily as possible whenever boys or men were
driving in the next lane, almost drooling as they watched her.  She would
turn and sneak a peak at them at stoplights, smiling while exhaling a
mouthful of cigar smoke out the window towards them.  Lisa, meanwhile,
enjoyed to go to restaurants and sit in the smoking section next to a group
of boys or men letting them wait in anticipation for awhile before she
started to smoke.  Eventually, she would walk towards them and ask them if
they had a light.  When they happily said yes, she would pull out a large
cigar and stick it between her lips.  The men's jaws inevitably dropped to
the floor to see the huge cigar in the mouth of this beautiful teenage
girl, waiting to be lit.  The men would often chuckle amongst one another,
but would always hold the flame to light Lisa's cigar.  She would thank
them with a sheepish grin and proceeded to smoke her cigar in front of
their aroused eyes.  Obviously, the girls also got a strong negative
reaction from some over their cigar smoking, but they were used to that
after smoking cigarettes for seven years and didn't let it bother them.

By early August, all five girls were averaging ten cigars a day, and were
only smoking about a half-pack of cigarettes a day.  Charlie now had to
order 400 cigars a week to keep up with the girls.  Every morning, the
girls would wake up with a smoker's cough that seemed to be intensifying
after they started smoking cigars.  Within minutes after getting up, they
would light up their first cigar before they went to work, inhaling the
thick cigar smoke as deeply as they used to inhale their cigarette smoke.  

Meanwhile, Charlie had been noticeably spying on the girls as they worked
and smoked cigars.  He was too bashful to pursue the girls or even talk to
them very much, but all five girls were secretly developing an attraction
to him.  However, they were reluctant to make a move on him because of his

Finally, one day in mid-August, Julie was vacuuming the living room carpet
with a fresh cigar clutched between her teeth that she was puffing on as
she operated the vacuum cleaner.  Charlie was standing in the doorway,
nervously watching Julie's beautiful body in the skimpy blue bikini.  When
Julie noticed Charlie, she grinned at how cute and harmless he looked.  She
stopped the vacuum and began to approach Charlie.  The nervous Charlie was
about to walk away, thinking Julie was angry with him.

"Don't leave, Charlie.  Please.  Sit down in this chair,"  Julie says to
Charlie in the friendliest manner. 

Charlie nervously approached her and sat in the recliner.  Julie smiled
flirtatiously at him and sat in his lap.  She inhaled a deep drag off of
her cigar and blew the smoke in Charlie's face.

"I'm so glad you introduced me to cigars, Charlie.  I'd like to thank you,"
Julie whispers, before inhaling another drag and then giving Charlie a
smoky kiss.  An overwhelmed Charlie at first thought her cigar breath
tasted gross, but found himself loving it as she prolonged the smoky kiss
for several seconds.

Charlie sat motionless and breathtaken as Julie pulled away, smoke still
pouring out of both of their noses.  Julie picked up Charlie's hand and
placed it on her leg. Charlie watched in disbelief as Julie stroked her own
leg with his hand.  In seconds, she picked up Charlie's hand and placed it
on the crotch of her bikini.  She nodded to Charlie to let him know it was
okay.  Julie spread her legs slightly and when Charlie got the nerve, he
began to stroke her with his hand.  Julie let this continue for about a
minute, occasionally dragging on her cigar, before gently placing her hand
on Charlie's head and lowering it down to her crotch.  Charlie was shaking
when he found himself nibbling on Julie's bikini for several seconds before
Julie reached down and began to pull the bikini off.  Julie dropped the
bikini to the floor.  Charlie gave a quick glance up to Julie's smiling
face before plunging his face into her wet pussy.  Julie was instantly
aroused and breathing heavily as Charlie licked her.  Insecure about her
ability to smoke a cigar during sex without burning herself or Charlie,
Julie looks around for a place to set her cigar.  There was no ashtray
around, so she leaned down and propped the cigar over her bikini on the
floor to keep it from burning the carpet.  She was now spreading her legs
as widely as possible in the chair as Charlie was working her clitoris.
She began to climax soon and started passionately screaming, pressing
Charlie's head tightly to her pussy and wrapping her legs around his back.

The other girls heard the screaming and began to approach the room.  When
the girls arrived, Julie was sitting in the chair and Charlie was standing
in front of her.  The girls could tell by the excited looks on their faces
that Charlie and Julie had a sexual encounter.  Charlie relights Julie's
cigar before she gets up to leave.

"Thanks, Charlie.  And, uh, let's do this again sometime."

Julie got up and walked out the doorway with a cocky, bragging look on her
face as she walked past the stunned faces of Tiffany, Christy, Amy, and Lisa.

"Hello, girls," Julie muttered as she walked past them.

Over the next couple weeks, the other girls had grown increasingly jealous
over the fact that Julie got to Charlie before they did.  Now, they all
wanted him, and Julie knew it.  They couldn't believe that the conservative
Julie would beat them to Charlie.  Whenever the girls were near each other
from this point on, Julie would always flirt with Charlie when he walked by
and began to grab his ass in front of the other girls.  Charlie at first
seemed embarrassed by her groping, but soon accepted it and returned the
favor.  It soon got to the point that whenever Julie and Charlie passed one
another, they would grope and fondle each other in the breasts, buttocks,
or genitals to make a scene for the others.  The other girls were about to
gag at this over-the-top affection that Julie was exploiting to make them
as jealous as possible.  For the rest of the summer, Charlie would sit on
the couch next to Julie and place his hand down her bikini.  The other
girls became turned on just watching the two of them.  They could hear them
having sex almost every day for the rest of the summer and wished it could
be them, as Charlie's bubble was bursting and his charming personality
finally surfaced.

As August ended and September arrived, all five of the girls had to head
off for college.  Amy, Lisa, and Julie were gonna be roommates, but Tiffany
and Christy were each going to different schools.  The girls were gonna
continue working 20 hours a week at Charlie's however, for half the money,
mostly to support their expensive cigar habits.  Each girl was averaging
eleven to twelve cigars a day and only smoked a few cigarettes a day now.

As the three friends shopped for school clothes with all of the money they
made working for Charlie, Julie noticed that Amy and Lisa understood the
increased sexuality they now possessed as cigar smokers after witnessing
her and Charlie.  Thus, when Julie was buying comparatively conservative
jeans, denim shorts, and strap shirts, Amy and Lisa were buying skin-tight
black leather pants, short leather skirts, and other outfits featuring very
feminine pastels that they thought would contrast well with their cigar
smoking.  Julie realized right away that Amy and Lisa were gonna milk their
new sexuality for all it was worth at college.

When the three of them got to campus, they noticed the school had a very
high smoking rate, especially among the girls.  Nonetheless, their cigar
smoking drew incredible attention.  Most boys were impressed and noticeably
aroused, giving them inviting looks, while many girls were contemptuous and
disgusted by their classmates' cigar smoking.  Julie was the only one of
the three that even remotely cared about the other girls' reactions.  As
classes began, Julie was waiting to get into her 10:00 psychology class,
finishing off a cigar.  As she approached the building where the class was
held, she had to wait in a long line leading up to the ashtray outside of
the building, as over a dozen girls in front of her were finishing their
cigarettes.  In a few moments, Julie finally got to the ashtray packed with
mostly white cigarette butts, and she extinguished her cigar stub and
entered the building.  The custodian at the college absolutely hated
smoking and was disgusted by having to clean out the ashtrays outside of
the buildings every two or three hours.  He had noticed the sharp increase
in the girls smoking on campus and simply could not understand it.  As he
holds his nose and cleans out the ashtray this time, he sees Julie's cigar
and thought to himself, 'Great, now they're smoking cigars.'

Julie sat in class at 10:45 with a deep nicotine craving.  She glanced at
the clock constantly waiting for 10:50 and noticed that nearly all the
girls around her were doing the same, going through big-time nicotine
withdrawals.  When class ended, the class quickly emptied out and most
girls reached into their bags to pull out their packs of cigarettes.  They
inserted the unlit cigarettes into their mouths before they left the
building and formed a crowd right outside the door.  Julie reached for a
small humidor in her bag and pulled out one of her large cigars.  She
inserted the cigar into her mouth and bit the end off and spit it out,
which she now preferred to clipping the end off. The collective sound of
flints striking was heard for several moments as the girls all lit up their
cigarettes as they left the building.  As Julie lit her cigar, all of the
girls around her were already indulging their own smoking addictions.  She
savored the taste of her cigar, a taste she had not experienced for nearly
an hour.  It was delicious.

Meanwhile, college life for Lisa and Amy consisted primarily of flaunting
their own sexuality.  They attended classes wearing sexually-charged
clothing such as tight leather pants and leather mini-skirts.  Almost
everywhere they went, they attracted attention, particularly from boys.
Sometimes, Lisa and Amy would strut around campus in their bikinis from
work while smoking a cigar.  They continued to get the occasional ugly
remarks from other girls, primarily because of their reputation rather than
their cigar smoking.  Amy and Lisa would usually respond by blowing a thick
puff of cigar smoke towards the evil-eyed girls and keep on walking.

In time, Julie began to make friends with other girls who accepted her
cigar smoking and distanced her as much as possible from her roommates, Amy
and Lisa.  Amy and Lisa were the most promiscuous girls on campus, and
their reputation had been rubbing off on Julie for much of the year.  Julie
tried to defend them, but could not discount the rumors of their slutty
behavior, having seen them bring home at least two different guys every
week.  While many of the guys Lisa and Amy slept with were college boys,
several were older men, including a couple of their professors.  Males just
couldn't seem to say no to these cigar-smoking babes.  Julie did not engage
in this behavior, partly because she still had Charlie, but also because
she simply could not lead that lifestyle.  She was concerned about her
performance in college and her future, while Lisa and Amy were simply
living for the moment.

Julie spent several nights a week studying in the library since Amy and
Lisa used the dormroom for casual sex so frequently.  At midnight one
Tuesday night, Julie walked into her dorm building, smoking a fresh cigar.
As she walked past the dorm rooms on her floor, she could smell cigarette
smoke lingering outside the rooms of virtually every door she passed, until
she arrived at her own room at the end of the hall and could smell the
cigar odor that was now legendary on campus.  She stopped at the door and
cracked it open to hear passionate moaning from inside.  She sneaked a peek
through the cracked door to find Amy and Lisa laying on their respective
beds, having sex with guys they'd never met before tonight.  Julie shook
her head and quietly closed the door, before deciding to finish her cigar
outside.  She headed down a corridor leading to a back exit of the dorm
building, where several smokers frequently went out for a cigarette on nice
nights.  Julie opened the door to find nearly a dozen girls she knew
outside for a late-night cigarette.

"Hi, Julie," her friends greeted her warmly.  Julie greeted them back.

"You ready for that Psych test tomorrow?" asked one girl.

"Sort of.  I studied half the night, but it's so hard for me to focus in
class and get all the notes."

The other girls nod and vocally agree, one girl adding, "By the end of the
hour, I'm craving a cigarette so bad, that's all I can think about."

As the girls further discussed the problems they've had with focusing on
lectures after nearly an hour without smoking, Julie sits in deep thought,
occasionally dragging on her cigar and finally added with a sly grin,
"Girls, what do you say we do something about our problem?"

The girls looked back at Julie curiously, exhaling smoke into the night sky.

Two weeks later, the group of girls, headed by Julie, walked into the
college administration office and dropped their petition on the President's
desk, a petition with over five thousand signatures, that demanded the
reinstatement of smoking in all places on campus, including classrooms.
The students who signed the petition vowed not to pay their next semester's
tuition until their demands were met.  The college reluctantly complied
with the students, and they returned to campus for spring semester to find
smoking permitted everywhere except for designated non-smoking dormrooms on
special floors.  Ashtrays were attached to every desk, leaving more for the
custodians to clean and bitch about.  Many of the college administrators
were heartbroken about what they perceived as a huge step backwards in
their now hopeless attempts to regulate smoking on campus.

Now, in Julie's psychology class (as well as her other classes), the
classroom was constantly filled with a haze of smoke as about half the boys
and about 80% of the girls smoked one cigarette after another as they
listened to lecture.  Of course, Julie mostly smoked her cigars, but also
had a cigarette or two on occasion in class.  Some of the non-smokers in
class would constantly be attempting to wave second-hand smoke away from
their faces, or cough and choke from the smoke, but nobody paid them any
mind.  They had their reign in the classroom even though they were the
minority--now it was the smokers turn.

The new smoking policy really had an impact on campus smoking rates, which
were already high, but the new policy had caused them to increase further.
The student newspaper did a survey that showed the average female student
on campus smoked 30 cigarettes a day now, with many smoking more than that.
 The three convenience stores near the campus reported a 60% increase in
cigarette sales, nearly all of which went to student smokers.  Julie was
proud that she helped out so many of her smoking friends on campus with her
idea, and the students on campus had developed a new respect for Julie.

***There will be a brief Part Two to this story.

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