Chase's Story, Part 10

(by anonymous23, 28 October 2008)

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Chase's Story

Part 10

Chase mostly watching TV while she waited.  Out of curiosity, she
opened one of the packs of Ultra Lights and smoked one.  Chase
couldn't believe how weak it was.  She didn't feel it in her lungs at
all.  Her exhale was also pretty shallow.  She thought maybe she
should just abandon this plan and get Kelly started on Marlboro
Lights, the way she had.  But as soon as she gave up on the Ultra
Light and snubbed it out, the phone rang.  It was Kelly.  She was

"Chase, can I come stay at your place tonight?  My parents are being
assholes again!"  Chase said to come straight over. Maybe this
wouldn't be a good time to get her started, she thought.  Kelly
arrived at Chase's house quickly with a small bag of clothes.  It
turns out her parents were mad at her for not checking in enough while
she was in Europe.  Kelly actually did try to check in more often then
her parents knew about, but they weren't at home.  The arrogant jerks
actually expected her to drop everything else and just keep redialing
until they reached her. Never mind that both her mother and father
blocked her from calling their cell phones because when she got to the
airport she was nervous about having never flown in an airplane
before.  Then, of course, they never bothered to unblock her phone.
Chase never liked them.  When Kelly returned the previous night, she
smelled like smoke, of course.  Chase had smoked a full pack of
cigarettes while she was visiting.  To Kelly's shock, her parents
didn't even notice.  They were off in their own little world.

Kelly was sobbing.  Chase was pissed and lighting one cigarette after another.

"They don't see you for four months, you come home, and they treat you
like this?"  Kelly was crying and nodded her head.  Chase felt bad for
Kelly.  The next couple of months while she waited to get her own
place would be torture.  Chase preferred to be by herself.  Even
though Kelly was her friend and they often hung out, when Chase wanted
to be by herself she would do it.  She didn't want to have a roommate,
but she couldn't let her friend suffer.

"Kelly, do you want to move in here?  I'm cool with it. I won't even
charge you or anything.  You can save your money."  Kelly smiled.  She
didn't even have to think about it.

"Thanks. Yes, I would love to."  Chase smiled.  Kelly wiped the tears
away from her face.  Chase sensed this might be the time.

"Do you want to start smoking now?"  Kelly looked at Chase.  After
pausing for a few moments, Kelly nodded her head.


Chase had a half-finished cigarette in her hand, but she was not going
to wait until she had to light a fresh one.

"Breathe this in as deeply as you can," she said.  Chase took a drag
on the cigarette, inhaled it deep, then leaned in close to Kelly's
mouth.  She exhaled a steady stream of smoke into Kelly mouth.  Kelly
did her part and began to breathe the smoke into her lungs. She felt
the smoke in her lungs for the first time, and then quickly exhaled.
Chase had forgotten to tell her to hold it in, but Kelly was still
amazed to see the smoke exit her mouth and enter the room.

"That was awesome," Kelly said.

"Girl, you haven't felt anything yet," Chase said. "Okay, the next few
times I give you my smoke, hold it in.  Your lungs have to change and
if you blow it out too fast, it's going to take forever." Kelly
agreed.  Chase took a deep drag, inhaled deeply, and blew it into her
mouth.  Kelly again inhaled, but this time she really felt it.  She
couldn't believe the sensation in her lungs.  She actually touched her
hand to her chest.  After a few seconds, she exhaled with no traces of
smoke present.

"Where did it go?" asked Kelly.

"It's inside of you, changing your body right now," Chase said.

"I see now why you love this," Kelly said. Chase continued to pass her
smoke to Kelly.  The cigarette was finished quickly and Chase knew
Kelly's transformation was not yet complete.
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"I have to light another one, your lungs aren't changed yet.  Just
keep breathing in deep and holding it in."  Kelly nodded.  Chase lit
another cigarette and continued to exhale into Kelly's mouth.  Kelly
could feel the changes being made in her lungs and told Chase so.

"It's a change for the better, trust me," said Chase.  After a couple
deep inhales by Chase, she began to inhale less deeply, allowing the
smoke to be more concentrated. Kelly continued to inhale it like
nothing was different.  She didn't even realize she was getting a
stronger dose.  On the final drag, Chase didn't even inhale.  She
simply let the smoke escape her mouth while Kelly inhaled.  Kelly's
eyes grew wide as the smoke hit her lungs.  It was the best feeling
she ever had in her life.  All the drama that had been going on
earlier was completely gone from her head.  She held the smoke in her
for what felt like forever.  When she exhaled, only a few tiny wisps
of smoke escaped.

Chase put out the cigarette and pulled out a pack of the Ultra Lights
from her pocket.

"These are ultra-lights.  I smoke a lot, and you won't be able to keep
up if you smoke the kind I do.  These will have to do until your lungs
are fully adjusted."  Kelly nodded and accepted her first cigarette
from Chase.  After grabbing another for herself Chase lit up, then lit
up Kelly.  Kelly was clearly watching how Chase did it, because she
took a deep drag and then snapped off an inhale.  The smoke entered
her lungs, but of course she didn't cough.

"Kelly, you are now a smoker," Chase said, beaming.  Kelly had a huge
smile on her face but didn't say anything.  The moment really spoke
for itself.  Kelly dragged on the cigarette again, inhaling deeply and
shooting smoke across the room.  She couldn't believe it.  Just the
day before she had never considered smoking.  Now, she was a smoker.
She dragged on the cigarette and breathed in deep again.  Chase was
right, smoking felt incredible and the taste was really way different
then anything she had expected.

"I think I'm in love with this," said Kelly as she continued to drag and inhale.

Chase felt bad for Kelly because she knew what was coming next.  But
to her surprise, Kelly didn't really get sick.  She was a little light
headed, but it passed quickly and she wanted to smoke again.  Chase
lit another cigarette for herself, while Kelly lit herself up for the
first time. Chase thought something had gone wrong and quickly logged
onto her computer.  Sammy was online.

"Sammy, my friend just had her first cigarette and she didn't get sick
afterwards.  What happened?"  Sammy was saddened to explain the

"The problem is because you smoke so much, we had to get her on
something where she could match you, but not burn her lungs up doing
it.  Ultra Lights are not the ideal starting cigarette.  It will take
her months for her lungs to allow her to smoke your brand."  Chase
looked over at Kelly.  She was disappointed for her.

"Well, that sucks.  But she seems to like it."

"Just be patient, Chase.  She's a smoker now.  It will just take her
time before she can really get it in her lungs."  Chase left the
computer and talked to Kelly. She was finishing her second cigarette.

"This is pretty cool," Kelly said.  "So I guess I'm a smoker."

"Yep, you are" Chase agreed.

"I can't believe how easy it is.  It feels so mild and smooth in me.
I can't believe this can hurt your lungs!"  Chase had to explain to
her that she was smoking a very mild cigarette, and that it would take
a while for her lungs to adjust.

"We have to wait for you to become addicted.  When you are, you will
be able to smoke my cigarettes."  Kelly didn't understand Chase.
Smoking already felt great. It couldn't get much better.

Kelly wasn't like Chase.  She had no intention of smoking in public.
Besides Chase, nobody ever saw her smoke.  After about a week, she was
able to keep pace with Chase.  Chase was surprised to see that Kelly
could keep up with her, but then remembered how mild the ultra light
were.  Still, Kelly clearly liked smoking but was nervous about it and
Chase also noticed that Kelly never lit up unless she did.  Chase
spoke to Sammy about her concerns.  Sammy had no idea what to make of
it herself.

"Well, clearly she enjoys smoking, but I can't believe a mild
addiction hasn't even started to settle in," Sammy said.  Chase didn't
know what to do.  Sammy decided she needed to talk to Kelly herself.
Kelly was actually mad at Chase for telling someone else she smoked,
even if it was a woman online who she would never meet in person.
Still, Kelly decided to talk to Sammy. Sammy asked her if she enjoyed
smoking.  Kelly said she did.  Sammy asked why she only smoked with

"Because, if I do it by myself, then I really am a smoker.  And I'm
not sure I want to be."  Sammy understood the problem.  Kelly was
still worried about the negative effects on smoking.

"I'm not going to lie to you.  Smoking is very bad for you.  I've been
smoking for sixteen years and I can feel the effects," she said.
Kelly thought she was ready to announce she was going to quit.  Sammy
then gave her the good news.  "But those effects are not as bad as
some people say they are.  I can still run, I breathe normally, and
I'm not covered in wrinkles.  Smoking is not an instant killer."
Kelly understood.

"So I'm a real smoker then?" Kelly asked.

"Yes," said Sammy.

"I can smoke whenever I want?"

"Yes," said Sammy, "do you want one right now?"

"Yes," said Kelly.

"Then light one up dear."  Kelly grabbed her cigarettes and proceeded
to smoke one.  "Kelly, smoke whenever you want one, not when Chase
does." Kelly understood.  She was her own person, and she did love
smoking.  "Nice talking to you dear.  Go get Chase for me."

Kelly went and got Chase, who was surprised to see Kelly smoking for
the first time without Chase having lit one up for herself first.
Chase sat at the computer.

"You're lucky to have that kind of friend," said Sammy.  She told
Chase her own best friend was a non-smoker.  "Kelly is committed to
it.  I think her addiction is going to set in sooner then I expected.
You know what to look out for, right?"

"I do," said Chase.  Chase didn't know when it would come, but she
knew that sooner rather then later her best friend would be smoking
the same brand as her.  Having helped her sister start smoking and
then her best friend, most would think Chase was some kind of bad
person.  In fact, she's not.  Good people smoke too.

Like Karen.  Chase ended up becoming friends with her as well.  Karen
brought her daughter, Jessica, over to Chase's house.  She was a cute
little kid, really just a totally normal ten years old.  Kelly, as
always, was nervous to smoke in front of strangers.  Karen and Chase
lit up.  Kelly's eyes bugged out of her head as Karen passed her
lighter to Jessica, who pulled out her own cigarette, the same brand
that Kelly smoked, and proceeded to light it up.  The girl clearly had
more smoking experience then both Chase and Kelly combined.  Chase
laughed as Kelly sat there dumbfounded.

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