Chase's Story, Part 11

(by anonymous23, 28 October 2008)

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Chase's Story

Part 11

"Come on Kelly, if she's not afraid to smoke, why should you be?"
Karen told Kelly that her daughter was perfectly normal for her age.
She was smart, she was well behaved, and very polite.  She was a good
kid who just happened to smoke.  Kelly laughed and then lit one up
herself.  It was the first time she had smoked in front of anyone
other than Chase. Jessica made good-natured fun of the two "smoking
newbies", Chase and Kelly.  Chase laughed, and then countered with
"maybe we're newbies, but we get to smoke two packs a day!"  Jessica
frowned a bit and sort of laughed. Karen announced that she had
started to allow Jessica to smoke a half a pack a day.  Kelly still
couldn't help herself and asked questions about stuff like doing PE
and being in school.  Jessica said she can do all that stuff, and in
fact she just beat everyone a few days ago in her class in who could
jump rope the longest.  Karen smiled.  "I know you're nervous about
your health, Kelly.  And you should be self-conscious about it.  But
smoking doesn't make you a cripple.  You're just going to have some
breathing problems much, much later on in life.  You're decades away
from it."  Kelly looked at Jessica, who took a deep drag and an inhale
then managed to blow a smoke ring.

"I wish I had started at your age!" she said.

"Chase told me the same thing once."  Karen mentioned her youngest
daughter would likely be taking up smoking soon.  With herself and
Jessica smoking in the house, plus the visits to Chase's home, the
want to smoke and be with the girls was inevitable.

It's been four months since Chase took up smoking.  Her smoking habit
is now fully developed.  She smokes two packs a day of Virginia Slim
Luxury Lights 120s.  Sammy told her recently that she could move back
to Marlboro Reds and be able to smoke two packs a day without the
harshness now.  Chase actually declined.  She loved the Marlboros but
decided to continue smoking the Slims, which were more lady-like.
Sammy pointed out to her that she had finally made a decision about
smoking that related to appearance.  Chase laughed.  She was now fully
involved in all aspects of smoking.  She still doesn't do smoking
tricks or exhaling through her nose, but her exhales are very
picturesque.  She continues to work out to counter the effects smoking
will have on her body, and she is now actually more physically fit as
a smoker then when she was as a non-smoker, albeit with a slightly
lower lung capacity.  With her two-pack a day habit, everyone in town
has seen Chase smoke.  She's very proud to be a smoker and wants to
encourage others to take it up themselves, provided they are of age to
do it or have parental permission.

At sixteen years of age, Joan really can't realistically develop into
a heavy smoker yet.  She still lives at home with two non-smoking
parents. Although they are supportive of her decision to smoke, being
forced to smoke outside means she can only take in about a half a pack
a day.  Being much more social then Chase, she'll likely never reach a
two pack a day level, since smoking is illegal in restaurants and
other public places where they live and the law will likely not go
away.  She now smokes Marlboro Reds and will likely continue to do so,
since she thinks Slims look like "old lady cigarettes."  Helping her
other two sisters take up smoking is out of the question.  Chase and
Joan's parents said that Joan would be forced to quit if she attempted
to help them smoke.  Chase and Joan understand. Their sisters will
have to wait until they are eighteen, if they choose to smoke at all.
Despite being only sixteen, Joan can purchase her own cigarettes from
Karen's store, as long as nobody is watching.  Despite being under
age, she smokes openly in public and many of her fellow students and
even teachers know she's a smoker.  She's proud of it.

Kelly still smokes the Ultra Lights.  After a small period of
adjustment, she is now able to smoke two full packs a day.  She's
still not comfortable smoking in public.  Chase, Sammy, and Karen
assume she never will be. Despite becoming a heavy smoker so fast,
she's still not showing signs of addiction yet, which is likely a good
thing because she won't even smoke while she's in a car at night when
nobody can see.  She won't smoke outside on Chase's front porch, only
her back porch where nobody can see, and she quickly puts her
cigarettes out if she thinks someone is coming.  She clearly loves her
habit but is not fully proud of it yet.  Although she has accepted
that she is a full fledged smoker and will be for the rest of her
life, she's still embarrassed that she took it up.  Maybe it was
because she did so in a moment of weakness and Chase gave her no time
to think about it.  But she's not mad at Chase.  She's very happy that
she smokes.  She just doesn't want anyone to know about it yet.  Maybe
in time.

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