Chase's Story, Part 12

(by anonymous23, 28 October 2008)

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Chase's Story

Part 12

I'm Chase, and I was the writer of this story.  It's all absolutely
true, except for the names and my date of birth.  I originally wrote
this story in a first person perspective, but I didn't like the way it
came out so I made a few changes.  I am 18 and I have been smoking for
only four months. Developing into a two pack a day habit so quickly
was a lot of work and I wanted to share my story with others in hopes
that it would encourage them to take up smoking.  I'm not saying
everyone should be a heavy smoker. It might not be right for everyone.
 It almost certainly won't be right for Joan.  But for me, it's what I
want to do.  No regrets.

I'm submitting this story to a variety of sources.  Some of them are
fetish websites.  I'm sure some of you will be sexually drawn to my
story, and I'm cool with that, but the main reason I wrote this is to
encourage others to take up smoking.  Yes, smoking is unquestionably
destructive to your body. Even after only four months, I've felt some
effects.  I do not have a cough yet, but my endurance is already
somewhat affected.  Sometime within the next few years, I will start
to cough on a regular basis.  Smoking comes with a price and maybe
decades from now, I will face the possibility of developing a disease
from it.  In my opinion, the sensation you get when you breathe smoke
into your lungs is well worth it.  It's not a certainty you will get
sick, but it is a certainty that you will love smoking. Smoking also
costs money.  Thankfully I have money, but smoking eats away a good
chunk of change for me each month.  Expect to pay $50 or more for a
carton of cigarettes, depending on how heavily they are taxed where
you live.  In my case, I spend $300 a month just for me to smoke, plus
I pay for Kelly's, an additional $300.  So be warned, smoking is the
most amazing thing you can do with your life, but it comes at a price,
both to your health and your wallet.

For those of you who are reading and still want to start, thank you.
I promise you're going to love it.

If you're old enough to buy your own, don't worry about what people
will think about you.  If you want to avoid an anti-smoking lecture,
buy two packs.  The cashier will assume you're already a regular
smoker.  Most of the time they won't say anything at all.

If you're not old enough to smoke legally, you still have options.
First off, make sure you fully understand all the damage smoking will
do to you. There is no avoiding it.  Your health will be affected
negatively by it. If you understand this, the first step is finding
out if becoming a smoker is a realistic goal for you.  This means
being able to obtain and maintain a constant supply of cigarettes.  If
your parents are smokers or you have a sibling that smokes, then it is
a realistic goal.  I want to seriously recommend avoiding going behind
their backs with your decision to take up smoking.  As hard as this is
to believe, there's a good chance your family will embrace your
decision to start smoking and help you take it up.  If they don't,
it's best you wait until you are eighteen years old.  It sucks, I
know, but trust me that the wait will be well worth it.  If you don't
know any smokers, I'm sorry but it's really best to wait until you're
eighteen. Smoking is very addictive.  Although I've yet to experience
it, my understanding is cravings can become intense to the point of
pain.  It's important that you are able to get cigarettes without
depending on strangers or even people you only casually know.

If you're a parent and your child has shown interest in smoking, from
what I've seen your best bet is to get them started right away.  The
story of Karen and Jessica is 100% true.  Karen and I have become good
friends who talk several times a day.  The truth about the situation
is that I ended up agreeing with Karen, that she was put in a no-win
situation.  That said, I will say that Jessica, for only being ten
years old, was able to develop her habit as cleanly as possible and is
very coordinated with it, and she's polite to a fault about it as
well.  I still feel bad that she only has a vague understanding of
what smoking will do to her long term.  Simply put, Jessica is not
mature and did not make a decision to start smoking.  The decision was
made for her, but out of love and for her own protection.  I know
Karen likes that she has a little smoking buddy in Jessica, but I also
know the mother in her bares a cross for turning her into a smoker as
well.  But children have an advantage. They're naturally more active
then adults.  Way more active, in fact.  So while I have to exercise
pretty intensely to keep my damage in check, Jessica is practically
exercising all day and she's incredibly fit.  She shows no signs of
damage and likely won't until she's an adult.  Some might disagree,
but my belief from knowing my personal experience is that Jessica
would have started smoking on her own anyway and when she did the
habit would have stuck.  If you're a parent who smokes and you're
reading this, I have news for you: your child will smoke too.  Jessica
is a smoker, but only on Karen's terms and it's working.  So, if your
child wants to smoke, help them start because then it's on your terms.

All the techniques described above to start smoking really work.  I
actually used the 'six cough' method.  It sucked, but now I'm a heavy
smoker and it's only four months later, so obviously it worked.  It's
fifteen minutes of agony for a lifetime of pleasure.  When using this
method, don't go into it half-assed.  Deep drags and deep inhales
only.  If you're completely unfamiliar with the mechanics of smoking,
watch a movie or something.  Do a search on Youtube.  There's no need
to smoke without inhaling.  It tastes disgusting and is not
pleasurable at all.  Go full into it.  Ignore the coughing.  It's not
fun, but you're only ten minutes away from being a smoker and you'll
never cough on an inhale again once you've changed.

"Giving Your Smoke" also works good.  Some people call it a "smokey
kiss". It's a very caring way to help someone become a smoker.  If you
smoke and you know someone who wants to take up smoking, this is the
method you should use.  The person becoming a smoker will likely not
cough when they receive your smoke and later when they smoke their
first cigarette, and it will make their transition very easy.  It's
how I helped Joan and Kelly to start smoking, and it's how Karen
helped Jessica start.  If your child wants to take up smoking, don't
be an asshole and make them gag on a cigarette.  Give them your smoke.
 It's the right thing to do.

The mechanics of it are pretty simple.  Your lungs act as a second
filter for the person becoming a smoker.  Get within close range of
the person, take a big drag and a deep inhale, hold for about two
seconds, then exhale into the new smoker's mouth.  Make sure they are
inhaling deeply and that they hold the smoke in for about four to five
seconds.  Don't let them get discouraged when they see little to no
exhale.  It's part of the process. Continue this over the course of
one to two cigarettes, slowly decreasing how deeply you in inhale.  As
soon as you're done, the new smoker should immediately have their
first cigarette.  It should go down very smoothly.

New smokers should always begin with a light brand of cigarettes, and
continue to smoke them until they no longer feel like they are getting
enough smoke inside their lungs.  Do not start with an ultra light
brand. As I am writing this, Kelly's lungs are still not fully broken
in.  Ultra Lights do as much damage to your lungs as normal cigarettes
do, but they're about 1/100th as pleasurable as a normal light
cigarette is.

Once a smoker feels like they are not getting enough smoke in their
lungs, they can be switched to a stronger, full flavored brand.  Try
to develop your habit on your own.  Having someone to give you tips on
how to take in more smoke is helpful, but a smoker should find his or
her own comfort zone.  You might like smoking but choose to remain a
light smoker, or move into heavy territory.  Develop your own holding
and exhaling technique.  Every smoker's technique should be unique,
and when you have become a full fledged smoker, spread the word to
others.  Smoking is too wonderful to belong to just us, and people
need to know that for all the bad smoking does to us, it actually does
feel great.  Nobody gets that word out anymore, but they should.


Two days after I wrote this, a new development of this story took
place. Kelly and I were watching TV, both chain smoking.  I noticed
Kelly was really taking some super hard drags.  I asked her what was
up, and she said that she was trying to get more smoke.  I told her to
put that cigarette out, and to have one of mine.  Kelly lit up one of
my VS 120 Luxury Lights, which is very, very close to a full flavored
cigarette (more so then pretty much any light brand of cigarette), and
immediately I could tell by the reaction on her face that she had a
new best friend.  Instantly, her inhales were a lot less stressful,
and her exhales were likely four times thicker then they ever had
been.  So now Kelly smokes two packs a day of my brand.  I'm so happy
she's a smoker.  If you're a smoker and you know a non-smoker who has
shown interest in starting, just drop what you're doing and get them

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