Chase's Story, Part 4

(by anonymous23, 28 October 2008)

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Chase's Story

Part 4

On the way home, Chase spotted a cigarette store within one mile of
her new house.  This couldn't be better, she thought.  Her parents had
given her $500 for groceries and Chase decided that it was time to get
her first carton.  Going into the store, Chase was greeted by girl who
looked to be in her mid 20's.

"Hello, first can I see your ID?  You have to be 18 to even come in
here."  Chase provided it to the clerk.  "Oh wow," said the woman,
"happy birthday!"

"Thanks," said Chase as she started to look around the store.  The
smell of tobacco was very rich.

"So you're here to get your first cigarettes," the clerk said with a
sarcastic laugh.

"Actually I *did* just start smoking today", Chase fired back.  The
clerk went from laughing to having her jaw almost fall to the floor.

"You're kidding me!" she said, like the cop had said earlier.

"Nope, I've just had a few cigarettes today and I really liked it, so
I'm here to commit to it."  The clerk smiled.

"I've never met anyone who actually waited until they were eighteen to
start smoking.  Good for you!"  As with the cop earlier, Chase was
able to connect with this woman.  There was an open pack of Marlboro
Reds behind the counter, so clearly she was a smoker as well.  It was
much easier to talk to them.

"Well, I didn't know any other smokers and my parents don't smoke
either.  Otherwise I would have been smoking longer." The clerk smiled
and asked what she was there for.  "Well, I was just going to get a
carton of Marlboro Lights, but I see you have ashtrays too.  I'll take
three of them."  The clerk wanted to make sure Chase wasn't wasting
her money.

"You inhaled right?"

"Yes" said Chase.  After more questions, Chase offered to show her
abilities to the clerk.  "Would you like me to smoke a cigarette to
show you?"

"Sure" said the clerk, "I'll join you for one outside."  Chase and the
clerk stepped outside and both lit up a cigarette. Chase did it with a
confidence she wasn't expecting in herself, and was able to inhale
deeply and exhale very smoothly.

"There's no way you started today," said the clerk as she smoked her
full flavored Marlboro Red.

"I'm not joking, I really did start today.  This morning in fact,"
Chase said as she took the biggest drag she had taken so far and
inhaled it very deeply.  Chase shot out a huge jet of smoke.  "

Well, I guess you're a natural."  Chase actually beamed a little bit.
She felt like she was born to smoke.

Chase bought a carton of Marlboro Lights and three ashtrays, enough
for the rooms she figured she would smoke in: the living room (which
is where her PC was), her bedroom, and the kitchen.  The house was big
and included several bathrooms and guest bedrooms, but she figured she
wouldn't be doing any smoking in them.  When she got home, she plugged
in her PC. Thankfully Sammy, despite being on the other side of the
country and three hours ahead of her, was still online.

"Hey smoker," said Sammy when Chase logged in.

"Hey coach," said Chase playfully.  Sammy asked Chase how much she had
smoked today.

"Half of the first pack," said Chase.

"Wow, you're really doing well.  Do you want to be a heavy smoker?"
Chase didn't have to think about it very long.

"Yes, I want to smoke all day long."  Sammy said she would put Chase
on the path to it.

"First off, don't try to smoke heavy right now.  Finish that carton of
Marlboro Lights.  It should take you about two weeks to finish it plus
those other packs you have.  You're not addicted yet, but you will be
soon.  Just smoke when you want to, but at least one every ninety
minutes you're awake.  When the packs are finished, let me know."
Chase listened carefully while she smoked her cigarettes. Sammy was a
great coach for her.

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