Chase's Story, Part 5

(by anonymous23, 28 October 2008)

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Chase's Story

Part 5

Chase's prediction about visitors was right.  Her folks never came by,
and Joan always gave her a heads up before coming over.  Chase
occupied herself by getting into her new habit.  She smoked about
fifteen cigarettes a day, not just for the taste and sensation, but
also to practice.  She actually ended up smoking more in her bathroom
than she thought she would because it had the biggest mirror and she
could watch herself smoke.  She used the mirror to get her technique
down to a science, and to decide on the things she didn't like, such
as dangling.  Chase did not think she looked good dangling a
cigarette, so she decided she never would.  She was much nicer looking
with a cigarette between her fingers, pointing upwards with her thumb
to keep it steady, and the motion of bringing the cigarette to her
mouth being part of smoking's charm.  She also found that she didn't
like nose exhales.  She thought it made her look like a dragon or
something, so she would exhale exclusively through her mouth.  She did
practice smoke rings and French inhales, but also cared for neither.
Chase concentrated on the simple aspects of smoking, sticking to a
basic routine and concentrating on making it look perfect.

On the seventh pack of the carton, Chase ended up opening the pack of
cigarettes in the morning and finishing it before she went to bed.  As
she finished the pack, she was able to get online Sammy.

"I can't believe it, I just finished a whole pack and I'm still going
to be up a little bit longer!"  Sammy said the increase in her habit
was natural, and that she was on the road to being a two pack a day
smoker.  Chase couldn't wait.

On the ninth pack, Chase was chatting with Sammy in the middle of the
day. Chase had just finished having three straight cigarettes, enough
to finish a pack.

"I just finished the ninth pack.  It just doesn't seem like I'm
getting enough smoke in my lungs."  Sammy was quick to respond.

"Stop smoking the Lights right now.  You're addicted now."  Some
people get scared when they realize they've become addicted to
smoking.  Chase didn't.  After all, she knew before she started that
smoking is very addictive.  It's not just a habit; it's a total change
of the way your body works. "Your lungs are ready for the next step.
Go to the cigarette store and get yourself a carton of Marlboro Reds."
 She did as instructed.  The same clerk was there from my previous

"Wow, back already?" she said.

"Yep, it felt like I wasn't getting enough smoke in my lungs and
someone said..."  The clerk cut Chase off.

"It's time to go to full flavor, right?"

"Yes," responded Chase.  The clerk said nothing else and rang up a
carton of Marlboro Reds for her.  Chase smiled

"You're experienced this before, I take it?"

"I've been smoking since I was fifteen.  I didn't get to smoke Reds
until I was 18 though, because my mom only smoked lights."  Chase took
the carton

"If you think you like smoking now, wait until you get these in you,"
the clerk said.  Chase's excitement level went through the roof.

She returned home and logged onto her IM.

"I got the Reds," she said.

"What are you waiting for? Smoke them!" said Sammy.  Chase opened up
her first pack.  They smelled the same.  Full flavored sounded weird
too.  She liked the taste and everything, but she mostly cared for the
sensation.  However, she decided that the girls she chatted with were
smoking pros and knew what they were talking about, so she put one in
her mouth and lit it up.  The taste was a little bit more rich, but
kind of disappointing.  It wasn't significantly better then the light,
Chase thought.  She pulled the cigarette out of her mouth and inhaled.
 The sensation of the smoke hitting her lungs was off the charts, by
far the most pleasurable feeling she had ever felt in her life.
Despite holding it in for at least three seconds, the exhale was by
far the thickest one she had ever done.  A huge smile crept over her
face.  She had never been happier to be a smoker.

"Sammy, this is incredible."  Sammy seemed delighted.

"I know.  Okay, smoke those until the carton is done."

"What should I do with the Marlboro Lights I have left over?"

"Save them, you'll need them soon, I promise."

"I'm never going back to lights!" Chase said.

"Actually, you will" said Sammy, "but just not Marlboro Lights...
we'll talk about it when you're ready."

Smoking the Marlboro Reds slowed down Chase's intake.  She was unable
to smoke a pack a day or even come close.  Every time she tried to
light up within fifteen minutes of finishing one, she found the smoke
still tasted good but the sensation was not as good in her lungs.  It
burned slightly and she couldn't hold it in for a proper exhale.  She
tried to complain to Sammy, hoping that like the Lights it would be
time to take the next step.  Sammy insisted that Chase smoke the
entire carton of Marlboro Reds.  Meanwhile, she was thrown an
unexpected twist.

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