Chase's Story, Part 6

(by anonymous23, 28 October 2008)

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Chase's Story

Part 6

Chase had been smoking for two months.  Nobody in her family knew
about it yet.  With her house smelling like smoke and her desire to
become more visible as a smoker, Chase started to let the cat out of
the bag to some of her friends.  Kelly was still in Europe and the few
times she e-mailed Chase, Chase did not mention she had become a
smoker.  She figured she would tell her in person, since Kelly was
likely to be the one friend she could light up in front of without
being nervous.  But it was letting the family know which really
bothered her.  She doubted she could work up the courage to tell her
mom in person.  Sammy had the solution.

"The next time Joan comes by, tell her you started smoking, and she'll
tell your mom."  It was silly and yet it totally made sense.  Joan
would break the news and Chase would just have to confirm it.  Chase
decided that Joan didn't come often enough to wait for her, so she
called Joan to invite her over.  Chase was kind of amused by the fact
that she had been over twice before and never mentioned that she
smelled like smoke and the house did as well.  Then again, she was
kind of oblivious to a lot of things.  Chase was extremely nervous
when Joan confirmed she was coming over.  She prepared herself for
what she expected to be a very uneasy moment.

Joan arrived at the house shortly after school let out.  Classes had
just started for the year.  Joan had just turned sixteen and was a
junior. Chase invited her in and they took a seat on the living room
couch.  Chase had never previously discussed smoking at all with her
sister.  She had no idea if she was going to be anti-smoking or not.
Maybe she had tried smoking herself.  Unlikely, but the thought
crossed her mind.

"So what did you want?" Joan asked

Chase wasn't sure how to play it, and decided to be serious.

"Joan... two months ago... I started smoking."  Joan's mouth dropped.
Chase's heart sank as she could tell Joan was completely floored and
was likely against it.

"You... smoke?" Joan said, still stunned.

"Yes Joan, I'm a smoker." She then pulled out her pack of cigarettes
and showed it to her.  The pack was only half full.

"I can't believe it.  I never thought you... any of us... would
smoke!" said Joan.  Judging by her reaction, she clearly hasn't tried
it herself, thought Chase.

"The truth is, I always wanted to, Joan.  On my birthday, when I was
gone all day, that's what I was doing.  I was turning myself into a
smoker."  Joan got off the couch and started to pace.

"Can I see you smoke?" she asked.  Chase nodded her head and lit up,
breathing the smoke in deeply and blowing it straight up.

"I can't believe it.  You really do smoke!" said Joan.  "It's so bad
for you thought!"  Chase was ready for this.

"Yes, it's bad.  In a few years I'll develop a smoker's cough.  I
might not be able to run as far without losing my breath, and long
term I run a higher risk of getting cancer."

"Then why do it?" Joan asked.

"Because, Joan... because it feels better then anything you can
imagine."  Chase realized she might have said it with too much gusto,
and now was wondering if Joan would take it up.  She wasn't going to

"So why did you want to tell me?"

"I want you to tell mom.  And don't do it like you're telling her for
me.  Do it like you're telling ON me."  Joan sat down.

"Mom is not going to be happy."  Chase took a deep drag and inhaled deeply.

"Yes, but I love smoking and I'm not going to quit.  She's going to
find out anyway."  Joan agreed to do the job for Chase and left.

Chase's mom called her shortly thereafter.  Shockingly, she was cool
with it.  Chase was an adult, and she could make her own choices.  It
went real easy.  By the end of the night, her entire family knew Chase
had taken up smoking, and it was no problem.  They were all
surprisingly okay with it. Her mom didn't even give her an
anti-smoking lecture.  Chase was thrilled and chatted with Sammy later
that day.

"This went better then I could have ever hoped for.  They all understood it."

"That's good.  Well, now you can smoke everywhere!"

"Yep, I can put my skills on display!" Chase laughed.  Then her cell
phone went off.  It was a text message from Joan. It simply said, "i
want 2 smoke 2".

Chase was stunned and felt kind of bad.

"Oh my god, my sister just texted me.  She says she wants to start
smoking too!"  Chase was thinking Sammy was going to laugh.

"Okay, get her started tomorrow," Sammy said instead.  She wasn't
ready for that.

"She's only sixteen.  What happened to needing a source?"

"You're her source, Chase."  After thinking about it, Chase agreed and
called his sister.  It was a quick conversation.

"Come by tomorrow," Chase said.

"Okay," said Joan.  You could practically hear her smiling.

"Oh and Joan?"

"Yes Chase?"

"Enjoy your last night as a non-smoker."

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