Choosing Lisa

(by, 22 May 2005)

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Choosing Lisa, by SalGRD

My name is Sal G.  And this is the account of my experience with Lisa J.
(these are our real names) and how it has changed my life and perception.

I met Lisa at my job about a year before I was to marry Candy (not her real
name). We cultivated a working friendship but soon knew there was more.  In
time we acted on the chemistry that was between us, and quickly went from
friends to lovers. As our intense relationship progressed, I could see that
Lisa was anti smoking. She did not know it, but this was a big problem for
me. As I began falling in love with Lisa I seriously considered calling off
my engagement to Candy. But I didnt know if I could do it because Lisa was
not a smoker. 

You see, I have a secret smoking fetish, I do not smoke but I am turned on by
sexy woman who do. My future wife was a former smoker, but she was more than
willing to indulge me in my erotic smoking fetish needs whenever I asked her
to. (I think she liked the control it gave her over me, but I also believe
that she secretly savored the opportunity to occasionally smoke again.)

I wasnt sure if I could ever approach Lisa with my fetish desires, mostly
because I was embarrassed. And since she had never even smoked before, just
getting her to understand would not be easy. I believed that she loved me as
much as she said, but would that be enough for her learn to smoke for me? She
had hinted that she would do anything if I would leave my fianc'ee to be with
her, so maybe there was a chance. I promised myself that I would get up
enough nerve to tell her of my fetish. If Lisa would agree to go along with
it (not just to try it, but to perfect a smoking style just for me) my
decision to be with her would be easy.

More than one year later:

As I stand before Lisa, I watch excitedly as her left hand brings the long,
white 120mm cigarette slowly up to her lips. Our eyes, less than 10 inches
apart, are locked as she confidently looks back at me. I am captivated as her
full lips seal around the cylinder and she begins to suck alluringly on the
white filter. During this long, slow inhale her eyes squint ever so slightly
and her features show just the hint of a smile. The cigarette then tips
gently upward and her long fingers slowly, teasingly stroke back and forth on
the cigarette shaft while she continues to draw powerfully on it.  That
sinful grin becomes even more evident.

Ever so deliberately she pulls the cigarette straight away from her lips and
her graceful hand stops just inches from her mouth; she stares at the
cigarette as if to admire its corrupting pleasure. The left hand holding
the cigarette then moves forward and cradles the back of my neck. Her mouth
slowly opens to reveal an expertly controlled and measured ball of smoke,
that begins to drift past her lips. I watch in rapt arousal as she pulls the
ball of smoke back into her mouth and lungs, executing a perfect snap inhale.
A dominant smile emerges as she holds the enthralling smoke deep in her body.

Leisurely, the long exhale begins with her head tilted slightly upward. A
smooth, white cone of smoke professionally pours from her lips and glides
just past the side of my face. The slow, full exhale continues as her left
hand pulls my head closer to hers, and I can now also hear and smell the
exhaling smoke as it leaves her lips and blows past my left ear. 

Her mouth is now almost touching me and she begins to whisper. Her breath is
hot as her remaining smoke billows out with each word, Sal, I want you to
look at me when I make you cum. This seducing growl is punctuated by her
hot, smokey tongue, as it slowly caresses the back of my ear.

She easily leans back up against our bedroom wall as I stand before her.  As
instructed my eyes take her in from top to bottom. The cigarette that she is
using to seduce me is still in her left hand; elbow now cocked as she
glamorously holds it next to her face. The evil grin is back because she
recognizes the hungry look of lust on my face. My eyes continue downward, she
is wearing a 2 inch wide black leather neck choker just below her straight
blonde hair, a black lace push-up bra with matching thong and garter belt
holding up black stockings, and 4 inch high black spiked heels. This whole
scenario is almost too erotic to handle. I am watching Lisa put on this
sultry smoking display, and the whole time her right has been expertly
pumping my rock hard erection. Suddenly, her proficient hand cups me and
begins to tease my balls with her long fingernails.

Come on Sal, cum for me She orders me as her hand returns to working my
shaft. You know you want to This statement shows a knowing amusement on
her part. The way she is skillfully stroking me is testing my ability to
control my arousal, so I put my hands on her hips and brace myself as I
continue to take in this image of sex, smoke and seduction that stands before

Lisa is gently moaning now just to prove how gifted a tease she really is,
making my member even harder as she continues to fondle me. She is still
softly moaningand this purr continues until it forms one final command
Cum on, you know you cant hold it. With this the cigarette is slowly
raised and almost touches her mouth, a pause as her tongue languidly licks
all along the depraved smile that she is now showing me. Finally the white
filter is back between her experienced lips, starting another powerfully sexy
inhale. I am hypnotized by the squinting eyes, the cheeks hollowing slightly,
the V of  her slender fingers immorally stroking the white shaft, the
smoke curling from the tip, the decadent lingerie, and throughout this
extensive i nhale the soft but sustained moaning.

Again, Lisa pulls the long cigarette straight out from her mouth, pauses and
lustfully grins at it again while displaying it only inches from my face and
hers.  The hand holding the cigarette rests this time on my shoulder, where
the smoke drifts into my face and I have no choice but to breathe it in.
Lisas stroking of my erection is now very deliberate. Another shameless
groan escapes as her lips part, creating a controlled wafting of smoke that
begins to slowly drift out of her mouth and upward. As she continues to pump
me, she expertly controls all of the smoke drifting from her mouth. Lisa
begins to easily breathe in through her nose, and the creamy curtain of smoke
begins to curl up into her nostrils. Her hand is now focused just below the
head of my shaft with short purposeful strokes, and she now knows that I
cannot control myself any longer.

Smoke is still slowly flowing upward out of Lisas parted lips; her eyes
narrow and flutter as the cream floats slowly into her nose in endless waves.
I am one stroke away from ejaculation and sensing it, Lisa teasingly stops
jerking me. Trembling and ready to explode, I still am not able to take my
eyes off this unending french inhale. As Lisa expertly resumes stroking, I
instantly begin to shoot hot cum all over her hot body. She skillfully
controls the pulses of my orgasm while continuing this sultry french inhale.
With all of the smoke finally inhaled and her hot, brazen smile returning,
she begins a tight exhale slightly up and to the side of my face to purposely
give me the best view. This prolongs and strengthens my orgasm after it
should have subsided. Even before all of the smoke is finally exhaled, Lisa
begins a slow, sexy giggle knowing it will again reinforce the pulses of my
ejacu lation. As she throws her head back in exultation, this giggle rapidly
grows into a deep, guttural laugh; and all the while she never stops milking
my penis dry. I close my eyes and collapse into her arms.

This is like a dream come true the way Lisa changed, how she has completely
mastered her smoking techniques so quickly, so perfectly just for me. She has
become sexier, sluttier than ever before. She has been corrupted so
absolutely and she knows exactly how to pleasure me. She has become a living

With my head beginning to clear and her devilish laugh slowly becoming a
devilish grin, I open my eyes and see the look of illicit accomplishment that
is on my wife Candys face. She sees my look of genuine surprise and brief
disappointment. This expression is one that she has seen before but doesnt
quite know where it comes from or what it means. I fall back into her arms
and bury my head in her long, luxurious black hair. I think of the illusion I
have just experienced and I also think of what might have been. If I had kept
that promise to myself, if I had had the nerve to tell Lisa about my fetish,
maybe I would not have these visions of her. She is in all of my private
fantasies and has now begun to appear before my eyes during my real life
sexual experiences. Because I couldnt tell her, I can only hope that one
day she will read this and understand what I am going through and how badly I
want her to smoke for me. I want her to know, and that is why this story is
being told. If that could ever happen, I would go to her and never look back.

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