Christine - A True Story, Part 1

(by, 15 February 2003)

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Christine - A True Story

The following is based on an actual experience that I recently enjoyed.  In
order to understand the situation, you need to hear a little bit of the

I work in a large office building.  One of the girls in another office is
named Christine.  She's cute...twenty years old, about 5'4", skinny, shoulder
length brown curly hair, and really light blue eyes.  

We talk to each other via email throughout the day to help pass the time.
Though she knows I'm aroused by the sight of a woman smoking, she doesn't
know exactly how much I enjoy it.

I'm always joking with her about getting her to smoke with me, an idea she
always declines.  Once she accepted the offer, and she stood outside with me
just before Christmas and smoked a Marlboro Light with me.

Over the weekends, she goes out with her friends, and sometimes, if she's
been drinking enough, she'll smoke a cigarette or two.  She never fails to
rub it in my face first thing Monday morning, either.  It drives me nuts.

About a week ago, the topic came up again.  I told her that it was only fair
of her to smoke with me, since she seems to smoke with everyone else in the
world.  She laughed, and said that the only way she'd smoke with me was if I
promised I'd quit.

This sent my mind on a journey to find out exactly how to get what I want.

The following is the actual transcript, copied and pasted from our second
email conversation on this topic, where I was trying to get her to smoke.
(We work behind a firewall, and we can't get instant messenger programs on
the computers at our desks.  This means that the creative folks do what we've
begun to call "Email Chat".

As the saga continues, I'll be sure to add to the story.  As you're reading
this, it's important to keep one thing in mind.  This, like my story entitled
"Kelly", is an absolutely true story.  I can write fiction all day long if I
care to.  This is real.  This is exactly what has happened.  I don't know
what is going to happen in the end of the story, though I know how I'd like
it to end.

ME:                    So what about our deal?

CHRISTINE:  I just need to think.  To be quite honest, I'm afraid of getting
addicted.  I don't have an addictive personality, so it shouldn't be a
problem, but it's still a risk.  I figure even if I do get slightly addicted,
I'll be able to quit quick, because you won't be smoking and neither will
most         of the people I know.  What were the terms again?

ME:        1.  Two per day for two working weeks.  Afterwards, I'll
completely stop.  (Try at least.)  None of this "limit of ten cheats"
nonsense.  Quitting is quitting.  2. Complete confidentiality.  3. If you
should begin to feel an addiction, which is very unlikely, we can completely
void the deal.  (As long as you're not using that as an excuse to get out of
the deal.)

CHRISTINE:  2 per day for 2 weeks is 20.  That's a lot more than the original

ME:        It's one pack over two weeks is nothing to worry about
as far as addiction, I swear.

CHRISTINE:  15 over two weeks.  How are you gonna hide this?  I don't want
anyone, and I mean ANYONE, to know that I smoke.  Word travels fast around
here and my mother works here.  I don't need that stress.

ME:        Understandably...and what do you mean how am I going to hide it?
It's not like I'm going to run around telling people.  Sheesh...give me some
credit.  And I'll give you 17 over two weeks.  17-brand of your choice v.
15-brand of my choice.  It's up to you.  Plus, you've got to inhale, or they
don't count.

CHRISTINE:  16 and what I mean is that if we go out front there's bound to be
a time when my aunt comes or when Karen pops around or someone I know from

ME:        Where else could we go, first of all?  And second, with the cold
the way it is, not many people will go somewhere other than the smoking room.
And if someone comes, you can toss it without them seeing it.  (If this
happens, over half- smoked will count as one, under half doesn't count at
all.) 16, but it's my choice of brands.

CHRISTINE:  17 but you have to buy me mine!  ;)
ME:        17, I buy them, and it's my choice of brands.

CHRISTINE:  No, you said that it was your choice of brands if it was 16, plus
you know what I want.  ;)

ME:        You want cloves, which don't count.

CHRISTINE:  And why not?

ME:        The deal is cigarettes.  If it's cloves we're dealing with, then
it's going to require more than 16. haha

CHRISTINE:  But that would cost more...what's the big deal anyway?

ME:        It's not a money issue.  Let me try to catch up to where we're at.
You'll smoke 16, your choice of brands (not cloves though), over two weeks.
Then I quit, right?

CHRISTINE:  Yes but I said I would smoke 17 if you bought cloves.

ME:        No cloves.  I'm not quitting cloves, right?

CHRISTINE:  Yes, but I have different tastes than you!  And if I have to
smoke I'd rather smoke the best and the smoothest...  especially 17.

ME:        In any scientific experiment, you need a constant...cloves are not
a constant.

CHRISTINE:  This isn't an experiment...this is me getting you to quit

ME:        I meant it figuratively...

CHRISTINE:  Well, in reality I want cloves...if this was 1 or 2, I could deal
with Marlboros or whatever, but this isn't.

ME:        Just pretend you're drinking.  haha

CHRISTINE:  Haha...I always have the best then too!  That's such a lie.  But
I try my best!

ME: cloves.

CHRISTINE:  Why? Really, why?
ME:        Because it's not the same thing!

CHRISTINE:  Well, they are worse for me if that's what you mean.  This way my
17 would equal your 20.

ME:        Oh, like I WANT to do something bad to you...haha

CHRISTINE:  Yeah right.  I want cloves.

ME:        Cloves move it up to three per day then.

CHRISTINE:  No way.  17.  It shouldn't be a big deal to you, unless you're

ME:        Fine, I'll drop it to 15, but the brand of my choice.  I guess it
comes down to how badly you want me to quit.  haha


ME:        Really?  I never thought you would buy that.  haha

CHRISTINE:  Well it's funny because 15 was what I started with so I got what
I originally wanted.

ME:        Yeah, but the original deal was 10 so we both won.  

CHRISTINE:  Exactly...I knew I couldn't get 10, and that it was a little
unfair, so I made up my mind to bargain for what I thought was acceptable.  I
knew you wouldn't answer about the cloves but either way I would have won 17
cloves or 15 regular.  Both are lower than 22 which is what you wanted

ME:        Originally I wanted 20, not 22.  Sounds like a fair deal.  So to
make sure we're on the same page: You'll smoke 15 of the brand of my choice
in two weeks.  Then, I make every effort to quit.

CHRISTINE:  Yup, a really awesome effort to quit!

ME:        Yep.

CHRISTINE:  All you need now is a start date!

ME:        When do you want to go outside again?

CHRISTINE:  Just bear in mind I leave at 1:30 today because I have to go up
to school.

ME:        Then we should go soon.

CHRISTINE:  I am working right now.

ME:        Are you going to take lunch?

CHRISTINE:  Yeah, kind of...I brought some pasta from home to heat up.

ME:        When can you go out and have a cigarette with me?  haha

CHRISTINE:  Give me some time, sheesh!  I'm working on a contract!

ME:        But you're leaving at 1:30...and by the way, which do you prefer,
menthol or regular?  haha

CHRISTINE:  I have no idea.

ME:        Do you want your cigarettes to taste minty or not?

CHRISTINE:  Ummm, like it will really make a difference.

ME:        Well, I need to will determine which kind you get.

CHRISTINE:  You decide.

ME:        Okay, I decided by the way...unless you've got brands you
absolutely despise.

I've chosen Newport 100s for our little two week experience, for a few
reasons.  While it's true that I usually prefer seeing a woman with an
all-white, such as Marlboro Lights, there just isn't as much flavor (or
nicotine) in a light, and this would be self-defeating.  My goal here is to
get her to smoke, yes, but also to enjoy it, and to see why I brave the cold
northeastern climate every day to go outside and smoke.

Second, I know that a stronger cigarette will help her feel "the buzz" that
many of us enjoy in our fetish.  The strongest cigarettes I'm aware of are
Newport 100s.  I think they'll be a good choice.  Strong, plus they're 100s,
so there will be more to smoke in each cigarette.

January 22, 2003- 

About half an hour ago or so, Christine and I smoked the first of her 15
cigarettes, and yes, she inhaled every puff.  (She even did one nice nose

I was originally going to wait until I bought her the pack of Newport 100s,
but I couldn't wait any longer, so she bummed a Marlboro Light.  (Not as
strong, but hey...desperate times call for desperate measures!)  She still
doesn't know what brand I've got up my proverbial sleeve, or why I've chosen
that brand, but she'll know soon.

As she smoked it, she made a few comments, including, "I like the smoke
coming out of my mouth", and, "These aren't too bad."

I'm on my way to trying to convert her, and she has no idea whatsoever.

Later - January 22, 2003-

Here is some of the email that Christine and I have sent back and forth
regarding this topic.  This might go a whole direction that even I hadn't
planned on.

ME:       Let me threw it on the ground as soon as I was out   of
sight, right?

CHRISTINE: Actually, I didn't.  I don't cheat like that.  I sucked it down
right to the filter, though I don't know why you enjoy doing tastes

ME:       Beer is awful at first too...haha

CHRISTINE: Yes, but I drink beer less than you smoke.

ME:       My point was that tastes grow on you.

CHRISTINE: yuck!  I had to go searching for my gum...and my hands were's all your fault!

ME:       HAHA...I'll get you menthols to help with the taste issue.

CHRISTINE: oh, so NOW you're obliging me!

ME:       Well I'm not trying to kill've really never smoked
a menthol?

CHRISTINE: Um, usually when I smoke, I'm drunk, so I don't really stop and
say "Dude is this a menthol?"

ME: know what I mean...they're good if you like minty
things.  (I'm not a big fan, but that's just me.)  There are also these
Indian things called bidis that I want to try...  They look sorta like
joints, but they supposedly come in different flavors...chocolate,
strawberry, etc.  They intrigue me...haha

CHRISTINE: But cloves don't...I see.  Don't go out of your way for me.  I'll
deal.  Just like you'll deal when you quit.

ME:       Don't you worry.  I've got a brand mentally picked out for you that
you'll enjoy.  haha

CHRISTINE: You really enjoy this, don't you?

ME:       You have no idea.

CHRISTINE: Anything other than the usual reasons?

ME:       How do you mean?

CHRISTINE: I mean are there any reasons (other than the usual) why you enjoy
this so much?  You're not trying to get me addicted, are you?
:::wink:::looks around in paranoia:::

ME:       Haha...why would I do that?  Besides, let's just say
(hypothetically) that you did become addicted (which I honestly don't think
will happen).  You would become addicted because it was something it was
something you realized wasn't as bad as you thought it was, and it was
something you grew to enjoy.  Wouldn't it then be a good thing that you found
something grew to enjoy.  Wouldn't it then be a good thing that you found
something that you like?  haha...but seriously, why would I try to get you
addicted?  haha

CHRISTINE: Because then you wouldn't have to bargain to get me to!  haha
Seriously, I didn't really think you were...

ME:       If I wanted you to start smoking regularly, then I would just ask
you to.  You should know me well enough now to realize that I don't often
bite my tongue.  Would it be nice to have someone to go outside and have a
cigarette with?  Yeah.  But you're the one who has to make that decision, ya

CHRISTINE: Don't get all serious on me here, Skippy...I'm in an extra-
ordinarily good mood.

ME:       I was being honest.  I would absolutely LOVE for you to want to go
downstairs and smoke with me every day when I want to go down.  It gets
lonely out there being a criminal alone.  But you refuse to start smoking.
There's nothing I can do about that, regardless of what I want.  haha

CHRISTINE: So you really want to quit?

ME:       No.  But I know it's good for me to do that.


ME:       Why what?  Why don't I want to quit?  That's easy.  I enjoy
smoking.  It's something I enjoy.  It relaxes me, it gives me a little break
halfway through the day, and it's something that will de-stress me no matter
how stressful things get.  That's why I'm saying that you getting addicted
(not gonna happen) wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen.  You could
actually enjoy it.  haha

CHRISTINE: Then why are you quitting?

ME:       1.  I know that smoking is bad for me.  2. I wanted you to smoke
with me.


CHRISTINE: Well I have my slightly selfish reasons too...I have this theory
and I want to see if I'm right or wrong.

ME:       And what would your theory be, Dr. Freud?

CHRISTINE: I'll tell you when it's over.

ME:       If you want to talk theories, we can talk theories, but all bets
are off, and no holds are barred.  The choice is yours.  haha

CHRISTINE: Everyone has theories on everything...for instance you have a
theory on how I will react to this whole smoking bit...but you won't really
know til it's over, will you?

ME:       Exactly my point.  If you'd like to discuss theories, I'll gladly
propose my theory of how if you were to become addicted, you would see how
enjoyable it is, and you'd give up this whole "I'll get you to quit"
thing...I know you don't think I can, and that's what your theory is about,
but you can't understand the other side, which invalidates your entire
theory.  haha

CHRISTINE: I don't think you can because it's not important enough to
you...but I may be wrong.  I can enjoy something without wanting it around me
all the time...

ME:       So you're saying that if you smoked all the time, your opinion of
it wouldn't change at all?

CHRISTINE: I doubt it but it's a theory worth testing!  ;)  Do you still want
to discuss this?  I don't want to upset you.

ME:       It won't upset're willing to test MY theory?

CHRISTINE:'s a challenge worth rising to...I promise to be
completely honest...I'll answer any questions about smoking you want me to.

ME:       Then here's what I'm proposing.  You start smoking regularly, at
work, and at home, and allow yourself to become addicted.  You'll see that
it's not the worst thing in the world, and it's actually enjoyable.  You
yourself said that you used to smoke in high school, and you weren't addicted
then, so maybe you wouldn't get "hooked" now either.  But if you smoke
regularly, you'll see that it's not as bad as you make it seem.

Unfortunately, at this point, Christine had to go to class, and our
conversation was put on hold.  I'll be sure to update this story as events
unfold.  It's getting interesting now, don't you think?

I don't suspect that Christine will actually accept my offer to start smoking
regularly.  The only way I see that happening is if she gets the Newport 100s
and all of a sudden likes the way they taste.  It's definitely going to be an
interesting situation.

January 23, 2002-

Last night, I bought Christine's pack of Newport 100s.  I received an email
from her this morning which said she thought I was trying to get her hooked.
(An allegation that I, of course, denied completely!)  Maybe somewhere deep
down inside I do want to get her hooked, but on the surface, I really don't.
Yes, it would be great if she became a full time smoker, but I don't think
it's going to work quite as well as I have planned.  (Like all stories, they
never happen in real life, ya know?)  Besides, nicotine addictions aren't
really that much fun.  

We shall see what the events of the day reveal.  She may actually like the
cool, mentholated smoke that Newports offer.  If that turns out to be the
case, then we could be in luck!  She's already said that she didn't know what
menthol means, so perhaps she's never smoked one.  This could be great for
her!  I know that she doesn't like the taste, which is what menthols were
created to overcome, so maybe everything will go the right way.

Later-January 23, 2003

Christine and I went outside earlier, and she smoked about half of her
Newport 100 before someone we knew came out.  She tried to hide it, but her
effort failed.  The woman knew instantly that Christine was smoking.
Christine used the line, "I'm having a rough day", which seemed to satisfy
our co-worker's curiosity.  

Christine admitted that the Newport tasted better than the cigarettes she'd
smoked in the past, but chose not to accept my challenge of letting herself
become addicted to see if her opinion changed.  Though it's been barely
discussed, it's a challenge I may re-present at a later date.

So now, she "owes me half".  (Her words.)  I'll cash in, don't you worry!

January 24, 2003-

Christine smoked two Marlboro Lights with me today, continuing to inhale
every drag.  I noticed that she's inhaling deeper now, and her exhales are
actually beginning to become quite impressive.

I had originally planned to let her out of her end of the arrangement today,
so I discarded the pack of Newport 100s last night.  (Dumb, I know, but I've
got a conscious.)  Over the weekend, I'll pick up another pack so she can get
back to the good stuff.

I happened to think this afternoon, too.  She goes out on the weekends with
her friends, and usually ends up drinking.  When she drinks, she smokes.  We
all know how that is, I'm sure.  That would mean that she was smoking like
6-7 days per week throughout the duration of our experiment.  It might be
easier than I thought to convert her.

Plus, she used to smoke in high school, but she claims that she wasn't ever
addicted then. 

I really think she'd  be a great smoker, it's just a matter of finding the
right motivation.

January 27, 2003-

Christine and I just returned to our offices after another cigarette break.
I have definitely noticed that her inhales are deeper and longer, and her
exhales are indeed very incredible.  She looks very good smoking, and I wish
she would stick with it upon conclusion of our deal.

While she was smoking, she asked, "What happened to the Newports?" 

I reminded her that I had gotten rid of them when I was thinking of canceling
the deal, and asked if she wanted me to get her another pack.  She said she

I know that if she smokes enough Newport 100s, she'll get addicted, which is
my ultimate goal.  Hopefully, the nicotine content in the Newports is enough
that after smoking about 10 of them, she'll get hooked.  (She's got ten and a
half cigarettes left in the deal.  I could probably convince her to smoke
eleven more, since half of a cigarette is really stupid to measure.)

The fact that she's inhaling deeper and asking for Newports tells me that
maybe I've found a brand she enjoys smoking, and will inhale deep enough to
let the addiction take over.

January 29, 2003-

Christine smoked another Newport 100 with me this morning.  Her inhales and
exhales really are something to see.  She's holding the cigarette much more
comfortably now, which is something that I didn't expect.  She admitted to me
today that after she smoked today and after one of her cigarettes with me
yesterday, she did feel the famous "buzz" that we all used to feel at one
point.  When asked if it was an enjoyable sensation, she relied on the old,
"I don't like anything that interferes with my senses" crap.  I reminded her
that she's the person who claims to "only smoke when she's drinking" and that
alcohol impairs her mind much more than smoking does.  

She dodged the question about whether or not she enjoyed it, simply stating
that it was "different".  I'm hoping that perhaps she's just afraid to admit
it was a little enjoyable, but I'm sure that's just wishful thinking on my

I really don't think she'll start smoking regularly.  I know I would like to
see her out there smoking with me every day, and I don't really want to quit,
but it is the best thing for my health.

I've tried to casually suggest some of the positive aspects of the habit,
hoping that would help on my journey to convincing Christine that it isn't
the worst thing in the world, but who knows how helpful anything I try will

I'm not giving up, though.  I won't give up until she exhales the last puff.

January 30, 2003-

Christine went outside this morning to smoke another cigarette with me, and
unfortunately one of our co-workers came out as well, so she couldn't smoke

Later on this afternoon, however, she came outside again, and she in fact
smoked another of her Newport 100s.  Knowing that one gave her a buzz
yesterday, you can imagine my surprise when she asked for the second one
immediately following the first.  Yes, Christine chain-smoked two consecutive
Newport 100s.  Some people she knew started walking towards us though, and
she could only finish a little less than half before she got scared and threw
it in the ashtray, admitting that it didn't count.

I asked her if the buzz was still there, and she just giggled and said it
was.  Of course, this meant I had to ask her again if it was enjoyable, and
this time she actually admitted that "it would be if it didn't make me want
to go back to my office, curl up, and take a nap."  She enjoyed the buzz....a
step in the right direction.  Unfortunately, we're running out of time in our
deal, and she still seems dead set against smoking full time.  (She said
she's a little nauseous too, so that won't be a sight I'll see again.)  I'm
wondering what the hell I can say to her to convince her to smoke more

January 31, 2003-

Christine smoked cigarettes number 12 and 13 with me today.  She was having a
very rotten Friday, and I'm hoping that the cigarette this afternoon calmed
her down a little bit.  That would be a great way for her to realize the
benefits of smoking.  I've already mentioned that once our deal is over, and
I have to quit (something I'm not looking forward to at all), we won't have
any reason to take breaks anymore, so we'll have to sit at our desks all day
doing actual work!  She hasn't commented on that yet, but I'm not one to let
things go when I want an answer.  Her inhales and exhales are very
impressive.  She's taking full sized drags now, inhaling the smoke, and
holding the smoke in her lungs for almost two to three seconds before
exhaling.  Her exhale style is a hybrid mouth/nose exhale.  She begins the
exhale with pursed lips, then the tail end of the exhale is from both her
mouth and her nose.  (My favorite type, personally.)  I'm realizing she may
not get hooked from just fifteen cigarettes, regardless of how strong they
are.  My last chance is that either the two she has remaining on Monday will
do the trick, or she is hooked and doesn't know it.  If that's the case, I'll
have to wait and see when our deal is through.  Perhaps her first "nic-fit"
will reveal an addiction neither of us saw coming.

February 10, 2003-

Christine stuck to her end of the arrangement, and she successfully smoked
her fifteen cigarettes.  She actually smoked more than that because a few
times, she threw it when someone we knew was coming, so I told her they
didn't count.  All in all, I'd say she smoked about 18 of them, mostly
Newport 100s.

Also, one Friday night she went out with some of the people from her office.
(We work for the same place but in different units.)  Having an absolutely
rotten day, I figured that she'd probably have a drink or two, which she told
me Monday that she did.

She also informed me that she bummed a Newport from another of her coworkers,
and that smoking it made her feel much more relaxed.  In fact, the cigarette
was something that helped her.

She didn't get addicted, like I'd hoped, but it sure was fun trying to get
her hooked.  At the end of our deal, she was taking enormous drags on the
Newport 100s, inhaling the smoke deep, holding it in for two, three,
sometimes even four seconds, and then blowing it out through pursed lips.
Occasionally she'd finish her exhale through her nose or even speak through
the tail end of it.  It was an amazing sight, to say the least.

Who knows if I'll be able to get Christine to smoke again.  I was able to
talk my way out of my end of the deal, something that I didn't necessarily
like, because I try to keep my word as often as I can.  However, I never
intended on quitting at the end of the deal.  Granted, that's not much
better, but at least I got to watch her smoke.  It was indeed, a beautiful
two weeks.

If there are any changes to this story, I'll be sure to submit the additions.  

I know that many of you don't agree with the philosophy of getting others to
smoke, but the way I see it is this.  It is our duty, as smoking fetishers,
to ensure that there will never be a day when no one smokes anymore.  

It is getting more and more difficult to enjoy a sighting.  People just
aren't smoking as much as they used to.   Sure, that might be great for the
healthcare system, but it's awful for those of us who like women who smoke.

So my request to all of you is that you encourage every woman you know
(provided she's of legal age of course) to smoke.  Teach them to enjoy it,
and sooner or later, they'll be addicted. 

Until next time, keep smoking, and keep teaching...

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