Smoker's Paradise: Cigarettes and Exhibitionism, Part 1

(by Chain Dragon, 27 January 2008)

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Author's Note: This story is a sequel to "Smoker's Paradise: Shawna Goes to
College." This is an erotic story containing graphic depictions of hardcore

The setting is a fictional tropical island called Paradise, where attitudes
about smoking, drinking, nudity, and sex are much more liberal than those in
the default world. 

Smoker's Paradise: Cigarettes and Exhibitionism 
By Chain Dragon

Part 1

It was a beautiful, sunny Friday afternoon on the campus of Paradise
University.  The late classes were just getting out, and hundreds of students
were hanging around outside, playing games, sunbathing, and occasionally even
doing a little light studying.  The atmosphere was already a little more
festive than usual; there were lots of wild, crazy parties planned for
tonight, and everyone was excited to get started.

Two gorgeous young women strutted confidently across the quad, drawing the
gaze of nearly every guy they passed.  Shawna, the taller of the two by a
hair, had long brown hair that hung to the top of her large, round tits and a
Winston cigarette dangling from her ruby-red lips.  Her friend Nikki was a
skinny, slutty blonde with a cute face and perky, medium-sized tits.  A
Newport 100 smoldered between the fingers of her right hand.  The campus had
a very relaxed dress code, and both girls were taking full advantage of it -
they had traded in the shorts and tight t-shirts they usually wore to class
for a pair of tiny thong bikinis, little bits of fabric that left almost
nothing to the imagination.  Their bare breasts caught the warm tropical
sunshine and swayed enticingly as they walked.  They both looked great and
they knew it.  Their sexy swagger - and the trail of cigarette smoke that
always followed in their wake - had become a familiar sight during the seven
months since the beginning of the school year, and they loved the sensation
of so many eyes on their half-naked nineteen-year-old bodies.

Shawna took the last drag from her cigarette and cast it aside into the
grass, already pulling another one and her lighter from the half-empty pack
tucked into the waistband of her tiny red swimsuit.  She lit up, smiled at
Nikki, and put an arm around the blonde's tight young body.  It was an
exciting time for both of them, but especially for Shawna - they were making
one of their frequent visits to her favorite place on campus, the tobacco
shop in the student union.

Buying cigarettes was something Shawna hadn't paid a lot of attention to
until recently.  During high school, her mom usually did the shopping; new
cartons of Winstons just seemed to magically appear whenever Shawna needed
them.  That changed once she moved away to go to college.  She quickly found
that buying her own cigarettes was a great way to show her love of smoking to
the world.  But it quickly moved past simple excitement to become something
erotic.  She loved to show off her voluptuous young body, and she loved to
smoke during sex.  It was only natural, then, to find a way to combine the
two.  So she started making a production out of her twice-weekly cigarette
runs, always choosing the skimpiest outfits she could find and making sure to
strut proudly across campus to the shop, then strut back just as proudly,
carrying a couple cartons of her beloved cigarettes.  Nikki, her roommate and
occasional lover, was enthralled by the idea as well and went along with her
as often as possible.

The girls reached the edge of the quad and stepped into the courtyard of the
student union.  Because of the eternally gorgeous weather in Paradise City,
most of the complex was open to the outdoors.  Several fast-food joints and
shops surrounded the central courtyard, where a handful of small tables were
arranged around a gurgling fountain.  The area wasn't too crowded at the
moment.  It was too early for dinner, so most of the students seemed to be
out enjoying the open air of the quads, but there were a few people around,
eating, reading, chatting, and flirting.

The girls' destination was one of the larger shops, three or four times the
size of their dorm room, but still crammed practically wall-to-wall with
cigarettes.  Smoking was something of a favorite pastime among Paradise
University students.  It seemed like nearly everyone Shawna knew was a
smoker, and quite a few of them were happy to indulge heavily in the habit.

"Hey, girls!" a familiar voice said as they walked into the store.

Shawna turned toward the counter and saw her ex-boyfriend Adrian standing
behind it.  This wasn't his usual working shift, but hours tended to be
variable in part- time campus jobs.  He was shirtless - the dress code was
rather lax even for employees - and a half-smoked Marlboro was burning in an
ashtray on the counter.  Shawna liked the view she had of his tall, lean
body.  "Hey, stud," she said, letting smoke drift from her mouth as she

"Carton day again, huh?"

"Fuck yeah," Shawna said, looking around hungrily at the multitude of cartons
on the shelves.  She already knew what she wanted, but it was still fun to
look at the vast assortment of tobacco that was fueling the addictions of
several thousand fellow students.  There were so many brands of cigarettes to
choose from.  She had spent a memorable couple of months in her first
semester trying a carton of each different brand - only the full flavors;
lights were like smoking air to her - to see which ones she liked best.  In
the end, she had come right back to her Winstons, the brand she had been
smoking since childhood.  Now, she pulled two cartons of them from the shelf
and carried them over to the register.

Adrian punched some keys on the cash register and said, "That's $37.46."

"Fuck, did the prices go up?" Shawna asked indignantly as she handed him her
credit card.  It was actually her parents' card, which they had given her
when she started school to make sure she would never run out of cigarette

"Yeah," Adrian replied as he dragged from his cigarette.

"You sure you just didn't forget to put in the student discount?"

Adrian smiled.  "I'm sure.  I got zinged by the price increase too.  But we
can't complain too much, I guess.  I hear cigs are running like seven bucks a
pack in some places in the US now."

Shawna blew a thick cloud of smoke into the air above Adrian's head.  "That
would suck more than I could ever imagine.  Good thing we live in a place
without insane tobacco taxes."

Nikki stepped up to the counter with two cartons of her Newport 100s.  She
smiled at Adrian as she put out her cigarette in his ashtray and lit another.
Nikki didn't smoke quite as heavily as Shawna did, but the girls always made
it a point to chain- smoke constantly whenever they were in the tobacco shop.
It just seemed sacrilegious to even be in the building without a lit

"Two cartons, huh?" Adrian said.  "Don't tell me Shawna finally corrupted you
into an extreme smoker like she is."

"I'm perfectly capable of corrupting myself, thank you," Nikki said, with
mock haughtiness, then paused for a moment and laughed cheerfully.  Adrian
and Shawna laughed along with her.  "Actually, I'm down to my last pack, so
if I only bought one carton, you'd be seeing me back here way too soon,"
Nikki said.

"I wouldn't mind that," Adrian said with a sly smile and a purposeful flicker
of his eyes down to her bare breasts.

Nikki smiled and reached across the counter to pinch his nipple.  "You
planning to hit the party scene tonight?"

"Hit it?  I'm one of the ones making it happen.  My frat house is having the
kegger to end all keggers.  We're going to have so many kegs that, if you
lined them up, you could walk there from here without touching the ground."

"That will definitely bring out the boys," Nikki said, blowing menthol smoke
toward him.  "Hopefully they'll be looking for some loving just like I am."

Nikki went on talking and flirting with Adrian, but Shawna wasn't paying
attention.  As she lit another cigarette, she gazed for a moment through the
flame of her lighter at the shelves full of cigarettes.  Her eyes stopped on
the fire extinguisher hanging on the wall, and she imagined what it would be
like if the store was on fire.  The last thing she would do, she thought,
would be to use the fucking fire extinguisher.  She imagined herself alone in
the store, with a roaring fire leaping out of control and trying to devour
everything in sight.  Seeing so much tobacco burning at once would send her
into a frenzy, pulling cartons from the shelves to be engulfed in the flames
below, then tearing off her clothes and lying in the middle of it,
masturbating frantically, bringing herself to orgasm after orgasm as she
breathed in the smoke from thousands of cigarettes at once, until a gorgeous,
hunky fireman dragged her ravaged body from the building and shoved an oxygen
mask into her face.

Shawna's fantasy was interrupted when she noticed that her cigarette had
burned to the filter.  It was still dangling from her lips; she had been
breathing through it as she daydreamed, barely removing it from her mouth
long enough to trim her ash.  She also realized she had a hand down the front
of her little g-string and two fingers inside her dripping pussy.  She left
them there, fucking herself gently, as she used her free hand to light
another cigarette.  The harsh smoke felt amazing sliding down into her
well-worn lungs.

Nikki and Adrian were kissing now, their cigarettes sitting unattended in the
ashtray.  Adrian was caressing her perky tits and pinching her erect nipples
between his fingers.  Shawna put a hand on Nikki's almost-naked ass and said,
teasingly, "Want me to watch the store for a minute while you two sneak out
for a quickie?"

"Come on, Shawna," Adrian said.  "You know I'm not that impatient."

Nikki took the last drag from her cigarette, put it out, and pulled another
one from her pack.  "We should probably get going," she said as she placed
the new cigarette between her lips and sparked her gold lighter to life.  The
end of the cigarette caught in a perfect, even burn, and she took a couple
quick puffs to get it going.  Her first serious drag was a long one, allowing
her to savor the taste of the smoke.  Her lips parted, allowing a ball of
thick, white smoke to creep partway out of her mouth, before she inhaled
sharply, pulling it back into her mouth and deep into her lungs.

Nikki turned toward Shawna and smiled when she noticed the brunette watching
her.  "Ready to go?"

"Yeah."  Shawna kissed Adrian goodbye and the two scantily clad girls picked
up their cartons of cigarettes and carried them lovingly out of the store.

When they got back out to the quad, the first thing Shawna and Nikki
encountered was a small group of people tossing a Frisbee around.  One of
them was Jackie, a black- haired senior girl whom Shawna had dated for a
couple of months last semester.  She was topless, wearing only a pair of
tight cutoffs that accentuated her long, shapely legs.  She caught the flying
disc effortlessly with one hand and sent it spinning off through the air
toward one of her friends, never once disturbing the half-smoked cigarette
she held in her other hand.

"Hey, girlfriend," Shawna said when Jackie turned toward her.  Despite the
fact that her relationships seldom lasted very long, Shawna usually stayed on
good terms with her exes.

"Shawna, you chain-smoking slut!" Jackie said with a smile.  "How's it

"Awesome," Shawna said.  "Just picked up some lung candy for the weekend."
She held up the two cartons in her hands.

"Cool," Jackie said, giving Shawna and Nikki a hug and kiss.  She indicated
the game of Frisbee still going on behind her.  "Want to join us?"

"Not right now," Shawna said.  "I think I'm going to head back to my room and
make sure I have everything I need to party my ass off tonight."

"You sure?" Jackie said, then shrugged when she saw Shawna shake her head.
"Oh, well, I'll get you to get some exercise one of these days."

Shawna looked down at her tight, shapely body, which owed much of its
thinness to the fact that she sometimes forgot to eat and made up for it by
smoking.  It was enough to keep her looking good, but she definitely wasn't
athletic.  Still, she didn't think she was in terrible shape for someone who
smoked five packs a day.  She could still do a fantastic job of riding cock.
But that was actually related to the reason she wanted to get home so badly.
Her fantasy in the tobacco shop had made her unbearably horny, and she was
desperate to get back to her room and take care of her raging hormones.

"Hey, there's a big party going on at Adrian's frat house tonight," Shawna
said.  "Pass the word around.  You'll probably see me there if you go."

"Sounds great.  Catch you later, Shawna."  Jackie turned back to her Frisbee
game as Shawna and Nikki started toward their dorm.

They had barely made it into the building before Shawna slid the crotch of
her thong aside and slipped her fingers back inside her hot, wet, pussy.  It
felt amazing, and she couldn't wait to get back to her room to begin
masturbating seriously.  Or fucking Nikki.  Either one sounded good right

Nikki glanced down and saw what Shawna was doing. "If being in the tobacco
shop turns you on so much, why don't you get a job there?"

"Maybe I will, as soon as they start hiring again," Shawna said.  "It would
be a lot of fun, until I smoked myself to death."

"You're doing a pretty good job of that on your own."

"No way.  The amount I've been smoking this year, I feel like I can keep up
forever."  Shawna took a deep drag from her cigarette, her bare breasts
rising as she inhaled.  She dropped the spent filter into the wall ashtray
outside the elevator and lit another one as they waited for the car.

Nikki finished her cigarette right after the elevator doors closed, and she
lit another as well.  She hooked her fingers on the waistband of her tiny
white thong and tugged the material down off her hips.  It dropped to the
floor and she knelt down to pick it up, then stood up and watched Shawna free
herself of her own swimsuit.  A few seconds later, the doors opened and the
girls stepped stark naked into the third floor hallway.  As they approached
their room, they noticed a small package from UPS, a bit larger than a carton
of cigarettes, sitting on the floor outside their door.

"It came!" Nikki cried in excitement as she scooped up the box.

"What is it?" Shawna asked as she unlocked the door.

"A little surprise I ordered on the web the other day.  I'll show you when we
get inside."

Shawna pushed open the door and the girls stepped through.  Nikki sat down on
the couch and started eagerly unwrapping her package.  Shawna grabbed two
bottles of beer from the mini-fridge and joined her, fondling Nikki's perky
tits and breathing through her dangling cigarette.

Nikki finished unwrapping her package and pulled out what looked like a
large, pale blue dildo.  Shawna wasn't surprised; only a sex toy could get
her friend this excited.  Nikki looked it over, then handed it to Shawna for
inspection.  It was about ten inches long, with a smooth head and bulging
veins like a penis, and a sculpted pair of balls at the base that made the
total shaft length around seven inches.  Then Shawna saw what was so special
about it to make Nikki anticipate it so eagerly.  At the tip of the penis was
a small hole a quarter inch in diameter, and built into the base below the
ball sack was a small reservoir for water and a holder for a cigarette or

"A dildo bong!" Shawna said, clutching it between her large, firm breasts.
"I think I'm in love."  She rubbed the tip of the dildo over her moist labia
for a few seconds, then slipped it deep into her aching pussy.  "Wow, that's
a great fit, too."

Nikki pulled out a baggie of weed and started rolling a joint, her fingers
working expertly while her cigarette bounced up and down between her lips.
"Hand it over," she said when she had the joint assembled to perfection.

Shawna slid the dildo out of her pussy and offered it to Nikki.  The blonde
took it and licked a bit of Shawna's sweet wetness from its shiny length,
then held it between her tanned thighs and inserted the now-smoldering joint
into the holder.  She brought the business end of the dildo to her mouth,
closed her lips around the molded rubber cock head, and inhaled deeply.  The
tip of the joint glowed bright red.  She held the smoke deep in her lungs and
handed the toy to Shawna.

"Now you can fuck yourself and smoke up at the same time," Nikki said, wisps
of smoke drifting from her mouth.

Shawna closed her lips around the toy and took a large hit. "Think you can
deep throat it?" she asked after her exhale.

"Fuck yeah," Nikki said.  "I can deep throat anything."  She tilted her head
back and pushed the shaft of the dildo bong into her mouth.  It slid easily
down her throat until the fake balls touched her chin.  Shawna watched the
cherry of the joint glow bright red, and saw her friend's tits rise as she
inhaled.  It was a wonderful, slutty look, and she loved it.  Her pussy
started getting even wetter.  Nikki removed the bong and gave Shawna a look
that was a mix of excitement and lust.  "Wow.  That is totally my new
favorite way to smoke."

Shawna grinned and took a regular hit from the bong, then brought it down to
her pussy.  Slipping it inside her reminded her how horny she was.  She
pumped it in and out for a few seconds, while taking a couple drags from her
Winston, then handed it back to Nikki.

They passed the dildo bong back and forth until the joint was burned to a
tiny cinder.  It was really the most perfect sex toy they could imagine.  Sex
and smoking had long been inseparable for both of them.  And, as comfortable
as they were with each other sexually, neither one minded if the other
decided to pleasure herself a bit before handing it back.

Shawna watched Nikki pull the remnant of the joint from the holder and toss
it into the ashtray.  The weed was already starting to hit her, and it was
making her even hornier than before, if that was possible.  She needed some
relief very soon, and now she knew exactly what form it would take.  Lighting
two cigarettes, she puffed on them rapidly until the embers were half an inch
long, perfect for getting the deep drags of dense smoke she needed.  She left
one cigarette between her lips, taking a hard, ten- second-long drag from it,
while she inserted the other into the dildo bong's holder.  Instead of
inhaling as usual, she held the smoke from her drag in her mouth, then
brought the tip of the dildo to her lips and took a deep, chest-expanding hit
from the cigarette in the bong.  An explosion of smoke rushed into her lungs,
filling them until they felt like they would burst.  She felt an instant rush
from all the nicotine entering her system at once.  It was paradise.  She
held her breath as long as she could and slammed the dildo bong deep into her
slippery cunt, the cigarette still attached to its base.

"Oh, fuck, that feels awesome," Shawna moaned, exhaling a massive cloud of
smoke into the hazy air.  She continued fucking herself, watching the
cigarette in the bong's base burn at a glacial pace down toward the filter.
Ashes from the tip fell randomly onto the carpet, matching the ashes from the
cigarette clamped between her lips, which were starting to fall onto the
upper curves of her large breasts.  She was barely able to keep track of
them, and she didn't care.  She needed more smoke and she needed to come
badly.  After a minute, Nikki put another Winston into Shawna's mouth and lit
it for her; Shawna tried to express her thanks but she was aroused beyond the
capacity for speech, and all that came out was an incoherent moan.  Her pussy
was on fire, and she kept ramming the new sex toy into herself as fast as she
could, while rubbing her aching clit with her other hand.  Nikki lit another
cigarette of her own, then began to caress Shawna's bouncing breasts and
tease her rock-hard nipples.  Shawna moaned again, more loudly, almost
dropping her cigarette.  She rubbed her clit a little harder, a little
faster, and finally felt her climax nearing.  Her entire body grew tense, and
she felt a moment of pure, tranquil bliss, then she threw her head back and
screamed around her cigarette as the orgasm detonated throughout her body.

"Wow," Shawna said, breathlessly, as her aftershocks began to die away and
she sat, exhausted, on the couch.  She pulled the nearly spent cigarette from
her lips and tossed it into the ashtray, then plucked the cigarette from the
base of the dildo.  It had burned most of the way down, but there was still a
little tobacco left in it, enough for one drag.  She sucked it into her tired
lungs, dropped the cigarette into the ashtray, and exhaled around the shaft
of the dildo as she licked her juices from the toy.

"Looks like you like my new toy even more than I do," Nikki said.

"Yeah," Shawna said.  "I haven't come that hard in weeks."  She pulled
Nikki's pouty red lips to hers and kissed her softly.

"Want to try for more?" Nikki said, caressing Shawna's voluptuous breast.

"Okay," Shawna said, flipping open her pack of cigarettes.  "But I want to
make you come first."

The girls lay together on Nikki's bed and started to kiss more passionately.
They chain-smoked continuously, feeding delicious gray clouds of smoke to
each other.  It was a much more relaxed, sensual experience this time than
Shawna's frantic masturbation a few minutes before.  Shawna looked into
Nikki's eyes, enjoying the soft, yet determined way Nikki was touching her.
She let Nikki lick and suck at her big, round tits for a long time, then
pushed her blonde lover onto her back and slid down between the girl's legs.
Nikki was totally relaxed, snuggling comfortably into a big, fluffy pillow,
smoking and playing with her firm nipples.  She was very wet, and Shawna
enjoyed the taste and texture of her hot pussy.  She flicked her tongue over
Nikki's clit the way Nikki always liked it, bringing a moan of appreciation
from the blonde's smoky mouth.  Shawna slipped her fingers between the girl's
labia, feeling the slick warmth inside her, as she continued teasing Nikki's
swollen clit with her tongue.  Nikki began to grow tense again as the sexual
energy built within her naked body.  Shawna responded by increasing the
pressure on her clit.  Nikki's moans grew louder and she started to arch her
back and press her crotch more firmly against Shawna's face.  A minute or two
later, her orgasm flooded through her and she slumped back onto the sheets, a
satisfied twinkle in her eyes.

She only rested for a moment, though, barely long enough for Shawna to light
another cigarette.  Then, with a growl of "your turn," she pushed her
big-titted lover onto her back and dove for her pussy.  Shawna dragged deeply
on her cigarette and lay back to enjoy the blonde's talented, smoky tongue
roaming over her aching slit.  She was so tired that the sex was a blur,
nothing compared to what she had done to herself just a few minutes ago.
Instead, it was a haze of warm sensations as her pussy returned to its former
wetness and she sucked down vast clouds of smoke.  Nikki slipped two fingers
into Shawna's pussy and rubbed Shawna's clit with her thumb as Shawna
breathed through yet another cigarette.  It seemed like she must have already
smoked several whole cartons today.  Having her blood saturated with so much
nicotine felt wonderful, almost as good as what Nikki was doing to her pussy.
Shawna felt the blonde's lips closing around her clit and knew she couldn't
hold back much longer.  She took the longest drag she could manage and held
it deep inside her lungs as her second orgasm exploded in a wave of pleasure
through her naked body.  She tried to hold the smoke in as long as she could,
but eventually the pleasure overwhelmed her and she let out a long, ecstatic
moan as smoke poured out of her satisfied lungs.

Shawna lay back and lit another cigarette.  Nikki cuddled up against her and
ran a finger through a streak of crumbled ash next to Shawna's nipple.  They
smoked quietly for a few more minutes before dozing off into the welcome
darkness of an hour-long nap.  It was almost dinnertime when they awoke, lit
cigarettes, and headed for the shower.

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