Smoker's Paradise: Cigarettes and Exhibitionism, Part 2

(by Chain Dragon, 27 January 2008)

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Author's Note: This story is a sequel to "Smoker's Paradise: Shawna Goes to
College." This is an erotic story containing graphic depictions of hardcore

The story is set on a fictional tropical island called Paradise, where
attitudes about smoking, drinking, nudity, and sex are much more liberal than
those in the default world. 

Smoker's Paradise: Cigarettes and Exhibitionism
By Chain Dragon

Part 2

"So, how many packs have you gone through today?" Shawna asked, exhaling a
thick burst of cigarette smoke with each word.  It was nine-thirty, and the
girls were in their dorm room, just getting ready to head out to find some

"Three, minus a couple cigs I smoked last night," Nikki said, unwrapping a
new pack of Newport 100s.  "This pack will be my fourth."  That was above
average for her; she had increased her smoking quite a bit over the course of
the school year, but four packs was still her usual average for an entire
day, and the night was still young.

Shawna began a ten-second chest-heaving drag; Nikki lit up and emulated her
halfway through.  Shawna held the smoke in her lungs for a moment before
speaking.  "How many do you think you'll smoke by tonight?"

"I'm thinking five," Nikki said.  "Maybe more, if I get drunk enough."

"I'd love to see you chain-smoke constantly for the rest of the night,"
Shawna said, passing her a beer from the mini-fridge.

"How about you?" Nikki asked after taking a swig.  She took another long drag
as Shawna answered.

"I just finished my third pack, too.  But I woke up at least an hour later
than you did."  Shawna took a drag and let her cigarette dangle as she
twisted the cap off of her own beer.  "I'll do six packs today, easy." She
paused for a drag from her cigarette, then put it out and lit another.  "Now,
what do you think I should wear?"

"Why the hell does it matter?  We both know we're only going to keep our
clothes on for about thirty seconds once we get to the party."

"Yeah, but we can at least look sexy walking across campus to get there."

"Whatever," Nikki said with a shrug.  She took a drag from her cigarette and
started looking through her wardrobe.

Shawna ended up picking out a black leather miniskirt she had bought a few
weeks ago and was dying to find some reason to wear.  She went without
panties; she didn't like underwear that much anyway, and besides, it felt a
lot sexier that way.  Nikki put on a pair of tight, ass-hugging cutoffs.  She
had actually worn them to class earlier in the day, but she still looked sexy
as hell.  If they had been planning to stay on campus all night, they would
have gone topless to enjoy the university's liberal dress code.  But because
they wanted to head to one or the other of the off-campus frat parties, they
put on string bikini tops to make sure they satisfied the local authorities,
who sometimes still gave tickets to topless women outside the university

They planned to eventually end up at a kegger being hosted at Shawna's ex-
boyfriend Adrian's frat house, but they decided to check out a few other,
closer parties first.  They left their dorm shortly before ten o'clock and
spent the next two hours at two different parties, starting at the building
next to theirs, and continuing on to another dorm closer to the edge of
campus.  Both parties were cool, but a little slow.  It was still too early,
and the frat houses were going all-out this weekend, so they probably had
already drawn most of the crowd off-campus.  Shawna and Nikki typically made
it a point to get laid every time they went out partying, but this time they
kept things a little cool, making out with a few guys and girls but not going
much beyond that.  Nikki did give a blowjob to a cute guy at the second
party, but he was almost too drunk to enjoy it, making it a
less-than-memorable experience for her as well.  That was it for sex so far.
Their sexual energies were building, but still unsatisfied.   As it neared
midnight, Shawna and Nikki decided it was finally time to head off campus.

Adrian's frat house was three blocks from the edge of campus.  It wasn't
exactly like the frat houses in the movies.  For one thing, it was co-ed - no
Paradise City college student could understand why it was a good idea to make
so many potential sex partners live in a whole different building - and for
another, the parties were way crazier.  By the time the two girls got there,
it was rocking so hard they thought for a moment that someone might bring the
entire house down.

Adrian turned out to be correct in his prediction - there were more kegs
sitting around than Shawna had ever seen.  She had barely stepped into the
courtyard at the side of the building before she found herself somehow
holding a cup of beer.  Not really wanting to carry it around with her, she
tilted her head back and drained it in one easy motion.  That didn't really
help, though.  By the time she paused to light a cigarette, someone had
picked up the empty cup from the table beside her and refilled it.  She gave
the group of guys around the keg an amused look, blew a cloud of smoke at
them, took the beer in one hand and Nikki's arm in the other, and wandered
away.  She knew the guys were still watching her, and she couldn't blame
them.  How many hot, chain- smoking chicks would they meet tonight who could
chug a beer in five seconds flat?  The answer was actually two, but they
didn't know that because Nikki had decided not to show off with the beer they
had handed her.

The two girls made their way inside through the crowd, shedding their bikini
tops as they went.  Lots of people were already naked and random sex was
going on almost everywhere, so much so that they literally had to climb over
several busy couples and threesomes just to make their way across one room.
They had obviously found the right party.

The building was huge, and it took them almost an hour to work their way
through the crowds of sexy young people to reach the top floor.  They found a
large rec room up there, with a big-screen TV, a few pool and air hockey
tables, and a huge wet bar covering almost one entire wall.  A fragrant
mixture of tobacco and marijuana smoke hung in the air despite the open

As they entered the room, they finally found Adrian.  He was standing at the
bar with three of his friends.  All four were naked, holding cups of beer in
one hand and cigarettes in the other.  Shawna waved at them and led Nikki
across the room.  Both girls were naked by now, as well, and the four guys
barely even made eye contact as they watched the two beauties strut toward

"Hey, stud," Shawna said to Adrian, putting her arms around him and sliding
her tongue into his mouth.

"You made it!" Adrian said happily.  His words were slightly slurred, but
still respectable, considering that he had probably been drinking heavily for
several hours now.

"Yeah!" Shawna shouted back, not exactly sober herself.

Adrian introduced his three friends, but neither Shawna nor Nikki caught
their names over the loud music thumping through the room.

"Did you girls get laid yet?" Adrian shouted.

"Yeah," Shawna said in his ear.  "We stumbled into one of the orgy rooms a
couple minutes after we got here."

"Cool," Adrian said, dropping his spent cigarette to the floor and lighting
another from a pack on the bar.  "I was in one of those earlier.  Got it on
with a hot chick who chain-smoked the whole time I was fucking her.  Kind of
reminded me of you."

Shawna laughed.

"I could actually use a little more cock," Nikki said in her ear.  "Look at
this whole big room with all these people in it.  And hardly anyone's having
sex.  Want to grab these guys and show everyone how it's done?"

Shawna grinned wickedly.  "I'm down with that."  She paused for a drag from
her cigarette and thought about the way Nikki and Adrian had been making out
in the tobacco shop this afternoon.  She leaned close to her blonde friend's
ear.  "You want to fuck Adrian?"


Shawna actually could have gone for a romp with her ex-boyfriend and his
gorgeous cock, but she wasn't going to fight Nikki for him.  Instead, when
there was a break in the music a moment later, she turned to Adrian's three
friends and said, "Which one of you guys is the heaviest smoker?"

The guy to Adrian's left, an average-sized guy with straight, shoulder-length
black hair, said, "That would probably be me.  Three packs a day or so."

Shawna smiled.  "That works for me."  She closed her hand around his dick and
felt it expand easily in her grasp.  It was average-sized, but it still
looked big enough to please her.  She ran her hand up and down its length.
Without saying anything, he reached for her big tits.  Shawna knew enough
guys like him to expect him to know how to respond to her advance.  She
glanced over to see what Nikki was doing. The blonde was busy kissing Adrian
just as enthusiastically as she had done this afternoon.

Shawna turned back to her man.  "You ready to fuck, smoker?"

"You want to go somewhere more private?"

"No," Shawna said.  "My friend thinks we need to make things a little more
exciting out here."

The guy smiled.  "Okay."

Shawna nudged her roommate, who was now making out with one of Adrian's other
friends, a muscular guy with a scattering of tattoos across his chest and
shoulders.  "Nikki," she said.  "Choose your boy meat and let's go fuck."

Shawna and her guy headed out toward the center of the room, looking for a
good place to start fucking, where they would be most visible to everyone.
Shawna hadn't had sex in a place this public in weeks, and her pussy was
already moistening at the thought of it.

"What position do you want to do it in?" her guy asked.

Shawna took a drag from her cigarette, making sure to exaggerate the heaving
of her tits, and blew the smoke in his face.  "Something where we can both
smoke."  She took another drag to think about it, then noticed that Nikki was
leading not just Adrian but also his two other friends toward a pool table in
the middle of the room.  Nikki stood at one end of it and started kissing
each of the three guys in turn.  Their hands roamed all over her naked body,
exploring every inch of her from her thighs to her tits.

"Over there," Shawna said to her lover.  "Take me from behind while we watch
them fuck."  She placed her hands on the edge of the pool table and bent
over, spreading her legs.  There was an ashtray nearby, and she dragged it
closer, setting it next to her pack of cigarettes.  She had a great buzz
going from all the beer she had been drinking, and getting this drunk always
brought out a strong nicotine craving that she knew she could only satisfy by
smoking constantly.  She took a long drag as she felt her partner guided his
cock slowly into her moist pussy.  His thrusts pushed her forward and
backward, but she didn't take her eyes off the scene unfolding just a few
feet away.

Nikki stopped making out with her three guys long enough to say a few things
to them.  Shawna couldn't hear the words over the pounding music, but Nikki
was pointing and gesturing in a way that meant she was giving them some kind
of directions.  A moment later, she hopped up onto the pool table, her legs
hanging over the edge.  She took the last drag from her cigarette, tossed it
onto the floor, and lay flat on her back on the table.  Adrian knelt between
her legs, licking hungrily at her pussy.  The muscular guy climbed onto the
table with Nikki and crouched over her face.  She grabbed his erect cock and
pulled it into her mouth.  The third guy, a blond, stood next to the table,
playing with Nikki's tits.

Shawna lit another cigarette and handed her partner's pack to him.  They
continued smoking and fucking, still watching Nikki get ravished by her three
lovers.  Other people in the room were taking notice, too, and soon a crowd
began to form around the six naked young people, cheering and shouting
half-slurred encouragement.  The sex, which had only been about average so
far, took on a new level of intensity as the girls reveled in the gaze of a
few dozen onlookers.

Adrian stood between Nikki's legs and pushed his eight-inch cock slowly into
her pussy.  The other two guys kept up what they were doing, one fucking her
mouth and the other playing with her tits.  Nikki pulled the cock of the guy
on top of her deeper into her mouth.  Shawna thought it would be a feat of
sluttiness to deep throat him from that position, but if anyone could pull it
off, Nikki could.  Shawna was so absorbed by the show unfolding in front of
her that she barely even realized her partner had taken his cock out of her.
She jumped when his lips closed around her clit and almost dropped her

"Sorry," the guy said.

Shawna looked down at her partner through the deep valley of her cleavage.
"Keep going," she shouted.  "It felt good."

The guy's tongue prodded Shawna's cunt as she resumed watching Nikki get
triple-fucked.  After a moment, she felt him place his hand on her ass, and
she looked back to see that he had straightened up.  She smiled at him and
turned back to the show as he penetrated her again.  He fucked her harder now
than before, and Shawna felt the sexual tension building between them.
"Faster," she gasped.

Nikki had one leg up on Adrian's shoulder now, and Adrian seemed to respond
to Shawna's command as well, driving his dick hard into the blonde's pussy.
Nikki moaned around the cock in her mouth.  The blond guy kneaded her supple
tits and rolled her nipples between his fingers.  Nikki moaned again.

Shawna reached down between her legs to massage her clit, stopping only to
light another cigarette.  The smoke felt incredible in her lungs.  She loved
smoking in all situations, but being as horny as she was now increased the
pleasure of smoking tenfold.  She made sure to keep the pack within reach,
even though she expected to come before she was finished with the current
cigarette.  She moaned as her partner fucked her with increasing speed.

It took only a few minutes of Nikki's expert tongue work to bring the guy on
top of her to orgasm.  He groaned as he shot his hot come into Nikki's mouth
and onto her face.  She licked it up greedily as another round of cheering
rose from the crowd of onlookers, and she was already reaching for her pack
of Newports.  The blond guy saw what she was doing and lit her cigarette for
her.  She placed it between her lips and dragged hungrily, not bothering to
wipe the come from her face.  The two guys now shared the experience of
fondling Nikki's tits as she sucked down her cigarette.

Watching the scene unfold in front of her was getting the best of Shawna.
Her  moaning grew louder, and her partner's tempo faster in response.  She
watched Nikki place the cigarette between her come-soaked lips and drag hard
on it.  The blonde was moaning louder now, too.  Shawna rubbed her clit hard
and sucked down her own smoke.  Her ash had grown long from a few dangling
drags, and a big piece fell onto the table in front of her, just missing the

Both girls were now moaning so loudly that they could barely drag from their
cigarettes.  Shawna was the first to give in to the frenzied thrusting of her
partner.  The orgasm jolted her pussy and buckled her knees, almost knocking
her off balance.  Her partner seemed unfazed and kept right on thrusting.
She wondered if he would be able to keep it up until she came again, but
before long he pulled out of her again and started stroking his cock
frantically.  Leaving him to do whatever he wanted, she looked back at Nikki.

The blonde's orgasm came only moments after Shawna's.  She screamed in
pleasure, nearly dropping her cigarette.  Her back arched, pushing her tits
firmly into the faces of the two lucky guys who were sucking on them.  She
quickly regained her composure and took the last drag from her cigarette.
One of her guys handed her another one within seconds, letting her enjoy the
fucking uninterrupted.  Adrian pulled his cock out of her pussy and moaned
loudly as he shot a load of creamy white jizz onto Nikki's abdomen.

Shawna glanced back at her partner just in time to see him release his own
load.  The come splashed onto her ass and dripped down her leg, bringing yet
another cheer from the fifteen or twenty people still watching.  She smiled
at the guy and reached for another cigarette.  Nikki lit another as well and
climbed off the pool table, beaming with excitement as she faced the crowd of
people she had just entertained.  Turning to her three sex partners, she
said, "Thanks, guys," and gave each of them a kiss.

Shawna thanked her man as well, pressing her big tits firmly against his
chest as she kissed him.  She turned back to Nikki.  "Have fun?"

Nikki smiled and kissed Shawna, hard.  Shawna could still taste a trace of
come in her mouth.  "That was fucking awesome," Nikki said.  Her hand slid
down to the top of Shawna's ass, where she discovered the drops of come still
glistening on the brunette's skin.  "Looks like you got shot in the ass," the
blonde said.  Smoke escaped her mouth in bursts around her dangling

"Boys will be boys," Shawna replied with a smile.

"Bend over.  I want to make this show go on a little longer."

Shawna grinned at her roommate and bent over the pool table again, her
hanging tits nearly touching the felt surface.  She spread her legs a little,
making sure everyone in the room had a clear view of her ass.  Nikki started
work immediately, licking up as much of the come as she could.  She ran her
tongue along the back of Shawna's thigh, from the knee all the way to the
ass, and planted wet kisses all over the brunette's firm, tanned cheeks.
Finally, she even worked her tongue into Shawna's crack, flicking it across
her anus.  Shawna was surprised the girl went that far, and she moaned in

"I didn't expect you to be quite that thorough," Shawna said when they stood
back up.

"Come on, Shawna. You know I have no inhibitions."  Nikki traced a finger
through the slick of come on her belly.  "Now you do me," she said.

Shawna lit another cigarette and knelt before her friend.  Her lips moved
over Nikki's smooth skin, picking up every drop of Adrian's come she could
find.  She dragged frequently from her cigarette, exhaling against Nikki's
body to bathe her in a cloud of smoke.  It felt so good to be between the
girl's legs, and to be the center of attention, that Shawna started licking
and kissing Nikki's pussy again.  Nikki didn't say anything, but Shawna could
hear the onlookers continuing to shout encouragement, and she knew her friend
was willing to go along with almost anything at this point.  She stayed
between Nikki's legs long enough to smoke two cigarettes before Nikki's moans
gave way to screams, drawing the eyes of the room back to her as she came yet

"Thanks," Nikki said, giving Shawna a kiss.

They had just broken the kiss when Shawna felt a hand on her ass.  She turned
around and saw Adrian smiling at her around a freshly lit cigarette.  "You
want to dance for a while?" he asked.

Shawna put another cigarette between her lips.  "I'd love to."

He took her hand and led her off into a frenetic world of music, dancing,
smoking, and drinking.  It felt good to be with him again.  They hadn't seen
much of each other lately, and she enjoyed the chance to feel the way he
touched her, the way he kissed her, the way he always seemed to stop what he
was doing and watch her when she lit another cigarette.  He made her feel
very sexy and totally at ease.  She repaid him by smoking as fast as she
could, recklessly breathing down one cigarette after another after another.
By three o'clock, they had danced and partied through half of the building,
finally ending up in Adrian's room.  Shawna found herself lying in his bed,
so drunk she could barely bring her cigarette to her lips, as he climbed atop
her naked body and fucked her senseless.

She dozed off for a while after the sex, but an hour or so later she was
already stirring, sitting up to smoke another cigarette.  The pack she was
working on was her seventh of the day.  She had bummed away a handful of
cigarettes during the party, always willing to help a fellow smoker in need,
but she still guessed she was over six packs for the day.  And she wasn't
quite done yet.  It was only four-thirty, and the music was still pumping
through the house.  She started to grow restless again.

Adrian was still asleep next to her and didn't respond even when she nudged
him.  The alcohol must have finally caught up with him.  Shawna shrugged,
climbed out of bed, and started pulling on her boots.  The rest of her
clothes were long gone, left behind in the whirlwind excitement of the party,
and she wondered if she would ever see them again.  It would be a shame if
she didn't - she had really started to like her little black leather skirt.
For now, though, she was just as happy to be naked.

The nap seemed to have sobered her up quite a bit.  When she left Adrian's
room, she felt energized enough to party until noon, or at least until she
ran out of cigarettes.  She started exploring the building, wondering if she
could figure out where Nikki had gone, or if she might be able to find one
more guy who still had enough energy left to fuck her.  After twenty minutes
and a couple more drinks, however, she realized she had been too optimistic
as the alcohol caught up with her again.  So tired she could barely walk, she
flopped onto the nearest unoccupied flat surface and closed her eyes. 

It was an hour or so after dawn when Shawna opened her eyes blearily and
tried to get her bearings.  She was lying naked on a black futon in a room
she didn't recognize.  For a moment, that was all she was able to figure out.
Gradually she realized that someone was sitting nearby, smoking a cigarette.
Cigarettes.  She didn't know how long she had been asleep, but she knew she
desperately needed one.  She sat up slowly and looked around.  Her pack of
Winstons was sitting on a small table at the end of the futon.  She grabbed
it and pulled one out, trying to fight back the wave of jitters that
accompanied her craving.

"About time you woke up," Nikki said from a few feet away.  She was sitting
on a fake leather office chair she had pulled over from a computer desk on
the other side of the room, and she had her clothes back on already.

"What?" Shawna mumbled around the cigarette she was lighting.

"I've been trying to wake you up for fifteen minutes."

"Oh."  Shawna got the first drag of smoke down into her lungs and finally
started to remember how she got there.  She hoped Adrian wouldn't mind that
she had gone on partying without him.  But she didn't have the energy to
worry about that right now.  Despite the few hours' sleep, she still felt
tired and worn out.  Her pussy was sore from all the sex last night and her
lungs felt like someone had paved a highway through them.  She didn't really
mind - that was how she had felt on most Saturday and Sunday mornings this
semester.  There were only a few cigarettes left in her pack, and she
remembered thinking when she opened it last night that it was her seventh of
the day.  Even accounting for the ones people had bummed from her, she had
smoked almost one hundred thirty cigarettes yesterday.  It seemed like she
had been chaining the entire time she was awake.

"Are you feeling okay?" Nikki asked.

"I think I'm still drunk," Shawna said.

Nikki grinned and gave her a high-five.  "I don't suppose you remember where
you left your clothes," she said.

"No fucking clue."

"And I thought you were supposed to be the responsible one of the two of us."

Shawna laughed, which was a bad idea because it made her start coughing.  Her
smoker's cough had been getting worse over the last few months, and this
morning was definitely no exception.  Fortunately, it was only a few seconds
before she started to get her wind back.  Her lungs still felt terrible, but
as long as she didn't take too many deep breaths for a while, she thought she
would be okay.  She took a long drag from her cigarette and started looking
around for her things.  The tiny purse she carried to parties like this, just
big enough for a couple of packs of smokes, her keys, and her student ID, was
on the table next to her cigarettes.  Her boots were on the floor next to the
futon, so she started pulling them on.  As for the rest of her clothes, she
hadn't exactly been in the right frame of mind to go looking for them last

"It's going to be a long time before many people wake up," Shawna said.
"Want to get out of here?"

"Are you just going to walk home naked?" Nikki asked, knowing that that was
probably what was on Shawna's mind.  If they had been closer to their dorm,
she would have actually done it, too, and without hesitation.

"I might."  Shawna paused for a drag.  "All I know is that I left my skirt
and top in two different places.  I have no idea where those places were.
It's a shame, though, because I really liked the way my ass looked in that
skirt."  She stood up and lit another cigarette.  "Let's just go.  I have my
keys, so we can at least get back into the room, and I'm almost out of
cigarettes."  She seemed to be stable enough on her feet, so she gathered up
her things and stood in the doorway, waiting for Nikki.

Shawna changed her mind at the last minute and went to Adrian's room to
borrow shorts and a t-shirt for the walk home.  He was still asleep, so she
grabbed what she needed quietly and slipped back out of the room unnoticed.
The girls made their way out of the house, trying not to disturb any of the
countless other people who were sleeping off their own sins of last night.

"Walking home from a frat house at dawn," Nikki said as they headed back
toward campus.  "And you're wearing someone else's clothes because you lost
yours.  Talk about the 'walk of shame.'"

Shawna smiled and put her arm around her friend.  "Yeah, except that I'm not
ashamed of anything."

Nikki smiled back.  "Me, neither."

The two girls swaggered confidently back toward campus, looking tired and
disheveled but also quite satisfied, remembering fondly the craziness of last
night and hoping they would have a chance to repeat it before the weekend was

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