Cigarette Discipline

(by Arctander, 27 December 1997)

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This story was originally posted to by Gary

I have made some changes to the text and am now reposting
for all the a.s.f.s'rs

Mrs. Lewis was steaming as she drove home. She couldn't
believe her daughter, Debbie, could find herself in trouble
so soon after being soundly spanked a couple of weeks for
cheating at school. She had just talked to a friend who had
a daughter Debbie's age and who was in some of Debbie's
classes. Her friend didn't like being a "squealer" but she
was too good a friend of Mrs. Lewis to not let her know what
was up with Debbie. The news that Debbie was hanging out
with a bad crowd at school was bad enough, but the fact
that her friend saw Debbie smoking a Marlboro was the icing 
on the cake. Debbie had already been punished for smoking 
men's cigarettes and Debbie knew how her parents felt about 
smoking, they approved of only ladylike cigarettes, and she 
knew that Marlboro's were not such a cigarette. Mrs. Lewis
could only recall how strict her own parents had been with her
about smoking like a lady, so much so that her behind smarted at 
the thought.  The result of their discipline, was teaching Ann
Marie, to be a superb smoker, and she was not about to let 
young Debbie become anything less.

Opening the door, Mrs. Lewis called for Debbie. "Deborah, I
want to talk to you."

Shortly, Debbie appeared. The blonde sixteen year sophomore
came down the stairs, wearing a white tee shirt and her
customary tight jeans.

"Yeah, mom, what's up?"

"What's up? That's my question, not yours. What's happening
to you, Deborah? I have been hearing some things that
displease me greatly."

"What things? I'm not doing anything wrong," Debbie
responded defiantly.

"Oh really? I have been told that you are hanging out with a
bad group of kids. That's not in your interest, Debbie. You
should know better."

"Oh, mom! Who told you that? It's not true."

"It doesn't matter who told me, but it's someone I trust.
That wasn't the only thing I was told, however. I was also
told you have been smoking Men's cigarettes again. What do you 
have to say about that?"

"I only smoke Virginia Slims Mom!" Despite the emphasis of
Debbie's words, her response was on the defensive side,
leaving her credibility in question.

"I would like to believe you, Debbie, especially since you
know how I feel about your smoking. But I also know that you have
been caught smoking Marlboro's before, and you lied about it then. I
remember well how soundly I spanked you then. And, I have to
admit, that your denial didn't seem very believable to me at

"Sure, believe someone else, and not me. It's not fair!!"
protested Debbie, "You are always picking on me!"

"Unfortunately, Debbie, it's your behavior, or should I say,
your misbehavior, that's at fault. If you behaved yourself,
you wouldn't have spent as much time over my knees as you
have. Speaking of which, I can see only one way to determine
if you are telling the truth or not. Why don't I get your
pocketbook and check it out?"

"What, don't I have ANY privacy?" Debbie was getting
alarmed, she knew what was in her pocketbook.

"Deborah, watch your tone with me, unless you want your mouth
washed out with soap too. Now, we can do it two different ways.
I can go to your room and check out what's in your pocketbook. If the 
only cigarettes there are your Virginia Slims, then I won't punish you, 
although I want you to stop hanging around with a bad crowd. However, 
if I find those stinky Marlboro cigarettes- or any other Men's brand for 
that matter,  you will be spanked soundly everyday this week, and since 
this is Monday, it will mean six spankings, and I know you won't like it
one bit. On the other hand, if you have been smoking like a boy, and 
you tell me now before I go upstairs, it won't be six spankings you 
receive but two, one for ignoring all that I've taught you about smoking 
and one for lying. It's up to you."

Mrs. Lewis began to walk toward the stairs, as Debbie fought within 
herself. Was her mother bluffing? She couldn't risk it and face getting 
spanked six times over the next six days. Two spankings would be bad 
enough. "Wait, mom! Yes, I have been smoking Marlboro's. But all 
the girls do it!"

"Deborah, you know very well I don't care whether "all the other girls do,
and that just proves further that you have been associating with a bad 
crowd. Young ladies don't smoke men's cigarettes, only trashy women do.
My rule is that you don't do it and you know why. It may seem unfair to 
you, but that's the way it is. It is not open to discussion or debate and I 
will not put up with it at all. And I don't like your lying and trying to 
evade responsibility for your actions. All your lying does is get you into 
more trouble. You avoided six spankings by finally telling the truth, but
you earned the second spanking by your lying about it originally. Now, 
you stay right here."

As Debbie stood there, looking nervous, Mrs. Lewis walked upstairs for 
the hairbrush and returned promptly downstairs, and, after bringing a 
kitchen chair into the living room, she sat down and pulled Debbie over 
to her. Reaching for Debbie's jeans, she began to undo then in order to 
pull them down in preparation of her upcoming spanking. Mrs. Lewis was
about to be shocked once again.

"Deborah Lewis, where are your panties? What is the idea? I can't believe 
you at all, and you tell me you aren't hanging around a bad crowd? We are 
going to have to have a long discussion, young lady, but that will have to 
wait. Right now, you are going to get the spanking of your life!" 

"But Mom, the panty lines show..." Debbie pleaded.

"Well we'll just see how a girdle shows for the next few days now won't we?"
Debbie hated wearing her punishment girdle, but her mother knew from 
personal experience, that absolutely nothing would show a recalcitrant 
young miss discipline better than to be tightly girdled after a spanking. 
Looking at the hairbrush, which had seen plenty of use on poor Debbie's bare 
behind, Mrs. Lewis decided that the sternest of measures were called for. 
First, she continued with the lowering of Debbie's jeans until they rested 
at Debbie's ankles. Then she stood up and turned the kitchen chair around, 
facing away from them. Debbie, seeing that, knew what was about to happen,
and pleaded with her mother.

"Please, mom, not the paddle, I'm sorry, I won't do it again!  The paddle hurts 
too much."

Debbie didn't get any relief from her angry mother.

"Good, I want this spanking to hurt. Maybe you will remember the pain when 
you get tempted to be naughty. I will be right back to paddle your behind good." 
Mrs. Lewis left to get the fraternity paddle that was in a drawer in the den.
Unfortunately for Debbie, it didn't take very long for her mom to return. She 
took Debbie's arm and took her over to the chair and bent over the back of the
chair. "I want you to keep your hands on the seat of the chair. If you reach back 
or try to evade the spanks, it will only prolong the spanking, and you won't want 
that." With that instruction, Mrs. Lewis drew the wooden frat paddle back and 
applied the first spank to the center of Debbie's bottom.

"OOOOWWWW!!!" Debbie yelled out in pain. Still she kept her hands on the
seat of the chair and gritted her teeth.

The hard spanks continued, each spank leaving Debbie's bottom redder and 
redder. It wasn't long before years began trickling from Debbie's eyes, and 
with each additional spank, more and harder crying, creating tear tracks on 
her cheeks. She howled with pain, trying to somehow not make it worse by 
twisting or by reaching back with her hand to cover her burning behind. Mrs.
Lewis, despite her never-ending love for her daughter, was nevertheless going
to teach her daughter a hard lesson and didn't let Debbie's pleading or sobbing 
sway her from giving Debbie all the spanks she intended. When Debbie began 
to lift up from the pain of successive spanks of the paddle on her behind, Mrs. 
Lewis placed her left arm on Debbie's back to help Debbie stay in position. 
Soon, Debbie stopped pleading and simply sobbed her eyes out, as one spank 
after another was administered to her blazing red bottom. It really was the 
spanking of Debbie's 16 year life. A spanking that seemed to go on forever 
finally ended.

Despite the spanking's end, Debbie continued to react as if still getting more
paddle spanks, but she did stand up, not longer restrained by her mom's hand. 
Mrs. Lewis moved away from behind Debbie and went over to Debbie's left, 
so to make eye contact with her daughter. Mrs. Lewis went to her purse and 
extracted two Virginia Slims light cigarettes. Placing one on the table and the 
other in her mouth.  She struck her lighter and brought the flame to the end of 
her cigarette with practiced ease.  She took a deep, long drag and spoke as she 
exhaled, "I am sorry I had to spank you so hard with this paddle, Debbie, and I 
hope I don't  have to use the paddle ever again. It isn't one bit pleasant for me to 
cause you so much pain. But, if I have to do it again, I will. I will do everything
I can and use every tool I have to do what I feel is right."

As Debbie got scolded, she still sobbed, chokingly,  and rubbed her eyes. She 
even began to rub her bottom until she was warned to desist.

"Debbie, keep your hands off your bottom. I don't want you rubbing your behind. 
I hope the pain will remind you that you better start behaving yourself. You will 
stop smoking those ugly men's cigarettes, you will stop hanging around hoodlums
and you will act like a young lady, instead of a street person, or you won't be 
sitting down too much." She took a deep drag from her cigarette before going 
on, "I don't care if you are 16 years old, if you don't start behaving yourself, you 
will find yourself over my knees again and again, like a naughty little girl. Now,
march yourself right over here and put on your girdle."  Debbie's sobbing began
to subside but as she slid the tight girldle over her hips, the burning and prickling
in her young skin began again. "Now you can stand up, but I want to see you pull
yourself together and smoke a cigarette with me," said her mother with her green
eyes piercing Debbie's.  Debbie knew that this moment was important as any had
been so far today.  Her mother would be watching her carefully to make sure that
she smoked like she had been taught.  There would be no double pump. No 
flicking of the cigarette butt.  Debbie knew that the only reason her mother 
encouraged her to smoke was so that she would be a proper young lady.
As Debbie put the cigarette to her lips, her mother brought the flame to it, and 
said "Your second spanking will be immediately after school tomorrow. You 
can think about that as well."

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