A Cigarette Comes of Age

(by deepdrag@aol.com, 21 August 1995)

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"Coming of Age"

A Day in the Life of a Menthol Cigarette


Sal was a long menthol cigarette who belonged to the Salem 100 family. 
Sal's life long wish was to be smoked with passion by an experienced
middle aged woman.  Sal stayed with his family of 19 relatives for what
seemed like ages.  He was occasionally moved and relocated to other
places, of which he was often unaware.

One day, Sal and his family were stationed in a local 7-11 upper level
apartment complex, with many other cigarette families of various creeds
and color.  When Sal was moved to a front row location, he often worried
about the scruffy old men who would buy cigarettes.  Sal hoped for his
beloved dream lady to buy him and his family.

One day, Joan Anderson came into the store.  Joan was 37 years old, with
dark brown hair and deep brown eyes.  She placed some cosmetics on the
table and then asked the clerk for a large coffee and a pack of Salem
100's. Sal was ecstatic. He knew Joan was the one he had wished for. 
Joan's voice was a little deeper and bit huskier than the other woman who
came to the store.
Sal was pretty sure that Joan was a smoker and that Joan would soon take
Sal's virginity.

Joan got in her car with Sal and the others.  As Joan sipped her hot
steaming coffee, Sal felt his house being lifted up in the air.  Joan
lovely soft fingers gently held Sal's dwelling before Joan tightened her
grip and began pounding Sal's family into the palm of her hand.  Sal felt
his leafy organ's being packed together.  He felt hard and tight, and

Joan sighed deeply as she broke the seal to Sal's house and tore open his
front door.  For the first time, Sal and Joan looked at each other. Joan
looked at Sal lovingly with desiring eyes.  Sal wanted to be inside Joan's
moist full lips, pleasing and satisfying her anyway he could.  Sal was
suprised when Joan turned him away and spanked his house once again.  Sal
jumped out as far
as he could, so that Joan would pick him.  Joan placed her fingers on
Sal's butt and pulled him out to expose his full length.  Then she cradled
him gently between her fingers.

Sal was teaming with anticipation.  He felt wonderful being held by a
mature and sultry woman. Sal went for ride with Joan's coffee and he
closely studied her lips while sipped her coffee once again.

Joan set her cup of coffee down on the console and gave Sal a confident
look as she slowly raised Sal's butt up in front of her lips.  Sal felt
Joan's warm moist breath wash over him as she parted her lips.  He wished
she would just mount him with her lips, but heard a strange clicking sound
behind him.  He quickly glanced back to see Joan manipulating something in
her other hand.

Sal found that the next events happened almost too fast.   Suddenly a
flame erupted behind him and Joan put her lips on his butt.  A split
second later, Sal felt a hot sharp pain on top of his head when Joan
purposely burned him with the flame she held.  It wasn't as bad as it
might have been, since Joan gently kissed Sal at the same time she burned
him.  Sal wasn't a virgin anymore.

Sal felt a little dizzy and warm inside while a light haze driftly from
Joan's lips.  He hadn't fully recovered when Joan began kissing him again.
 This time was much different for Sal, and Joan as well.  Sal felt a nice
warm glow as Joan sucked on his butt.  He saw Joan's mouth filling with
the thick rich that was coming out of his ass.  Joan stopped sucking and
took Sal out of her
mouth while she closed her eyes and inhaled.  Sal felt a release of smoke
from the end Joan had lit up.  But, Sal was full of smoke as well.  He saw
himself burning smoothly and he felt hotter than before.

Joan blew a long stream of sweet smoke and gave Sal a lustful stare.  Sal
felt terrific.  It was he that was giving Joan the pleasure that was
evident on her face.  He wanted her even more and didn't want Joan to wait
too long.  He was burning well from Joan's last hard drag.  But, then Joan
set him down in the car ashtray.  He felt lonely and became despondent. 
After all, here he was hot and smoldering with an experienced woman
smoker.  He justed wanted to be puffed on.

Joan sipped her coffee and reached back into her purse for her lipstick. 
Joan put her lipstick on quickly and then reached for Sal.  Sal got
excited again as Joan positioned her fingers around his waist and moved
him next to her red drenched lips.  Joan placed Sal's butt deeply into her
mouth and tightened her lips around him.  This time Joan sucked hard and
Sal lit up brightly. But Joan stopped shortly and then started again, over
and over.  Joan was pumping him hard for more and more of his smoke.  Sal
was getting hotter and hotter.  Joan then settled into a long steady drag
and Sal felt himself overflowing with smoke.

Joan inhaled deeply and murmured "Oh God, that's good" to herself.  Sal
saw that smoke was still coming out of his ass as well as his head, which
had grown to well over half an inch because of Joan.  Sal waited for Joan
to exhale.  But, instead she moved Sal back to her lips and blew a thick
stream of smoke over his butt.

Joan gazed at the enormous size of Sal's head.  She wanted all of it.  Her
coffee was all but forgotten.  She wanted nothing but Sal.  Joan put Sal
in her lips again and started to drag softly. Sal felt Joan's gentle
suction which steadily increased.  Sal was giving Joan as much as he
could.  His entire end was glowing red hot.  Joan pulled hard on Sal as
she finished dragging and
then inhaled while looking at Sal in her fingers.  Sal felt hot and moist
inside.  His butt was feeling dirty and nasty.  Joan moaned a soft
"aaaahhh" as she blew a thick stream of smoke past Sal.

Sal was only half of his former self by now, but Joan wasn't through with
him yet.  Sal felt Joan slide her fingers higher up his body, away from
his butt.  Joan gave Sal's long white butt a lustful stare while licking
her lips.  Joan puckered her lips and engulfed Sal's butt.  She slid Sal's
filter in and out of her  mouth several times.  Sal felt his butt getting
slicker from Joan's wet lips.

It felt great, whatever Joan was doing, but Sal wondered if she was going
to puff on him again. Then, Sal's butt came to rest deeply in Joan's lips.
 He felt Joan's tongue lick the end of his filtered butt.  Suddenly, Sal
felt like he was coming apart.  Joan's tongue had dropped deeply in her
mouth.  Her wet lips were squeezing his butt harder than ever before.  Sal
could hear himself
sizzle as he burned furiously.  Joan was hitting Sal as hard as she could,
overcome by her wanton desire  for strong menthol smoke.  All Sal could
see was a thick jet of smoke pouring from his butt into Joan's mouth.  Sal
was beginning to get so hot that he hurt.   Finally, Joan loosened her
lips and pulled Sal away.  Joan inhaled so vorociously that Sal could hear
it.  Joan softly murmured "Oh, yeah", in a throaty smoke-filled tone.

Joan held Sal's smoke deeply in her chest while she looked at what she had
just done to Sal. His butt was warm and soggy and colored with moistened
lipstick.  His filter, still oozing smoke from Joan's last drag, had
turned a deep tan color.  But it was  Sal's large smoldering head that
Joan admired most.  Joan spanked a large ash off of Sal and forcefully
exhaled  her smoke over

Sal could tell that Joan was satisfying herself with him, and he knew Joan
would want more.  But Sal was beginning to hurt.  His butt was really
getting hot.  Maybe Joan was too much of a smoker for him.  He hoped that
Joan would take it easy the next time.  But he didn't expect her too.

Joan knew that Sal's time was almost up.  She really enjoyed the smoke he
had given to her.  He wasn't stingy with his smoke like some of her other
cigarettes she'd smoked that day.  Sal had been all smoke, just the way
she liked it.  She just had to have another good lungful of Sal.

Joan mounted Sal again and sucked firmly on him. and Sal immediately leap
to life.  Joan pulled steadily until Sal started to get hot again.  Joan
held Sal between her fingers while she inhaled and then she  remounted Sal
and began sucking again.  Again Joan inhaled and remounted Sal a third
time.  Sal felt Joan take one last puff and inhale.

Sal felt Joan stubbing out his head and he grew colder.  But before his
last ember went out, he saw Joan expelling a sexy stream of smoke upwards
past her nose, while she said "My, my, weren't you good...  We'll have to
do that again..."

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