The Teenage Girl Smokers Convention

(by, 10 January 2000)

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The Teenage Girl Smokers Convention

The following event is obviously purely fictional, but represents a
fetisher's dream come true.  If any of you enjoy it, or either of my
previous stories, "The State Fair Girls" and "The Smoking Cheerleader
Sisters,"  e-mail me at

The crowd was incredible.  Two months ago, a convention for teenage girls
that smoke was scheduled in a sports stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.
Nobody could have anticipated the turnout.  The stadium that seats over
53,000 was sold out at $5 per ticket in six weeks.  5,000 girls that tried
to get tickets in the last two weeks were turned away.  The local
newspapers expressed disbelief at the amount of teenage girls so into
smoking that they would come from thousands of miles away for a convention.

Currently, a crowd of boisterous girls, all aged 13-19, sit in the seats of
the stadium, awaiting the speakers.  The girls had all made their tobacco
purchases from the hundreds of vendors that occupied the playing field for
the last eight hours, and they are now smoking up their purchases.  The
stadium represents a wide cross-section of young girls--white girls, black
girls, Hispanic girls, Asian girls, and Native American girls, all drawn
together by smoking.  Most of the girls are at least marginally attractive,
while others are bombshells.  But every one of them is smoking.  Most are
smoking cigarettes, some are smoking cigars, and a few are smoking pipes.
The stadium is filled with a smoky haze that makes visibility very low.
Suddenly, a teenage girl approaches the podium on the playing field.  She
is a cute, 16-year-old blond dressed casually, with a Marlboro 100 Light in
her hand and a trail of smoke behind her.  The audience listens as she
speaks into the microphone.

"We have three speakers here today.  The first is Amanda Plummer.  Let's
give her a round of applause."

The audience gives a warm welcome as a young woman in her 20's approaches
the podium.  The woman has long, brown hair, and an attractive, if not
stunning, face and figure.  Her sexy clothing enhances her figure, however,
as she approaches the podium in a tight blue sweater and tight black
leather pants.  The audience ceases its applause and Amanda begins to speak
after lighting a fresh More cigarette.

"Hello, girls.  My name is Amanda.  I'm 27 years old.  And I'm a smoker."
(the crowd cheers as she takes a drag on her More) "Before I tell you my
story, I'd like to read you the results of the survey we handed out at the
door this morning.  In this crowd of over 53,000 teen girls, 78.4% smoke at
least a pack a day, 26.4% smoke at least two packs a day, 11.2% smoke at
least three packs a day, and 0.7% smoke at least four packs a day."
(applause) "51.3% of you are at least occasional cigar smokers, 12.5% smoke
cigars daily, and 2% smoke at least five cigars a day." (applause) "Lastly,
3.1% of you are pipe smokers." (applause)  "Ladies, these numbers are quite
impressive.  You have every reason to applaud yourselves." (more applause;
Amanda smokes on her cigarette)  "As for me, I realize that I'm the oldest
one here, but I have to share my experience so that my past mistakes won't
be repeated.  I was a bashful, brainy girl in my teen years.  I shied away
from social situations and studied my nights away.  I did the same in
college.  At 22 years of age, I was a college graduate and had never even
been on a date.  Finally, I started to room with a girl I worked with named
Liz.  Liz was the opposite of me.  She was beautiful, popular, and she was
a two-pack-a-day smoker.  Liz couldn't stand to see me wasting away my
youth.  She pretty much forced me into a night on the town with her.  To
make a long story short, she introduced me to smoking and men all in the
same night.  Now, five years later, I am a party animal!" (applause) "I
discovered my outer and inner beauty, and it's all thanks to Liz, and, of
course, my Mores.  I now smoke two packs a day." (applause; Amanda smokes)
"I'd love to smoke even more, but my job as a computer technician limits my
smoking.  I have no problem getting the attention of any man I want.  I
would have never guessed that smoking could have changed me so much, and
I'm eternally grateful to Liz for getting me started." (applause) "Now
girls, I know I'm preaching to the converted here, but whatever you do,
don't make the same mistake I did.  Start smoking now while you're a
teenager! Don't wait until you're an adult!  And since you are already
smokers, try to get every girl you know started in their teen years.  It
will change their lives so much.  And for those of you who don't smoke at
least two packs a day, I certainly encourage you to increase your tobacco
consumption.  I realize cost is a setback for many of you.  With the prices
of cigarettes constantly increasing, smoking is becoming out-of-reach for
many young girls.  We can't accept this!" (applause)  "That's why I'm
starting a fund to provide cigarette money for underprivileged teenage
girls.  If your family's income is below $35,000 a year, you can apply for
the program before you leave today.  My income should allow to help many
girls afford to smoke, but if I can help just one girl buy more cigarettes
or other tobacco products for herself, I'll feel as if I've made a
difference.  That's all I have for you.  You've been a great audience and
keep on smoking!  I know I will!" (the audience erupts in boisterous cheers
and applause while Amanda lights another More before waving and leaving the

At this point, the same 16-year-old girl that announced Amanda returns to
the microphone with another Marlboro 100 Light in her hand.

"Our next speaker is 13-year-old Claudia Curtis."

The audience again applauds wildly as a cute 13-year-old girl with
light-brown, shoulder-length hair resting on her sweatshirt, steps onto the
podium, smoking a Marlboro Red, showing relatively little stage fright.

"Thank you," Claudia mutters in a feminine voice that goes perfectly with
her sweet, early teen look.  "I'm 13 years old and I've been smoking
Marlboro Reds for three years.  I absolutely love smoking and will never
quit!" (applause; Claudia drags on her Marlboro) "Please, don't any of you
even think about quitting, and if you hear someone else talking about
quitting, whack them upside the head!"  (the audience laughs and applauds
as Claudia inhales a chest-heaving drag off of her Marlboro).  "I started
smoking Marlboro Lights, but after a year, I decided I wanted more tar, so
I could develop a good smoker's cough, and now I have one." (applause) "I
smoke about a pack-and-a-half a day on weekdays, and about two-and-a-half
packs a day on weekends.  I'd love to smoke more, but the school doesn't
exactly approve of it.  Luckily for me, cost is not a problem.  My mother
is a smoker, and is very supportive of my habit.  She makes me pay for as
much as I can afford, but she makes up the difference.  I am a very lucky
girl to have such a loving mother.  Many of my classmates aren't so lucky,
and plenty of teens out there are in the same boat.  They have parents who
not only won't help pay for their kids' cigarettes, but refuse to allow
them to smoke.  I believe that neglecting your children the right to smoke
is a form of child abuse." (roaring applause erupts as Claudia takes a
double hit on her Marlboro before putting it out on the ashtray on the
podium) "Amanda just told us about how smoking improves girls' social lives
so greatly.  How could any loving parent refuse their children, especially
their daughters, this wonderful, adolescent experience?" (applause)  "I
have gotten over a dozen of my friends started on smoking, but several of
them have to do it behind their parents' backs and have to pay for all of
their own cigarettes, so they can't afford to smoke nearly as much as they
want to.  In a way, this is good for me, since I can smoke more, I get more
attention from the boys." (crowd laughs) "But I can't be selfish when it
comes to smoking.  I applaud Amanda's effort to start a fund to help
teenage girls smoke more, but I'd still like to make a plea to all the
parents out there to support and encourage your children, especially your
daughters, to smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or whatever their smoking
pleasure.  I would also like to say that smoking should not be limited just
to teenagers.  I'd like to introduce you to my seven-year-old sister,
Jenny." (the crowd applauds and sighs as a cute, bashful little girl steps
onto the podium with a pack of Marlboro Lights in her hand, looking like
Claudia in miniature)  "This is Jenny.  She's seven years old and I
introduced her to smoking six months ago.  She now smokes a half pack a
day." (crowd applauds as Claudia leans down to Jenny)  "Jenny, do you like
smoking?" (Jenny's face lights up and she nods vigorously) "Well, let's
have a cigarette, then." (Claudia opens her pack and Jenny opens her own
pack of Marlboro Lights.  Claudia lights her own and then holds her lighter
to her little sister's cigarette.  The crowd gives a standing ovation as
Claudia and Jenny each take their first drag of their cigarettes before
leaving the stage.)

In a couple moments, the same girl that introduced Amanda and Claudia came
out to introduce the final speaker, while smoking yet another Marlboro 100

"And now for the final speaker of the day, here is Gretchen Paulson."

The audience applauds a knockout girl steps onto the stage, walking in a
sexy strut that manages to turn on even some of the heterosexual girls in
the audience.  Her gorgeous smile is stunted slightly by the Marlboro 100
Red between her lips.  The girl had shoulder-length blond hair, a gorgeous
face, a skimpy white T-shirt bulged outward by her large breasts and
exposing her bare midriff.  She also wore a tight pair of cutoff jeans
wrapped beautifully around her body, accentuating her firm buttocks, her
perfect waist and crotch, and her, long, tan legs.  She speaks in a
slightly husky, yet feminine voice.

"Thank you for that wonderful welcome.  My name is Gretchen Paulson.  I'm
an 18-year-old college freshman, and I smoke over four packs of full-tar
Marlboro 100's every day.  (applause begins as Gretchen puts the cigarette
back into her mouths and takes as many drags as possible on it before the
applause ends, creating an enormous cloud of smoke around her).  "I have
four classes per day where I can't smoke, and even in them, I usually step
outside about halfway throught the hour and suck down a couple cigarettes.
The rest of the day is mine to smoke as much as I want to, and girls, I
wanna be smoking even waking minute of my day!" (applause; Gretchen drags
heavily and frequently again) "Unfortuantely, the anti-smoking Nazis are
taking away our rights a little more every day." (applause) "It seems
ironic that as the smoking rate increases, these assholes have managed to
restrict a growing segment of the population to the dark alleys of society.
 It's time that we stand up and say, NO MORE!" (applause ensues and
Gretchen starts to wheeze from the intense speech, sounding as if she had
just run a marathon--she begins to breathe with the cigarette, drawing
smoke into her body with every inhale to get some desperately needed
nicotine) "I think I speak for all of us when I say that I'm sick of
standing out in the cold, in front of doorways, getting kicked out of
restaurants, and in California, even bars for God's sake, simply because
I'm a smoker!  We should be able to smoke a cigarette wherever we damn well
please!" (loud applause) "And to those who don't like our smoking and don't
want to smell it, TOUGH SHIT!" (even louder applause; Gretchen wheezes
again and then takes a final triple hit on her Marlboro 100 while pulling a
fresh one out of the pack, using the burning cigarette to light the fresh
one, then squashing the butt in the ashtray in front of her) "Now,
obviously, I'm an advocate for smokers' rights.  I won't be silent until
smoking is reinstated in malls, restaurants, workplaces, public buildings,
and even school classrooms!" (applause; Gretchen breathes with her
cigarette again) "We all know what it's like to be sitting in class gasping
for  a cigarette.  We can't think about our studies.  If we could smoke in
the classroom, just think how much better we could do.  It's no wonder test
scores are dropping in this country!" (applause; Gretchen takes a triple
hit on her cigarette)  "With a 20-year high in teen smoking currently, our
generation has the perfect opportunity to take back our rights from these
bitches and bastards and smoke to our heart's content!"  (applause;
Gretchen again begins to wheeze from her intensity and the crowd can tell
that she probably has enough tar in her lungs to pave a highway as she
breathes with her cigarette again) "Now, I want to extend the rights of
smokers beyond cigarette smoking.  I am a daily cigar smoker as well, and I
want cigar smokers to be more accepted in society." (the audience applauds
as Gretchen squashes out her two-thirds smoked Marlboro 100; the applause
then builds as Gretchen pulls out an enormous Churchill cigar and spends
several moments lighting it before inhaling a deep drag, then exhaling a
mouthful of thick, rich cigar smoke) "I've been waiting all day to light
this baby up!  I'd like to talk to you about cigars and pipes and encourage
more of you girls to start smoking them.  They provide a one-of-a-kind
pleasure that cigarettes don't offer, much as I love cigarettes.  I can't
afford cigars like this big boy every day, of course, so I smoke a couple
Grenadier Churchills every day.  They are fairly cheap at $1.50 each and
aren't the finest quality cigar, but you can't really go wrong with
Churchills.  I encourage you to give cigars a fair shot.  You might not
like them the first time you smoke them, but believe me, you will.  I
couldn't quit now even if I wanted to, which I don't."  (Gretchen
occasionally breaks her speech to puff on the cigar)  "You might get some
awkward stares, but I know you're already used to that as teen smokers.
Tobacco is such a wonderful product to be addicted to, it's not right to
limit yourself to just one form of it.  So I encourage all of you to smoke
more cigars, pipes, chew smokeless tobacco, and do anything and everything
you can with tobacco because it ABSOLUTELY ROCKS!" (more applause; Gretchen
now starts to breath with the her cigar) "Lastly, I want to talk about
smoking and the opposite sex.  I'll let you know right now that I'm a girl
who likes her lovin'." (cheers and applause) "The only thing that tastes
better to me than a cigarette or a cigar is an erect penis ejaculating into
my mouth." (boisterous and somewhat shocked laughter and applause)  "I know
for a fact that my smoking makes me sexier in the eyes of 90% of the guys
out there.  I did three guys just this week!" (cheers and applause)  "After
seven months in college, I've laid over 50 different guys and they were
fine!" (more cheers and applause; Gretchen takes a double hit on her cigar)
 "We all that most guys love girls that smoke--the heavier we smoke, the
more they like us.  No matter how attractive you think you are, I guarantee
you that you stand a better chance of being noticed by guys if you are
smoking." (applause)  "The bottom line is, we love smoking, and guys love
our smoking.  Why would we not smoke as much as we can?" (applause)
"That's all I have to say except...smoke 'em it you got 'em!" (Gretchen
inhales an enormous drag off her cigar as the crowd applauds wildly, giving
her a standing ovation while smoking their own forms of tobacco. Gretchen
walks off the stage with the same sexy strut she walked in with, this time
with a trail of thick cigar smoke trailing her bodacious body.)

The girls had elated looks on their faces, which were hard to make out
because of the sea of smoke saturating the stadium.  They all had gotten a
lot out of these speeches and planned to take the messages home with them
to friends who couldn't come to the convention, particularly planning to
take greater pride in their habits and be more militant in protecting their
rights as smokers.

The next day, the stadium grounds crew spent nearly the whole day cleaning
up hundreds of thousands of cigarette and cigar butts the girls left
behind, enough to fill three large dumpsters.

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