My Lover Convinced Me To Smoke

(by Carol , 24 August 1997)

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My Lover Convinced Me To Smoke

My name is Carol.  I'm 35, about 5' 6", very thin, with long black hair 
and have been smoking for about a year.  This is a true story of how my 
lover convinced me to start.  

I had never ever thought of smoking at all until I met Bruce.  As a 
matter of fact, I was 100% dead set against it.  I didn't want to smoke 
no matter what.  I had worked in the same office as Bruce for 8 years 
and he had been smoking for about 5 years.  The fact that he smoked 
didn't bother me at all and after we went to lunch together every day 
for about a month I fell in love with him.

About a month after that he asked me if I had ever smoked a cigarette.  
I told him no, but when I was a teenager I had tried a joint with my 
boyfriend at a drive-in.  He was very interested in that and asked me to 
describe it.  I told him I didn't like it too much but that I took four 
drags but didn't know how to inhale so I didn't like it too much and 
never tried again.

That is when he told me that he had a smoking fetish.  He liked watching 
women smoke.  He asked me to try a cigarette with him and I told him no 
way.  I didn't realize at that time how determined he was to see me 

Nearly every day after that, every time Bruce would light up around me 
he would offer me one.  I would always say no thanks.

He tried buying me a pack of Virginia Slims and putting them in my desk 
drawer where I would find them with a lighter stuck in the cellophane.  
He put a note on them saying let's go outside and have one.  I gave them 

When we were driving somewhere he would light up, then ask me to hold it 
while he opened a coke or whatever and then not take it back.  I would 
just put it in the ash tray.

Then he started leaving one cigarette on my desk when I was out of the 
office with a lighter next to it so everyone in the office would think I 
smoked and then THEY would ask me if I smoked and would I have one with 
them.  I had to keep telling them no, it's just a joke someone is 
playing on me.

I found out later that he took a sweater that I leave at work to wear 
when it's cold home with him at nights and blow smoke on it so that when 
I would wear it at work everyone smelled the smoke and would ask me 
"Carol, have you started smoking?"

Finally, he put another pack of Virginia Slims regulars in my desk 
drawer with a lighter and I was going to give them back so I stuck them 
in my purse.  Unfortunately, I got called away to a meeting and forgot 
and took them home.

When I discovered they were in my purse, I took them out and held them 
in my hand ready to throw them away when I realized that the firmness of 
the pack and the size of it felt good in my hand.  I thought if I try 
one here and don't like it then that would be better than trying one 
around Bruce because I knew if I tried just one around him he'd never 
let me alone on the thing.

So, I finally figured out how to get the pack open and pulled one out.  
It felt good between my fingers.  I didn't own an ashtray so I went 
outside on the patio.  I put it between my lips and immediately felt 
sexier than I ever had before.  I flipped the lighter on and brought the 
flame to the end of the cigarette.  My first puff I blew out immediately 
because I was still kind of against the idea.  Somehow the smell I 
always had hated wasn't so bad.  So I took another drag, pulling so hard 
my cheeks collapsed deeply, and tried to inhale.  I felt an impulse to 
cough, but overcame it.  Holding the smoke in my lungs for about 2 
seconds I felt a warmth there I had never felt before.  I blew out a 
long thick stream and was pretty proud of myself.

My next few drags I didn't feel like coughing and I experimented with 
different ways of exhaling like I had seen women do in the movies.  I 
was getting wet and thinking about the fact that now I wish I had done 
this for Bruce.  Before I finished the cigarette, my head starting 
getting a little light.  So, I decided to have a wine cooler and really 
mellow out.  

I sat down at the patio table and finished my first Virginia Slim.  I 
didn't really like the taste in my mouth so I decided to really work on 
that wine cooler.  Before I could finish the wine cooler the strangest 
thing happened.  I really wanted another cigarette.  Taking the pack out 
of my pocket I lit up another one.  This time inhaling the very first 
puff and noticing that the taste was a LOT better.

I took one drag after another and enjoyed watching the thick stream of 
blue smoke come from my lips.  Now the question was, would I tell Bruce? 
 I wasn't sure I wanted to become a full time smoker.   I knew if I 
smoked around him he would never let me stop.

Putting the cigarettes back in my purse I went to the corner store and 
bought an ashtray.  I didn't want to spend the rest of my life on the 
patio.  I didn't have another cigarette the rest of the night until I 
went to bed.  

Putting on my sexiest nighty, I got in bed, lit one up, and began to 
smoke while I masturbated.  I quickly discovered that the longer I held 
the smoke in my lungs the wetter I got.  I came on the last puff and 
knew what I was going to do tomorrow with Bruce.

That day, I asked Bruce to go to lunch with me and I would drive.  My 
van had deeply tinted windows.  My plan was to smoke in the van under 
some trees in the park where no one would see me.  I still was against 
the idea of everybody knowing I smoked.

We got some fast food at the drive thru and ate it on the way to the 

When we got there, Bruce immediately said "I gotta have a cigarette."  
To his deep surprise, I said, "Me, too!"  He got the biggest smile on 
his face I have ever seen.  I took the Virginia Slims out of my purse, 
took one out and put it between my lips.  I leaned over to him and said, 
"Could you give me a light?"

When he brought the lighter to my cig his hands were trembling.  I 
looked down and saw a huge bulge in his pants.  This was going pretty 
good.  I took the first drag and tilted my head way back to exhale just 
like I had seen in the movies.  Bruce never took his eyes off me.  Not 
for a second.  He fumbled with his own cigarette and pulled on it like a 
crazy man.

The van became filled with smoke but we were concentrating on each other 
so much we didn't open the windows.  He took a drag and told me he loved 
me as smoke came from his mouth while he talked.  I said, "How do you do 
that?  Let the smoke come out while you talk." 
He said, "Just inhale, hold it, then talk, it will come out."

I tried it and he was right.  I told him I loved him too and was 
surprised to see the smoke come out as I talked.  It seemed to give more 
emphasis to the statement and I was glad of that.

We were almost done with our cigarettes when he said "Have you ever 
tried a smokey kiss?"

I said, "What's that?"

He said, "I'll take a puff and hold it.  When we kiss you suck in on my 
lips and I'll blow the smoke out.  It will go right down into your 

We did that and when I pulled back I was surprised to see he was right. 
 I blew a pretty thick stream of  smoke right in his face.  We both 
laughed and I felt closer to him than ever before.

We had a few minutes before we had to get back to work so we rolled down 
the windows and each lit another cigarette.

He asked me, "Carol, are you going to let everyone at work know you 

I was very hesitant.  I had always been real shy and one of the most 
vocal people against smoking at the office.  I really didn't want all 
that attention so I said no and told him why.  He said he understood but 
that he wanted me to smoke around him when we were alone and I agreed to 
that.  I decided to give him a treat and smoked the rest of my cigarette 
dangling.  Never taking it from my lips.

We went on like that for a few weeks and then it was time for a big 
office party at a resort nearby.  By now I was up to almost a pack a 
day.  Sneaking them here and there.  Smoking at lunch, in the van, at 
home, whenever I wasn't around anybody.  I had just bought my first 
carton, Virginia Slims of course, having preferred to buy them a pack at 
a time.  I was still a little hesitant on getting totally hooked.

We arrived at the office party and after we ate a group of us were 
sitting around a big table drinking and talking.  Bruce of course, was 
smoking and so were the usual people.  Then I noticed that one of the 
girls that I had never seen smoke before lit one up.  Bruce noticed too 
and said, "Go ahead Carol, show them!"

I took a half empty pack of Virginia Slims out of purse and laid them on 
the table.  Everyone at the table stopped talking and looked at me.  
Damn, could I go through with this?  Bruce took a big puff and then 
said, "Show them you've started smoking Carol."  I could have killed him 
for saying that but now I had to go through with it. So I pulled one 
out, Bruce lit it for me and I immediately felt relieved that my secret 
was out.

Of course, everyone said, "Carol, I didn't know you smoked!"

I decided to get Bruce back a little and said "Yes, Bruce got me 

I drank wine coolers and chain smoked the rest of the night.  I felt a 
part of the group like I never had before.  I snuggled up to Bruce and 
we even exchanged a smokey kiss in front of everyone.  I guess I had a 
few too many wine coolers.  I even showed some of the women how to do a 
french inhale.  I took a deep drag, let the smoke come gently out of my 
mouth and inhaled it through my nose.  I was real proud because none of 
the other women could do it.

The next day Bruce and I went outside and smoked every break and at 
lunch.  Since then I'm up to about two packs a day and don't regret it 
at all.

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