The Corruptor, Part 1

(by, 30 March 2001)

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The Corruptor
Part 1 of 10

Karrie enjoyed babysitting, simple enough. She liked kids, she was good with
them. She also liked the extra money that baby sitting provided her. $3.50 an
hour, around 10 hours per week provided her with an ample income for a 17
year old girl. Her grades were good and she used the time to study more.
Karrie was also very attractive for her age but didn't wear makeup. She was
popular but fairly 'straight and plain' as the label goes. She didn't smoke,
had been drunk once, and had few dates. That would all change in the coming

The voice on the other end of the phone spoke in a clear, pleasant tone." Is
Karrie Jens there please?"

"Speaking..." Karrie said as she she muted the television.

"Hi, this is Bonnie Kelly. I got your name from Jane Warner as a possible
babysitter. We just moved next door to them and she gave us your name. She
recommends you highly." Bonnies voice sounded very youthful and bubbly.

"Oh, hi... She said you might be calling sometime. How many kids do you have
Bonnie?" and the conversation continued. The Warners lived about a mile away,
and Karrie had sat for their two kids for about a year fairly regularly.
Karrie agreed to visit with the Kelly's the next evening and decide if she'd
like to sit for them a few nights a week.

"Remember honey," Karrie's mom started, "don't feel obligated to sit if you
don't feel comfortable with them." She pulled into the Kelly's drive way.

"Don't worry Mom," Karrie said as she opened the door, "I know what I'm
doing. I've taken all the classes at the YMCA. I know what kind of things to
look for." As she headed towards the front door, it swung open and Bonnie
Kelly came outside to greet Karrie. They shook hands and Bonnie then walked
towards Karrie's mothers' car.

The window went down as Bonnie approached.

Bonnie again extended her hand and friendly smile. "Hi, Bonnie Kelly" she
said with a large, sincere smile.

"Joyce Jens" Karries mother said, returning the smile.

"I can give Karrie a ride home in about an hour, how does that sound. It'll
save you another trip. My husband is out of town again this week."

"Sounds great, I appreciate that" Karries mother replied. Karrie had walked
up behind the two ladies and listened to them chat. Karrie took note of
Bonnies stunning appearance. She must have been about 5'7", 130 lbs with
ample proportions. Her hair was strawberry blonde, should length with a
slight tease to her long natural curls. Her makeup was perfectly natural and
barely noticeable.  She was dressed casually sharp, in a faded pair of jeans
and tight white t-shirt. She couldn't have been more than 23 or 24.

Her stare was broke with her mothers voice. "So Karrie, Bonnie will bring you
home in an hour or so, OK?"

Karrie snapped to, and said, "Sure, sounds good Mom" with a smile.

Bonnie put her arm around Karrie and led her to the front door. "Come on
Karrie, we're gonna get along great! Ready to meet Madilyn? Wow, your really
pretty" she added as they headed inside.

"Sure!" Karrie replied with enthusiasm.

They spent the next 30 minutes playing with the 1 year old baby and getting a
tour of the house. It was immaculate and huge. She learned that she and John
had moved from Portland a month earlier to start a branch office in Missoula.
He worked in home security. When John wasn't traveling back to the home
office, he traveled. She saw him on weekends only. The happy tone in Bonnies
voice shifted briefly as she explained the long hours John kept.

"But enough about that Karrie," Bonnie said. "Do you want some coffee?"

Karrie really liked Bonnie, and quickly accepted the offer. Bonnie laid a
tired Madilyn in her play pen and the two walked into the kitchen. The
kitchen had a large center island with a JenAir cooktop in the middle,
surrounded by stools. Bonnie asked Karrie playfully about school and boys as
she made the coffee. As she poured the coffee, Bonnie opened a drawer and
pulled a pack of Marlboro Lights 100's from it, along with an ashtray and a

"Do you mind if I have a cigarette Karrie?" Bonnie asked as she handed a full
cup to her. Karrie shook her head and replied "Why would I mind? Its your
house, feel free." For the first time, Karrie felt slightly uncomfortable.

As if she'd done the same thing 100 times a day, Bonnie placed the ashtray
near the exhaust fan, clicked it to medium and then lit the cigarette. She
continued to draw as she placed the lighter down, inhaled once and then drew
deeply again as she held the smoke. She inhaled again deeply and removed the
cigarette and placed it in the ashtray. She then exhaled a tight stream
towards the fan, which did it's job of sucking all of the smoke out of the
room. Karrie watched with true enthusiasm. Bonnie noticed this.

"I'm sorry, do you want one?" She offered.

"No, No.." Karrie stammered. "I don't smoke."

"You were starring. Sorry if I miss interpreted that," Bonnie said as she
again picked up the cigarette.

Karrie was nearly hypnotized. She watched again as Bonnie drew deeply, and
watched the smoke disappear down her throat.

Bonnie explained. "I don't smoke very often, and never around the baby." She
exhaled towards the fan again, and continued. "That's why I have these fan.
I only smoke in the kitchen or our bathroom, where there is another fan. It
just helps to break up the boredom of being home alone so much."

"You don't have to apologize, Bonnie." Karrie said matter of factly. "I
guess I was just a little surprised because I didn't smell smoke in your
home, like normal smokers homes."

"John makes sure that I only smoke where there is a fan, or outside, and not
much in public. He thinks its some sort of a social stigma."

"Yeah" Karrie agreed. "Not many people smoke anymore it seems." Karrie was
grasping for something else to say that wouldn't sound dumb. "Some of my
friends smoke sometimes. I tried it once, "she lied, "but it didn't do much
for me."

Bonnie drew again and sipped her coffee. "I was probably about your age when
I first tried it too. Didn't' it make you sick?"

"Oh yeah, that's why I didn't like it" Karrie added, trying to sound

Bonnie nodded as she exhaled and crushed out her cigarette. "Yeah, I don't
know why I kept doing it. It makes everyone sick the first few times, but
then the pleasure..." She trailed with a smile.

They spent the rest of the hour walking again through the house, writing down
phone numbers, etc. They had a new computer and Bonnie said Karrie was free
to surf or whatever if Madilyn was sleeping.  "We have a DSL Line, so we're
always connected, super quick too." Karrie's eyes lit up at this. She liked
the Internet. "Cool!" she said. Karrie's comfort had again grown and she
really liked Bonnie. Madilyn would be a breeze to take care of. She went to
sleep about 7:30 and didn't stir again.

They packed Madilyn into a car seat and got ready to take Karrie home. "So,
you think you'd like to sit a few nights a week. Basically, I'd like to get
out of the house a few nights a week. Maybe Tuesday and Thursdays?"

"Sounds great Bonnie, I really appreciate it"

They loaded up the Durango and drove Karrie home. Karrie noted that the smell
of smoke wasn't existent in the Durango, John must forbid Bonnie from smoking
in here too, she thought. Karrie waved goodbye as she opened the door to
their home. Bonnie waved goodbye too, smiling, and hurried home to put
Madilyn down for the night and get online with John. They kept in touch using
the Internet at nights when John was in his office or on the road.

Karrie told her mom that Bonnie was really cool, and she was going to sit two
nights a week to start, maybe more. She'd need a ride to their house but
Bonnie could bring her home. They hugged good night and Karrie retired to her

Karrie lay in bed thinking a few things over in her head. "I can only smoke
where there are fans...," she thought. When they were walking through the
house, Karrie had seen large window fans in the office, near the computer,
and in their master bathroom, and above the bed in their bedroom. Her
thoughts turned to Bonnie and her beauty. Her hands instinctively slid
downward and began to softly rub her labia.  Her panties were moist already
and Karrie closed her eyes and fantasized.  She thought of Bonnie, sitting at
the kitchen island, enjoying her cigarette. And when she offered, Karrie
accepted the cigarette, smiling deep into Bonnie's eyes as she leaned
forward to accept a light. Karrie mimicked Bonnie's movements with her free
hand, while the other began to work faster. An invisible cigarette between
her fingers was lifted to her lips, and Karrie drew deeply as she came closer
to climax. She even pursed her lips and exhaled audibly. After she came, she
gently licked her moist fingers and pretended to crush out the cigarette. She
smiled and curled up in bed and fell into a deep sleep.

Bonnie laid Madilyn down in her crib and turned the crank on the mobile
several times. She kissed her daughter lightly on the forehead and left the
room. She walked to the computer room, turning on the monitor. The computer
was always on. She started Yahoo Messenger and waited for the program to log
her in. Instinctively, she opened the top drawer and pulled out the
cigarettes, ashtray, and lighter that waited there. She then reached behind
the computer and turned on the window fan. She drew deeply twice as before
and exhaled towards the fan. Her buddy list showed just one friend was
online, Clyde69.

She double clicked his name to start a conversation.
Bonnie69: "You online honey?"
Clyde69: "As always. How did it go?"
Bonnie69: "Great, she may be the one"
Clyde69: "Really!? Tell me all about her..."
Bonnie69: "She's very plain, but pretty, impressionable, and I think very 
Clyde69: "Sounds perfect, tell me more..."
Bonnie69: "She's about my height and size. She likes the net, and couldn't 
take her eyes off of me when I
smoked. With the right `clues' and direction, I think she'll transform 

End Part 1

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