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(by, 01 October 1995)

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Date: Mon,  2 Oct 1995 02:27:28 UTC
Subject: Daddy and Dee (story, long)
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This story was inspired by some email correspondence from someone who 
tells me they have taught their daughter to smoke this past summer. How 
true the correspondence is I don't know. This story has a *lot* of 
fantasy in it (like 99%)!

Anyway, hope you all enjoy it. As always, your comments, suggestions, etc. 
welcomed via email.  



Daddy and Dee

The strange thing about this story is that I never would have predicted
that this would have ever happened. It wasn't something that I intended to
have happen but since it did I thought you might like to hear about it.
First, the basics: I'm 39 years old and married to a wonderful woman named
Joanne. We've been together for over 15 years now and are still best
friends and enjoy each other in every way possible, both spiritually and
physically. Our life was brightened about two years after our marriage by
the arrival of Danielle, a dark-haired, brown-eyed beauty. While we had
planned a second child, Joanne had complications with Danielle's birth
that prevented that from being possible. But the sadness about Joanne's
problems quickly receded as Danielle soon became the center of our lives
as she grew up. 

Our daughter became known as DeeDee when she was learning to talk as a
baby, which became shortened to Dee a few years later. I don't know
exactly why or how but Dee always seemed closer to me than Joanne. Maybe
that's natural for fathers and daughters, I don't know. While she and Jo
always got along fine, when she needed someone to confide in she always
sought me out. It was a bit of an adjustment for me at first since I had
to learn what things were important to a young girl and obviously had no
experience in such things. But I soon learned how to deal with her
problems and came to look forward to spending time with Dee. We each
helped the other grow with me teaching Dee about my two loves, fishing and
old cars, and her causing me to adopt a softer, quieter demeanor in
dealing with her that extended after a while into my interactions with
others as well. 

Joanne and I were both smokers when we met in university. We continued
while we dated and after we were married but for Joanne it was never a
major part of her self-image and she was never a heavy smoker. Her style
always struck me as that of a novice even though she had smoked for some
time. She never progressed beyond the delicate, almost tentative puffs of
a beginner and her exhales were quick and thin. While I admit to having
enjoyed watching her smoke her Virginia Slims, when she decided to give it
up after she became pregnant with Danielle it rapidly became a non-issue
for me. She never returned to the habit afterwards, limiting herself to
the occasional puff on one of my B&H Lights when she was feeling amorous
or when she decided to have one drink too many. To her credit she never
criticized me for continuing my better than pack a day habit over the
years and seemed to accept it as part of me. 

We always taught Dee to be open with us and in turn tried to treat her
like a responsible person as she grew up. She repaid us by never causing
us to be disappointed in her and always telling us what was on her mind.
As she grew into a teenager and began to experience the stresses of those
times I was very satisfied to see that she was still coming to me for
advice and using me for a sounding board. One thing that carried on
through this period was our continuing to share time together with a
fishing rod in our hands and when I tinkered with my '70 Olds 4-4-2

One Saturday this past April we decided to take advantage of a premature
summerlike day and head out in the Olds to one of our favorite fishing
spots while Joanne held the fort at home. We stationed ourselves on the
shoreline once we got there and began our quest for the elusive big one. 
As always we chatted quietly as we made our casts and talked about the
fish, the day, and what was going on in the world. Our conversation
carried on along these lines for about an hour until Dee suddenly got my
attention shortly after I lit up by asking me "Daddy, can I try that?".
"When I asked what she meant, she responded "Your cigarette. Can I try

I was shocked, quite frankly, and a chill literally ran down my spine for
some reason. Dee had asked a couple of times over the years about my
smoking and I had always told her that she shouldn't think about doing it.
But I guess her normal curiosity had gotten the better of her and I now
considered my response. Quickly I thought of our mutual pledge of openness
and if she had the courage to ask what must have been a very difficult
question I now had to face up to a difficult answer. I never wanted my
daughter to smoke, even though I smoked myself and liked it very much. I
knew the costs of smoking and if Dee was to make a choice I hoped it would
be the right one. But I also knew that if she was to make a choice she
would need to have the facts of the situation. She already knew the
negatives of smoking from being taught those in school. Now she wanted to
know the things they hadn't taught her about it. All of these things
quickly rocketed through my mind as I reached for an answer. 

"Why would you want to do that?" I answered initially. Her response was,
as always, direct. "It's just something I'm interested in. You seem to
like it and I'd like to know why. Can I try it?" "But Dee, it's bad for
you. I don't want you to smoke", I replied. 

"But daddy, why do you do it then? It's not fair. I just want to try it,
that's all. I'm not saying I want to smoke from now on. I just want to
see what it's like. Would you rather that I did it on my own?"

She had me there. Given the way we brought her up I had no real response
for her. We had always told Dee that if she came to us with a problem she
could be assured that we would treat her in a mature way. Now she had come
to me with a question and if I was to live up to the promises we had made
to her I had only one possible answer. "No, honey, I don't want you to do
it on your own, you know that. It's just that you shouldn't smoke. I hope
you understand that the reason I smoke is that I can't give it up. I'm
hooked and I don't want to see you get that way too." 

"Daddy, I just want to try it! I don't know what I'll do then but I need
to know what it's like before I decide, right? C'mon, please, daddy? Just
one puff?", she said in her most persuasive way. She knew that she had me
and smiled as she heard my answer. "All right, but wait until we have
lunch. I want you to do it right if you're going to be that bull-headed
about it". 

About an hour later the midday sun was high above us and our stomachs let
us know it was time to break into the cooler we had brought with us. After
we finished our sandwiches and drinks on the shoreline and started to pack
things away, I could see that Dee was watching me and waiting for me to
light up the usual cigarette I had after a meal. Finally I was ready and
as I did I called her over. "OK, Dee, do you still want to try this?". 

"Yes, Daddy, I do. Can I please?" I nodded OK as she sat down on the ledge
next to me. "Here, hold it like this" I told her as she accepted the
cigarette between her fingers. "Now just suck on it a little bit and
breathe out through your nose while you do it" I told her and she complied
as she began her first puff. "OK, that's enough" I cautioned her and she
withdrew the cigarette from her lips. "OK, now open your mouth just a
little and breathe it in" I said, and awaited her reaction. Her first
inhale had the expected result as she succeeded in drawing the smoke into
her lungs, which were unprepared for the assault. As she attempted to
exhale it caught in her throat and she coughed several times. "There, see?
Not so good. Satisfied?", I asked her. Blinking away watery eyes, she
replied "I must not have done it right. Can I try it again?" 

"Are you sure?", I said, with a bit of a chuckle at her determination if
nothing else. "Well if you really want to... go ahead," I offered. Dee
again took a small puff and inhaled it quickly. This time she succeeded in
exhaling it without coughing and quickly handed the cigarette back to me
without a word. I took this to mean she was satisfied with the experience
and didn't ask her about it. I took a few puffs over the next minute or
two and wasn't thinking about what had just transpired before she
surprised me by asking "Daddy... can I have another puff?" I hesitated for
a moment but the smile on her face told me that she wasn't taking this too
seriously herself, and so I again offered her the cigarette. She took a
slightly longer puff this time and again was able to draw it into her
lungs and exhale it without coughing. 

After that, we continued our day of fishing and didn't touch on the
subject for the next few hours. As we were preparing to leave, I
offhandedly mentioned to Dee, "If we're going to drive home with the top
down, give me a minute. I want to have a cigarette first", since I didn't
like to smoke with the wind of the highway blowing ashes around. Dee
watched me light up and said as I did, "Daddy, let me have one too.
Please? Can I?". At first I wasn't certain she was serious and I told her,
"Get off it Dee. You're only 13!" But she was serious and again responded
"I just want to see what it's like again, daddy. That other time wasn't
really enough. Please?" Thinking that a full cigarette would discourage
her once and for all from taking to the habit, I decided to let her go
ahead and make herself sick. "Oh, all right. Here, let me light you up", I
said, hoping to embarrass her a little to further discourage her. She
accepted the cigarette and the light and began to take a few puffs as I
watched her closely. With each puff it seemed to me that she was taking in
a little more smoke and her inhales were becoming more conventional
looking. But she must have felt the effect of the nicotine on her body
after a few minutes, since her pace slowed noticeably and she seemed a
little pale. However she stayed with it and as I crushed mine out she did
the same, having smoked most of it. 

As we drove the Olds home, Dee asked me a question over the rumble of the
dual exhausts and the rush of the wind. "Daddy, can we just keep the
smoking thing between us? I don't think I want to listen to Mom lecture
me". In truth, I had been wondering how to bring the subject up with
Joanne too so Dee's question gave both of us an opportunity to avoid an
awkward situation. "Sure, honey. I won't say a word, don't worry. It'll be
our secret". 

For the next few days the subject remained closed. On Wednesday night of
that week I was playing with the Olds in the garage when Dee came in. She
hung around for a while as we chatted about what I was doing until I
finally took a break and lit up. She watched me for a moment and I
suddenly had a feeling I knew what was coming. Eventually she asked the
question: "Daddy, can I have a puff?" I should have said no right there
but for reasons that I still don't understand there was a part of me that
wanted to see her smoke again. After a moment of consideration I handed
her the cigarette and watched as she took a puff, then inhaled a second a
short time later before returning the cigarette. This occurred with
increasing regularity whenever the two of us were together over the next
few weeks as I began to think more and more about how to resolve the
situation. I knew I would have to break the news to Joanne sooner or later
and she would be justifiably angry with my involvement in Dee's smoking. 

One day early in June Dee had accompanied me to a car show in the Olds
while Joanne again remained at home. These tend to be somewhat dull events
for the owners since you have to stay with the car while spectators come
by to pay compliments or ask questions. We were sitting in our lawn chairs
near the car and I had lit a cigarette when Dee told me something
unexpected. "Daddy, I think you should know something. I've decided to
smoke. I've been taking a few from your packages each day for a while now
and I really like it. I'm sorry I did it behind your back and I hope
you're not mad at me. But I'm telling you now because I really do want to
be able to smoke." Although this was news to me I was not really surprised
in one sense, since from watching Dee take the puffs I provided her with I
knew that she was becoming accustomed to smoking and since she kept asking
me for them she obviously liked it. But my heart sank slightly as I
realized that she had been forced to deceive me in order to satisfy her
desire to smoke. 

"Dee, honey, are you sure about this?" I answered. "It's an awful habit,
and it'll get you addicted in no time if you keep it up. You won't be able
to quit, just like me. It could do awful things to you later on in life,
and I wish you'd reconsider" I pleaded with her. But it was to no avail.
"Daddy, please. I've thought about this for a while. I really like to
smoke and I want to be able to do it for a while. If you can do it I don't
see why I can't too. I won't smoke very much, so it won't be too bad for
me, but I want to be able to do it now and then. But if you say no, I
guess I'll just have to do it some other way. I'm pretty sure I'll smoke

I was defenceless for this argument. After all, I was her role model and I
had introduced her to the subtle charms of smoking. How could I now forbid
her from wanting to enjoy it fully, as I did? "No, honey, I don't want you
to do that." I thought for a while before saying finally, "If you want to
smoke, I guess you can. But you'll have to tell your mother. I'm not going
to keep it a secret from her any longer if you're going to smoke every day
from now on." 

She thought for a moment and said, "Yeah, I guess I will. I will tell her,
daddy. I'll have to figure out how best to do that, I suppose, but I
promise I'll do it. But anyway daddy, do you suppose I could have one now?
I really would like to have one with you right now if I could.", she said
with a smile. I thought for a second about what I had just heard before
reaching for the pack of B&H Light 100s in my pocket and offering them to
my daughter. She took one, handed the pack back to me as I reached for my
lighter, and moved the cigarette to her lips as I offered her a light. She
drew on it for a moment before puffing out an initial cloud of uninhaled
smoke, then pulled hard on the B&H and inhaled quickly. She held the smoke
in for a second or two before exhaling a long stream. Dee continued to
puff on her cigarette while we sat and talked, as I thought about how my
little girl was changing. Despite my misgivings there remained a part of
me that enjoyed watching her smoke as she suddenly looked very different
to me, no longer a little girl. After a while I forgot about the scene but
a couple of hours later she again reminded me as she tugged at my sleeve
after I had lit up and asked me for another cigarette. I guess that was
when it really hit me that she had indeed decided to become a smoker and
after I thought about it for a second or two I became resigned to that
fact and gave her one which she smoked fully, puffing on it frequently and
inhaling every time. She had obviously told me the truth about her daily
smoking over the past few weeks. She was able to handle it with no

That evening we were sitting in the living room watching television when
Dee decided to break the news to her mother. "Mom, I told dad today at the
show, so I guess I should tell you now. I've started smoking. Dad didn't
want me to, but like I told him, I really like it and I've smoked for a
while now so I want to keep smoking. He said I should talk to you about
it. I really like it and I think I'll smoke anyway, so the only question
is whether I do it with your permission or not". She put it in such a way
that there really wasn't much Jo could say, other than to express her
surprise and disappointment. But one of Dee's best qualities was her power
of persuasion and after a bit of debate Jo was forced to concede too. She
was able to extract a few concessions from Dee though, making her promise
not to smoke at school and to keep it under control. Dee looked at me in
surprise when I then suggested to her that she have one with me, but
accepted the cigarette I offered and smoked it very tentatively, taking
only three or four puffs before extinguishing it. 

Joanne was upset by Dee's revelation when we talked about it in our
bedroom later that night, but I was at least grateful that Dee had not
implicated me in her starting to take up the habit and so I was able to
discuss it with her instead of getting into an argument. Jo didn't make
any connection between my smoking and Dee's and I was able to at least
console her with the thought that our daughter had been honest with us and
had not decided to do something behind our backs. Jo seemed to take some
solace in that at least and seemed to be coming around to the realization
that there was not much either of us could do about it. She said that she
intended to watch Dee very closely to be sure that she kept her promises
about not smoking too frequently and that she would keep trying to
convince her to give it up. We agreed that I would supply her with
cigarettes from my carton so that I could monitor her consumption. 

For some reason I secretly enjoyed watching Dee's smoking develop. Again,
I can't say exactly why that was but I took great pleasure out of having
her join me in the evening for a few cigarettes. She wasn't smoking all
that much as she continued to live up to her promise, but she would have
one in the morning with me as I drove her to school and two or three with
me in the evenings if we were in the garage. I noticed that she never
smoked in front of Joanne but would instead retreat to her bedroom to puff
when the need arose if we were all in the living room. When I asked her
about it she said that her mom had lectured her a time or two when she had
smoked in her presence so she wouldn't give her the opportunity to do that
any more but that she had no problem with me. As the first few weeks
passed her daily consumption increased only slightly and she would only
ask me for a pack every three or four days, but I noticed a definite
change in her smoking style. Her once-tentative puffs were now forceful,
cheek-hollowing pulls and she would fill her lungs with inhales as deep as
my own. She would hold the smoke in for several seconds and would
eventually exhale slowly through both her mouth and nose, as I did. 

After another month Dee finally began to feel the need to smoke more
frequently throughout the day. This was a development that I had fully
expected to occur, and as a result she gradually began to smoke more often
in Joanne's presence. Joanne now generally avoided comment but I noticed
her watching Dee smoke and one night she mentioned it to me after we had
gone to bed. "Have you noticed how much Dee seems to enjoy having a
cigarette? God, it seems strange to see her smoke. I still find it hard to
believe she's actually smoking every day. I wonder what made her start?" I
offered no help in answer to that question but mentioned that she had been
asking me for a pack every second day recently. I told Jo that we should
probably get used to the idea of our daughter as a smoker since it seemed
to me she was about ready to give in to the habit. Joanne was silent for a
few seconds before she offered "You know, that never happened to me when I
smoked. It never really meant that much to me and I guess because of that
I never really got addicted," she said with a faraway tone in her voice.
"Oh well, there's probably not much we can do about it now, then, if you
think that Dee's gotten to that stage already," she said with resignation. 

With her freedom to indulge unrestricted Dee continued to slowly increase
her daily cigarette consumption over the remainder of the summer and by
the first part of September she told me she was smoking about 12 to 15 a
day. It was at this point that I decided to buy her a carton of her own
and she decided to stay with the B&H Lights, which made life a little
simpler for both of us. It was obvious that my daughter was becoming
hooked since she now needed to smoke almost every hour and became anxious
if she had to do without for much longer than that. I finally asked her
about it one time after we had both just lit up and she sheepishly
admitted, "Oh, daddy, I don't know... I hadn't counted on the effect of
smoking being so strong on me, that's for sure. I think I'm probably
addicted now. I just feel these... cravings, I guess. They're really
strong sometimes and I'm having them all the time now. But I'm really
enjoying smoking now...  it just feels so good to satisfy those cravings,
if that's the right word". She paused to take a puff and inhaled deeply as
I felt compelled to do the same. She continued as she exhaled, "I really
look forward to every time that I can have another cigarette.  I just love
being able to breathe it in, it feels so... so yummy, so neat. I think I
finally understand why you smoke. I figure that I'll keep on smoking for a
while too. I just can't help myself, but I can't imagine the thought of
ever having to give it up". I was a little surprised at her admission of
her sudden surrender to the habit but of course I completely understood
what she was now feeling in her body. 

Over the past while Dee has returned to school where we have had to
relieve her of her promise not to smoke there as her habit has now grown
to nearly a pack a day and the cravings were becoming bothersome to her
concentration. But perhaps the most surprising aspect of the whole thing
is that Dee has apparently had an influence on her mother. Joanne and Dee
resumed their normal relationship after a bit of strain initially
following Dee's starting to smoke. Over the past week or two, Dee tells
me, a surprising development has taken place. As Dee told me one night,
"Daddy, you wouldn't believe what happened to me today. Mom and I were
sitting around the kitchen table talking after lunch when I went to have a
cigarette. I had just taken a couple of puffs and put it down in the
ashtray for a minute. Daddy, she picked it up and took a puff! I couldn't
believe it!". I asked her what transpired next and she told me "I asked
her what was up. She told me that the sight of watching me smoke made her
want to try it again. I guess she used to smoke? I never knew that.
Anyway, she took another puff after that and that was it." I found this
interesting and asked Dee to keep me updated if it happened again. A
couple of days later it did. Dee came into the garage one night while I
was working and as soon as I took a break we both lit up. As we smoked she
filled me in. "Daddy, it happened again today. This time mom asked me if
she could have a cigarette! I gave her one and lit it for her. She smoked
the whole thing right along with me! I asked her what it meant and she
said she didn't know but that she still was curious. Isn't that strange?" 

I filed away this info for future reference. That night after Jo and I had
made love and I was getting my usual after-sex cigarette I offered her one
too. She paused for a minute but eventually accepted, saying "Did Dee tell
you about my smoking?" "The secret's out, love" I responded with a smile.
"What happened?" Jo took a puff before answering. "Oh, I don't know... I
guess just watching Dee smoke made me really curious about it again. She
seems to like it so much, and it's all so new to her... it made me wonder
about what I have been missing. And now I remember. I think I just might
like to have a few occasionally. I won't smoke very much so it won't be
too bad for me, but I'd like to have one now and then." 

Her words echoed Dee's from a few months earlier and made me wonder if the
result would be the same with Joanne... 


That's it! Bye for now...

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