Dark Aunt Barbara, Part 1

(by slimv2001@yahoo.com, 17 August 2002)

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Warning: This story is extremely dark. It includes lung cancer, sex with 
older women, incest, and death. It's written tastefully, but if the 
subjects offend you then I suggest you skip it and go on to something else. 

Dark Aunt Barbara
by slimv2001@yahoo.com

Part 1

Aunt Barbara was my mother's brother's wife. She was 59 when things began 
heating up between us. I was 17. Aunt Barbara had always been like a second 
mother to me. But the older I got the more I would have fantasies about 
her. Most people don't understand the attraction. But they don't appreciate 
older women that smoke. 

Barbara has been hopelessly addicted to cigarettes since she was 12 years 
old and has a four pack a day habit. She hates it and curses the tobacco 
companies but she admits she'll never quit. She stinks of stale tobacco but 
it smells like the sweetest perfume to me. 

When I was 15, my mom caught me smoking. She told Aunt Barbara and together 
they lectured me for two hours on the evils of smoking. 

When I was 17, my uncle left Barbara for a younger woman. She was 
devastated and needed a shoulder to cry on. I was there for her. One thing 
led to another and before I knew it, I was fucking my chain smoking 
59-year-old aunt. She was the first smoker I ever kissed. We carried on in 
secret until I turned 18 and broke the news to my mom that we were getting 

Surprisingly, my mother was very supportive of our relationship. Before we 
were married, she took me aside and gave me the talk that my father would 
have given me had he been around to give it. She told me that she wanted me 
to be happy but that she was concerned that I might be in love with the 
idea of being in love with an older woman rather than being in love with 
Barbara. She also warned me that dating a heavy smoker was a lot different 
that living with one. She told me that Barbara wasn't like the teenage 
girls from high school that smoked to be cool- Barbara was the real thing 
and I had to be prepared to deal with the consequences of marrying such an 
old and heavy smoker- such as cancer and death. I assured her I was up to 
the task. She asked me if I thought I would still want to have sex with her 
10 years down the road when she was approaching 70. I told my mom that I'd 
love Barbara and be loyal to her until the day she died. 

I was happier than a pig in shit. Barbara didn't have a clue about my 
smoking fetish. She just thought I was extremely tolerant and 
understanding. The only time Barbara didn't smoke was when she was taking a 
shower or when we were making love. I couldn't do any thing about the 
shower, but six months after the wedding I asked her if she would like to 
smoke while I gave her oral sex. I didn't have to ask twice. 

She says smoking enhances her orgasms. Maybe it does, I know her smoking 
enhances my orgasms. 

Knowing how bad Barbara feels about her smoking, I've gone to great lengths 
to make her feel more comfortable about her addiction. I light her 
cigarettes often and tell her how beautiful she looks. I kiss her often and 
tell her how wonderful she tastes. In the mornings when she wakes up with 
coughing fits, I rub her back and tell her she'll feel better after she has 
a couple cigarettes. The effort paid off and she began smoking more. 

I thought I screwed it up two years ago. We had been married for almost 
four years and every thing was going great. Barb was smoking five packs a 
day and humping my brains out at least four nights a week. I got careless 
and she caught me smoking. 

My smoking caught her completely by surprise. It devastated her and I felt 
like shit. But then again, it was kind of exciting. I don't know why, but 
its very exciting the first time your mom catches you smoking. It works 
that way with your wife too, especially when she's older than your mom. 

Needless to say, Barb and I didn't have sex that night and I didn't smoke 
in front of her. As a matter of fact, we didn't have sex for almost a week. 
I can't tell you how painful it was for me to go bed with that beautiful 
smoking woman and not be able to taste her and have her. 

She was the first to bring up the subject. She asked me if I knew how long 
she had been smoking. I told her I didn't know even though I did. She told 
that she had been smoking for 51 years and then she reminded me that I had 
only been breathing oxygen for 22 years. She told me that she had taken out 
a calculator that morning had punched in the numbers. She told me that she 
figured she had averaged at least 70 cigarettes a day over those 51 years 
and that meant she had smoked more than 1,300,000 cigarettes. I had done 
the numbers my self but it was the first time I heard her say them. It 
sounded even better when she said the words and my dick got hard as I 
imagined her blackened lungs. She continued, "I never said this to anyone 
before and I might not say it again, but the truth is that I love to smoke. 
Being married to you has been wonderful. I actually felt sexy about it. And 
the sex has been unbelievable ever since you let me smoke while we make 
love and I don't want to give it up, but I will if it will keep you from 
making the same mistake." 

Tears were starting to form at her cheeks and she wiped them away and lit 
another cigarette before she continued. "I love you more than any thing in 
the world. I was there on the day you were born. I changed your diapers and 
I baby-sited you. I watched you get in the car and go on your first date. I 
used to be jealous of your mother and I wished you were my son and not 
hers. I was so upset that day when you were 15 and your mother told me she 
had caught you smoking. I felt that way because you were the son I never 
had. Those feelings should have changed after I made love to you and robbed 
you of your virginity, but they didn't. I wanted it all, I wanted to be 
your mother and your wife." Barbara paused and lit another cigarette. She 
held it in front of her as if she were examining a dangerous weapon. Then 
she put it back between her lips where it belonged and doubled pumped a 
huge white ball of mentholated smoke. 

"These things are killing me", she laughed. "I'm smoking my self to death. 
I can't walk to the bathroom without getting winded. I can't even get on 
top when we make love. The only thing I can do is lay there and smoke my 
head off while you do all the work. I mean I love it, but I wish I could do 
more for you but I can't because of these things. You deserve better." 

"But I love you", I countered. 

"I love you too, which is why I'm quitting smoking after tonight. Neither 
one of us is going to smoke." 

I wanted to cry but I held it back. "You don't have to do this for me", I 
said. "I know you love me. It would be too hard for you. Don't worry about 
me, I won't smoke." 

Barbara was unfazed by my pleas. The look on her face told me she was 
determined to quit. That night I fucked and kissed her for all I was worth. 
If this was the last time I would be able to make love to my wife while she 
puffed away then I would burn the night into my brain to relive it in my 
later years. 

I had a hard time going to sleep that night. I knew I was probably worried 
over nothing. But I knew she was determined, especially when she mentioned 
getting the patch and some gum. All I could do was wait and see what 
tomorrow brought. 


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