(by Mike, 03 May 2000)

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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This story is fucked up, purely fictional and contains adult language,
as expected from the writer of "Forcing Judy to smoke". It is probably
badly written, because of the fact that English is not my first


Neve pulled her pack of Marlboro Reds out of her bag, and picked a cigarette.
She lighted it casually, and took a deep inhale. The 16-year old girl exhaled
the smoke slowly because she knew the bus wouldn't arrive for at least 5
minutes. It had been a bad day at school. She was sent out of class twice,
just because she was daydreaming. Well, now she was free, and she could dream
as much as she wanted. Reality faded away as she started thinking about the
time just before she picked up smoking, now 3,5 years ago......


"Neve, get your ass over here right now!", shouted Neve's mother, the 33-year
old Alicia. She was standing in front of the door, smoking a cigarette. Neve
was outside, sitting in the garden, doing nothing. She was a very mature
girl, especially since she wasn't even 13 years old. Neve used to sit in the
garden a lot. Just thinking about literature, philosophy, and about how bad
this world was.

She hated her family. She thought they were a bunch of anti-social, lazy
people, who only talked about unimportant things like cars, money and
'chicks'. They drank and smoked a lot too. Every single member of her family
older than 14, smoked. She couldn't believe even her 15-year old sister Tracy
now smoked. She thought she knew better than that. The family had encouraged
Tracy to smoke. As they encouraged every family member to 'join the club'.
Whenever a non-smoking kid turned into a smoking kid, they sort of celebrated
it. Neve knew why. They were afraid the kids would complain about their
smoking, and ruin the pleasure they got out of it.  They had been encouraging
Tracy for years, but she always refused. Neve never expected that she would
give in after all. But she did.

Six months ago, at Tracy's birthday she got a pack of Marlboro Lights from
her niece Susan. At first, Tracy refused to accept it, but when the whole
family was staring at her and yelling "You should at least try it once", and
"If you don't like it, just throw them away", she couldn't handle the
pressure anymore. Neve looked in amazement as Tracy placed a cigarette
between her lips, and let Susan light it. Tracy sucked on it slowly, and blew
the smoke out. Then, she took another puff, and inhaled a little. She coughed
a bit, but it wasn't as bad as Tracy had expected it to be. Neve shouted at
her sister that she should put it out, but Tracy pretented that she didn't
hear it, and inhaled again. after a few more puffs Tracy put the cigarette
out, because she felt a little light-headed. But Neve knew her sister was
lost. She would smoke again, and she would like it more. Nicotine had entered
Tracy's body.

Later that day, Tracy smoked another cigarette and indeed liked it more. The
family was satisfied, because every single smoker knew that Tracy would
become addicted soon.  And they were right, of course. In the next few weeks
Tracy would smoke one or two cigarettes every day. After dinner, and
sometimes one more in the evening. Neve couldn't do a thing about it, because
she realized Tracy wouldn't listen to her.

After a month the nicotine began taking hold of her sister. Her consumption
slowly increased to 5 cigarettes a day, and her parents were happy when they
noticed Tracy was not only smoking for pleasure anymore. She seemed to need a
cigarette when she came home from school. Tracy would come home nervously and
ask her mother for a cigarette right away. Alicia was happy to give it to her
daughter, and she watched Tracy lighting up and inhaling deeply into her
lungs. She was trembling more every day, before she had smoked her
after-school cigarette, and after two months, Tracy was fully addicted. She
had refused when her parents offered to buy her her own cigarettes at first,
but after a week she gave in. She knew she needed them. From then on, her
consumption raised to her final level of 2 packs of Marlboro Medium every

Neve watched this all hapening in misery, because not only had her sister
become a smoker, but she changed in other ways too. She dressed more sexy,
talked only about guys, and, of course, she smoked all the time. She always
had her cigarettes with her. She started coughing too.  Sometimes, Neve would
wake up in the middle of the night, and heard her parents cough. But one
night, she noticed that it wasn't her mother who was coughing, but it was
Tracy. Neve got out of bed, and went downstairs. And there she was. Tracy was
sitting on the couch in her pyama, smoking a cigarette and coughing at the
same time. "They're so yummy!", Tracy answered, when Neve asked why she still
smoked when it made her cough so much. Neve watched her so addicted sister,
and she decided that she would never smoke, no matter what.

On Neve's 13th birthday, the whole family was present, and they all looked
happy when they saw that Tracy was now constantly lighting up, and inhaling
as deep as they did. And, of course, they were all encouraging Neve to join
her sister. Even Tracy was offering her cigarettes. She looked at her family.
31 members. 31 smokers, from which 9 were underage. 30 addicts and one
soon-to-be-addict, her 13-year old cousin Marc, who was getting into it
pretty bad already. In a few weeks he would probably smoke as much as the
rest of them.

What Neve didn't know is that there had been a family meeting without her.
She was discussed there, and Tracy had said that Neve would never smoke
voluntarily, no matter how much they would encourage her. All smokers agreed
that this was a problem, because Neve was always complaining about their
smoking. Tracy accepted a light from her grandfather, inhaled and said: "I'd
say we make her smoke", and she exhaled a long plum of smoke. Her grandfather
inhaled a lot of smoke in his already black lungs and said in a deep voice:
"Is she really that bad on you?" "She is, grandfather", Tracy said, while she
brought the cigarette to her youthful mouth. "Let's do it", said Alicia. On
her birthday you, your grandfather and I will introduce her to smoking.
"We'll make sure that she'll love to smoke".  They all had an evil smile on
their face.

So, on Neve's birtday, just after dinner, the three of them took Neve for a
walk. Three generations of smokers were all chain-smoking, and then they
stopped at a multistorey. Tracy pushed her sister into it. Her grandfather
picked her up and carried her to the end of the multistorey. The two women
made sure Neve wouldn't scream. They tied her up against a pillar, and
started to inject nicotine in her blood, using an injection needle. After
that they started blowing smoke in her face. She coughed a lot, but her
family knew no mercy. Tracy bend over to Neve's mouth, took a deep drag and
exhaled the smoke in her sister's mouth. Since she already had so much smoke
in her lungs, she didn't cough, but she did spit in her sister's face.

"Bitch", Tracy said and slapped Neve in her face. "You'll smoke, Neve. You're
will is strong, but not strong enough to resist this addictive nicotine."
Alicia lighted up a cigarette and gave it to Neve.  "Smoke this", she said.
Neve held the cigarette but did nothing. Then Tracy kicked her. "Smoke it,
damned!", she yelled. Tracy trembled, and her grandfather gave her a
cigarette. "Have a smoke girl, it will calm you down". Tracy knew it would
and tripple-pumped on it.

Neve had no choice but to smoke. She brought the cigarette to her mouth and
sucked. She was not scared because she knew she would be too strong to get
addicted. She even inhaled a little, afraid of the punishment she would get
if she didn't.  Her mother looked satisfied, as Neve smoked the cigarette.
They made her smoke four more cigarettes, and then Neve passed out. "That
will do", Alicia said. "There's enough nicotine in her body to get her

When Neve waked up the next morning she felt terrible. She was still
light-headed and felt very sick. But she also had a strange feeling in her
stumach. She knew what it was. It was a craving. She wanted a cigarette. But
she knew she couldn't give in, because she would get hooked. So she resisted
the feeling. When she got down a few hours later, her mother and sister were
both smoking, and offered her a cigarette. It looked tempting, but Neve was
very strong and resisted.  Tracy looked nervously at her mother. Why didn't
she want a cigarette?  Alicia told her to relax; she would give in. But she
didn't. Neve thought about smoking all day, her mind was alreay influenced by
the nicotine. She really longed for a cigarette, but there was still
something in her that said she shouldn't. She wouldn't want to be as her
family members, did she?

That evening the session was repeated. Neve had to smoke 10 cigarettes.  She
didn't struggle because she knew it was no use. She kept in mind that she
shouldn't think about smoking as something nice, but as something evil. But
as the night went on, it became more and more difficult, because more
nicotine entered her body, and she was getting brainwashed. She didn't pass
out anymore, which was a good sign for her mother, because it meant that she
was getting used to it."Nicotine is getting the better of her", Alicia said.

When she smoked ten cigarettes Neve wasn't able to think straight anymore,
and when she woke up the next morning, she had an enormous craving. When she
came downstairs, her mother and sister saw that she would give in that day.
She looked nervous. "Would you like a cigarette, dear?", Neve's mother asked.
Neve's mind told her that it wasn't right, but after two hours the nicotine
got the better of her. She went to Tracy and asked for a cigarette. Tracy was
happy to give it to her. Neve said that she just wanted to taste it one more
time, but Tracy knew better. Her sister was getting addicted to cigarettes.
Neve lighted up, and inhaled deeply into her now craving lungs. Her mother
entered the room, and said: "that's a good girl, just give in. You need it".
But Neve still resisted. "I don't want to smoke", she said. "I don't want to
be like you". "You can't deny your roots, sister", Tracy said, while she
lighted up herself. "And besides that, your body will ask for it. It already
did just now, and it will need more every day. Trust me. I know".

Neve was too addicted to really fight her desires. But she didn't give in
completely for 4 months. She refused to carry cigarettes with her, because
she didn't want people to look at her as a nicotine addict. She only smoked
cigarettes from her mother and sister, and still refused to admit that she
was addicted, when she saw her family. She only smoked 4 or 5 cigarettes a
day for 3 months. But then, finally, she broke down. In a months' time her
consumption increased to 12 cigarettes a day. During a visit to the theater
she asked for a cigarette during the break. She really looked like she needed
one, and her mother told her: "Honey, here's some money. Get yourself a pack
of cigarettes. You can't go without them anymore". Neve looked sad, but she
knew it was true. She bought herself a pack of Marlboro, which her sister now
smoked too. When she got back, the play already started again, but she smoked
a cigarette, nonetheless. She looked at herself in a mirror with the
cigarette in her hand. She watched herself inhale and decided that she would
not resist anymore. She would smoke, smoke like the rest of her family.

After that, she started smoking more and more, until she smoked as much as 50
cigarettes every day, and she didn't think about the time she didn't smoke
anymore.  At family parties she would chain-smoke like the rest of them. She
talked about guys, cars and taxes on cigarettes. Somewhere in her head a
voice still told her that she shouldn't do it. But she had to. The voice
disappeared after a year of every day smoking.  Then, one night she woke up,
sweating. She heard someone coughing. She was too sleepy to realize that she
was the one who was coughing. She got out of bed, andwent
downstairs.Trembling, she lit up a cigarette. Two minutes later Tracy got
downstairs, also coughing. She joined her sister. They smoked and coughed
together. Tracy hugged Neve and whispered: "Now you're a real smoker".

"Hey, missy", shouted the bus driver. "Are you getting on my bus,
or what?" Neve woke up from her daydream and said: "Oh, yes, I'm sorry".
"But put that out first" he said, pointing at the cigarette between
Neve's fingers. Neve looked at the almost burned down cigarette she was
carrying. She brought it to her mouth, sucked on it hard and inhaled
deeply, before she dropped it. She exhaled and got onto the bus.

                                                    THE END

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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