Daydream - sequel

(by anonymous14, 07 March 2002)

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I enjoyed reading "Daydream" and would have like to follow Neve's progress
but as nobody came up with a sequel I decided to do it myself. I hope the
original author doesn't mind. I posted this on the New Dark Side Forum a
couple of weeks ago so maybe it can't be posted onto the Smoke Signals site.


Alicia looked down proudly as her 16 year old daughter expertly extinguished
her 39th cigarette of the day in the kitchen table ashtray. Her nicotine
stained fingers already reaching towards the red and white packet for the
last remaining cigarette. Smoke still exiting her nostrils from the previous
cigarette Neve dragged hard and then double pumped as usual before hopping
on to a kitchen stool.
Alicia had, at one stage, doubted that Neve would ever smoke despite the
family's best efforts to get her started, but once she had fallen, she had
fallen hard. Alicia knew that at least another ten cigarettes would be
placed between those young lips before bedtime.
A twang of parental responsibility kicked in and Alicia said "you smoke too
much young lady", her voice lacking any real conviction, "and you need to
scrub those fingers"
"It was you that kept nagging me to smoke Mom, and now you're telling me off
for smoking too much. I don't smoke as much as you anyway. And I scrubbed my
fingers this morning, the stains just keep coming back. What's that on your
hand by the way?"
Alicia looked down at her right hand. The index and middle fingers stained
dark brown, a legacy of the four packets of Marlboro Red that she smoked
every day.
She decided that this line of conversation was getting her nowhere fast and
quickly changed the subject.
"What were you going to ask me anyway?"
"David Carter's asked me to go out with him tomorrow night and I wanted a
few pointers because I don't want to blow it"
Alicia smiled to herself. Despite her daughter's appearance and assured
smoking style she had to remind herself that Neve was still a baby. She had
only just recently turned sixteen and this would be her first real "date".
"I don't need the birds and bees talk Mom, I know that much. I just wondered
what he might expect and just what sort of image I should put out"
"I know what boys were like in my day Neve, and I've no reason to think that
they've changed any so I'll do my best"
Alicia and her daughter talked, laughed and smoked until midnight. Finally
Neve put out her cigarette in the overflowing ashtray, stood up, yawned and
announced that she was going to bed. She automatically reached for her
cigarettes and lighter before noticing that her third packet of the day was
empty. She looked up at her mother and tried to look a little bit guilty.
Alicia just smiled and passed her a new packet from the rapidly emptying
carton on the kichen worktop.
"Thanks Mom, see you in the morning" 
Neve climbed the stairs to her bedroom, her young lungs protesting slightly
at the effort. She no longer resented her family's brutal efforts to get her
to start smoking. She enjoyed her cigarettes now and her Mother even paid
for the fifty or so so Marlboro she habitually smoked every day.
In her bedroom she undressed quickly and hopped into bed. By force of habit
she quickly stripped the cellophane wrapper and removed the silver foil
covering from the new packet of cigarettes. Twenty pristine white circles
stared back at her, contrasting sharply with the dark brown stains of the
crushed filters in the bedside ashtray. Involuntarily she coughed, a fully
fledged smoker's cough, and decided that sixty was enough for one day and
drifted off to sleep.
The buzzing of the alarm at 7.30a.m. roused Neve from a deep sleep. Her left
hand automatically searching for the "off" switch and finding it before
settling on her cigarettes and lighter.
The first cigarette of the day was deftly extracted from the new packet and
placed between her lips before she opened her eyes and clicked the lighter
into life. The double pump that followed triggered the coughing reflex as
her lungs struggled gamely to eject some of the tars that she had been
inhaling for the last three years. If Neve had stopped to calculate, she
would have discovered that the smoke from nearly 50,000 cigarettes had
already been sucked in by her pretty mouth and passed on to her
tar-blackened lungs.
In fact that thought could not have been further from Neve's mind. Her usual
morning coughing ritual now complete, she was focused on dragging deeply on
her cigarette and restoring the nicotine level in her young body to a point
where she could drag herself out of bed and into the bathroom.
Twenty minutes later saw Neve sitting in front of her dressing table mirror,
brushing her hair and applying the fractional amount of make-up permitted by
the school. Her second Marlboro smouldered in the ashtray as she
interspersed sweeps of the hairbrush with long drags on the cigarette.
Neve was right handed but smoked almost exclusively with her left hand. This
enabled her to smoke while she did her homework or played on the computer.
Her left hand would be held down by her side, keeping the smoke from her
eyes but allowing the rich smoke to drift up over her hand, depositing the
golden brown stains on her index and middle fingers.
Her smoking style seldom varied nowadays. Her drags were deep with a slight
snap inhale revealing the creamy white smoke for a split second before it
was sucked into her eagerly waiting lungs. The exhale was invariably through
her nostrils, two even plumes which would continue over four or five
breaths. Each cigarette started with a double pump. Halfway through the
cigarette would come another double pump. The cigarette would be smoked down
to the brown filter and finished with another double pump before flicking
the filter away using her thumb and middle finger if she was outdoors.
Neve retrieved her cigarette from the ashtray, picked up the packet and
lighter and made her way downstairs to the kitchen.
Alicia was sitting at the kitchen table when her daughter came in. She
automatically handed the cigarette she had just taken from the packet to
Neve before taking another and lighting herself up. Neve took the cigarette
and lit it with the butt of the cigarette she was already holding, double
pumping the new cigarette before deciding that there was enough left on the
old smoke for a last double also. Smoke flowed thickly from her nostrils as
she put out the butt in the ashtray.
"Thanks Mom" she said, acknowledging the ritual that had become part of
their daily routine for the past two years. 
Alicia nodded, also busy exhaling smoke from her nose as she poured two mugs
of steaming hot coffee.
Mother handed a mug to daughter, her eyes resting on the stained fingers.
Daughter returned the gaze, taking in the darker stains on Mother's fingers.
Neither woman commented. 
Alicia watched as her daughter ate her breakfast cereal. Her fourth
cigarette of this new day rested in the ashtray next to her bowl and she
interspersed mouthfuls of cornflakes with deep drags, smoke exiting her nose
as she chewed.
Neve's smoking style was almost a carbon copy of her mother's and Alicia
wondered if this had been a conscious decision on the girl's part or a
natural evolution. She saw a pretty teenager, full of life, her features
betraying a glimpse of the Hispanic heritage from several generations back
and long forgotten. It was as if Neve's nose had been specifically designed
for nostril exhales and her lips perfectly sculpted to accept the brown and
white corklike filters of her cigarettes.
But if you looked carefully beyond the normal teenager sitting at the
kitchen table you could see that Neve's even teeth had been outlined by the
strong Marlboro smoke and even the vigorous twice a day brushing could not
halt the relentless advance of tar which had laid a faint yellow coat over
the pristine white enamel. Look carefully too and you could see the very
faint fair hairs on Neve's upper lip were now stained yellow from the
passage of smoke from her lungs, through her nostrils, to the outside air at
least 500 times every day.
Alicia watched as Neve finished her breakfast cereal, gulped the last of her
coffee, double pumped the last of her cigarette, immediately lit another and
grabbed her school bag. She kissed her mother goodbye and breezed out of the
house trailing smoke behind her.
	Alicia looked at her watch. It was 5.15pm and she knew that the
school bus would be arriving shortly. She heard the familiar hooter, picked
up her cigarettes and lighter and walked up the hallway to the front door.
She lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply as the door burst open and Neve came
in. "Hi Mom" she said and took the cigarette from her mother's fingers in
another established ritual. She dragged hard, inhaled down to her toes and
then completed the double pump as she walked on into the lounge. Alicia
followed, lighting another cigarette for herself as she did so.
Neve threw herself into her favourite armchair and dragged deeply again. She
tilted her head back and the twin plumes of her nostril exhale shot out
almost horizontally. The end of the cigarette glowed orange red again as she
desperately sought to restore the nicotine level in her young body. The
smoke-free bus journey was just one of the inconveniences a heavy smoking
schoolgirl had to face during term time. She would have liked her mum to
pick her up outside school so that she could smoke on the way home but money
was tight and a car was out of the question for the time being.
"Good day love" asked Alicia, talking through her exhale.
"Not too bad Mom. They're letting us smoke between lessons in the Common
Room so I won't be getting detentions every day like before. I just need you
to write me a note giving me permission to smoke"
"I'm sure I can do that" said Alicia "Have you got homework?"
"Stacks" said Neve "and I'm going out with David tonight"
"Well get on and do it then while I make dinner"
Neve took her books through to the dining room that served as a study and
was soon scribbling away furiously. The only sound being the click of her
lighter as she lit up a constant stream of Marlboro Reds. The air around and
above her was thick with the blue gray smoke backlit by the setting sun
through the patio doors
She worked steadily for an hour and a half before her mother called her to
the kitchen to eat dinner. She pushed her chair back and surveyed the table.
Ten cigarette butts sat in the ashtray, all smoked down almost to the
filters. The once white filters were stained dark brown by the high tar
smoke that she had sucked so forcefully through them. She coughed, the tar
in her lungs giving that distinctive smoker's cough rattle, picked up her
cigarettes and lighter and made her way through to the kitchen.
She hopped up onto the stool of the breakfast bar and took two cigarettes
from her pack. She lit them both and passed one to her mother in exchange
for a plate of pasta and sauce. Both mother and daughter smoked as they ate.
Talking exhales and nostril exhales were the order of the day as they ate
and talked about this and that. The conversation avoided the topic of Neve's
sister, pregnant and living in a bedsit with her boyfriend after leaving
home amidst a flurry of harsh words and accusations. It avoided also Neve's
father. His premature demise in a work accident six months before had left
the two women with just enough money to live, pay school fees and, most
importantly it seemed, purchase, every week, the five cartons of Marlboro
Red cigarettes necessary to satisfy their addictions.  Neve's 50 per day
habit was limited to a large extent by the time spent in the school
classroom but, as with the previous evening, three packets per day was
easily achievable. Her mother's 80 cigarettes per day consumption remained
"So what's happening tonight then?" asked Alicia.
"David's taking me out for a burger or something" replied Neve
"But you've just eaten your dinner" exclaimed her mother.
"You know me Mom, I can always find room for a burger"
"What time is he coming to fetch you?"
"He said about 8pm"
"You'd better get your skates on and get ready then" said Alicia "It's gone
7 already" 
Neve double pumped, crushed out her cigarette, grabbed her packet of
Marlboros and lighter, and disappeared upstairs to get ready.
David Carter nervously steered his mother's car to the kerb outside the
ageing and slightly scruffy address that Neve had given him. His mother had
already lectured him about dating a girl from the "wrong side of the tracks"
as she had snobbily termed it, but she had finally agreed to lend him the
car. He had just turned seventeen, passed his driving test first time a week
ago, was doing well at school, was on the fringes of the football team and
had finally plucked up enough courage to ask the pretty, dark haired girl
out on a date. She'd laughed and said yes. Things were good in David
Carter's world.
He got out of the car, locked it and walked up the path towards the front
door. The grass needed cutting and there were weeds sprouting from cracks in
the concrete path. He continued up to the door. Paint was peeling from the
woodwork but the bell push looked relatively new. He looked at his watch,
7.55, and pressed the bell. He heard the chime ring out and waited.
An attractive dark haired woman in her mid thirties answered the door. She
was wearing Levis and a baggy sweater.
"Hi, you must be David. Come on in, Neve will be down in a minute"
David followed her through to the lounge. The furniture was neat but
inexpensive. He noticed the smell of cigarette smoke everywhere and saw that
there were ashtrays next to the armchairs, the sofa and on the coffee table,
each containing several cigarette butts, smoked down to the filter.
He was waved to the sofa and sat down, leaning forward nervously.
The dark haired woman picked up a red and white packet of cigarettes, opened
it and pulled a cigarette part way out. She walked towards the sofa and
extended the pack towards David.
"Smoke?" she asked.
He reddened and stammered, "Er no thanks Mrs. er, um, I dddon't smoke"
"That's ok David, call me Alicia, I don't feel so old then"
She took the cigarette from the packet and lit up with a red Bic lighter
that she'd expertly flicked to life first time. David watched, embarrassed,
as she took first one long drag and then another from the cigarette. Her
cheeks hollowed and smoke from the first drag plumed from her nose as she
sucked hard on the filter for the second time. She continued to stand in the
center of the room, facing the sofa.
Smoke seemed to come from Alicia's nostrils forever as David watched, and
the room started to fill with the distinctive smell of burning Marlboro
"So David, where do live?" said Alicia, talking the smoke out.
He told her.
"That's a nice area" she said smokily, "We always dreamed of living out that
way when my husband was alive, but I guess it wasn't meant to be"
David heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs. The lounge door burst open
and Neve breezed into the room.
His eyes widened as Neve deftly extracted the cigarette from her mother's
fingers, double pumped deeply and returned the cigarette. She approached the
sofa and bent down to kiss him lightly on the cheek.
"Hi David" she said, and he could smell the second hand smoke that was still
exiting her mouth and nostrils.
"Are we ready to go then?" she asked.
"Have you got cigarettes love?" asked Alicia.
Neve opened her bag to reveal two unopened Marlboro packets
"Just in case we get lost" she joked.
"Bye, Mrs. er, Alicia, nice meeting you"
"Bye David, have fun you two but remember it's school tomorrow" 
David watched his date as they walked towards the car. She wore tight blue
Levis, a red velvet top with long sleeves, black high heels. She had just
enough eye make-up and lipstick applied to look attractive without looking
cheap. Her perfume smelt lemony and clean.
David hit the central locking button as they reached the pavement and opened
Neve's door for her. He got in and they pulled away from the kerb.
David could see Neve rummaging in her bag.
"Is it ok to smoke in your car?" she asked, a cigarette already half way to
her lips.
He knew his mother would kill him but he knew that it wouldn't be the best
way to start off the date by being churlish.
"No problem" he said and heard the lighter click. He glanced sideways in
time to see the second drag of the double pump. He was amazed by the
similarity to what he had seen of Alicia in the lounge. Smoke poured from
her nostrils in two neat plumes.
She cracked the window open a couple of inches but the car still started to
fill with smoke. He could tell the difference between the acrid smoke coming
from the cigarette end and the exhaled smoke that billowed around. The smoke
mingled with the fresh smell of her perfume and he became aware of the
swelling in his underpants.
"I didn't know that you smoked" he said "I mean, I'd seen you smoking
outside school but I didn't realize that you smoked at home" His voice
sounded unnaturally strained to him as he thought how stupid that statement
Neve didn't seem fazed however, "Yeah, just about everybody in our family
smokes and I started about three years ago" She didn't think that it was a
good time to explain the somewhat strange circumstances that surrounded her
introduction to nicotine. "Lots of kids at school still sneak around behind
their parents' backs but my mom is really cool about it. Does it bother
"Not at all" he replied, making a mental note to clean the car ashtray when
he got home later.
Neve took her final double pump and flicked the butt out of the window. She
still held the newly opened pack in her hand with her lighter and
instinctively pulled out another cigarette and lit it.
"You smoke quite a lot don't you?" he remarked, realizing as he did so that
it sounded like a criticism. "I mean, you seem to enjoy it" he added hastily
to make amends.
"Too much - according to my mom. I usually get through about 50 per day but
it's a real bummer sitting through school lessons when you really need a
cigarette. Have you ever tried it?"
"Yeah, about three years ago with my friends. My Dad caught me and gave me
such a hiding that the pain didn't seem to be worth the gain. Then I got
into sport in quite a big way so it never really became an option"
They pulled into the car park of a small "home-made burger" restaurant just
as Neve was finishing her second cigarette. She doubled again as she closed
the car door. The second drag was taken with her holding the filter between
her thumb and middle finger and then she flicked the butt away on to the
They managed to get a small booth in the smoking section. Neve slid in first
and David had the choice of sitting opposite Neve or sitting next to her. He
opted for the latter and slid along the bench seat on Neve's left hand side.
The waitress introduced herself and took the order for burgers and cokes.
Neve had already lit up again and was smoking with her right hand to try and
keep the smoke away from David.
The restaurant was quite dimly lit and not too busy. A radio station played
West Coat music quietly in the background.
David's head was spinning. He was developing a fascination with Neve's
smoking and wanted to ask more about it. The erection, which had subsided
when they entered the restaurant, was now straining at the front of his
chinos and he was glad that the edge of the table cloth hung down to cover
his embarrassment. This had definitely never happened to him before.
He had done the calculation in his head. She must have started smoking when
she was about 13. Just about the time of his own painful experiment.
The cokes arrived and Neve sipped hers delicately through the straw. He
watched spellbound as the suction of her lips on the straw pushed twin
streams of smoke from her nostrils.
From his position on her left side David could see the golden brown stains
on her fingers. His stomach lurched and he moved his hand across the table
to touch hers. Her hand was warm and didn't flinch from his touch. He held
her hand tighter to cover the trembling of his own and softly moved his
thumb backwards and forward along the nicotine stain. Neve noticed the focus
of his attention and said
"I know, gross isn't it, I meant to scrub it off this evening but I was
running late"
"It's not gross Neve. How does it happen?" He knew but wanted to hear her
talk about it.
"It's only smoke. I usually smoke with my left hand and hold my hand down
when I'm at the computer. It keeps the smoke out of my eyes but I end up
with brown fingers. Watch."
She tilted the fingers of her right hand and he saw the smoke from the half
smoked cigarette run along the side of the white cylinder until it met
Neve's fingers. The smoke was thick and seemed to cling to every wrinkle of
her skin before rising away up to the ceiling.
"That's how it happens" she said, bringing the cigarette to her mouth for
the mid-cigarette double pump. "My mom always has stains on her fingers too,
I don't know if you noticed. I suppose I thought it was normal to have
stains on my fingers too. I know it grosses some people out but I don't
really notice them any more. Every now and again my mom will give me a hard
time so I scrub them off and then they come back again"
"Don't scrub them off for me. I think they look sexy. It's as if you have a
badge saying 'I smoke and I don't care who knows'"
Well, he'd said it! She'd probably have him down as a total pervert now.
Neve just smiled and said "that's nice of you to say that, thank you"
Neve managed to eat her burger without the accompaniment of a Marlboro but
as soon as she was finished she pushed her plate away and lit up
David watched as she dragged hard on the cigarette. He watched the twin
streams of smoke exit her nostrils. He watched her trim her ash expertly on
the edge of the ashtray. He watched the filter turn from white to dark
brown. He was fascinated by the fact that this woman child was deliberately
inhaling the dirty tar-laden smoke into her lungs. He was fascinated by the
thought of her as a thirteen-year-old child deliberately choosing to embark
on an adult course of action that would harm her innocent body. His erection
was almost painful now and he shifted position slightly to ease the
"So you must have started smoking at 13 then" he said, trying to be casual.
"How did that come about? How did you come to start smoking in front of your
Neve couldn't risk telling the truth. He'd think that her and her family
were weird.
"My parents, aunties, uncles and just about everybody smoked, so I think my
mom knew that sooner or later my sister and I would start, she was never
anti about trying it. She made it very easy for us"
Neve's mind wandered back to those days of misery when she'd been forced to
smoke. Even her sister had sided against her. She remembered how she'd tried
to hold out. She remembered the day that she knew she had lost the battle.
The day that she'd asked her sister Tracy for a cigarette.
Her mind snapped back to the present. "Why are you so interested anyway,
David? Do you want to try?"
He blushed, "It's not that, I'm just intrigued at what makes a young girl as
pretty and sensible as you, start up a habit that you know is bad for you"
Neve had just taken her mid-cigarette double pump and she turned sideways
towards David. "This is how"
David was aware of Neve's body shifting on the bench seat. He heard her say
"This is how"
He saw the filter of her cigarette held between the fingers of her right
hand, about six inches in front of his lips. Smoke from the double pump was
still seeping from the filter. The filter was now dark brown from the high
tar smoke that Neve had so willingly and lovingly taken into her blackened
He was both shocked and excited. His stomach lurched. He saw the filter. It
was dirty, disgusting, cancer causing and some part of him desperately
wanted it to be between his lips, just as it had been between Neve's. He was
disgusted by it but wanted it badly. Involuntarily his head moved forward
fractionally towards the source of his disgust and then his body betrayed
He jerked spasmodically as his penis spurted into his underpants. He looked
down to see the tell-tale wetness starting to spread through the khaki
coloured cotton of his chinos. He groaned, picked up a napkin to cover the
stain and bolted for the toilet to try and clean himself up.
Neve had no such qualms and sucked deeply on the dark brown filter as she
watched David disappear into the mens' room. Her time spent talking with her
mom had not been wasted and she had a pretty good idea of what had happened.
She was a bit surprised that it could happen without any physical contact
though. Perhaps she had taken the teasing a little bit too far. It was a
pity really because she liked David. He probably wouldn't want anything more
to do with her now. She leaned back into the booth and smoked.
She was halfway through another cigarette by the time David came back
looking very sheepish. "Sorry about that" he said, "must be a stomach bug.
I'll get the bill and we'll get going"
David kept quiet on the drive back. Neve smoked two cigarettes and wondered
how she would get the brush-off when they arrived home. Even by her
standards her drags were deep as she inhaled the smoke deep into her body.
They drew up in front of her house and Neve lit another cigarette as she
readied herself for the rejection. She was surprised when David jumped out
of the car and ran round to open her door.
"I'll walk you to the door" he said.
They arrived at the front door and faced each other. Neve's eyes were on
David's as she inhaled deeply. David found himself unable to string an
intelligible sentence together.
"Er, can I ..... I mean could I.........would it be possible?"
"You want to see me again?" she asked.
He just nodded. She brought her cigarette to her lips and dragged. He saw
the coal glow orange for what seemed like an eternity before she inhaled.
She stepped forward, stood on her tiptoes, took his face in her hands and
kissed him.
He could smell the smoke on her fingers and taste the smoke on her breath.
The smoke from her drag was still being exhaled through her nose as they
kissed and enveloped their heads. He had never smelled or tasted anything
like it before. He pulled her closer as their tongues started to explore
each other's mouths. She felt his hardness and allowed herself to be drawn
up against it momentarily before pushing him gently away.
"Come around on Sunday afternoon" she told him and unlocked the front door.
She disappeared inside and David made his way back to the car.
Alicia was waiting in the kitchen for her daughter. Neve extinguished her
cigarette as her mother handed her another and waited for her daughter to
tell her all about her night out. Alicia noticed that Neve was deliberately
holding her cigarette in such a way that the smoke bathed her fingers. She
raised her eyebrows quizzically. Neve held up her fingers, now stained the
same colour as Alicia's.
"David likes them like this" she said, sticking her tongue out at her mother
before leaning forward to kiss her goodnight. She picked up her cigarettes
and lighter and climbed the stairs to bed.

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