The Delivery

(by Kool Guy, 24 December 1996)

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                       The Delivery
                        by Kool Guy

Mark finished loading up his truck, put his cap on, and hopped 
into the driver's seat.  He figured he would be able to finish up 
his morning deliveries in time to meet his girlfriend, Lori, for 
lunch.  Lori was working for the summer as a waitress in a 
downtown diner.  Mark tried to time his deliveries so he could 
stop for lunch at Lori's break time every day.  He had taken a 
summer job as a delivery man for United Parcel Service.  Mark was 
planning on going away to college in the fall.  He wanted to be a 
lawyer one day.  Lori would also be starting school in the fall, 
but, unfortunately, it would be at a different school than the 
one Mark would be attending.  He knew that leaving Lori, when 
school started, would be the most difficult task of his life.  
They had grown so close over the summer.  Mark could not believe 
his good fortune.  He had been in love with Lori since the age of 
eleven, but had been too shy to ask her for a date until they had 
each graduated from high school at the beginning of the summer.  
So much had happened, so fast, in the last few weeks and, soon, 
they would have to part again.  Mark tried to put all unpleasant 
thoughts out of his head as he started on his route.

Mark's first stop was a quiet little house in a quiet little 
neighborhood.  He noticed a swing set in the back yard as he 
pulled into the driveway.  He grabbed his clipboard and the 
package and started toward the house.  As he approached the front 
door something made him stop dead in his tracks.  He stopped 
breathing and tried to remain perfectly silent.

There was a very slight opening in the blind of the front window.  
It wasn't much of an opening, but it was just enough for Mark to 
see something that was not meant to be seen.  Inside the house 
was a woman, a completely nude woman.  She was kneeling on her 
couch in front of her television.  But she apparently wasn't 
watching soap operas.  Mark could see that the woman was playing 
with herself.  With one hand she was rubbing her vagina.  With 
the other one she was gently pinching her nipples.  Mark's penis 
started to swell, but what he saw next made it go completely 
erect.  Dangling from the woman's lips was a freshly lit 
cigarette.  Mark saw the tip of the cigarette begin to glow as 
the woman began to take a drag.  At the same time smoke began 
pouring from her nostrils as she started to exhale her previous 

Mark stood there, mesmerized, for what seemed like an eternity.  
He watched the woman take several more dangling deep drags 
followed by beautifully luxurious nostril exhales as she 
continued to play with her pussy.  Her inhales seemed to become 
deeper and longer as she became more and more aroused.  Her back 
suddenly arched as she tilted her head back.  Mark could tell 
that she was getting ready to cum when he accidentally dropped 
his clipboard.  He scrambled to pick up the board then continued 
toward the front door.  He intentionally made noise as he cleared 
his throat and knocked on the door.  Mark could hear some frantic 
scrambling inside the house.  As the door opened, Mark saw a 
vision of loveliness.  She was a beautiful woman, probably about 
thirty.  Her shoulder-length, blonde hair was slightly tussled.  
She was wearing a white pullover sweater and a loose-fitting pair 
of jeans.  Through the opening in the door Mark could see a 
cigarette burning in the ashtray on the coffee table.  He could 
also see, on the couch next to the coffee table, what appeared to 
be a pair of women's panties.

The woman's face was red as a beet and she refused to make eye 
contact with Mark.  Mark stammered out the words, "I'm from UPS, 
ma'am.  I have a package for you."

"Thank you very much," said the woman as she reached out and took 
the package from Mark's hands.  Her fingers brushed against 
Mark's as the sweet, intoxicating scent of her smoker's breath 
hit Mark flush in the face.  He breathed in deeply and tried to 
hide the now enormous bulge in his pants with his clipboard.

As Mark tipped his cap and said, "You're welcome," the woman 
noticed a small wet spot on the front of his pants.  A smile 
crossed her face as she closed the door.

Mark headed back to his truck.  He stopped for a moment and 
looked back at the house.  Mark knew he shouldn't do what he was 
thinking, but he wasn't thinking with his head anymore.  Mark 
quietly walked back toward the house.  He could see that the 
woman was no longer in the living room.  He started walking 
around to the back of the house.  He stopped at a window and 
looked inside.  There, on her bed, the woman had picked up right 
where she had left off.  She had a freshly lit cigarette dangling 
from her lips.  She was now rubbing herself furiously.

Mark began massaging his now throbbing penis and must have made 
some noise in doing so.  The woman looked up, let out a small 
scream, and pulled her sheet up over her body.  She knew she 
should get up and call the police, but she remained there, 
frozen, staring at Mark through her window.

After a few moments, the woman lifted her cigarette to her lips 
and took a long, deep drag.  Mark could see her nipples 
protruding through the sheet as she inhaled and held the smoke 
deep inside her lungs.  She tilted her head back and began to 
exhale a long, voluminous cone of pure, white smoke.  Then she 
slowly began to let down the sheet that was covering her body.  
Mark's eyes widened in awe as he saw her glistening breasts 
exposed before his very eyes.  She sat on the bed for a few 
moments, looking at Mark.  She took another long drag from her 
cigarette, stood up, and inhaled more deeply than before.  Her 
breasts seemed to double in size as her lungs filled up once 
again with the sweet, lust-inducing smoke her body seemed to 
crave.  She turned and started walking toward the hallway with a 
trail of smoke flowing from her nostrils.

Mark thought he should run for his truck and drive away as fast 
as he could, but, again, his head was no longer controlling him.  
Instead, he walked back to the front door.  The door opened 
slowly.  Mark started to speak, "I'm sorry ma'am, I hope you 
don't think..."  The woman placed her hand over Mark's mouth and 
said, "Don't say anything.  Just come with me."  Mark's knees 
turned to jelly as he smelled the nicotine on her fingers.

He stepped into the house and shut the door behind him.  Standing 
there before Mark, in her full nakedness, she was stunningly 
beautiful.  Illuminated from behind by the morning sun, with a 
lit cigarette dangling from her fingers, she appeared to be a 
vision from heaven.  The nipples on her round, firm breasts 
appeared to be hard and erect.  She lifted her cigarette to her 
lips and took a final, deep drag.  As she bent over to crush out 
the cigarette in the ashtray on the coffee table, she turned her 
head to speak to Mark.  Smoke from her exhale started filtering 
its way through her golden hair which was now hanging in front of 
her face.  She said, "You do want to come in, don't you?"

Mark, who was standing, frozen, by the door, could only nod his 
head.  He thought his penis was going to explode.

The woman stood up and said, "My name is Carol."  Her face was 
still a little flushed.

"Hello, ma'am.  My name is Mark," he somehow managed to say.

"Call me Carol," she said.  "My husband is at work.  My daughter 
is away at camp.  We're alone in the house."

Mark didn't know what to say.  He just stood there with a dumb 
look on his face.

Carol said, "You seemed interested in my bedroom before.  Come 
with me and you can see it from the inside."  She took Mark by 
the hand and led him back to her bedroom.

Inside the bedroom Mark noticed a pack of Salems, an ashtray, and 
a lighter on the bed.  In a nervous attempt to change the 
subject, he said to Carol, "Do you mind if I have one of your 

"Please do," said Carol in a throaty, sultry voice.  "My husband 
hates it when I smoke.  He doesn't like me to smoke around him or 
my daughter.  I have to do all my smoking when they're not 

"That's too bad," said Mark.  "It must be hard for you when your 
husband is around."

Carol smiled at Mark's unintentional play on words and said, "I 
only wish it were.  My husband just doesn't understand how much I 
love to smoke, how much I need to smoke.  Smoking turns me on in 
ways he just can not understand."

"Uh, smoking doesn't bother me, Carol," said Mark in the biggest 
understatement he had ever made.  He shook loose one of Carol's 
Salems and lit up with her lighter.  Just as Mark was taking a 
big drag, Carol pulled the cigarette from his mouth.  With smoke 
still pouring through the filter she placed it between her own 
lips and continued the drag.  She sat down on the end of her bed, 
spread her legs apart and exhaled a long stream of smoke toward 
Mark's face.

Mark couldn't control himself any longer.  He unzipped his pants 
and pulled them down.  Carol saw Mark's throbbing manhood 
standing at full attention.  She motioned him toward her with her 
index finger as she took another luxurious drag from her Salem.  
Mark didn't bother unbuttoning his shirt.  He just pulled it up 
over his head as buttons popped off all over Carol's bed.  He 
leaned over Carol and moved his mouth toward hers.  He could feel 
her hard nipples rubbing against his chest as Carol leaned back 
on her pillow.

Mark placed his mouth over Carol's just as she began to exhale 
the smoke from her last deeply inhaled drag.  Mark inhaled 
deeply, lifted his head, and exhaled Carol's smoke back into her 
own face.  This seemed to drive Carol into a state of 
uncontrolled excitement.  She had never been with a man who 
enjoyed smoking as much as she did.  She placed her fingers into 
her very wet vagina and began rubbing furiously.  She then took 
her wet fingers and began sliding them up and down Mark's rigid 
cock.  Carol could sense that Mark was about to ejaculate and 
stopped stroking him.  She carefully pulled his penis and guided 
it into her moist, warm pussy.

As Mark entered Carol she closed her eyes and leaned her head 
back.  She took another long drag from her cigarette as Mark 
began to slide his extremely hard penis in and out of her.  He 
leaned over and placed his mouth over Carol's just as she began 
to exhale.  With Carol's smoke pouring through his nostrils, Mark 
began licking the inside of her mouth.  Carol began to quiver all 
over.  She started bouncing her hips up and down and began to 
moan loudly.  As her orgasm approached its peak, Mark let loose 
and shot his hot trail of semen deep into Carol's quivering body.  
This caused Carol to moan even more loudly as she came to a body-
shaking climax.  She continued to quiver and shake for several 
more minutes.

Mark removed his now deflating penis from Carol's still quivering 
vagina.  She let out a little gasp, as she was far from finished.  
Mark moved to the side of the bed and placed the fingers of his 
left hand deep into Carol's pussy.  He started rubbing as Carol 
began moaning loudly again.  With his right hand he reached over 
to the nightstand and grabbed another one of Carol's Salems.  He 
managed to light it as he continued to massage Carol's pussy.

Mark took a long drag, then bent down and placed his mouth over 
Carol's.  As they locked in a deep French kiss, Mark began to 
slowly exhale his smoke into Carol's mouth.  Carol was shocked at 
first, but then she began to breathe in.  She felt a thrill she 
had never felt before and immediately began to cum again.  Mark 
started rubbing faster and harder.  Carol began moaning more and 
more loudly.  She was literally shaking all over as the orgasm 
took over her body.

This went on until their cigarettes were finished.  Mark counted 
three more orgasms from Carol, who was still quivering.  She 
finally stuffed a pillow between her legs and clamped them 
together tightly.  Mark was amazed.  It appeared as if Carol 
still wanted more.  He shook his head and said, "Damn, Carol!  I 
don't know what the hell's wrong with your husband, but he has no 
idea what he is missing out on.  Someone needs to wake that man 
up before it is too late.  He's one of the luckiest men in the 
world and he doesn't even know it.  A two by four to the side of 
the head might help."

Carol smiled and said, "My husband must never know about this."

"He won't hear about it from me," said Mark.  "I've got a 
girlfriend who would kill me if she found out about this.  My 
girlfriend!  I'd better get going!  I have a lot of deliveries to 
make before lunch."

Carol lit up another cigarette as she watched Mark get dressed.  
She collected all of the buttons that had popped off of his shirt 
and handed them to him.  She said, "I hope you can sew.  You'd 
have a hard time explaining these to your girlfriend if you ask 
her to sew them back on."

Mark laughed and said, "I'll manage, somehow."

As Mark stepped into his truck he took one last look back at 
Carol.  She was standing in the doorway taking a deep drag from 
her cigarette and holding her crotch.  Mark smiled to himself as 
he drove away.  He was far behind on his deliveries and would 
have to work late that night to finish them up.  But, somehow, he 
didn't seem to mind.

Mark walked into Dixie's Diner just as Lori was preparing to take 
her lunch break.  He sat down in a booth as Lori noticed him and 
started walking toward him.  Mark felt that familiar tightening 
in his groin as he watched Lori reach into the big pocket of her 
waitress uniform and pull out a pack of her beloved Marlboro 
Reds.  Mark pulled out his lighter and lit the two cigarettes 
dangling from Lori's lips.  After taking a deep drag from each of 
the cigarettes, Lori handed one to Mark and said, "Hey, Marky, 
what's been happening?"  Smoke started pouring from her nostrils 
as she began a second deep drag.

Mark tried his hardest to suppress a grin as he took a long, deep 
drag from his cigarette.  "Nothing much," he said.  "Just the 
same old stuff.  I've got a lot of deliveries to make today.  
I'll probably have to work late tonight.  Can I pick you up after 
I'm done?"

"You know it, babe," said Lori as she sucked down another heavy 
dose of her life-giving nicotine.

Mark took another drag from his own cigarette and wondered 
silently to himself, "How did I ever get so lucky?"  He watched 
Lori finish her cigarette with her usual gusto as he finally 
broke into that grin which he could no longer suppress.

Mark started thinking about what had happened that morning.  He 
knew that no one could ever take Lori's place in his heart.  But 
for one beautiful morning, for the first time since the day Mark 
had first laid eyes on Lori, he had managed to keep Lori entirely 
out of his thoughts.  It was a morning that would remain special 
in Mark's memories.

For the rest of the summer, the first thing Mark did on his job 
each morning was to scan his list of deliveries to see if Carol's 
address appeared on it.  Somehow he knew it wouldn't be long 
before Carol would need another delivery.

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