Demon Weed, Part 1

(by Blackbladder, 26 May 2002)

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Disclaimer: the characters portrayed are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant
Enterprises, and Twentieth Century Fox.  Other characters such as Mrs Peebles
and Caos are mines.

No copyright infringement is intended.



Running for his life, Riley sprints past trashed streets heavily wounded in
the stomach. His heartbeat is booming now immensely and the sweat lashes down
of his body onto the blood-filled streets of Sunnydale. Just as he feels the
urge to slow down, he continues to hear the many stalking footsteps behind
him. The cries of wicked laughter ring all around this deserted, wrecked


Riley feels the life draining out of him with every step he takes on his
endless journey to freedom from his hunteresses. He ponders to himself 

"What the hell am I going to do?"

With the knowledge that all his friends of the Initiative are dead and that
all the vampires are now set loose, he turns to the corner of a street to
view the remains of a mutilated male corpse.

"The world has gone mad! How could women do this to an innocent human being?"
Riley murmered to himself regarding the excessive barbarism of the corpse.

The dark clouds blocked out the sun. Sunnydale was one big bonfire - with
many areas set alight by firebombs. The constant, vulgar smell of death and
stale tobacco smoke were penetrating the air, almost punishing the lone
crusader in this pointless quest for survival. He knew sooner or later the
time to die would come - chaos ruled the whole town. The only sound heard all
around were of the feminine vampires enjoying the night of complete havoc.

Unfortunately, Riley's "time" was due to come sooner than later when a group
of vampires turned to run in his direction.

The chase continued into Sunnydale High School's grounds where Riley's
stamina ended when he ran into the school door. On his fall, he noticed the
complete motionlessness of the building. 

The footsteps got louder..

The vampires were now yards in front of their prey - They were closing in for
the kill...

"Hey,bitches - back off! You know your duty!" came a voice from the dark.

The shadowy figure strolled into the flickering school security light,
revealing its identity. Riley immediately recognised his saviour and breathed
a sigh of relief.

"Buffy! I thought you were dead?!...Where have you been?" Riley whispered to
himself whilst panting from his marathon-running escapade.

The vampires faced the slight, head-wounded girl with evil stares.  The evil
stare was returned and the group simply froze like a dog backing down to
another - They realised they entered other territory.

In unison, the vampires slouched away from helpless Riley out of the school
grounds maintaining eye contact with Buffy.

Buffy strolled towards Riley with a sense of purpose. With her hands in her
leather jacket pockets, she walked and sat on Riley's chest.

"I thought you were de..." gasped Riley in amazement paused as Buffy raised
her finger to her lips.

"Be quiet idiot! I wanted you to myself. It has been a while since my last
bit of 'fun' with a male. Shut your mouth!" blasted Buffy as she reached into
her jacket pockets and extracted, to Riley's complete disbelief, an unusual
pack of cigarettes and a royal blue lighter.

"Oh my god, they got to you to. You were our last hope..." muttered Riley as
Buffy proceded to light up with enthusiasm and exhale with pride. 

"Keep your mouth shut! I will try to make this as painful and slow as
possible." Buffy teased as she brought the burning cigarette tip towards the
watery, panicked eyes of Riley.

"How d-d-did they g-g-get to you? Why did you not f-f-fight against it? How
did this e-e-even start in the first place?" panicked Riley as the tip caught
his eyelid.


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