Didn't Have to Ask, Part 1

(by karriejj@hotmail.com, 10 December 2001)

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Didn't Have to Ask:

Part I:

Jim lay next to his wife of 10 years, caressing her breasts and panting
slightly. Amy lay on her back staring at the ceiling, smiling. His sex was
slowly oozing out of her and running down her crack and onto the sheets.

"That was nice," he offered, snuggling closer to her.

"Just nice?" she asked playfully.

"No," he corrected himself. "It was good, real good." 

His thoughts raced through the last 10 years of their lives together. Sex was
nice with Amy, nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing risky,
just nice. He had no complaints, just years of fantasies that had been
building.  A few business trips and times when Amy and their son had gone away
for the weekend afforded him a few times to rent adult movies, visit a strip
club or two, an adult store on occasion. He visited some sites on the net late
at night when the rest of the family was asleep. All of these had been 'nice'
deviations for him.

Amy rolled towards him. She reached out and ran her fingernails lightly across
his shrinking cock and over his balls. Jim winced in a surprised pleasure and
smiled as he closed his eyes.

"If I could do one thing for you," Amy started, "to make it 'better than
nice', what would it be?"

Jim reopened his eyes and met her stare. Her eyes bore into his and he could
tell she was being serious.

"Be honest, tell me what I could do better, or different." she added.

Jim found it difficult to talk about things like this. On a few occasions Amy
had 'talked dirty' during sex. He couldn't bring himself to do the same.
Although he liked it, he couldn't think of anything to say which wouldn't come
out sounding ridiculous.

He rolled over on his back and took a deep breath. "I don't know. I'm happy
with our sex life," he lied.

Amy applied more pressure on his balls. "There has to be something. Tell me.
This is your opportunity..." she insisted.

"I just don't want to say something that you'd be offended by, turn you off."
He said slightly whining.

"I won't be. If I don't like what you say I'll tell you. But you'll never know
unless you ask, will you?"

The door was open and Jim decided to walk through it.

Tanya retrieved two mugs from the cupboard and set them on the counter. She
filled them with black coffee and replaced the pot into the coffee maker. Amy
sat on a barstool on the other side of the counter and sipped at her coffee.

Tanya spoke as she retrieved a pack of cigarettes, lighter, and ashtray from a
drawer. "So he wants you to be a 'bad girl' for him, huh?" she asked giggling.
She placed a Marlboro Light 100 in between her lips and raised her lighter at
the same time. She lit it and drew deeply, then inhaled and held the smoke as
she lifted the mug to her lips and sipped. She set the mug down and turned her
head to the side and exhaled a small cone of smoke. She trimmed her ash and
set the cigarette into the ashtray.

"Yeah," Amy replied with a smile. "But that's all he'd say. He didn't give me
any details. That's why I called you. You're the 'baddest girl' I know." She
said jokingly.

Amy watched as Tanya picked up the cigarette and brought it to her lips once
more. Tanya rolled her eyes as she drew. She exhaled a small amount of the
smoke and mixed the rest with her reply.

"Oh please! Give me a break." she asked. "Why do you think that?"

Amy had known Tanya for 3 years and they'd come to be close friends. Over
lunch, coffee, or a bottle of wine, Tanya would often open up about she and
her husband's exploits. While they weren't 'sex fiends' they had a healthy and
adventurous sex life. 

"I've listened to your stories Tanya, you're no prude."

"I'm no slut either." Tanya reminded her and then drew again on the cigarette.
Amy watched curiously as Tanya held the smoke and then exhaled a tight stream
above her head towards the ceiling. She had no problems with Tanya's smoking.
It was her house, her health.

"I didn't mean that you're a slut. You know that. You're just a little more
open sexually than I am. So, are you going to help me or not?"

"Im just shitting you, Im more than happy to help. This'll be fun," she said

"So, what do you have in terms of lingerie?" Tanya asked.

"Not much," Amy replied with a sad tone. "Just some black bras and panties."

"Ok, we'll we can do some shopping online. What about 'toys'?"

Amy blushed. "Tanya!"

"Come on, a vibrator? Dildo? Anything?" Tanya asked surprised. "Nothing?"

"No!" Amy said embarrassed.  "I've seen some adds in Cosmo for stuff like
that, but we've never gotten anything."

"Guys LOVE stuff like that. Come on, I've got something to show you." She said
and grabbed Amy by the hand a led her up the stairs to her and Davids bedroom.

Amy sat on the bed while Tanya rummaged around in her closet.  She returned
and sat next to Amy, placing a shoebox between them. 

"I cant believe I'm going to show you this stuff," Tanya said as she removed
the lid from the box.

Amy's eyes widened and she covered her mouth in disbelief at the items she
saw. Tanya removed each item one at a time and explained each to Amy. A
wetness immediately formed between her legs, and she shifted so she was
looking at the box straight on.

"Couple of Adult DVD's" Tanya said handing them to Amy. 'Conquest' with Jenna
Jameson was one of them.  The back of the case showed Jenna and the rest of
cast dressed as pirates and engaged in all sorts of  sex acts. "We watch those
quite a bit," Tanya added with a smirk. Amy sat them aside.

"Standard vibrator," Tanya said handing the 7" white plastic cylinder to Amy. 

Amy hesitated slightly and looked at Tanya.

"They're clean, I wash them each time I use them. They don't bite." She
reassured Amy.

Amy smiled and blushed again. She examined the device and then twisted the
base. It came to life in her hands and she jumped slightly, making her laugh.
Bravely she slid the item between her legs on the outside of her jeans.

"Oooh," she said and removed it quickly, turning it off and placing it on the

"Nice huh?" Tanya said with a smile. She then handed a smaller version to her.
It was much shorter and not as wide. "This one's for 'anal play' ," she said.

"Really?!" Amy asked. "How is that?"

"Oh, it can be really good. David likes it a lot." Tanya replied.

"He likes it when you use it?" Amy asked to confirm.

Tanya smiled. "No, David likes to use it. That one is his."

"Your kidding, wow!" Amy said flabbergasted. The wetness was growing with each
item Tanya showed her. She was very turned on. 

"And this one is my favorite," Tanya said, producing a large cock shaped
vibrator. It's length was well over 8" and was quite thick. It had thick veins
and a set of random bumps along the shaft.

"My god! This is HUGE!" Amy said. She placed her hand around the shaft and
marveled at its realistic quality.

"Sometimes David just cant stay up long enough, or sometimes I just need to
feel 'filled up', you know." Tanya said proudly. She began putting them back
in the box.

"So, David's cool with all this?" Amy asked.

"Oh yeah, totally." Tanya reassured. "He loves it."

"I could never go to those stores though, it would be so embarassing." Amy

Tanya stood holding the box. "That's the beauty of the Internet honey. Lets do
some shopping!"

Amy and Tanya spent the next hour online shopping at two different sites. They
visited icandylingerie.com and bought an outfit with purple see through top,
crotchless bottoms, and metal chain highlights. They then visited AdamnEve.com
and purchased an "Adult Beginners Kit" which included various vibrators,
sampler size of lube, anal beads, and a video. Amy was quite aroused when they
completed their purchases.  "Let me show you one other thing..." Tanya said
and typed in a web address.

A site, suze.net, loaded and then Tanya clicked on the "Members Entrance".
She quickly typed her password and the site loaded.

"It's a very classy site, I just wanted to show you how some of these ladies
look. Some of them might give you some ideas."

The first page of thumbnails loaded and Amy and Tanya were treated to a
pictorial of a lovely woman draped across a couch seductively smoking from a
long holder. Her makeup and hair were impeccable, and the clarity of the
pictures were astounding. Another pictorial showed two women in a neon lit up
bar room atmosphere. The tall red head behind the bar was lighting the blondes
cigarette. The next picture showed the blonde with her legs spread performing
a very sexy french inhale, revealing her neatly shaved crotch.  The last
picture of the series showed a close up of the redhead positioned between the
blondes crotch, exhaling smoke from her mouth as her tongue extended just
touching the tip of the blondes clit. The detail showed traces of the redheads
lipstick around the blondes labia.

Tanya watched, smiling, as Amy sat entranced looking at the site. She excused
herself briefly as Amy sat hypnotized viewing the site. All of the women were
gorgeous and the pictures were incredible and she noticed that most of them
were smoking. Her wetness was growing and she found herself lightly rubbing
herself through her jeans.

Tanya trotted up the stairs, waking Amy from her state. Tanya was carrying a
freshly lit cigarette and smoke trailed behind her as she entered the room.

"Nice, huh?" she asked, sitting next to Amy again.

"Yeah," Amy replied swiveling in the chair to face Tanya. "Let me ask you
something. Do men find smoking attractive, Tanya?"

Tanya, as if on cue, drew deeply on he cigarette and did a nice snap inhale.
She spoke through her exhale. "I can't speak for all guys, but yeah, I think
so. David does." She finished exhaling and continued. "This photographer, Suze
Randall, is a woman, and she's pretty old, in her late 50's I think. She has
gone on records stating that the imagery of smoking is very seductive and
alluring, and is a perfect compliment and accessory to beautiful women. I'd
have to agree with her." Tanya finished, and drew again.

Amy watched intently, never breaking her stare from Tanya as she watched her
exhale spread from her mouth into a lazy cloud, and whisps of smoke escaped
from her nostrils.

"I have something to confess Tanya," Amy began, still watching. "At the end of
high school, and the first two years of college, I was a closet smoker."

"No Way!" Tanya shouted.

Amy laughed and explained. "Yeah, a few friends and I decided to try it one
night when we were drinking at a sleepover. We all smoked 2 or 3 that night.
Everyone, including myself, got sick. So we decided it wasn't for us.  I put
them in my purse intending to throw them away. I found them the next day and
even though I had gotten sick and hated it, I smoked another one alone at home
after school. I didn't get sick and kind of enjoyed it."

Amy looked longingly at Tanya as she drew again and trimmed her ash. "So I
smoked about 1 or 2 a day for a few years. My little secret... my little
friends. I haven't had one for about 12 years."

"So you enjoyed it?" Tanya asked.

"Of course I did."

"Why did you quit?"

"Oh, the stigmatism attached to it, I suppose." Amy sighed. "No one would have
understood me if I had come out of the closet. It would have been to big a
shock. Then Jim and I started dating, he didn't smoke, so I just quit..."

"You miss it don't you?" Tanya said teasingly.

"I haven't missed it for years," Amy said truthfully. "But today, seeing these
pictures, seeing 'this side' of it, has made me really hungry for one."

Tanya took a drag and inhaled, paused and then handed the half smoked
cigarette out. 

"One puff wont kill you." Tanya said staring Amy in the eyes.

Amy's heart raced a bit, but she reached out and took the cigarette in her
fingers. She lightly tapped the growing ash into the ashtray and brought the
cigarette to her lips. She paused briefly and then parted her lips slightly
and wrapped them around the white filter. 

Tanya watched as Amy's cheeks drew in.  Her mouth opened to reveal a swirling
lake of white smoke which she quickly inhaled deep into her chest. She began
to hand the cigarette back to Tanya but instead quickly pulled it back taking
one more drag. Her first inhale rushed out her nostrils as she drew again.

This time she handed the cigarette back to Tanya who tapped the ash and took
one final drag and crushed it out.

Amy pushed the chair away from the computer desk and leaned back, exhaling a
tight stream as she did.  "Oh my god!" she exclaimed in short bursts of smoke.
"That was soooo goood!" 

Tanya laughed. "Looks like you just found your lost blankey." She giggled.

"Oh man, that was too nice. God, I've missed that. Jesus! Can someone be
hooked again so quickly?" she said panicking and laughing.

"Calm down!" Tanya laughed. "You're just on a rush. Come on, lets go back down
and get some coffee.. and chill you out!"

Amy left Tanya's at about 3:30 and walked quickly home. The items she ordered
would arrive in 4-5 business days and she simply couldn't wait. 

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