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From: (LadySmoker)
Subject: Re: Do it yourself story
Date: 13 Nov 1995 03:15:52 -0500
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This is a contintuation of tsasscer's story.

> With half closed eyes
>Pam peeled off the shrink wrap and pulled out a cigarette.

She smelled the cigarette, noticing how mild and pleasant the tobacco odor
was, then licked her
lips and inserted the firm, white cylinder between them.  She ran her
tongue over the filter end,
enjoying the slight roughness of it.  She took the cigarette out of her
mouth, noting the pale pink
lipstick marks on it.  She practiced different ways of holding it,
admiring the way it made her
fingers appear long and slim.

Pam lost herself in a daydream.  She walked outside during lunch period,
took out her pack, and
boldly walked up to Melissa, the most popular girl in school.  The haughty
blonde eyed her
coldly, until she noticed the cigarettes in her hand.  She smiled warmly
at Pam as she shook one
out of the pack and asked her for a light.  Melissa held out her lighter
and Pam place the
cigarette in her mouth and cupped her hands around Melissa's as she
touched the tobacco to the
bright flame.  In one smooth motion, Pam inhaled deeply, took the
cigarette out of her mouth
and shook back her hair, as she had observed the popular girls do.

Melissa smiled at her, and welcomed her to the sorority of smokers.  She
was introduced to all of
the popular girls, who had previously ignored her, or looked down their
noses at her.

Melissa announced to one and all that she was having a party at her house
that Saturday, as her
parents were leaving for Europe on Friday.  She turned to Pam, "Would you
like to come?"

Pam's head reeled dizzily, from the smoke, and from the acceptance of the
leader of the most
exclusive clique in school.  She was supposed to be getting together with
the rest of her friends,
but she smiled at Melissa and told her she would be there.  She would just
have to tell her other
friends that she couldnt make it, or be sick, or grounded or something.

She awoke from her reverie, the still unlit cigarette between her fingers.
 She took a deep breath,
and put the cigarette between her lips.  She took out her shiny new
lighter, and fumbled with the
child-proof catch on it, before producing a spurt of flame.  She applied
the flame to the tobbaco,
and took a large mouthful of smoke, inhaling it, and flipping her hair
backwards at the same time.

She coughed deeply, nearly dropping the cigarette.  She took another deep
breath, and took a
very small mouthful this time, inhaling it slowly and easily, and exhaling
a plume of smoke.  Her
lungs burned, but she did not feel an urge to cough.  Another deep breath,
and another drag, a
little bigger.  This time she exhaled through her nose, feeling the
tingling of the smoke as she
produced twin streams of smoke through her nostrils.

Alternating deep breaths, and ever-increasing drags on the cigarette, she
soon had smoked the
cigarette all the way down to the cigarette.  She felt like cheering.  Now
at last, the road to
popularity stood before her, and hopefully, the road to a certain handsome
senior as well.  She
smiled to herself as she stubbed out the cigarette carefully on the
ground, and put it in her
pocket.  She would keep it forever, her very first cigarette.

She drew out another cigarette and lit it....

If they want to take away my cigarettes, they are going to have to pry my
cold dead hands from around the pack...

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