The Doctor's News

(by anonymous16, 09 November 2006)

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This is my first fictional smoking-story. It contains teengirl-sex with a
grown up male and pregnant smoking. Hope, you'll enjoy it!

The Doctor's News

Lisa was shocked when the doctor came out of his room to tell her the the
horrible news: "Ms Brown, you are pregnant!" Although she had feared this
because of her morning sickness  and the desire to vomit sometimes, when she
was drinking alcohol, she had always tried to supress this possibility. And
now, at a routine visit to her gynaecologist's she was told that she was
pregnant, already in her fourth month!

Lisa was a beautiful young girl of 13 years, although she was quiet short for
her age. She had a pretty face, long blond hair, deep blue eyes, a firm bum,
perfectly developed tits and a little, sweet, belly. Obviously her great
female curves had hidden the little growing creature in her belly until this
day. When she wore high heels, which she usually did to look taller, she
already had the looks of a young lady.

The doctor told her she had to wait some minutes and then he would ask her to
come into his room to talk about the about her pregnancy. Her thoughts were
running wild, but she knew exactly what the first thing was she needed to do.
Lisa left the waiting room, telling the nurse she would be right back and
left the building. When she was in the street her little, trembling fingers
fumbled out the nearly empty pack of Pall Mall nonfilters which she had just
opened that morning, took out a cigarette and the lighter and lit up
immediatly. She dragged hard on her freshly lit cig and pumped the hot smoke
deep into her young lungs. She took a second and a third huge drag before she
exhaled a fat stream of smoke into the hot summer air. After that she didn't
take in fresh air but started her next triple drag right then. The ashes were
burning and cracking as the nonfilter cigarette became smaller rapidly.
Inhaling so hard, her young, black lungs started burning. Oh, how she loved
this feeling! In less than one minute Lisa's cigarette was gone and she
repeated the same scenario, chain-smoking a second Pall Mall right after the
first. Her  thoughts were still in a mess when she returned to the waiting
room, but somehow the shaking and the former stiffness of her body had gone
after her quick smoke.

Doctor Watcher asked her to come in some three minutes later. Lisa took a
seat and the doctor started to explain the facts to her. He asked if she
wanted to have her mum around but she said it was o.k.

"Ms. Brown, I can imagine that this situation must have shocked you a lot",
said Dr. Watcher. "I guess this baby was an accident?!". Lisa nodded, not
able to say a word. "Ms. Brown, I also have to tell you, that an abortion
won't be possible in this case as you are already in the fourth month of your
pregnancy". Again Lisa nodded. Dr. Watcher continued talking but she didn't
hear his words. Only when the doctor said: "I guess at your young age I don't
have to ask you, if you're a smoker because in pregnancy smoking is
absolutely forbidden," Lisa awoke from her dreams. This was the next shock
which she hadn't been thinking of until this minute. Like before, Lisa only
nodded. "O.K., Ms Brown, this is all for today. I want you to come around
tomorrow again with your mum or dad."

When Lisa was waiting for the bus to take her home, she took out her pack of
Pall Malls, took out the last cigarette, lit it, and threw the empty pack
into the bushes behind her.An old lady was watching this with an expression
of disgust but Lisa didn't mind.  She smoked rapidly since she expected the
bus to arrive in two minutes.

Sitting in the bus her thoughts became clearer. She definitely hadn'd wanted
to be a mother at this age but the more she thought about it, the more she
found out that this didn't mean the end of the world. First thing was that
she knew exactly who the father was. In the last year she had only been
fucking her boyfriend Jack. Jack was a good looking guy, the oldest son of in
their neighbours' family. He was double her age (26) and she knew him since
she had been a baby. Jack had spent a lot of time at her parent's house and
although a boy, he had sometimes been babysitting her when her parents
couldn't find anybody else to take care of her and they wanted to go out on
weekends. He had always been very nice to her and when she became older she
found out that she kind of idolized him.

One year ago her parents had gone on holiday and left her alone for two
weeks. Well, she hadn't really been alone, since  her aunt Jane, who lived
across the street, came over in the mornings to wake her up for school. She
ate all her meals in her aunt's house but wanted to sleep in her own bed. In
the evenings, Jack came over to watch TV with her until she had to go to bed.
At that age, 12 years old, she had already fallen in love with Jack and
adored him but never had the courage to tell him about her feelings because
of their age difference. Instead, she had been going out for some time with a
boy from her school who was 14. She had her first sexual experiences with
him. This had only gone on for 3 months and she had never felt much for that

The second evening, when watching TV with Jack, it happened. They were
sitting next to each other on the sofa in her living room.  She wore a mini
skirt, a short top without a bra, her tiny feet were bear and she had just
lit another cigarette when she recognized Jack watching her. 

Then he had smiled and said, "Lisa, you've really become a beautiful young
lady!" Lisa remembered how this had turned her face into deep red., and then
Jack had leaned over to give her their first passionate kiss on her smokey
lips. By chance when trying to get a hold her left hand she had touched
Jack's dick and she had felt that it was really stiff. After the kiss she had
taken her smoldering cigarette from the ashtray to take a deep double pump
and then crushed it out. Again she had noticed Jack watching her.  Since Jack
was a non-smoker, she had wondered if he had disliked the taste when they
were kissing but before she could ask him he had said: "You really look to
cute when you're smoking!" This had been a big relief for her. After another
long kiss things moved quickly - to the best sex she could imagine. Jack at
his age was pretty experienced and knew exactly how to satisfy her. She
hadn't thought that it could feel so good. While her parents were away they
had sex every evening.

First, both of them had tried to hide their relationship from their parents
but one day her mother had caught them kissing in Lisa's room. She had
expected her mother to explode in anger but as it turned out she had been
grinning, and said that she had had a suspicion for a long time. In fact her
mum was very open minded, nearly never argued with her. She let her live her
life like she wanted to. When she had been seven years old it had been her
mum who offered her the first cigarette. She had been a smoker ever since and
enjoyed it more and more. At the age of nine she was already smoking one pack
a day and now she had developed her habit to a daily dose of two packs and

Lisa's bus reached the stop near her house. She got off and started walking
down the street.After 25 minutes on the bus she felt the urgent desire to
have another smoke but this morning she had forgotten to put a second pack
into her bag. On her way Lisa decided that Jack should be the first to know
that she had become pregnant. She was anxious and curious about his reaction.
Nevertheless, she thought, at 26 he was at the right age to become a father
and besides how often had he told her that she was the girl of his life?
Lately this spring, Jack had finished his studies and he had found a well
paying job as an engineer in an international company. Two month ago he had
moved into his first own appartment and they had spent a lot of days and
nights together over there having sex four or five times a day.

When she arrived at home, there was nobody there. Lisa ran up the stairs to
her room and went to the wardrobe, where her cigarettes were. She took a
cigarette from a new pack of Pall Malls and flicked the lighter. After some
healthy, deep puffs she put the cigarette in the overfilling ashtray next to
her bed and undressed herself. Lying naked on her bed she touched her pussy,
which was still a bit swallen from last night's hard sex with Jack. Then she
picked up the phone and called her boyfriend. She double-pumped on her
filterless cigarette to calm down her quickly beating heart. 

During the conversation she chained through three more cigs. She knew that
Jack would get hot when he heard her smoking: the "plop" when she takes the
cigarette from her lips, her audible deep inhales and the little
coughing-fits which had seemed to become more frequent lately. This would be
a good way to making sure that Jack was in good mood. Then, after a few
minutes of chatting Lisa broke out with the news. To her astonishment Jack
reacted happier than she ever had expected! After this good response there
was no problem telling the news to their parents.

The next week, Lisa moved in to Jack's appartment to live with him. One
evening after fucking two times and lighting up her obligatory after-sex Pall
Mall, she told him of her big problem. "Jacky, today at school we learned
about the dangers of smoking during pregnancy and now I'm already at the end
of my fourth month without even reducing my smoking. To tell the truth I even
smoke more since I learned I'm pregnant because it calms down my nerves a lot
and besides, I just don't want to stop. I'm just too addicted and I love my
cigs too much." Jack knew that this was true. At home after coming back from
school, Lisa usually couldn't go more than five minutes without a cigarette. 

"Hey sweetheart," he said, "I know how much you need your cigs and you know
how much I'm aroused by watching you smoke. I've already thought about this,
too. So yesterday I was reading an interesting article about smoking during
pregnancy on the internet and it turns out that nearly 75 percent of female
smokers continue smoking during pregnancy. Just don't worry about it too
much! Besides, I think that this might be a good chance to make our little
girl get used to the fact that she will always be in thick clouds of smoke
after her birth whenever she is with her mommy. In another forum I actually
found a report from a doctor who said it was best for unborn kids of heavy
smokers to get used to nicotine before their birth in order to avoid sudden
nicotine withdrawal afterwards. This doctor describes that the unborns will
get the most nicotine by a certain trick which is called PUSSY-SMOKING. Will
you try that, honey?"

Lisa couldn't believe what Jack had told her. It seemed that there were not
just the studies about smoking during pregnancy written by anti-smokers which
they had been reading at school today. No, there were other doctors who said
that it was even healthy for your baby! Lisa was extremely glad to hear this
good news. With no hesitation she took one last deep drag from her
nonfiltered cigarette and stubbed it out. Two seconds later, Jack had lit a
new one for her and placed it in her pussy carefully. "Wow, that looks hot,"
he said. "I love to see my little girl smoking and the fact that you're
pregnant and your belly is showing make it even more sexy for me! Now try to
contract the muscles of your vagina!" Lisa laughed and did like she was told.
Indeed, the tip of her cigarette started glowing and after some seconds of
inhaling with her pussy Jack withdrew the cig. She felt the rich, warm smoke
swirling around in her vagina. "That feels absolutely great", she exclaimed
in ectasy. "Now try to loose the muscles and try to exhale!". With a
"puff"-sound a stream of white smoke shot out of her pussy. "So cool, you're
really the hottest little smoking-girl of the world, darling", exclaimed

During her pregnancy Lisa gave this special nicotine-treatment to her baby at
least two times a day, sometimes even smoking two cigarettes at once, one
with her pussy and one with her mouth. Jack always helped her, so she never
burnt herself. Her daily smoking had increased to nearly 60 cigarettes.

One night in the early eighth month of her pregnancy, Lisa awoke with a bad
coughing attack. This was happening quite often lately and she could usually
calm it down by smoking one of her Pall Malls. This night it was worse and
even the freshly lit cig couldn't calm down her coughing. Her whole body
tensed up and than it happened: her labour pains were starting she realized,
much too early. When Jack heard this, he got up at once, dressed her young,
naked body and drove her to the hospital. He called up her parents with his
mobile to tell them to come over, too. Lisa's coughing had stopped now and on
their way in the car the little girl chain smoked three more cigarettes,
because they made her calm down a bit and because she knew she wouldn't be
allowed to smoke in the hospital for hours.

The birth was over after four hours of pain and without any smoking, which
might have helped her. The doctors had a big struggle to get the little baby
to breathe, she had to get artificial respiration and was brought to the
incubator at once to save her young life. The doctors told them that their
daughter was extremely small and less developed than usual for eight month
old babies. There only was a 50% chance of survival

One week later the situation had become much better and for the first time
Lisa and Jack were allowed to visit their little doughter. When they entered
the room with the incubators one of the babies was coughing badly. When they
came nearer, they saw that it was their little daughter. "She already coughs
like her mum," Jack thought with a smile on his face. The doctor who joined
them explained that the baby still had very bad lung-function and that her
young lungs for some reason had permanent damage. He went on that it was
absolutely necessary that nobody smoked around her when they would take her
home in a few weeks. Lisa bent over her little daughter who they would call
Jenny and the tobacco-breath from her last unfiltered, which she had been
smoking right before entering the hospital, hit the little baby's face for
the first time. At that moment the little thing stopped coughing and smiled
into Lisa's face. This made her so proud because it showed her that little
Jenny, already used to the nicotine, liked the aroma of tobacco. Soon, Lisa
thought, she would offer her little daughter her first cigarette and she
would surely become a great, little smoking-girl!

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