Donna, Part 1

(by anonymous9, 28 December 2000)

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Donna's story
Part 1/4

Donna's mother Mary called out from the kitchen, "Donna, come here, I need to
talk to you."

Donna came in and sat on a chair at the table.

Mary said, "Donna, have you been smoking marijuana?  I have noticed the smell
of musk on you the past few days.  I wasn't born yesterday.  I know that musk
is often used to cover up the smell of marijuana smoke on a person."

Donna said, "No Mom, I don't do that stuff.  I want to keep my head clear.
And I hear it gives you the munchies.  I'm plump enough now and don't want to
get any fatter.  I just like the smell of the musk perfume."

Donna was not too fat.  In fact she had a good figure, big breasts and hips
and well proportioned.  Her measurements were 38-26-36.  She was seventeen.
She had long brown hair and blue eyes.  She was 5 feet 6 inches tall.  It was
summer and she would be a senior in high school that fall.

Donna's mother continued, "I know young people are curious and try different
things.  I started smoking cigarettes at age 15.  I did some drinking when I
was a teenager, and yes I did try marijuana.  Even though I was already
smoking cigaretees, I just could not get anything out of smoking marijuana
but a sore throat and a bad taste so I only did it once.  I never used
cocaine, but know some people who did."  She paused to light a Winston 100.
She continued, "Sometimes we don't always have time to communicate properly.
I never have known you to lie to me, but I want to know if you are doing
anything which is illegal or which might put you in jeopardy. Now I ask you
again, do you smoke marijuana?"

Donna said, "No Mom, I know some people who do, and I could get it if I want
it, but no I have never smoked marijuana."

Mary said, "Good, I hope that's true and I think I can believe you.  While we
are talking, there's something else I want to say to you.  i started smoking
cigaretes at age 15.  Your father smokes and really, I'm surprised you
haven't started smoking cigarettes too.  I don't want to say I really want
you to smoke, but if you do, you have my permission.  I don't want you
sneaking around smoking.  Let's keep things out in the open and keep our good
relationship--while we are on the subject, if you want to drink a glass of
wine or beer, OK, but only here at home."

Donna said, "Do you mean what you just said?"

Mary said, "Sure--what do you have in mind--do you want some wine now?"

Donna said, "Well--I have smoked a few cigarettes, and I really like the
taste and how they make me feel--could I smoke one now?"

Mary said, "Sure--have one of these."

Donna took the cigaretee, used her mother's lighter, lit the cigarette, took
a long draw, opened her mouth, a thick cloud of smoke appeared in front of
her lips which she inhaled deeply.  She blew out a long steam of smoked and

Her mother grinned and said, "I guess you don't need any lessons."

She went to the drawer where she kept the carton of Winston 100's, took out a
pack and handed it to Donna.  She said, "The carton only has one pack left.
I'd better call your father and have him pick up some more on the way home."

She picked up the telephone and said, "Jack, you need to pick up a couple
cartons of cigarettes on the way home."

Donna said, "Could you get some Marlboros please?"

Mary said. "Oh, and get a carton of Marlboros too.--For Donna--Yeah--she is
smoking now."

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