A Dream Come True

(by anonymous4, 06 April 1999)

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This fictional account contains adult language and themes.  If such
language and themes offend you, please do not read farther.

A dream come true
   My name is Jack and I am 21 years old.  I have a 17-year-old girl friend
named Beth who  use to get very upset when I would light one of my Marlboro
Ultra Lights. She was really anti- smoking She really thought that I smoked
more than I did a couple of months ago, but I only smoked then a pack about
every three days.
   A couple of months ago, we were out on a date, parked in this secluded
site near the lake just outside of our town. I lit up one of my Marlboro's
and took a deep drag, inhaling the smoke deep into my lungs. It had been
several hours since I had a cigarette and I was really beginning to want one.
   Beth jumped all over me. You've got to quit smoking those things. They
will hurt your health and they most certainly aren't becoming, she said. I
just wish you'd promise me you'll quit.
   I told her she'd just have to get use to it. That I wasn't going to quit
smoking. I then asked her if she had ever smoked a cigarette in her life.
She told me no. You see, I had always had a dream that Beth would smoke a
cigarette for me. I really wanted to see her smoke, but this was really the
first time I'd had a good opportunity to bring smoking up with her.
   Then I told her she shouldn't bug me about something she had never done.
   That ended things for a few minutes. I smoked the rest of my cigarette and
reached over for her. She wasn't too receptive at first, but broke down
after a couple of minutes and let me kiss her. Things got pretty hot and
heavy in a few minutes with me french kissing her and playing with her
breasts. But we didn't go any further than that because even though we have
talked about it several times, we haven't actually had sex yet.
   After we broke apart, I lit up another Marlboro. She looked at me and said
I was right, that she shouldn't jump on me about something she had never
done before.
   I ask her if she wanted to try it and she said no, not tonight.
   But I persisted a little bit and said maybe I should give her a smoky
kiss. She asked what that was and I explained it to her, that I would
inhale from my cigarette and kiss her and she would suck the smoke from my
mouth and lungs.
   She said she might try that. So I took a big inhale and locked my lips
with hers and she began to suck the smoke out of my mouth. The smoke came
out and went right down into her lungs, and when she exhaled, a little bit
of smoke came out. She didn't cough or anything because it was not as
strong after being in my mouth and lungs and was mixed liberally with air.
   Much to my surprise, she said that was fun, and asked me for another smoky
kiss. I double inhaled this time and she got a lot more smoke. It almost
filled her lungs and she blew out a long stream.
   But that was all for that night. She said she didn't want any more. I
asked her how she liked it and she said, well, it wasn't as bad as I
thought it might be. Then I asked her if she might want to do it again and
she said maybe, and smiled.
   For the next two weeks (it was summer and I was out of college and she was
between her senior year in high school and her freshmen year of college),
we went out almost every night. Every night I would give her at least two
smoky kisses and on one or two nights, we had as many as five smoky kisses.
   She actually said after about a week that she was looking forward to our
smoky kisses. I hadn't mentioned her actually smoking a cigarette, but was
waiting for a good opportunity to bring it up.
   Going into the third week, after she told me she was looking forward to
our smoky kisses, I decided on a little experiment. I decided to withhold
them one night and see what would happen.
   After we got to our regular little parking spot, I lit a cigarette but
kind of moved over to my side of the car. After I had taken about three
drags off my cigarette, she asked me where her smoky kiss was.
   I just sort of shrugged and said nothing. Then she really surprised me.
She said I want my smoky kisses. I love them and I want them. I'm used to
them now. Give me my smoky kiss.
   I still made no move, but said, don't you say please. Please, she said. I
want my smoky kiss. I need my smoky kiss. Don't make me wait any longer.
Please! Please!
   I said OK and took a double pump off my Marlboro. Almost before I got the
cigarette out of my mouth, she had jumped over in my lap and clamped her
lips to mine, sucking like crazy.
As soon as she got all the smoke out of my lungs and into hers, she gave
this long sigh and held the smoke in for several seconds. Then she exhaled
it in a stream. Oh, she said, that was good.
Let's do it again. We did several times.
   Then she said, Jack, can I have a cigarette. I looked at her and said,
honey, are you sure that's what you want. What about your health and not
looking very becoming. Forget that, she said, I think it's time I smoked a
   Ok, I said, and took two out of my pack. I took one and gave her the other
and got out my lighter. I told her to just draw on it gently at first to
get it lit, and then smoke it just like she did my smoky kisses.
   She placed the cigarette in her mouth and flicked the lighter to life. She
leaned over toward me and gently drew on the cigarette, getting it to light
evenly, and blew out a little smoke from her mouth.
   Then she put the cigarette back to her lips and with an actual cheek
hollowing drag, inhaled the smoke into her lungs. It hit the bottom of her
lungs and you could see the wonderment in her mind.
   After exhaling a rather large white stream of smoke into the air, she
said, What is wrong with me. This is great. I never would have thought I
would like this. Then, she took another long drag and did the same thing.
She really liked her cigarette.
   So did I. I had a major hard on and was having problems hiding it. I guess
I didn't because she said, honey, does smoking excite you. I told her it
did and she smiled some more. Well, maybe we'll just to see what we can do.
   Beth smoked three more cigarettes that night and four more on each of the
next five nights, exactly a pack over six nights. In addition to smoking
those cigarettes, we had many, many smoky kisses.
   That did it. On the seventh night, she told me she wanted to smoke all the
time. She said she thought of it at work and at home. She said however she
didn't want to say anything to her parents yet, so she would stay in the
closet for awhile.
   Beth and I smoked and petted and finally had sex. When we finally did have
sex, it was a powerful thing with both of us using cigarette as part of our
sex drive. This came just before we went back to State College, where I
began my junior year and Beth her freshman year.
   She began smoking openly as soon as her folks left the dorm where she
lived and hasn't slowed down at all. She now smokes a pack and a half of
Virginia Slims Luxury Lights. She says she likes the 120s because they make
her look sexier. She says they especially make her sexier during sex.
   Those smoky kisses really did the job. And dreams come true.

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