Dream Girl, Part 1

(by Dromedary Joe, 29 June 2008)

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Dream Girl
by Dromedary Joe

Note: This story is a sequel to "School Trip"

Part 1: Prologue: The Morning after...

Kimmy started to head back to her hotel room after she left Sam's room, but
then realized that would mean being in the same room as Melinda, Kaleigh, and
Becky. She decided to go back to the terrace of the Adam`s Mark. She sat down
on the same bench she had sat down on earlier and pulled out her pack of
Marlboro 100's. She lit up thinking of the events of the past week. She had
been humiliated the entire week. Her best friend Becky had treated her like
shit as Becky hung around the two popular girls Kaleigh and Melinda while she
basically ignored Kimmy. Becky had even suggested to the popular girls that
maybe she should abandon her friendship with Kimmy. A tear rolled down
Kimmy's face as she thought of Becky's betrayal.  Someday, Becky would pay
for what happened this week, thought Kimmy as she took another drag off of
her Marlboro. 

Kimmy crushed out the cigarette and quickly lit another. It was hard to
believe how much she had smoked that night. A mere ten hours earlier, she had
never even tried a cigarette and she now smoked as if it was as natural as
breathing. She knew she would have to stop smoking. Kimmy's parents were
extremely strict and would get upset if they knew she had smoked even *one*
cigarette. Heck, even finding out that Kimmy had been alone in the same room
with a boy would make her parents mad. She could never tell anyone anything
about this night. What a night it was, Kimmy thought to herself. It sort of
made up for the terrible week. Kimmy had somehow gotten the courage to ask
some guy named Sam if he would teach her how to smoke. They went up to his
hotel room and from there, the night became more intimate.  Sam had given
Kimmy her first kiss that night. This was followed by many more kisses, some
very passionate open mouthed kisses. They had blown smoke into each other's
mouth while kissing. Sam had called these `smoky kisses.' Kimmy smiled as she
thought about giving Sam smoky kisses. She got sad when she realized that she
would probably never see him again. Sam had been the closest thing to a
boyfriend that the fourteen year old Kimmy had ever had at that point in her
life. Kimmy thought about something else which had happened that night-
something which was a pleasant experience even though she didn`t understand
what had happened. She wasn't sure who she could talk to about it, but she
was actually very worried.

After Kimmy smoked her second cigarette on the terrace, she started to get
sick. Kimmy had heard of people who got sick when they started smoking and
Kimmy was surprised that she had not gotten sick earlier. After throwing up
beside the bench, she threw the pack Sam had given her into the trash and
decided to head back to her room. She quickly took a shower as the other
girls slept and went to sleep on the chair to avoid sleeping in the same bed
as her ex-best friend Becky.

Kimmy didn't talk to the other girls on the plane ride home and ended up not
speaking to Becky for several months after that. Eventually, Becky quit
smoking and stopped hanging around the popular girls. They renewed their
friendship, although Becky never really apologized for the humiliation which
Kimmy had gone through that week. That was Becky, though- she was quick to
point out the faults in everyone else, but oblivious to her own shortcomings.

Kimmy's life quickly went back to her normal routine of being a good girl.
She kind of had cravings for a cigarette the first couple days after that
night, but she figured it was just because she had enjoyed smoking. Kimmy
was kind of worried about that other thing which had happened that night
which she didn't understand, but didn't know who she could talk to about it.

About a month after that night, there was a Bible Study at her Sunday School
teacher's house. She wasn't sure if she could trust her Sunday School teacher
Mrs. Stratton but she knew she could trust her husband. He was after all, her
gynecologist and he had answered a few of her questions when she had gotten
her first period. Kimmy's parents didn't tell her anything about sex. Kim was
very ignorant about sex, probably more so than anyone in school. When they
had started teaching sex education in middle school, her parents wrote a note
to the school saying that they did not want her taking the class. They would
teach her what she needed to know when they wanted her to know. So Kim, knew
precious little about sex, mostly from conversations she had overheard at

"Dr. Stratton," Kimmy asked sheepishly, "Can I talk to you about something-
something you know kinda medical."

Dr. Stratton smiled. "Sure, Kimmy, let's talk in the other room," he said
leading her into the other room. Dr. Stratton and his wife were religious
people who knew her parents well, but he was her gynecologist and Kim knew
he would never betray her by telling her parents what she was about to tell

Kim told him the truth, except she left out the part about smoking and the
fact that it had happened in a hotel room alone with Sam.

"Dr, Stratton, when I went on that school trip to Washington last month, I
sort of met a boy and we kissed and stuff and then I felt something, you
know- down there. Something different."

"Did he touch you down there?" asked the doctor.

"No, he didn't touch me anywhere bad. He never touched me in any private
places. When it happened, he was touching me here," she said pointing to her
inner thigh. 

"How did it feel?" the doctor asked.

Kim thought for a moment and looked down as she said, "It felt good, really
good." She felt kind of ashamed to admit that she had enjoyed what had

The doctor paused as if he were contemplating whether he should tell her what
had happened.

 "Kimmy, you had an orgasm," he finally said.

Kimmy had heard that word a few times and it was always used in reference to
sex. She got visibly upset and looked like she was going to cry.

"You mean like sex? I'm not going to get pregnant or anything, am I?" asked
Kimmy teary eyed. 

The doctor laughed and said, "No, Kimmy. An orgasm can happen during sex, but
there are other things which can cause it to happen, too. You have nothing to
be ashamed of. You remember how God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and
multiply? That was a commandment, but God made sure it would happen by
making sex a pleasurable experience. Orgasms are a large part of that
experience. But having an orgasm doesn`t mean you were having sex. Usually
though, it doesn't happen as easily as it happened to you, though, and it
doesn't mean you did anything wrong."

"So I'm still a virgin and everything?" Kimmy asked him.

"You are as innocent as you were the first time I ever examined you as a ten
year old girl who was turning into the beautiful young woman you are today,"
said the doctor reassuringly.

"Thank you," Kimmy said smiling for the first time since they started

The doctor paused for a moment trying to think of what else he could say
which would make Kimmy feel better without revealing more information than
her parents would want her to know. The doctor and his wife were friends with
Kimmy's parents and he knew they were a little too protective with their
daughter when it came to giving her information about sex. He had had many
female patients who came to him because they couldn't reach climax. Some had
even confided in him that they had faked an orgasm. Hell, even he suspected
his own wife had faked orgasms from time to time. Yet standing in front of
him was a very innocent girl who was apparently so easily aroused that
touching her leg could get her off. She would probably never have to fake an
The doctor finally told her, "Kimmy, you may not understand right now, but
someday you're going to make some man a very lucky husband..."

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