Dream Girl, Part 2

(by Dromedary Joe, 29 June 2008)

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Dream Girl
by Dromedary Joe

Note: This story is a sequel to "School Trip"

Part 2: Bible College Kim

(four years later)

Kim sat on the couch watching the movie as she nibbled on her popcorn . It
was her first day back home from her freshman year of Bible College. Her
parents and sister had gone out to dinner, but Kim told them she was a little
tired and she took a nap on the couch. She was a little bored after she woke
up so she went to the video store and rented a few romantic comedies. The
movie she was watching was PG 13, and she seemed to frown every time she
heard a curse word. Kim had said `shit' maybe three times her entire life,
had never said `fuck' and was only barely aware that there was a really bad
word which started with the letter `c.' Kim was a good girl, she had been a
good girl- a girl her parents were proud to call their daughter every day of
her life...

"That's not exactly true," thought Kim, "There was that one night..."  The
movie was starting to bore Kim and she let her mind drift back to the memory
of that night four years before- back when people still called her Kimmy...

 Kim smiled as she remembered her one night as a bad girl as if it were
yesterday. She thought of Sam the boy who had given Kim her first kiss. She
thought of the dozens of smoky kisses she had given Sam. She thought of her
first orgasm as if it had just happened yesterday instead of the four years
it had actually been.

Kim had had orgasms several times since then, all of them accidental. Kim
knew a lot more about `the birds and the bees' than she had when her first
orgasm had happened four years earlier, yet knew much less than most eighteen
year old girls- most of whom of course were already having sex.  Kim had
promised herself that she would be a virgin until her wedding night. One
thing that Kim was aware of about her own sexuality was that she was very
easily aroused- most other girls her age didn't climax simply by washing
themselves in the shower like Kim had had happen on several occasions. Kim
had overheard enough conversations to know the average girl had to either
have sexual contact with someone else or masturbate in order to climax.
During a sleepover, she had caught her best friend Becky masturbating and was
amazed at the monumental effort her friend had gone through to reach climax.
The strange thing was that Kim had never masturbated since her church
considered masturbation to be a sin. Kim had considered trying it, but
figured that her `accidental' orgasms were good enough. She had once again
told her gynecologist about the orgasms she had had during a routine
checkup and Dr. Stratton had told her that there was nothing wrong and once
again told her that she would make her future husband very happy...

 Kim had been dating a guy at college named Josh her entire freshman year and
her college roommate had told her that the rumor on campus was that Josh
would propose early the next year, her sophomore year. He was currently on a
summer mission to Belize and she wouldn't see him all summer. Kim thought she
loved Josh, but she was wise enough to realize that love wasn't something she
entirely understood, yet. 

Kim put another movie into the VCR and was glad that this one didn't have any
profanity. Her best friend from high school Becky would be flying into town
that night. Becky had been going to UCLA and she had moved in with a guy
midway through the school year. Becky had told her that she had started
smoking again. Kim knew that Becky smoked from time to time throughout their
high school years, but she typically did so when she wasn't around Kim,
mindful of how her friend had reacted when Becky had first started at the
National Bake Off. If Becky had only known that Kim had experimented that
very same week. Kim had actually considered telling her friend that she had
tried smoking during the Bake Off, but figured it would serve no purpose. Kim
hadn't smoked a cigarette since she had thrown the nearly full pack of
Marlboro 100's in the trash on the terrace. Kim did remember her experience
smoking as a pleasant one and wasn't entirely opposed to the idea of trying
it again sometime at least one more time. What had deterred her was the fact
that she had enjoyed smoking that night. If she decided to try it again, she
was afraid she would like it and become addicted. 

Becky was going to spend the summer with her boyfriend at Becky's aunt's
house which was on the other side of town. Her aunt would be out of town all
summer and Becky and her boyfriend would have the place to themselves. Kim
didn't really approve of her friend cohabitating with a guy when they weren't
married, but she was old enough to realize her friend Becky was who she was.
She had to make her own decisions. She would be there for her if she needed
someone though- she was her friend and they had been through a lot together. 

"What was Becky's boyfriend's name again?" Kim asked herself. She smiled once
she remembered. How could she forget that name- Becky's boyfriend was named

Kim thought about her Sam- the boy she had spent the night with in the Adam`s
Mark at the Bake Off. That night had been four years ago and she always
wondered what had happened to him. Did he ever think of her?

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