Dream Girl, Part 3

(by Dromedary Joe, 29 June 2008)

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Dream Girl
by Dromedary Joe

Note: This story is a sequel to "School Trip"

Part 3: Sam & Becky

Sam got out his luggage and started packing. Soon Becky would be home and she
would probably be bitching about something. Becky was always in a bitchy
mood. Sam loved her anyway, but he always wondered why there had to be so
much turmoil in their relationship. He got packed and sat down on the couch
and lit a cigarette. At least his girlfriend had started smoking again. She
said she had smoked on and off throughout her high school years, but he
noticed that as the year went on, she had become a more committed smoker
averaging over a pack a day. Too bad Becky smoked those wimpy Virginia Slims
120's. She should start smoking a nice full flavored cigarette like his
Marlboro 100's. Sam had a thing for girls that smoked and while he had to
admit that while Becky looked elegant smoking one of the long slender 120's,
he'd much rather prefer seeing her smoke a full flavored 100mm cork
cigarette. From time to time, she'd bum one off of him when she was out or
just wanted something different and he savored those moments making sure to
watch his red-headed girlfriend smoke it. She didn't know he had a smoking
fetish. It just wasn't something he felt comfortable talking to anybody

There was one person who knew about his fetish. Four years earlier as a high
school senior at a home economics National Bake Off, he had told this cute
freshman girl his secret. He smiled as he put his clothes in his suitcase and
thought about that night four years earlier-a night he had thought about on
countless occasions...

He had been eyeing her all week- the cute little girl with blond hair and big
blue eyes. He had been seen her on the terrace and elsewhere and hoped she
was a smoker. He knew that wasn't likely. She looked too innocent. Overall,
though, the week had sucked as most of the girls at the Bake Off were homely.
It wasn't until the last night of the Bake Off that things changed. He was on
the terrace smoking a cig and saw her sitting on a bench and she looked like
she had had a worse week than he did. She was visibly upset. Sam decided to
go over and cheer her up. They talked for a few minutes and then she did the
unthinkable as she asked Sam if he would teach her how to smoke. They spent
the entire evening in his hotel room and had smoked nearly an entire pack of
his Marlboro 100's, sharing smoky kisses, and making out. He hadn't had sex
with her- he saw her as a sweet innocent girl who simply wanted to have a
little fun after a really bad week. In a way, though, that had been one of
the most sensual experiences of his life even though he didn't have sex.
Becky was Sam's fourth sexual partner in his short life, but he never thought
of any of the four as much as he thought of the girl with the cute little
Hello Kitty outfit and strawberry lip gloss. All the nights he'd had sex
meant less to him than the night in the hotel room, a night he didn't `get
any.' Seeing that innocent blond girl taking drag after drag off a Marlboro
100, looking like she had been smoking for years had turned him on so much.
Sam remembered telling her that he thought that girls who smoked were sexy
and seeing her smoke was one of the sexiest things he'd ever seen. She had
smiled and blushed when he told her that even though he figured she probably
thought it was weird. Even to this day, he found himself masturbating to her
from time to time. He even remembered her name- Kimmy. Since that night, he
had had a few serious relationships with different girls all of whom he
thought he loved. But Kimmy was the girl he daydreamed about when he was
awake and she was the girl his subconscious mind would dream about at night.
Kimmy was his dream girl.

Even though Sam thought about his dream girl Kimmy a lot, he still thought he
loved Becky- he was pretty sure about that, but he knew there was something
wrong. Becky had lost her virginity to Sam early that year before they moved
in together and while he enjoyed having sex with her, he knew that in many
ways their sex life was imperfect. Becky didn't know that he knew, but Sam
knew she was faking orgasms. Sure, she had had a few real orgasms when he
manually played with her pussy for what seemed like an eternity. He knew she
had never had a real orgasm during intercourse despite all of her attempts to
make it sound like she had. Sam knew he wasn't the problem- he hadn't had a
problem with the other three girls he had had sex with. It wasn't a size
issue either. Becky just wasn't very easily aroused, he thought to himself. 

That was another thing about his dream girl, thought Sam. Kimmy was very
easily aroused. One of the highlights of the night he spent with Kimmy was
when they were laying in bed together. Sam had made a point of avoiding
Kimmy's genital or breast areas, because he respected her. Sam had; however,
been gently massaging Kimmy's leg with his finger when it happened. She
started moaning a little and Sam noticed her body tense up a little.  Kimmy
got a really scared look on her face and Sam panicked for a minute. Had his
hand strayed? He thought he had kept his hand on her leg but wasn't sure. He
was a little scared- he was 17 and she was only 14. Thoughts of her calling
the police and going to jail entered his head. He looked back at Kimmy and
saw that she probably didn't understand what had just happened. He looked
into her eyes and told her it was okay reassuringly. She lit up another
Marlboro 100, smiled, and gave him a smoky kiss. 

Sam smiled as he thought about his dream girl, Kimmy. The innocent girl who
was easily aroused and smoked full flavored cigarettes. He of course never
saw her after that night and had always wondered what happened to her. Did
she continue to smoke? Did she go back to being the good girl she had always
been? He would probably never know for sure...

Becky came home about an hour after he finished packing and she asked if he
was ready to go. She had packed the night before and had chided him for not
packing then as well. Becky would only be a sophomore at UCLA next year
while Sam had graduated with a major in marketing and had been hired by a
large pharmaceutical company. He would start his new job in the fall- a job
which required him to do a lot of coast to coast flying. He would still be
living with Becky when he was back in L.A., but still was unsure of their
future together. Becky had convinced Sam to spend the summer with her in her
hometown in Georgia. Her aunt had come into some money and was going to
Europe for the summer. They would have the place to themselves. Luckily her
aunt smoked and so they wouldn't have to go outside to smoke. He really
didn't want to go figuring what could be more boring than spending the summer
in a small hick town in the Deep South, but he did it for Becky. He found
himself doing a lot of things he really didn't want to do because of Becky.

They took the taxi to LAX and Becky started to talk about her family and
friends. He smiled as he listened to her soothing southern drawl. He had
lived his entire life in Arizona until he started going to UCLA and so he
hadn't heard many people with a southern drawl as pronounced as Becky. That
was one of the things which had originally attracted him to his red-headed
girlfriend Becky. Her accent reminded him of his dream girl Kimmy.  

Becky continued talking to him about the people back home and reminded him
that he should be on his best behavior.  The town Becky came from in Georgia
was a very traditional town where people tended to be religious and didn't
use colorful speech. Sam swore a lot and Becky once again reminded him that
he couldn't say `fuck' every other word like he usually did. Especially not
around her best friend, Kim. Kim was her friend who went to Bible College and
was very religious. "I'll fuckin' say "fuck" if I want to around this fuckin'
bitch if I fuckin' feel like it," Sam thought to himself as he heard her

Sam had heard Becky talk about her friend Kim from time to time that year and
the thought had once entered his head that perhaps Becky's friend Kim could
conceivably be the same girl as his dream girl Kimmy.  After all, she was
from Georgia too. Why does everything always revolve around Kimmy, he thought
to himself. She was like an obsession. Sam made a point of checking Becky's
wallet for the obligatory friend photos, but then remembered Becky's purse
was stolen early in the school year and she wouldn't have any photos of
friends and family in it. The way Becky described Kim made it clear she was
very prude. Sure, the Kimmy he had spent that night with was innocent before
then, but if Sam was a betting man, he was sure his dream girl was probably
somewhere smoking and probably having sex with some guy. Somehow the thought
that Kimmy might be having sex with another guy bothered him more than the
thought of Becky ever cheating on him. Why couldn't he get this girl out of
his head when it was obvious he would never see her again, Sam thought.

Sam and Becky got to her aunt's house late that night and Sam ended up
sleeping the entire next day as he tended to do when he flew across the
country. He could suffer from jet lag worse than the average person and he
knew he had better get used to the cross country flights if he was gong to be
a success at his job which would start in the fall. 

He got out of bed around four in the afternoon and saw that Becky was
starting to prepare a meal.  One of the things he liked about Becky was that
she was an excellent cook. 

He went into the kitchen and gave Becky a kiss.

"It's about time you woke up sleepyhead," Becky said, "Hey, I invited Kim
over for dinner."

"Alright," said Sam as he lit a Marlboro 100. 

"And try not to smoke so much when Kim gets here," nagged Becky, "She is very

Sam was starting to get hungry as he smelled the pot roast that Becky was
preparing in the kitchen. He settled down on the couch and watched the local
newscast admiring the weathergirl's sexy Georgian drawl. He could get used to
all the girls talking like this. He liked when they all talked like Becky...

"And my dream girl," he added to complete the thought as he heard the
doorbell ring...

He would finally meet his girlfriend's best friend, Kim or "Sister Christian"
as Becky would occasionally call her sarcastically. 

He opened the door and took a breath.

This must be a dream, Sam thought to himself, because standing at the door
was his dream girl...

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