Dream Girl, Part 4

(by Dromedary Joe, 29 June 2008)

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Dream Girl
by Dromedary Joe

Note: This story is a sequel to "School Trip"

Part 4: For Life or Longer...

"Kimmy?" Sam said obviously shaken.

"You must be Sam," Kim said without emotion. She was looking down, but when
he opened the door and they looked into each other's eyes, he thought he saw
a glimmer of recognition on her face.

Sam invited her into the house and noticed his heart was beating very fast.
They both stood there awkwardly for a second before Becky finished whatever
she was doing in the kitchen and came out to greet her friend. 

Becky and Kim gave each other a hug for what seemed like forever and finally
Becky said, "Hey, Kim, this is my boyfriend Sam," 

"How do you do, Sam. Good to meet you," she said politely and extended her

Sam shook her hand and finally got the courage to look her in the eye. It
seemed like such an odd way to finally touch her again. They had shared so
much more than a handshake. 

They all sat down for a few minutes and Sam's mind was racing. Maybe she
didn't remember, but how could she not remember? It had been one of the most
memorable nights of Sam's life and the thought that it would be forgotten by
his dream girl was a depressing thought. Maybe it wasn't her. Maybe it was
his mind playing tricks on him and he just wanted to believe it was her. In
the past, he would see a girl in a crowd and would think it was Kimmy. There
was even a time where was so sure that he had seen her that he had called out
"Kimmy?"  only to have the girl tell him her name wasn't Kimmy- it was Sue.
Sam glanced in Kim's direction again as Kim and Becky reminisced about the
old days. It had been four years, but he was still pretty sure it was her. He
knew his dream girl's face and he knew her voice.

Dinner was ready within five minutes and they all went to the dinning room
and sat down. Sam saw Kim close her eyes to pray before she ate and Kim and
Becky talked about what had happened at school and everything else that year
as Sam tried to concentrate on eating the pot roast on his plate. Sam wasn't
staring, but he took the opportunity to observe Kim from time to time. He
noticed she picked up her fork with her left hand. The same left hand she had
used to hold cigarettes with four years earlier. He was about 99% sure that
Kim was his Kimmy, but there was still a small doubt. He needed some sort of
confirmation. Sam needed to know without a doubt whether it was her and if it
was her, did she know who he was. 

The meal was over and Becky got up to do the dishes. Kim offered to help, but
Becky said, "Sit down, girl. You're a guest. Relax, I've got it."

Kim sat back down and Becky started to clean up. Becky had lit up a Virginia
Slim and she said to Kim, "Yeah, I know it's a bad habit, but I enjoy
smoking. You wouldn't understand because you've never tried it."

Kim looked at Sam with a knowing glance. He now had his confirmation. He
began to wonder if she had ever told Becky. How would Becky feel if she knew
her best friend had a history with her boyfriend?  Sam wasn't sure how Becky
would react.  

Sam pulled a cigarette out of his pack and noticed Kim was watching him. Kim
smiled as if she was thinking of a pleasant memory. 

 Becky excused herself and headed for the bathroom. Sam was alone with his
dream girl for the first time in four years. They sat there for a moment

Sam lit the cigarette and noticed Kim was staring at the pack. They were
Marlboro 100's, the same kind he had smoked since he had stolen a pack from
his older sister's room when he was 13.

"You still smoke the same kind?" asked Kim.

"Yes," Sam said, and then asked her the question which had been on his mind,
"You didn't smoke after that?"

"No," said Kim, "My parents would have killed me."

There was another minute of silence and Sam finally said, "I never told
anybody about that night."

"Neither did I," said Kim. He smiled at her and she smiled shyly at him like
she had done so many times on one of the most memorable nights of his life.
Sam's dream girl had become more beautiful over the past four years, he
thought to himself.

"It'll be our secret for life or longer?" Sam asked. It was a girly thing to
say, but it seemed like the right thing to say.

"For life or longer," affirmed Kim nodding her head and then she took her
left hand and briefly held his hand in hers just like they had done years
earlier. Sam felt a tingle run up his spine as they touched. He remembered
how he had held her hand because she was nervous before her first cigarette.
Now she was making a point to hold his hand, albeit for only a brief moment.
They broke contact a few seconds before Becky made her way back into the

The girls talked for a couple more hours while Sam mostly listened. Before,
he had known very little about his dream girl. Sam pretended to sleep in his
easy chair after dinner as he heard the girls talk. If he let himself, he
could fall in love with her very easily. He had no doubt that she wasn't
interested in him, at least in the same way. Their worlds were so different.
While that night in the hotel room had pretty much defined much of who he
was, he was sure the meaning of that night was different for her. It was
probably a very small blip on her radar screen. One day in which she had
allowed herself to be a naughty girl in an otherwise blemish free life.

Kim left a few hours later and Becky and Sam talked for a while. Had Becky
suspected that they had a history together? He was sure she had not. He
wanted to know more about his dream girl, but wasn't sure how to ask his
girlfriend the right questions without making her suspicious. Becky was a
suspicious person by nature anyway. He got an idea.

"Baby, that was a great meal tonight. You should enter some cooking contest
sometime. I bet you would win first prize."

Becky laughed as she lit another Virginia Slims Menthol 120, "You know years
ago when we were freshmen, Kim and I went to this National Bake Off in
Washington and won second prize for baking a cake."

"Really? I went to a National Bake Off in DC my senior year," replied Sam.
Since he had first seen Kim earlier that night, he was curious about whether
Becky had been to the Bake Off and what had upset Kim that week which
prompted her to ask him to teach her how to smoke.

Becky thought for a moment as if she was doing the math in her head. "That
was the year that Kim and I went to the National Bake Off. I don't remember
seeing any guys there." Becky finally said.

"I was there.  Not for my cooking ability though- you know how bad my cooking
is. I was just a last minute replacement," said Sam.

"That was actually the week I tried my first cigarette," she said.

"Really?"  said Sam. Back when their relationship was new and fresh, Sam had
asked her when she had tried smoking for the first time. He was really
interested at the time because Becky was starting to become more of a
habitual smoker as they had gotten more serious. She didn't know he had a
smoking fetish, so she had no idea how significant the question was. She just
said sometime her freshman year and didn't really elaborate. Sam didn't
really press her about it thinking she'd tell him eventually. 

So Sam listened to the story and was surprised that he found himself more
interested in his dream girl than in his girlfriend talking about how she
started smoking. "Kim was a little bitch all week. We were staying with the
two most popular girls in school that week and Kimmy kept on threatening to
tell the teacher about them smoking. Did I call her Kimmy again? Sometimes I
forget that since 10th grade, she's preferred to be called Kim because she
thinks Kimmy is a kid's name. Anyway, Melinda and Kaleigh the two popular
girls got me to try smoking and Kim found out and was a bitch about me
smoking. I decided to smoke more to piss Kim off and I guess Kim was feeling
really isolated that week as I hung out with the other two girls and ignored
her. She even stayed out all night the last night because we weren't getting
along. I always wondered where she went that night, but she never really told
me, just said she walked around and hung out on the terrace."

Sam was sure Becky would freak out if she ever found out where her friend was
that night. Sam thought about what Becky had said. He was sure what had
actually taken place was much different. He loved Becky but he knew how cruel
she could be. He had remembered Kimmy on the terrace that night and how upset
and alone she seemed. He thought about that and started getting mad at his
girlfriend. Becky had upset his dream girl. The irony of the situation wasn't
lost on Sam. It had been Becky's cruelty towards her which had made Kimmy his
dream girl. Now, four years later it was Becky who had brought his dream girl
back into his life. If there was such thing as destiny, Sam thought to
himself, his destiny revolved around the relationship of these two girls. And
if his destiny did revolve around Becky and Kimmy, Sam knew which one of the
two he was destined to be with...

Later that night Sam had sex with Becky with the lights out and pretended he
was making love to his dream girl Kimmy. It was one of their best love making
sessions. Sure, Becky had faked a few orgasms that night, but they sounded
more realistic than usual, Sam thought as he chuckled and lit up a
post-coital cigarette. It's a good thing for Becky that Kim was probably not
interested in him, he thought to himself as he started to fall asleep. He
knew without a doubt that he would dump Becky in a heartbeat to be with his
dream girl if he had the chance...

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