Dream Girl, Part 5

(by Dromedary Joe, 29 June 2008)

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Dream Girl
by Dromedary Joe

Note: This story is a sequel to "School Trip"

Part 5: Kimmy gets in touch with her true feelings

Kim breathed a heavy sigh of relief as she settled into her bed for the
night. She thought about the night she had had at Becky's aunt's house...

 It could have been a disaster, instead she had handled it well. Sam had
handled it well too, although she could tell he was very shaken by meeting
her again. Kim was glad she had prepared for that mentally before she went

Kim had always gotten premonitions of things which were about to happen. The
pastor of the Pentecostal church she attended always talked about the gift of
knowledge. Kim wasn't sure if these `gut' feelings she got were from God or
were simply instinct, she simply knew it was something she'd always had since
she was a very young child.

Kim had been sitting in her car ready to enter Becky's aunt's house when she
felt it. Something big was about to happen, thought Kim. She thought for a
moment and then it came to her. "Sam!" Kim said aloud in her car. Becky's
boyfriend was the Sam she had spent the night with four years earlier. Kim
analyzed the thought she had just had. It was an absurd thought. How many
`Sams' were there in the United States? True, the age matched, but the odds
that this could be him were colossal. Yet, somehow she knew that he was in
Becky`s aunt`s house. She got teary eyed. She thought about her first kiss
and the night she had tried smoking. She thought about the boy who had made
Kim have her first orgasm. He was in the house she was about to enter. Did
Sam still remember her? The thought that he might have forgotten about her
seemed to bother Kim.

Kim regained her composure as she got to the door. She had gotten
premonitions many times and had been wrong before. Still, she was right about
them more often than not, she thought as she rang the doorbell. If it was her
Sam, she would play it cool, she thought to herself as the door opened. Her
heart jumped as she realized her premonition had been correct. She quickly
broke eye contact and looked down as she entered the door

Kim spent the next two hours with her best friend Becky and Sam the boy she
had dreamed of meeting again on so many occasions. Even though Kim thought
what they did that night was wrong, she had prayed they would meet again
someday. Did Becky know they had met before? Kim tried to ignore her feelings
for Sam instead trying to focus on her conversations with Becky about their
first year at college. After dinner Becky had gone to the bathroom and Kim
was finally alone with him. They briefly talked about what had happened and
made a promise to keep it a secret. She reached out to his hand and held it
briefly like he had held hers before she smoked her first cigarette. She
could feel electricity running up her spine as their hands touched, just like
it had four years earlier. 

Kim would think about Sam a little more before she finally fell asleep. Their
lives were totally different. She was practically engaged to Josh the guy she
had been dating at Bible College. Sam was living in sin with her best friend.
Still what were her instincts telling her? She silenced the thoughts in her
mind so she could listen to her heart for a moment. Sam was her soul mate,
Kim thought to herself. There had to be a reason why he was back in her life.
What were the odds that they would meet again? What were the odds that he
would end up dating her best friend? There had to be a reason and that
reason was that Kim and Sam were meant to be together.  She knew that with
all her heart, but she fought the idea. His values were different from hers,
and besides she knew that if she did ever get together with Sam, it would
hurt a lot of people, mostly her boyfriend Josh and her best friend, Becky.
Kim could not let that happen. She would fight the urge to be with Sam, she
said to herself as she fell asleep.

For the next few days, she tried to avoid both Becky and Sam. She couldn't
fall in love with Sam if she didn't see him, she thought to herself. She
mostly hung around the house playing with her younger sister and helping her
mother with chores. 

Becky called a few days after Kim had had dinner over their house and said,
"Hey Sam and I are going to the beach on Saturday and I was wondering if you
could do me a favor?"

"Sure," said Kim hoping the favor wouldn't involve her having to see Sam. 

"Could you let Betsy out of the house while we're gone?" Betsy was Becky's
aunt's cocker spaniel and Kim was relieved that she wasn't being asked to
come over when Becky and Sam were there. 

Kim went over to Becky's house around three in the afternoon and let Betsy
out the back door.  Why didn't she just leave the dog outside the whole day,
Kim thought, then remembered that Betsy liked to dig holes under the fence
and then go wandering around the neighborhood. Kim went back inside while
Betsy went about her business and figured she would let the dog get a little
bit of exercise. She had only been over Becky's aunt's house a few times
before and decided to look around a little. 

It was Georgia in the middle of the summer and was really hot inside the
house. Becky and Sam had obviously turned off the air conditioning before
they left and it seemed like it was 100 degrees inside the house. Kim had
already decided to let the dog stay outside for a while- her parents had once
had a cocker spaniel and she knew Betsy would appreciate the chance to run
around the back yard, yet 30 minutes wouldn't be long enough to dig an escape
hole. If she was going to be in this steamy house for a half hour though, she
wanted to be comfortable. She took off her jeans and blouse stripping down to
her underwear and brassiere. Usually Kim was really modest, but being
comfortable in the heat took precedence at that moment. Besides, if Sam and
Becky unexpectedly got back, she could quickly put her clothes back on.

She went into the guest room that Becky and Sam were staying in and sat in
the chair in front of the desk looking at the music box which was on top of
the desk. She turned the crank and listened to the music for a moment. She
smiled when she recognized the music- it was one of her favorite classical
tunes- `the Nutcracker Suit.' She sat there for a moment doing nothing in
particular until she saw something else on the desk- an open pack of
cigarettes. They were Marlboro 100's the same brand that Sam smoked-the same
brand that she had tried long ago. She took one out for a moment. It had been
four years since she had held a cigarette and she held it in her left hand
posing just as she had done then. She remembered what Sam had said when she
had opened the pack, "Put one in your mouth and practice." 

Kim pretended to smoke for a few minutes. The memory of practicing before she
smoked her first cigarette entered her mind. Maybe she could smoke just one,
she thought to herself. No one would ever find out. She looked around the
room for a lighter while dangling the unlit Marlboro 100 in her mouth. She
couldn't find any lighter or matches and thought for a minute. She had seen a
pack of cooking matches in the kitchen the other night. She went into the
kitchen still dangling the Marlboro 100 in her mouth, found the matches, and
returned to the guest room. She sat back down in the chair and noticed her
heart was pounding. Why was she doing this, she thought.

 She waited a few more minutes practicing her smoking technique and then
finally took out a match and struck the box. She slowly moved the match to
the end of the cigarette. She sucked on it and lit up her first cigarette
since that night at the Adam's Mark. She looked into the mirror and saw
herself exhale as she held the now lit cigarette with her left hand. She
remembered that night like it was yesterday and knew what they had said to
each other almost verbatim. She remembered the smoking lesson Sam had given
her. She remembered what had made her cough and what had made her have a nice
nicotine buzz. She wanted to have a nicotine buzz like she had had that night
and took her first drag.

"That felt so good," Kim said out loud as she once again felt the smoke
tickling the back of her throat. She had remembered her lesson and she smoked
that cigarette as if there had been no gaps in her smoking instead of the
four year gap there had really been. She watched herself smoking in the
mirror as well as she could considering the nicotine was making her a little
dizzy. She giggled as she thought about what her parents would say if they
saw the huge cloud of smoke coming out of her mouth. She thought of what
Becky would think. She had seen her friend smoking Virginia Slims many times
and Becky had never exhaled as much smoke as Kim was exhaling that afternoon.
Becky was the type of smoker who took shallow drags, didn't inhale very much,
and didn't really blow out much smoke. 

"I'm a better smoker than Becky," Kim said to herself. Becky had said Kim
didn't understand because she had never tried smoking. If Becky only knew the
truth. Becky was the one who didn't understand because she wasn't a serious
smoker. Kim thought about Sam's comments from that night long ago. He had
told Kim that she looked sexy when she smoked. She wondered if Sam had ever
told Becky she looked sexy when she smoked. "I bet he thinks I look sexier
smoking than Becky does," she said giggling. She was feeling the effects of
the cigarette and she had just noticed her right hand had moved down and was
caressing herself outside her panties. Kim had never masturbated before- her
church had taught her that masturbation was a sin. "Am I masturbating?" Kim
asked herself as she took the last drag off the cigarette and crushed it out.
She waited a few minutes thinking about giving Sam smoky kisses and still
gently caressing herself.  Kim was still pretty ignorant on sexual matters
and she somehow came to the conclusion that what she was doing wasn't really
masturbation. Even though it felt good, she wasn't really directly touching
herself since she was doing it through her panties. She decided what she was
doing was okay. 

She pulled out another Marlboro 100 and lit up. She thought for a moment and
then she realized she could do a better job making herself feel good if she
smoked with her right hand and played with herself with her left hand since
she was left-handed. She could smell Sam's cologne, the same kind he had worn
four years ago and started massaging her crotch area faster. Gradually she
had come to the realization that she could be more efficient if she used both
hands, so she started dangling her cigarette and moved her other hand down to
her panties. She paused for a moment and saw her technique wasn't working so
she reached into her panties. If she was unsure of whether she had been
masturbating before, she knew there was no doubt at that moment as she
experimented for a moment to see what felt best. She took drags off her
cigarette exhaling as she dangled, stroked her clit with her right hand and
worked the middle finger of her left hand into her vagina. This was it,
thought Kim several minutes later as she closed her eyes moaning while she
exhaled smoke.

It took her a few moments to regain her composure and she finished the
cigarette she was smoking, careful to avoid smoking with her left hand which
was now wet from what had gushed out of her pussy only minutes earlier. She
got up, put her clothes back on, put the matches back in the kitchen, and let
the dog back in. She looked around the guest room quickly to make sure
everything was as it should be. She looked in Sam's pack of cigarettes and
noticed there were eight cigarettes in the pack. She had smoked two so there
had been ten in there before. If there had been a little more or less
cigarettes, he might notice. She looked in the ashtray and noticed there were
around fifteen cigarettes in it, a mix of Becky's Virginia Slims as well as
the Marlboro 100's. The two she added wouldn't look out of place, Kim thought
to herself. Satisfied that her performance that day would go unnoticed, she
washed her hands and left. She had enjoyed herself, but she felt guilty and
said a prayer for forgiveness. She hoped she wouldn't do that again she
thought to herself, but she wasn't 100% sure that she wouldn't if the
opportunity presented itself again.

A couple of days later, Kim was at the convenience store across town. She
looked around for a moment as she got her soda and went to the counter. The
clerk asked her if she wanted anything else. 

"A pack of Marlboro 100's please," Kim said.

"Box or soft pack?"

Kim thought for a moment. This was the first time she had ever bought a pack
of cigarettes and she was really ignorant about most of the aspects of
smoking. She thought about Sam's pack. Were they box or soft pack?  What's
the difference anyway, she thought.

"Box, I think," Kim said nervously.

The clerk asked to see her ID. Kim had expected that. The clerk seemed to
take forever looking at her driver's license and comparing it to the face in
front of him. Kim did look younger than 18. Most people who didn't know her
often thought she was a high school underclassman, maybe a junior at the
oldest. Kim only got more nervous. What if her parents or someone from church
spotted her?

Satisfied, the clerk gave her the pack, took her money and Kim quickly put
the pack in her purse. Kim had thought of this for a few days. She at least
wanted to smoke an entire pack herself to see what it was like to be a
smoker. She wouldn't smoke them all in one day like she had at the Adam's
Mark. She would smoke a few a day. She had planned the logistics of doing so
without getting caught- where to hide them, which roads to drive on when
smoking in her car,  how to effectively mask the smell of smoke, etc. It took
her about a week to finish the pack and she thought about buying a second
one. She had really enjoyed smoking over the past week and knew there would
be a second pack. Maybe she could smoke occasionally and carefully until she
got back to college in the fall. She wouldn't smoke enough to get addicted,-
just enough to enjoy the habit she was beginning to enjoy.

Kim thought about Sam for a minute as she drove to the drug store. She had
avoided him since the night they had had dinner. She had always dreamed of
meeting him again, and now that she had the opportunity, she was avoiding
him. Kim was scared of her feelings for Sam. What if he had the same feelings
for her, she asked herself. What if Sam didn't- what if he was in love with
Becky? Kim thought about either scenario and each of the two made her feel
uncomfortable. She had seen Becky a few times, but she had made a point of
coming over to see her or hanging out with her when Sam wasn't around. The
thought of seeing the man she knew she had deep feelings for with her best
friend bothered her. Did he know she was avoiding him? She felt guilty and
wanted to see him. She knew it was more than that. She wanted to get it out
of her system. Her friend Becky was working at her aunt's flower shop that
summer, and she knew when she could see Sam if she wanted to. She went into
the drug store and bought two things...

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