Dream Girl, Part 6

(by Dromedary Joe, 29 June 2008)

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Dream Girl
by Dromedary Joe

Note: This story is a sequel to "School Trip"

Part 6: Strawberry Lip Gloss and Marlboro 100's

Sam sat in front of the TV listening to the weathergirl. He could get used to
the Georgia drawl, he thought, but there was one southern girl's voice he
longed to hear. She was avoiding him- that he was sure of, but why? Perhaps
she didn't want anything to do with him. Maybe she thought of that night
years ago as a bad experience. Maybe she thought he was a bad person because
he was everything she had avoided her entire life, aside from that one night.
Maybe, he thought to himself, maybe she had feelings for him, too and was
avoiding seeing him because she was afraid of how she felt for him. Sam knew
she had come over to see Becky when he wasn't there. Perhaps he should
somehow take initiative to go see her.

The newscast ended and he heard the doorbell ring. He got up and answered the
door. It was Kimmy.

Sam invited her in and tried to act as if he hadn't been hoping she would
come by. Surely Kimmy knew Becky was at the flower shop, so he knew she
wanted to talk to him alone.

They sat on the couch and talked about the usual pleasantries for a few
minutes and then Sam said, "I've missed you, Kimmy."

Kim smiled and said, "You know, you're the only person who still calls me
Kimmy. When I was in 10th grade, I decided Kimmy sounded like a little kid's
name and told everyone to start call me either Kim or my full name

"I'm sorry," Sam apologized and started blushing, "I've just thought a lot
about you over the past few years and in my mind- you've always been Kimmy."

She smiled at him again a little flirtatiously and said, "Okay, you can call
me Kimmy, but only you can call me Kimmy- no one else." 

They sat there for a moment and gazed into each others eyes as if they were
both unsure how to proceed.  Kimmy moved closer to him and reached for his
hand. She took his left hand and held it in her right hand just as they had
on that night so long ago as they gazed into each others eyes. She reached
into her purse and took out what Sam thought at first was a tube of lipstick.
No, it wasn't lipstick, Sam thought to himself. It was lip gloss. Sam knew
what flavor lip gloss it was- strawberry. He got a hard on as he saw Kimmy
applying it to her lips. He stared at her now shimmering lips and it brought
back memories of the kisses they had shared on that night.- the strawberry
smoky kisses which he still dreamed of. She put the lip gloss back in her
purse and put the purse back on the floor. She picked it back up a few
seconds later as if she had forgotten something and reached into her purse
again. She pulled out a pack of Marlboro 100's. She quickly pulled one out
bringing it to her glossy lips and said, "Gotta light?" as she dangled the
cork cigarette in her mouth.

Sam's heart was pounding and he quickly picked up the lighter on the table
and lit her cigarette. She took a long drag off it, held it in for a few
seconds and exhaled a giant plume of smoke. 

"Wanna share?" Kimmy asked with a big grin.

Sam knew what Kimmy meant by sharing. She didn't want to give him the
cigarette, she didn't want him to smoke the Marlboro; she wanted him to smoke

"Yeah," was all Sam could manage as his heart was beating really fast.

Sam put his arm on her waist as she took a drag and anticipated what was
coming next as she moved her lips towards his. 

He closed his eyes and savored the smoky kiss he had dreamed of on so many
occasions. His dream girl was giving him strawberry smoky kisses again. 

As she finished blowing smoke into his mouth and pulled away Sam opened his
eyes and smiled.

"I've waited a long time for this, Kimmy," Sam told her. Sam thought of what
he was feeling for a moment. He was a little overwhelmed.

"Me too," she said giggling as she took another drag and gave him another
smoky kiss.

Sam and Kimmy kissed, held hands and talked for the next hour sharing many
smoky kisses before Kimmy said she should be going and gave him one last
passionate smoky kiss and said, "Goodbye."

Kimmy shut the door and Sam went into the bathroom and masturbated. It didn't
take long to cum and Becky came home 30 minutes later.

Was this a one shot deal, a chance for Kimmy to relive the past one last time
or was this the start of a new relationship? Sam wasn't sure. He thought he
still loved Becky, but if he loved Becky, he wasn't in love with her. He was
in love with her best friend, Kimmy-his dream girl.

The next day, the question of whether this was a one time thing was answered
as Kimmy showed up around noon. 

Sam kissed her passionately in the doorway and she smiled. 

"I've been waiting 24 hours for that kiss," she said.

"Well, I had to wait four years, so I think we're even !" said Sam as he gave
her another fiery kiss. 

She led him to the couch and repeated their experience of the previous day.
Over the next couple of weeks, they would meet at Becky's aunt's house when
Becky left to go to the flower shop. If Becky had a day off, Sam would try to
make some excuse to leave the house and call Kimmy to meet him somewhere like
the bench at the local park. Sam didn't really do much in the way of heavy
petting with Kimmy because he wasn't sure how much she was willing to let him
get away with. He wasn't even sure where their relationship was headed. He
just knew he was happy to have his dream girl in his life. The future would
take care of itself. He did want to go further with Kimmy,  but wasn't sure
how he could make that happen. After she left every day he would quickly head
for the bathroom and masturbate.

About two weeks after the first rendezvous on the couch, Sam was feeling
really horny, more so than usual and instinctively pulled down his shorts
exposing his dick. Kimmy got a shocked look on her face.

Was this the end, Sam asked himself silently. It was easy to forget sometimes
that Kimmy was actually prude in many ways. He could tell by the look on her
face that she had never seen a penis before. 

Kimmy stared at it for a minute and then finally spoke up, "Can I touch it?"

"Sure," said Sam relieved that it didn't seem like he had offended his dream
girl. She was just curious.

Kimmy got off the couch and sat on the floor sitting between his legs as Sam
widened his stance to give her room to sit. 

Kimmy looked at the penis for a moment and lit a cigarette.  At first she
seemed a little afraid of touching it and instead merely looked at it in a
curious way. Finally, she got the courage to touch his penis. Sam was sure he
was going to cum right there as his dream girl was touching it gently, but in
a way which made him feel really good.

"Kinda looks like a snake," Kimmy said smiling and then asked, "Does he have
a name?"  

Sam thought for a moment. "You can name him if you want, Kimmy," suggested

Kimmy took a drag off the Marlboro 100 looking as if she was in deep thought
and finally said, "George !" as she exhaled a thick cloud of smoke. 

Kimmy examined the penis a little bit longer and Sam noticed she was focusing
on the jap eye. "George looks kinda sad, though," Kimmy finally said.

Sam had to think of a good response, but it came rather quickly. "George is
upset because you've given me all those smoky kisses and you haven't even
given him *one*.

Kimmy sat silently for a moment and then took a drag off the Marlboro 100.
She took another drag double pumping and opened her mouth over his penis and
put as much as would fit in her mouth wrapping her glossy lips over the penis
and Sam could see the smoke as it poured out.

"George like?" she asked as if she was asking his penis.

"George likes that a lot," said Sam as he reached his hand down to the base
of his penis and started "helping" Kimmy out a little. 

Sam ended up doing most of the work. Not that it was all that much work- he
would surely cum in record time. As the orgasm became imminent, Sam began to
wonder how Kimmy would handle what was about to happen. He knew if this were
Becky, she would quickly take it out of her mouth, spitting out whatever jiz
might have accidentally entered her mouth. Becky hated semen. He saw Kimmy
take one last drag off her cig as he started getting the first orgasmic spasm
and closed his eyes as if to make the moment last longer as he felt Kimmy
exhale smoke onto his dick, tighten the grip on his hand she was holding, and
bring the penis deeper into her throat at the same time. He kept his eyes
closed not really paying attention to anything other than the pleasure he was
feeling from his dream girl's first smoky blowjob. He finally opened his eyes
and noticed a lump in her throat disappearing. She had swallowed that huge
load Sam thought to himself as he saw her wipe a very small amount of jiz
which had managed to escape off her glossy lips. She crushed out the
cigarette she was smoking, reached into her purse and took out the breath
spray she had been using to mask the smell of smoke after she left every day.
For good measure, she put on another coat of lip gloss and got back on the
couch. He gave her a hug and kissed her.

She lit up another cigarette and after a couple drags seemed to be deep in

"That stuff you squirted in my mouth, that's the stuff which makes babies,

He smiled. His girl may have just swallowed a whole batch, but she was still
ignorant when it came to sex. How much did she know? He enjoyed giving his
dream girl sex education lessons. 

"Yeah, that was semen," he told her.

Kimmy looked worried. "I'm not going to get pregnant am I?  I mean, is it
okay if I swallow it?"

Sam laughed as he took the cigarette from her and took a quick drag. "Silly
girl. No, you're not going to get pregnant," he said and then remembering her
second question added, "And it is definitely okay if you swallow it."

Sam thought he had sounded a little too enthusiastic and quickly added, "If
you want to."

Apparently, she did want to and smoky blowjobs became part of their afternoon
ritual. She was getting much better at giving smoky blowjobs and she
swallowed every load. She of course was curious about a lot of things and
asked questions from time to time. 

"I thought that sperms were like tadpole looking things?" she asked one day
as she looked at the residue cum which she had just wiped off the corner of
her mouth.

"They are, but sperm is microscopic. Semen is mostly the nutrients for the
sperm on its journey to the egg. It's mostly glucose and stuff." Sam thought
for a moment. It had been a while since his freshman biology class, but that
sounded about right.

Kim sat there holding his hand and looked like she had another question.
"Glucose? You mean like sugar?" she asked as she took another drag off her
Marlboro, "Then how come it's so salty?"

Sam laughed. He had heard a joke like that in some dirty joke book once. It
was an old joke, but he knew Kimmy had never heard it before. She was just
asking him very innocently. 

"What?" Kimmy said as she saw Sam was laughing harder. 

"Nothing, baby," Sam said as he gave her a kiss and then said, "I love you,

"I love you, too, Sam," she said as she looked into his eyes. If their
feelings for each other had started out as simply physical attraction, it was
quickly starting to develop into much more. 

Sam decided it was time to start taking care of Kimmy. Sure, he had gotten
her off almost every day- it didn't take much for Kimmy to have an orgasm
which was quite a contrast to Becky. That was cheating, though. He wanted to
give Kimmy an orgasm the old fashioned way- he wanted to earn it. He pulled
down her pants and worked his way into her panties.  He felt guilty about all
the smoky blowjobs Kimmy had given him without reciprocation and decided he'd
make up for lost time. "I'm gonna eat Kimmy's pussy until she cries `uncle'
,"  thought Sam, "This shouldn't take too long."

After what seemed like forever, Sam started to get tired and stopped
cunnilingus and started manually playing with Kimmy. "Oh my God, she's got to
be faking- there's no way any girl could be having this many orgasms and
still want more," he thought as he saw Kimmy light up another cigarette after
getting off yet again. If this had been Becky, he'd still be trying to get
her to climax once. His dream girl may be a religious Bible School student
who doesn't know much about sex, but she was the friskiest kitten ever,
thought Sam.

He smiled as his dream girl paused after another orgasm and said, "Now you
have to name her, Sammy!" 

Sam smiled. She had named `George'- it only seemed fair that he christen
Kimmy's pussy.

 "Suzie?" asked Sam hoping she would like the name.

Kimmy smiled and Sam knew she liked the name. Kimmy gave Sam a kiss and then
moved down to Sam's crotch and said "Okay your turn again," as she once again
decided to give `George' smoky kisses. 

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